15 Year Old Juvenile Charged with First Degree Murder of 9 Year Old Elizabeth Olten


A 15 year old has been charged with first degree murder in the death of 9 year old Elizabeth Elizabeth_Olten2Olten. The name and gender of the individual charged has been withheld; however, it has been confirmed that the person is not related to Elizabeth Olten, but is an acquaintance. Elizabeth Olten went missing on October 21, 2009 while reportedly walking home from a friends house. Her body was found in a wooded area two days later.

According to Missouri law, children as young as 12 can be tried as adults for first degree murder; however, the process must first begin in the juvenile courts.

For more details go to MissingExploited.com and for updates and to provide your opinions go to Scared Monkeys.net: Missing Persons: Elizabeth Olten.

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    15 Responses to “15 Year Old Juvenile Charged with First Degree Murder of 9 Year Old Elizabeth Olten”

    1. rightknight on October 25th, 2009 11:31 am

      Is it not unusual to withhold the gender of the perpetrator
      even tho it is a teen?

    2. Jayne on October 25th, 2009 12:23 pm

      So sad in many ways. Two familes destroyed. A beautiful young girl dead her parents and family must be in agony . My Sis lives in MO., the “youth” can be tried as sdult but the Death Penalty will be off table. No person under age of 17 at time of crime can be given Death, in MO.

    3. John ryan on October 25th, 2009 1:18 pm

      how many other countries would even consider life in prison for a 15yo child. And anyone who says that a 15 yo is an adult also probably would have no problem with having 15 year olds being used as soldiers.

    4. dprosenthal on October 25th, 2009 1:34 pm

      Murder is NOT a juvenile crime and should not be treated as such. Are we to assume that because this little ba***rd is under 17, he wasn’t mature enough to understand the pain of torture or the finality of death? Unless there is some sort of obscure mitigating circumstance not yet reported, he should be tried as an adult and confined in an adult prison for the rest of his life. Sadly, even that will not do much to ease the pain that the girl’s parents will endure for the rest of their lives.

    5. Interested Bystander on October 25th, 2009 4:01 pm

      Well, who ever killed this child should be charged as an adult.

      There is no way they should get out of prison in 3 years for murder.

      What is intereting is not only has gender not been stated, but neither was there any reference to a sexual assault which makes one believe the individual who is responsible for the murder is a female as well.

    6. A Texas Grandfather on October 25th, 2009 4:09 pm

      When we have 15 year old “children” who have never had any displine in their lives, this is what happens. In my generation, fifteen years was considered to be a young adult and their behavior was expected to be good and they were held responsible for their acts. Now adays, no one wants to be responsible for what they do. Young people will do something bad with an adult watching and then deny it. They don’t live in the real world.
      And yes, John Ryan, in world war II there were many fifteen year old American soldiers who lied about their age in order to serve their country.
      The concept of not holding people under eighteen accountable for their acts is one of the reasons that our country is such a dangerous place in comparison to fifty years ago. Today we have both male and females robbing, stealing and killing by the time they are eleven and twelve.
      This type of activity will only get worse unless the public demands harsh punishment for crimes for all criminals regardless of their age.

    7. kitty on October 25th, 2009 4:37 pm

      I like you Grandpa ~ well spoken…

    8. Scared Monkeys on October 25th, 2009 7:35 pm

      Its pretty sad state of affairs when we not only have to be worried about sexual predators that are lurking to harm the children, but their acquaintances as well.

      This story is going to be one of those that when fully told, completely shocks our sensibilities.

      I figured from the out set when they made the arrest and charges where there were no sexual assault indicated that this might have been done by a female. Also, the finding of the girl happened so quickly as she was lead by tip that it could not have been done by a professional perp.

    9. Brenda in Virginia on October 27th, 2009 12:07 pm

      SM…I read someplace LE actually had written evidence that pointed to the perp and the killer led them to her body. If not mistaken, the sheriff is the one who said, “we have written evidence, amazingly”…or it was something to that effect showing he was surprised himself at the evidence they’d been able to uncover so easily.

      Also…couldn’t have said it better than TX Grandpa. He’s 100% correct.

      As for John, since you feel 15 yr olds are too old to fight in wars and be given death sentence for killing another human being…you MUST also agree they should not be having sex and/or abortions…right?????

    10. Brenda in Virginia on October 27th, 2009 12:08 pm

      Oops! Meant to say to John 15 yr olds too YOUNG. Oh well, what I get for trying to blog @ work ;>)

    11. Terri on October 27th, 2009 10:42 pm

      The way I read the internet news, the alleged perp is a female. She was living in the very home of the friends Elizabeth was visiting when she disappeared.

    12. disturbed on October 28th, 2009 11:04 am

      I have an 11 year old, i think even he knows what murder is and how wrong it is. Of course this 15 year old should be tried as an adult.

    13. alicia thiel on November 10th, 2009 4:06 pm

      i think teenagers should be tried as adults and its ridiculous that we would even let them get away with something like. at 15 years old you know its wrong to go and shoot someone and kill them. im saying out them in jail for stealing a candy bar or taking a bike! but let them get away with murder that its CRAZY!! and for john ryan who bloged you are an idiot!! just because we think that 15 year olds should be putin jail for murder or seriously hurting someone does not mean we want 15 years old as soldiers that was just a stupid comment from a uneducated person. these kids who commit these crimes have some seriuos problems and need to be handeled by being put in jail so they can no longer in danger someone else.

    14. meme5 on November 13th, 2009 2:55 pm

      Thanks for all the good things said about my cousin. For the ones that think 15 is to young to be charged as adults well i think your wrong. Put your family member in Elziabeth place and see how you feel then. The 15 yr old girl had planned this it was in her dairy. then am sorry she should be charged as adult

    15. Michael on November 19th, 2009 11:36 am

      Well, here we have another teen tragedy… Alyssa will have her few moments of public fame, and then be yesterdays news.

      If Alyssa wanted to stay in the spotlight a little long, she should have raped Elizabeth and then committed the brutal murder. It would add a little twist, some “spice” and give the reader much more to try and figure out. Plus with Alyssa being a girl, and committing a rape/murder would keep her in the news longer.

      This story should not surprise you, I have read many posts, and keeping a 24hr watch on your child is not possible, and if someone wants to get your child they will… It can happen at the mall, the grocery store, a park, a friends house, the community pool, ANYWHERE!

      So, Alyssa will have her day in court, which by the way, is the same judicial system that allows registered sex offenders to reside in the same house with a child, once they have served their time. Oh yes, very true!

      In fact, the Fort Osage School District a few years ago allowed a registered sex offender to walk your halls, and attend sporting events that were school related! How did this happen? Because nobody stops to ask you if you are a threat!

      So, if you think your child won’t end up a victim, think again, it will happen. At some point you will let your guard down, and when that happens, someone just might be waiting!!!

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