Bad News for Obama and Democrats, 67% Expect Unemployment to be the Same Next Year


It’s all about the jobs, stupid.

Sadly, Barack Obama has fixated himself on a socialist agenda like the government take over of health care, Cap & Trade and Climate control, rather than concentrating on the one issue that resonates with all Americans … JOBS! There is already some real bad news out there when it comes to the unemployment rate and jobs in America. After the Christmas season and into the first part of 2010 we will get a much more realistic unemployment number.

However, in a recent Rasmussen poll, 67% of voters stated that the unemployment rate will be the same or higher a year from today. Worse yet, 29% said that they think the unemployment rate will be even higher then the present 10% rate.

Despite President Obama’s highly-publicized jobs summit late last week and a slight drop in the national unemployment rate to 10%, Americans remain pessimistic about the jobs situation.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 67% of adults think the unemployment rate will be the same or higher a year from today. That includes 29% who believe the unemployment rate will be higher than it is now and 38% who expect it to stay about the same.

Another 29% say the country’s unemployment rate will be lower in one year’s time.

If this turns out to be true and the unemployment rate in the US is at 10% or greater at the time of the midterm elections, Republicans will not only pick up seats in the House and Senate, they could possibly win them back. The anger and resentment toward what is going on in Washington, DC is that great. Try telling a person who is out of a job to vote for them when you were the one responsible for them losing their job and doing nothing serious to help create jobs. Fat chance.

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    8 Responses to “Bad News for Obama and Democrats, 67% Expect Unemployment to be the Same Next Year”

    1. Supercool Nickname on December 9th, 2009 3:36 pm


      Lets just focus on the most important sentence here, the last one: “Try telling a person who is out of a job to vote for them when you were the one responsible for them losing their job and doing nothing serious to help create jobs.”

      I repeat my banter again and again, to drill it into the head of the Democratic and Republican NUMB-SKULLS who have no desire to learn or know anything about EITHER party (beyond what is forced into their heads by political marketing) before screaming and yelling. Blame Republicans? Then you are an idiot. Blame Democrats? Then you are an idiot.

      Republicans FU#*$ed this nation with all their deregulation. We are talking about corporate bada**es. What did you expect, that theyd all just play nice and the “invisible hand” would take care of the legality, morality, and ethics of the super-capitalistic functions that these men and women devote their entire lives to? These guys WILL find a way to make money, and then will quickly scurry away and get all their hair away from what they created before it catches fire. Republicans paved the way for the meltdown in the financial derivatives markets. No way to deny it.

      Democrats, dont start smiling like a pig in S#*t. Democrats were in control of Fannie and Freddie, the two large institutions responsible for the housing meltdown. (NOT THE SAME MELTDOWN. They happened at the same time because things are so interconnected and both were so unstable.) It was the Democratic top-guns who decided we needed to get “every american to own a home.” We began lending to people that did not “typically” qualify (based on the incorrect assumption that housing prices would only ever climb). This was exacerbated by Democratic, Republican, and independent low-lifes at every other level – from the individual person applying for a mortgage and intentionally lying on their applications, and businesses that gave loans without any form of verification – not even simple “bring me your latest pay stub” requests, to the institutions that packaged these sub-prime loans by the hundreds and said that they are safer because they were bundled. Guess what? INCORRECT!

      Both situations – Great intention, poor execution. The road to hell is often paved with good intentions. This is one example of each parties massive failure.

      So while Republican and Democratic intentions may have been good (get people into homes, deregulate to let businesses breathe and grow) the turnout of the situations couldnt have been worse. So why dont we accept the fact that the two parties need a major shift, instead of pretending all the problems of this country are caused by “the other guys.” Thats just lazy mans way out.

      But who cares. We’ll all just point fingers long enough to forget about it. And the same old mud-slinging politics will continue.

    2. Supercool Nickname on December 9th, 2009 3:49 pm

      Oh, also. Anyone that has any understanding of the economy knows we are going to face 10%+ unemployment for many months to come.

      If instead of using stimulus money to fund a “Robin Hood” steal from the rich and give to the poor, we used the funds to strengthen small businesses and tax breaks for manufacturing plants, you would see businesses clamoring to bring their factories back to the US and entrepeneurs (the backbone of our economy) would be able to hire (or not fire/not give less hours to) a few people each. That would bring us right back down to roughly 5-7% unemployment.

      But we’d rather just “redistribute.”


    3. Mike on December 9th, 2009 9:03 pm

      Being acquainted with small and large business owners, I hear the same story from my corporate leaders as well as some small businessmen: We are not doing diddly (hiring, expanding) until we know for sure what this health care and cap and trade and other congressional “notions” are being floated out there. Period.

