Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Could The Chloroform Belong To George?


Orlando, FL– I held out for George Anthony as the last hope to restore Caylee Anthony’s dignity in the beginning of this case.

When he visited OCSO on July 24, 2008, he was acting as Caylee’s JoJo, and not “Gelatinous George”.

I thought, ….maybe. I lost that bet. Whatever temporary empowerment Poppa Jo summoned to visit OCSO and retain famed Orlando attorney Mark Nejame outside of the Cindy tractor beam; George shed it like a snake.

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    One Response to “Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Could The Chloroform Belong To George?”

    1. Carpe on December 23rd, 2009 1:15 am

      May they all get rotten walnuts in their stockings.

      I always hated getting walnuts and oranges.

      You know who thought it up had to be a sadistic, cruel spalpeen.

      The only thing worse is stuffing loose change in them.

      Merry Christmas! Santa is a cheap bastahddddd.

      Every time an Anthony family member gets a new tattoo an angel gets its wings!

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