The Sarah Palin Appeal … Sarah Goes Rogue On William Shatner on The Tonight Show


Sarah Palin goes “Rouge” on Palin-basher William Shatner and turns the table on Captain James T. Kirk and T.J. Hooker on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

Why do so many people connect with former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin? Because she has such a presence, humor and a pure quality about her that resonates with the every day man and woman. Her sense of humor and timing is uncanny. Even the Palin-haters in the audiance were hard pressed to not be taken aback and laugh. Palin turning the tables on late night talk shows? Imagine her popularity if these folks lighten and see Palin in a different light. What would happen to Palin’s popularity if all of the media was not against her? Hmm.

This is a must watch video as Sarahcuda stole the show.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

This was the Sarah Palin that so many became enamored with during the 2008 Presidential election. Sarah Palin showing up on the Tonight Show and turning the tables on William Shattner was priceless.

“Going Rogue” author and former GOP VP hopeful Sarah Palin has a sense of humor after all – maybe.

The former Alaskan governor showed up on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” to trade barbs – of sorts – with actor William Shatner.

The iconic “Star Trek” captain has made several appearances on the late-night talker in recent months, mocking Palin’s speeches and tweets via her Twitter page by reading them as beat poetry.

Friday night had the 78-year-old Emmy winner parodying Palin’s recent tome, “Going Rogue.”

“I looked down to see the moose’s eyeballs lying in his palm, still warm from the critter’s head,” Shatner said, her book open in his hands.

Palin, who has been touring the country to promote her book, came out on stage and turned the tables – making poetry out of lines from the original Captain Kirk’s 2008 autobiography, “Up Till Now.”

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    28 Responses to “The Sarah Palin Appeal … Sarah Goes Rogue On William Shatner on The Tonight Show”

    1. St Stephen on December 13th, 2009 11:30 am

      Republicans like Sarah palin, Ronald Reagan and George Bush amonst a multitude of others seem to always possess a sense of humor that escapes the majority(not all) of Democrats.

    2. rightknight on December 13th, 2009 11:41 am

      It took mutual book promotions to get
      these two together. Two wonderful free
      enterprise entrepreneurs enjoying Constitutional
      guarantees. Ahhhhh!

    3. TheOldWorld on December 13th, 2009 12:25 pm

      Ey, I liked these guys!!
      As comedians.

      It is strange how cracking jokes seems to qualify you for power in America.

      Maybe we should look to comedy central for the next president. Maybe Colbert or Stewart? Colbert shurely could be truly bipartisan. Wouldn’t you just love to see him debate against his political and ideological nemesis (himself) on cspan?

    4. Scared Monkeys on December 13th, 2009 12:51 pm


      You just don’t get it do you? Or is that that you refuse to get it as you are a Palin-hater?

      Palin was demonized by the media as being something she was not. If Obama had ever been attacked by the media like Palin was he would have cried.

      The fact of the matter is that Palin resonates with people because of her personality, not because she can tell a joke. The CHANGE that a majority of WE THE PEOPLE want is for a President who actually considers the people because they are one of the People.

      If the MSM ever starts to show Palin in a different light, what a difference that will make in the demonization.

      Are you going to say that Obama is some how more experienced that Palin to be President? If so, that is a friggin joke. The community organizer has been a joke, in over his head.

      This is the reason why Palin’s poll numbers are on the rise and Obama’s are tanking.

    5. TheOldWorld on December 13th, 2009 2:14 pm

      I don’t hate.

      Palin is just a harmless goof. In the election she was a prop just like Steele is now.

      Obama is just more professional and qualified than she is.

      I am sure she has a good personality, but I would never have voted for her. Hell I loved how Bush made the press people look like his personal idiot parade. Give em a show. But don’t give em power.

      I understand the ideal of anyone being able to get influence and doing the best he/she can. That is why the expensive “getting to know you” game you call primaries is grotesquely reasonable.
      I understand that a farm boy could become president and it is great. But he should only be able to do it after reaching the competence level necessary for it. That’s the part that is encoded in the phrase “hard work” when self made people explain how they fulfilled their American Dream.

      I just want powerful people to understand some parts of philiosophy, international history, psychology and common ethics. Basic Geography would also be nice for people who have their fingers on the nuke button.

      I would vote for some farmer, if he qualified for it. You cannot set lower constraints on presidency than on a common job application.

      (I used farmers as a metaphor for people usually having quite localized competences and usually not much knowledge about affairs of state. It is not meant derogatory.)

    6. TheOldWorld on December 13th, 2009 2:29 pm

      Steele is actually the funnier one since he manages to constantly backfire into the republicans faces.