      The feds need to stop meddling with things they don’t understand…i.e. the economy. Look at the track record of alot of these people! Most of them have never worked in the private sector…and, as a result, are NOT qualified to meddle with the US economy. I, personally, don’t own a business, just know alot of people who do. However, that does not qualify ME to tell OTHER business owners what/how to do things!

      America’s roots were MANUFACTURING. Today, we are a nation of consumers…how long can you keep racking up debt “consuming” things and producing nothing?

      You can’t borrow money you don’t have to “create” a job! It all starts with a product or service…and a customer.


    4. super dave on December 10th, 2009 8:08 am

      thanks to the glorius obama and his boyfriend geithner, we the people have had 41 billion dollars wasted due to these two .
      they do everything possible not to help the taxpayer but to heap more taxes on us.
      more democratic thug crime. ever wonder which criminal buddies this money went to ?

    5. TheOldWorld on December 10th, 2009 8:22 am

      Mike: The problem is, that manufacturing is not a growing market in the US(or Europe) anymore. You cannot manufacture as cheap as in China. It is not possible. Because Chinese “companies” are allowed to squeeze the last bit out of their workers and pay them laughably. And they still are happy because they can provide food and housing for their family, if nothing else. You cannot compete with that. None of us decadent lazy asses can. So you have to shift to high tech and high tech services that need highly educated workers. Industrialization may have started with shoemakers, but they are gone now.

      Other than that, I fully agree that political uncertainty and uncertainty if your tax payer revived bank will actually allow you to invest, is fatal for job creation.

      Supercool Nickname: Is it really just redistribution? I don’t think so. Obama made it clear a hundred times, that he wants to improve the situation for small businesses. Have read no statistics if this is working though. Got any resources?
      SM: He is for helping small business, LOL, chuckle, gag. Dude, Obama says a lot of things and does not mean it. Obama is for helping government grow and the people be dependent on it. That is what Obama is for.

      Where were the two leading groups and his BS jobs summit that support small business? Hmm? The Unions and big business managed to get an invite. The Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses were excluded … ah the ones that actually represent small business.

      Obama could care less about anything but re-election. He cares about his power and to make government to big to fail so that we can never get it out of our lives.

      Obama should have been focusing on JOBS all along. Not Obamacare, Cap & Trade, global warmiing BS that will do nothing but hurt the economy.


    6. TheOldWorld on December 10th, 2009 8:36 am

      In relation to the article.
      Maybe the 29% pointing upwards are the ones who know what’s going on?

      I can only reiterate: This is a hughe crisis. All(!) industrialized nations had to throw money at their economy to keep it alive.
      This has been brooding and looming for a decade. You expect it to be gone inside a year? Are you serious? Usually jobs are the thing that reacts last to an economy pointing upwards, because companies use the capacities they have to the max, and then, maybe, invest into new workers. This is normal and logical.

      SM: We expect hope and change that he promised. Not for this inexperienced community organizer to make a bad situation worse. That is all he is doing. No business in their right mind is going to hire when this joker talks about taxing any one who makes a profit. Taxing any one who uses energy and any one who breathes.

      There is a reason why the polls have plummeted for this clown. He has no idea what he is doing and his socialist ideological policies are destroying what was left of the economy.

      In a recession you make it easier for businesses to hire, not more difficult.

      His so-called stimulus plan was a farce and a political pay off.

    7. super dave on December 10th, 2009 2:38 pm

      yes, stimulus pays for all the favors done for obama to get a for sure place of power. notice that most of the administration are all from the shithole called chicago. a majority of them are tax frauds and personal friends of barry o.
      a planned corruption machine even before the election. this is run just like a street gang. the ones that destroy move up the ladder quicker.

    8. Teri on December 11th, 2009 12:58 am

      Out of curiousity, how , what or why is Obama (and camp) able to keep big media sources in his pocket?

      Are they being paid off or really in that much denial? Some of the more recent stories have been equivalent to the yearly happy holiday’s letters, sent out to distant relatives, full of how great and successful, the fam is crap.

      For example in the media daily are articles with breakdowns of the spending of Michelle Obama. She has been proven to have the highest number of staff of any first lady, the school her daughter’s attend has a tuition costing close to $30,000, each per year, all the one of a kind dresses, I could go on and on.

      Out of nowhere msnbc posted an article from that began,,20323931,00.html

      “It used to be that Christmas at the White House dazzled visitors with the glitter of thousands of fairy lights. But not this year. Not in this economy and not with this practical-minded First Lady.”

      forums covering this are in awe of this thrifty first lady who is setting an example, by doing without in these hard times. First one ever in the white house to pinch pennies…etc…etc…PUKE!!!!

      If that’s the example I’m suppose to follow start me off by showing me where I can pick up my 20+ staff, find my kids a similar school and give me a list of only the best designers.

      I just don’t get it…I use to think things like this were written in hopes someone, somewhere would buy it, but for so many to?!?!?

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