Democratic Left Misreading the Torture Investigation Tea Leaves … Terrorists are Our Enemy, not GWB


Once again the Democrats are overplaying their hand and the torture card. As Obama listens to the far Left, they are completely misreading the tea leaves of “We the People.” Stop playing politics with out national security.

First President Barack Obama said he would not investigate harsh interrogation techniques during the GWB years. Then Obama buckled to the extreme Left of his party who wanted the “so-called” torture of terrorist suspects during the Bush Administration investigated. This has been fueled by Speaker of the House Pelosi and other Democratic Congress members. However,  according to a CBS News/New York Times poll (hardly a right-wing poll) most Americans do not want an investigation. 62%, let us repeat that, 62% of Americans do not want investigations into torture.

According to the poll, sixty-two percent of Americans do not think Congress should hold hearings to investigate the administration’s treatment of detainees. Only a third of Americans thinks Congress should investigate. That’s the same proportion as thought so in February.

Republicans overwhelming oppose Congress holding such hearings, and sixty percent of independents agree. Democrats – much like Democratic representatives in Congress — are more divided. Forty-six percent say Congress should hold hearings, while fifty-one percent say they are not necessary.

Get this Democrats, 55% of informed Americans believe in retrospect that the use of the interrogation techniques was justified. Maybe “We the People” care more about not having 3000 people killed like on September 11, 2001 than we do pouring some water on the face of a terrorist. What a novel concept, the people being behind a President who kept them safe from another attack upon American soil. There is going to come a point when Barack Obama is going to have to come to his senses and realize that most all Americans consider the terrorists a greater threat to the United States than the Republican party.

A Rasmussen Poll showed that 58% of Americans are oppose to further investigation of U.S. torture allegations. With such a strong majority of those opposed to torture investigations, it is only a matter of time before this issue disappears. As with most things, the more the American public is informed with the facts, they more they believe that harsh interrogation and torture was justified.

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