Armed Mentally Challenged Man Takes Hostages as he Hijacks Canadian Airline CanJet in Jamaica


Jamaican Airport Security … No Problem Mon.

Mentally Challenged man with gun takes hostages aboard CanJet Flight 918 in Jamaica. Um, what happened to airport security?


A 20 year old man armed with a gun, described as mentally challenged, boarded a CanJet plane in Jamaica and is holding hostages. The incident took place on the tarmac in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the Sangster International Airport. The CanJet Flight 918 that was hijacked was destined for Halifax, Canada. According to reports, the passengers have been freed; however, 6 crew members are still being held hostage and the gun man claimed he wanted to be flown to Cuba. It is being reported that the gunman fired a shot as he entered the plane. Negotiations are presently ongoing to resolve the standoff.

The man reportedly robbed several travelers before setting them free. At least one shot was fired, but there were no fatalities, officials said.

The gunman, described by Jamaican Information Minister Daryl Vaz as a “mentally challenged youngster,” is about 20 years old and Jamaican. The young man’s father is said to be assisting with negotiations.

Television Jamaica reports Prime Minister Bruce Golding, along with national security ministers, have flown in by helicopter to oversee negotiations with the gunman.

Comments from CanJet: (from the CanJet website)

CanJet said the incident aboard Flight 918, which carried 182 passengers and crew, occurred after it made a scheduled landing in the Caribbean tourist resort en route from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“All passengers have been safely removed from the aircraft, but CanJet crew and the armed man remain on board. Our understanding is that no harm has come to anyone remaining on board and … there has been no damage to the aircraft,” the company said in a statement on its website.

“Our priority at this time is well-being of the passengers and crew who were involved in the incident,” said the company, which operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft.

There were 159 passengers and 8 crew members aboard CanJet Flight 918 when the “mentally challenged” gunman barged through security at 10 pm local time and forced his way onto the plane. So much for security in Jamaica at the airport. This should come as quite the surprise to tourists and passengers that go to Jamaica. Why do we go threw metal detectors and take our shoes off?

I guess Jamaica’s security processes need to be re-evaluated. When a man can break through security and board a plane taking hostages, making matters worse, a mentally challenged one can accomplish such an act … Jamaica, you got a problem.

UPDATE I: CanJet Confirms Capture of Hijacker

Hostage Standoff Ends in Jamaica

The gunman, described as a “mentally challenged youngster” of about 20 years old, had demanded to be taken to Cuba, the scheduled next stop of the flight, Daryl Vaz, the Jamaican information minister said.

“We were getting nowhere with the negotiations,” Mr. Vaz told The Associated Press. “Police and military went on the plane and captured him.”

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    1. Dolf on April 20th, 2009 9:20 am

      3rd world customs, you gotto love them.

      I had it in Africa (Kenya) I had to give my lighter that was in my pocket, but the 5 spare I had in my carrie-on luggage were ok.

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