PA Senate Race 2010: Quinnipiac Poll Claims Specter & Toomay Tied at 44%, But the Real Story is the Keystone State Against Obamacare


Make no mistake about it, the 2010 midterm elections will be a referendum on Barack Obama and his socialist agenda like Obamacare. What took GWB eight years to accomplish, Barack Hussein Obama has done in one year. Obama has become an albatross around the necks of  Democrats.

A recent Quinnipiac Poll states that incumbent Democrat Arlen Specter and Republican challenger Pat Toomay are deadlocked at 44%. The Senate race pits the well known Specter, Republican turned Democrat, versus the unknown Toomay.

However, the real story in the Key Stone state Pennsylvania may just be the albatross of Barack Obama and the opposition against Obamacare. Presently President Barack Obama’s job approval remains below 50 percent at 49 – 45 percent. Obama carried the swing state of PA in the 2008 Presidential election 55%-44% over McCain.

More importantly from the Quinnipiac Poll is the fact that Pennsylvania voters oppose Obamacare 56% to 37%. That is correct, a nearly 20% disapproval against Obama’s government take over of health care.

President Obama’s 49 – 45 percent approval compares to a 49 – 42 percent score in an October 1 Quinnipiac University poll. In this latest survey, the President gets a positive rating from 82 percent of Democrats, 45 percent of independents and 17 percent of Republicans.

And the overall job approval rating is actually better than when voters are asked about Obama’s performance on health care and the economy. They disapprove 50 – 45 percent of Obama’s handling of the economy and disapprove 56 – 37 percent of his handling of health care. On Afghanistan, they approve 51 – 41 percent.

“The President’s job approval rating in Pennsylvania should be troubling to the White House. Pennsylvania has been trending Democratic in recent years and Obama had a double- digit 55 – 44 percent win in the 2008 election,” said Brown. “But what’s ailing him in Pennsylvania – unhappiness over health care and the economy – is no different than what is producing similar, and in some places worse numbers for the President elsewhere.”

In the Real Clear Politics average, Toomay maintains a slight lead. The next Rasmussen poll will be more telling from likely voters on where the Senate race is trending. Toomay had a 4% lead over Specter at the previous Rasmussen poll.

Exit Question: With the economy, unemployment and Obamacare major negatives, how is Specter going to bring Obama to PA to campaign for him? When Specter votes yea for Obamacare watch Arlen’s poll numbers go south.

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