Daily Commentary – Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 – Missed Opportunities by Robin Sax

  • As a year of tragedies winds to a close, we’re left to wonder how the opportunity to prevent them was so often overlooked. From Major Hasan and the Ft Hood shooting to Jaycee Duggard abducted by a sex offender hiding in plain sight to Anthony Sowell and the numerous bodies found on his property. It’s time to pay attention to the real stories and kick Bubble boy and Jon & Kate to the curb.

Let’s try to not miss any more opportunities … get engaged, get involved and hold the line.


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    2 Responses to “Daily Commentary – Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 – Missed Opportunities by Robin Sax”

    1. Carpe on November 18th, 2009 7:27 am

      “It’s time to pay attention to the real stories and kick Bubble boy and Jon & Kate to the curb.”

      NO TRUER STATEMENT has ever been written!

      If I hear about that friggin’ fruitcake Richard Heene and Jon & Kate one more time, I am terribly
      afraid that I will poop my pants.

      I have had it. I am friggin’ done with it.

      Anybody in my house mentions it, they will be asked to move.
      “Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged my mind”

      -Captain Benjamin L. Willard (Martin Sheen)

      “Apocalypse Now”

    2. A Texas Grandfather on November 18th, 2009 3:06 pm

      Yes, it is time to put some sunshine on the bad behavior of people against children and women.

      We should be clamoring for the abolishment of all parole systems. They do NOT work and have never worked.

      Having worked with children a long time, I can tell you it is relatively easy to spot those that are going to create problems for society and themselves. They need to be removed from the public schools and sent to special schools where they can be taught values and good behavior. This will mean that they must be removed from their home so that parental enablers cannot affect the outcome.

      The juvenile justice system needs to be totally revised so that it does not apply to anyone over twelve years of age. Make those thirteen and older abide by the adult system and get rid of judges that have sympathy for bad behavior.

      Sexual predators, when identified, should be removed from society and those that have committed assaults or rape should be removed from the planet asap.

      When the potential criminal has some tough consequences to face for bad behavior, most will choose to behave themselves.

      Addiction to drugs and alcohol are real problems for people. All illegal drug dealers should face,upon conviction, instant death by the very drug they are selling. Those purchasing drugs should be placed in chain gangs for a period of two years and made to clean the streets,public buildings and parks of the community in which they live.

      The “Great Society” promoted by John Kennedy and carried out by Lyndon Johnson has produced a real mess in the lower rungs of society. And, worst of all, has re-enslaved most of the black people that it was supposed to help. Until this portion of society quits living as the victim and become educated, we cannot move forward.

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