      When he said “.. I was in a room with them and they were afraid of me!” I fell off my chair. Writing rofl just wouldn’t do for this one. Writing it in Big and Pink screen filling letters could hardly convey it. It was a perfect moment of pure blissfull irony.

    7. Scared Monkeys on December 13th, 2009 4:26 pm


      You lost me at Obama. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      “Obama is just more professional and qualified than she is.”

      You should have been a comedian. Sorry, but a governor trumps a community organizer. More qualified. That a$$clown is not qualified to be dog catcher. He proves it every day that he is not ready for the job.

      Obama has proved what we on the right have said from the outset. Obama is not qualified to be President. I saw one of his first speeches in NH before the MSM latched on to him as the great anti-white hope. I was under impressed then.

      Imagine if the public knew today about Obama, that is if the MSM had ever vetted him, what they do now. Obama would never have won the primary, let alone the general election.

      Obama is so thin skinned that if the MSM ever did to him what they did to Sarah Palin, he would have cried like a baby. Imagine if they media had ever gone after his children.


    8. NewGirlBoston on December 13th, 2009 6:28 pm

      #3, 4 & 6—–Put the crack pipe down YOU IDIOT!!!

      If Obama is Professional or Qualified than I am the effin Queen of England!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, you are a MORON.

      PS—Sarah Palin could kick your ass on a bad day. My guess is that Ms. Palin will be throwing her hat in the ring for 2012….and, if she does–she will defintely get my vote. Either way- Obama will not be reelected so be prepared to get off your knees and stop worshipping the fraudelant piece of crap that is the US President.

    9. super dave on December 13th, 2009 6:36 pm

      obama qualified ? ha ha ha ha !!!! for what ? racist maybe. chicago thug. illegal alien. he might qualify for an MTV host if he grew some dreads.

    10. super dave on December 13th, 2009 6:46 pm

      Steele is in his position for the same reason that obama was elected.

    11. Penni on December 13th, 2009 7:57 pm

      If Sarah Palin runs for office, I will vote for her. She has proved that she has the experience, knowledge, character and confidence to run the United States. Go Sarah!!!!! Another vote from a red neck Pennsylvanian who clings to her guns and religion.

    12. rightknight on December 14th, 2009 12:46 am

      Everything I’ve seen about Obowma is that his
      experience history is limited to that of being a
      collusive union organizer. I suspect that
      his promises of lucre from We the People’s
      treasury is the key to his election as a Senator
      and carried over to his Presidential bid. Promises,
      BTW, that have not been fulfilled, are not likely
      to be fulfilled, and are projected to worsen the
      conditions of his faithful in the long run.

      Where are those non-government jobs, huh?

    13. david r on December 14th, 2009 10:05 am

      I’ve had reservations about Palin. She needs to go on shows like Meet the Press to show people that she can discuss the issues. Problem is, all the media types want to do is discuss her personal life and trash her in order to boost their beloved Obama. I think Palin has been waiting out the Obama-MSM honeymoon, and will be on those shows in 2010. She reminds me of Reagan. He did not feel like he had to know every little detail. He surrounded himself with good people and trusted their judgment. And we the people trusted him. Obama is not “professional” unless you use the word in the context of the hack politicians living off the honest, hard-working, middle-class taxpayers. He is a leech on the butt of society, and now the dim-witted Left has made him King.

    14. Michelle Smith on December 14th, 2009 10:05 am

      Go get em girl.

      HaHaHaHa…A harmless goof huh? We shall see.

    15. TheOldWorld on December 14th, 2009 10:13 am

      Oh my. *sigh*
      You cannot catch Obama out of his depth at a tv interview. He is a thinking man.
      He is aware of things, problems, dificilities of diplomacy, etc.
      While Palin had “her eye on” Putin. Ok, that stupid comment came not from her.. still.
      I am sure it is really difficult to run Alaska, with all the ice, the bears and the trees.
      Arny is also a governor and a cool guy. Would you want him as president?
      Ok dont answer. I know. Fake action hero is still better than community organizer…

      Reread my post to understand “qualified”.
      It is worth it.

    16. TheOldWorld on December 14th, 2009 10:25 am

      10: Dave:
      Ey! Nice one. :)

      I would argue that Steele was what the reps found in some corner when they searched for something that would rid them of the racist tag, while Obama fought his way to the top.

    17. super dave on December 14th, 2009 10:52 am

      old world world: change the f to a b and you have the right word. (bought).

    18. Left Wondering on December 14th, 2009 10:53 am

      “I would argue that Steele was what the reps found in some corner when they searched for something that would rid them of the racist tag, while Obama sued his way to the top.”

