Daily Commentary – Friday, June 14th, 2009 – New Drunk Driving Program in Arizona Targets Late Night Fast Food

  • A new program in Puma County, Arizona would put undercover cops in late night drive-through windows to help spot drunk drivers.

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Maybe the program should be called, Burger, Fries and a DUI. So much for getting the late night munchies and a trip to Burger King. There will be consequences. Although one has to wonder how the police are going to prove slurred speech at one of these restaurants. Can anyone understand what comes from the sound system at a later night burger joint? It usually sounds like one big garbled mess including from the restaurant employee.
The Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s new anti-drunken driving campaign — called Operation Would U Like Fries, or Operation WULF — hopes to put undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders, said Sgt. Doug Hanna, DUI unit supervisor.
If deputies notice someone with any of the classic symptoms of impairment — slurred speech, red or watery eyes, beer breath — they will radio a uniformed deputy stationed just outside, Hanna said.

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