DC Mom Banita Jacks Accused of Killing Her Four Daughters Says “They Were Possessed by Demons”



A Washington, DC mom, Banita Jacks, accused of killing her four daughters claims that her children were possessed by demons. No ma’am, you are!  It’s another case of they walk among us. How do these type of people wind up with children and why can’t they give them away rather than killing them?

A woman accused of killing her four daughters told police in an interview that the girls were possessed by demons and that she got rid of most of the family’s possessions to contain the evil spirits.

A District of Columbia Superior Court judge spent a second day Tuesday reviewing a recording of a police interrogation of Banita Jacks. The decomposing bodies of Jacks’ daughters—ages 5 to 17—were discovered in January 2008 when U.S. marshals came to evict her from her southeast Washington home.

Jack’s lawyer has tried to use an insanity defense; however, evil is not insane, it’s just EVIL!

In the videotaped interview, Jacks said the girls stopped being her daughters and took on the identities of the demons.

“They got so bad,” she said.

She said her eldest daughter, Brittany, was possessed by a demon she called “Jezebel,” a prostitute who caused suffering and spread disease.

“With demon possession, you are a demon, period,” Jacks says on the recording.

Jacks said Brittany would fight her and she had to fight back. She said her younger daughters made horrible “screeching” noises and caused other problems.

Authorities have said Brittany was stabbed to death, while the others were strangled

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    3. JustaMommy on July 16th, 2009 12:37 pm

      I smell bull**** this murdering hag is just going for the insanity plea.

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