Barack Obama’s Presidency in Some Real trouble With Tuesday’s Vote in VA, NJ and NY-23


The hand writing is on the wall … There will be a tremendous backlash come 2010!

Tuesday’s pre-election polling already show that Democrats and Barack Obama face tough sledding in 2010 and 2012. The backlash against Democrats and Incumbents is already being seen. Come 2010, it will be at a fever pitch. The populist outrage of “We the People” is only being provoked by those that would call it a cult.

Barack Obama can make all the claims that he does not watch the polls and they do not matter. If that is the case why is he jetting off once again to New Jersey this weekend to campaign for embattled incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine? NJ is such a blue state that there is no reason on earth that this race should be close. Democrats far our number Republicans in the Garden States, yet Corzine is in the battle of his life. If Jersey voters really want change and relief from the ridiculous taxes, then they will vote for a new Governor. If not, then they can stop complaining and pay for Corzine’s tax increases.

One year ago Barack Obama won the deep blue state of New Jersey by 15% points, 57% to 42%. Presently the NJ Governors race is a dead heat with the Real Clear Politics average showing that Republican Christie as a 1% point advantage. How is this possible in a state that was just won in a landslide by Obama? The fact of the matter is that if a deep blue state is in play for Republicans, Obama and Democrats are in real trouble. Why would a Democrat in a state with so many Democratic registered voters have to out spend his Republican rival $23.6 million on the general election as compared to Republican Chris Christie’s $8.8 million?

The reality is, that the only reason why Corzine is even close in this race is because of Independent candidate Chris Daggett. He is obviously taking votes away from Cristie which prompted Rudy Giuliani to urge Daggett to withdraw.

“Giuliani said he wants independent hopeful Chris Daggett to quit and lend his support to Christie, whose poll numbers have dropped amid rising support for the third-party candidate.

“‘I would think he [Daggett] would not want to be the reason why New Jersey has someone like Jon Corzine for governor for the next four years, who wants to raise taxes, raise fees and basically cave in to special interests

It is all but for forgone conclusion that Democrats will lose the Governor’s race in Virginia. McDonnell finds himself with a 53% to 41% lead.  Republican candidate Bob McDonnell appears poised to win the Governor’s race as he has extended his lead in the polls over Democrat Creigh Deeds. McDonnell could become the first Republican elected governor since Jim Gilmore in 1997. The question remains … How can a state that just last year voted for Barack Obama 53% to 47% all of a sudden reject a Democrat Governor by such a wide margin? How many of the voters that will vote for McDonnell voted for Obama in last years election?

McDonnell is favored by 53 percent, while Democrat R. Creigh Deeds is preferred by 41 percent — a widened lead from an early October survey for the newspaper. Six percent are undecided in the latest poll.

McDonnell’s comfortable lead, along with those of his running mates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, points to a dramatic comeback for Republicans that could include a heftier majority in the House of Delegates.

The drastic turnouround in Virginia can only be explained by a dissatisfaction with Obama and his liberal, socialist policies. Obama can try to distance himself all he wants from this landslide loss in VA, but that fact of the matter is, Deeds could not distance himself from Obama.

Then there is the NY-23 Congressional race that has been turned on its head by yesterday’s announcement that Republican Scozzafava dropped out of the race. How will this affect Tuesday’s results? One things is for certain. The Republican Conservative base has fired a shot across the bow of the RNC. Many of Scozzafava’s followers will most likely vote for the Democrat as basically thats where this candidate belonged. However, many Republicans who were holding their nose and voting for the RINO will shift to the Conservative candidate Hoffman. Amazing that the people knew better, the Tea Party followers knew better than the RNC as to who should represent the Republican party.

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    2 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Presidency in Some Real trouble With Tuesday’s Vote in VA, NJ and NY-23”

    1. Greg the Mongoose on November 1st, 2009 3:26 pm

      Obama stick your head in the sand. This is just a bad dream. Your policies are turning Democratic controlled states into Republican controlled states.

      We really need a third party! I have noticed allot of Republicans are really REPUBOCRATS.
      What is a Repubocrat? It is a politician who says he or she is a Republican but 1. Votes to raise taxes. 2.Gives away taxpayers money to big banks and insurance companies. ie (AIG, Goldman SUCKS) 3. Is against nuclear power, and drilling for oil in the USA.

    2. Brenda in Virginia on November 2nd, 2009 5:03 pm

      Greg, yes and no on that 3rd party. My reasoning is that now only about 50% of those who could vote even bother or register. So…with a 3rd party we risk a VERY small percentage voting in someone who the other 2/3rds of the populus would never want in office. Least this way with 2 parties…more of a majority voice is heard.

      I agree the Republicans allowed themselves to get off-track. I’m reregistering independent. Sick of both sides really….

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