      Fixed it for ya’

      “You cannot catch Obama out of his depth at a tv interview. He is a thinking man.
      He is aware of things, problems, dificilities of diplomacy, etc.”

      What, are you writing his next bio or just that enamoured?

      Sorry dude, but a governor trumps a community organizer anytime. Thats why they say “ello govna’” in the UK insread of “haylow failed community organizer and vote only present on political hot button issues’er”

    19. Michelle Smith on December 14th, 2009 2:07 pm

      hmmmm….for someone who’s a “harmless goof” she sure has the dems all fired up.

    20. super dave on December 14th, 2009 3:59 pm

      i have yet to hear Sarah say ” my teleprompter is broken, i can’t finish my speech”.

    21. TheOldWorld on December 15th, 2009 2:07 am

      I guess he bought his J.D. with magna cum laude too.

      Well if she needs a teleprompter for the speeches she gives… I can give you an hour of stream of consciousness too. Right now. Wanna read it? …


    22. super dave on December 15th, 2009 8:21 am

      bought is right. got financial help as a foriegn student. notice that i said (foriegn). cheating, or illegal alien ?
      where is the real birth certificate ? a million dollars to hide his identity. your boy is a fraud, has been given everything he has on a platter, or has been in the company of criminals to get it. worship him as you will, he is poison and controls you people as easy as children. as if you couldn’t think for yourself.

    23. Bee Bop on December 15th, 2009 6:35 pm

      Have your issues about Obama, thats not what this is about. This story is about Palin.

      Fact is, she COULD NOT STATE what the vice-presidents role is in the government… WHILE RUNNING FOR VICE PRESIDENT.

      It seems unpatriotic to me to elect someone a government leader when they dont know or care to learn about the role they are running for.

    24. Bee Bop on December 15th, 2009 6:40 pm

      Oh, and that fact comes from her interview with Katie Couric.

      Although, even though she got stumped in an interview with KATIE COURIC… I’m sure she’d probably do better with international currency policy and multi-lateral international commercial development debates.

      But for all the real men out there, let me pose this question – do YOU want Sarah Palin controlling the ARMY?! She knows nothing about military matters and wants to reduce military spending for pre-assignment training!

    25. NewGirlBoston on December 15th, 2009 10:45 pm

      #24-Bee Bop==== Give me a break! I admire Palin for her intelligence—Yes! Intelligence—so she got flustered answering one stupid question and now she is the Village Idiot? Hardly….

      And as far as her being Commander in Chief and controlling the Army—so what of it? Biden and Obama don’t know their collective asses from their elbows and we have EVERY RIGHT to compare.

      Virtually anything or anybody in command would be better than these 2 fools! I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Katie Couric interview—I care about experience and someone’s ability to GET THE JOB DONE AND RUN OUR COUNTRY EFFECTIVELY. If you think that is currently being attained-you do not live in a real world.

      LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!!!!!! That woman has my utmost respect whether she ever runs again or not. Stop hating, and just hate yourself instead for being so jealous—it’s much easier.

    26. Michelle Smith on December 16th, 2009 11:49 am

      #23 & #24 You’re kidding right? You think Obama has a clue what he’s doing? NOPE he does not. Listen to Obama without his teleprompter and see how much he stumbles in an interview. Katie Couric was trying to frustrate Sarah by asking stupid questions that have nothing to do with anything. Yes, she got flustered. So what? She has more experience & intelligence in her pinky finger than Biden & Obama have combined. Stop hating on the woman. I admire her guts, her spunk, her intelligence and her ability to connect with “the people”. If you don’t like her fine, you don’t have to vote for her but she is not stupid by any means.

      I can’t believe you seriously are basing your opinion on one stupid interview.

    27. Dolf on December 17th, 2009 4:41 am

      think the last US president who understood the army was Eisenhower.

      I think Bush was a major insult to your serving men and women.
      SM: Hardly. GWB respected the troops. Sending people into war is never easy. However, all could see that Obama looked like a fish out of water addressing the military at West Point regarding committing troops to Afghanistan. Obama did not believe one word he said.

      Obama is an insult, he has no idea what it means to be “Commander”. That is why he was nothing more and will be nothing more than a community organizer.

    28. Dolf on December 17th, 2009 11:49 am

      can still remember his smirk after he landed on that carrier…..

      mission accomplished

      and then the sh*t hit the van

      so yeah a great commander…attacked Aghanistan (still fighting there), quickly turned to Iraq..didn’t have a plan for after the fighting
      managed to alienate most of the US allies..he did get the Iraq troubles down at the end of his term

      yeah, GW toke us on a nice crusade against the axis of evil

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