While You Were Distracted & Watching Obama’s Showtime & AIG … America was Fleeced & US Dollar Declines




Mr. Obama is directing attention to the public whipping of AIG in the Great Obama Theater. Meanwhile, under cover of darkness and without fanfare, another Trillion dollars of non-existent money was obligated against the American people this afternoon. In addition, the rest of the world’s ills are not being addressed. Truth and responsibility are not significant factors in this administration’s agenda!

Are you paying attention people? Do you people realize what this President of Change is doing to the United States? Have you finally figured out that the CHANGE Barack Obama was referring to was SOCIALISM!!!

Thank you Barack Obama for the US dollar seeing its worst drop in 25 years … HOPE … CHANGE … POVERTY.

In April 2008 then candidate Obama linked the dollar’s steep slide to imbalances in the U.S. economy and Bush administration policies, which he said had put the country deeply in debt. Obama continues to spend, spend, spend and he had the audacity to state that others have put the US in debt. Folks, have you taken a good look at the continued spending and budget that the Obamamessiah is inflicting upon America? How much will out children and grandchildren have to pay for Obama’s irresponsible actions?

Dollar Declines Most Since 1985 Plaza Accord on Fed Bond Buying

The dollar dropped the most against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners since the Plaza Accord almost a quarter-century ago as the Federal Reserve’s plan to purchase Treasuries spurred speculation that it’s debasing the greenback.

“What it introduces is the problem of the currency to the extent that the Fed is buying what isn’t desired by foreign holders,” said Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., in an interview on Bloomberg Television on March 19. “The Fed can keep interest rates where they want to keep them, at least for a 6- to 12- to 18-month period of time, but it will have consequences down the road.”

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    16 Responses to “While You Were Distracted & Watching Obama’s Showtime & AIG … America was Fleeced & US Dollar Declines”

    1. super dave on March 23rd, 2009 2:57 pm

      stupid ass barry obama sent a letter to jacques chirac to say that he looks forward to working with him.
      the dumbass evidently couldn’t find his ass with both hands since chirac is the (former) leader of france. so the letter winds up on sarkozy’s desk instead.
      barry o is nothing more than a spoiled brat and is enjoying the destruction of our country. THANKS A LOT TO THE 53% OF TRAITORS THAT PUT HIM IN OFFICE !

    2. wg on March 23rd, 2009 8:57 pm

      What exact problem is it that Obama want’s to save our children and grandchildren from?

      Freedom? A sound economy? Jobs?

      What happens when we can’t pay the mortgage on the nation, or the medical care?

      United States, a nation beyond bankruptcy?

    3. yoyo muffintop on March 23rd, 2009 11:02 pm

      Damn you are a complete idiot #1:

      - Chirac writes letter to Obama saying, “Congrats on the election win, maybe you and my foundation can hook up sometime?”

      - Obama writes back saying, “Thanks for the note, Jacques, hope to work with you on world peace.”

      - Stupid ass racists such as #1 goes nuts saying, “Oh no, President Obama doesn’t know who the President of France is!”

      From the Christian Science Monitor: “We found out that another French newspaper, the New Observer, explained that Obama was merely replying to a Chirac letter who was writing him as the head of his foundation — the Jacques Chirac Foundation for sustainable development and cultural dialogue.
      The foundation is promoting access to water and medicines in west Africa, combating deforestation in the Congo Basin, and trying to save dying languages in Polynesia, according to a spokesman who helped set up the foundation.”

      Lol – at every turn #1 you make yourself out to be a complete tool.
      Predictably, I’m sure you will respond with some type of veiled racism towards President Obama.

    4. yoyo muffintop on March 24th, 2009 1:05 am

      The dollar dropped 41% during Bush’s 8 yrs in office. 41% !!

      And you are crying over 4%?

      I’ll say it again: 41% drop under Bush and not a peep.

      41% drop in the dollar during the Bush Administration…..no story, nary a word. Nada. Zippo.

      4% drop in the dollar under Obama….poverty, worst President ever.

      That folks is what you call “Obama Derangement Syndrome”.
      SM: Obama needs to grow up. I never agreed with much of the spending that GWB did, most conservatives did not. That is why his approval rating was low. Had nothing to do with Democrats.

      Obama needs to buy a vowel and a clue, he seems to be good at spending $’s.

      Obama promised America change … he never said whether it was for the better..

    5. rightknight on March 24th, 2009 1:52 am

      Has anyone noticed that all the SPENDING BILLS are
      not plans at all, but simply scattering monies about
      in the interest of larger and larger government? No
      expenditures are transparent at all. No bills are being
      read. Citizens are being pushed to the sidelines in
      the dark while their coffers are being pillaged. Who
      got loans, what were the conditions, what were the
      reasons, how does it fit an organized plan, where is
      the transparency, why no answers, what is the plan,
      are our employees trying to become our masters,
      is there collusion going on???? The books and
      balance sheets belong to us, stop hiding them.

      Barry, Nancy, Harry, you are our employees! Let
      us know how all this flapping around will solve
      the crisis you’ve created for us! Speak up speaker.
      Don’t let Maxine Waters do all the talking for you!

    6. super dave on March 24th, 2009 8:29 am

      YOHO:stop throwing your baby tantrums or you will be put in time out. or do you just need a diaper change. you know dirty diapers cause a rash especially on assholes like you.
      you are being very racist this morning. go to a lone wolf meeting last night or maybe it was klan.
      they like assholes like you.

    7. super dave on March 24th, 2009 8:32 am

      yoyo: when were you born ? and no i directed my speech toward you this morning. i know you will save it for later use. your teleprompter must be working today.

    8. super dave on March 24th, 2009 8:44 am

      i would tell you what yoyo means down south but, content unsuitable for viewers under 18.

    9. Rusty Bridges on March 24th, 2009 9:17 am

      Okay, 41% in 8 years compared to 4% in how many DAYS? You do the math, I’m to fed up.

      And Bush could not even get his way like when he tried to put the brakes on fannie and could have avoided this mess.

      Obama has gotten his way from day one and look where it has lead us. He said he would fix this.

    10. Michelle Smith on March 24th, 2009 12:16 pm

      Obama hasn’t fixed anything…….He’s only making it worse.

    11. ANewGirl on March 24th, 2009 7:11 pm

      ****OBAMA’S PUBLIC ADDRESS ON ECONOMY **** 3/24/2009:

      8:05:p.m. Obama promises to repeal the business cycle? Cut the deficit in half based on “pessimistic estimates?” That’s just bogus. The CBO already reported his projections are off by 50%!

      First five minutes and he’s already making stuff up.

      8:07:p.m. If we’re “all in this together,” why are 95% of us getting “tax cuts,” while the rest of us are paying higher taxes, losing deductions and being punished for success?

      I would tune in for the rest of it, but suddenly I feel my dinner coming up! UGH

    12. Brian M. on March 24th, 2009 8:43 pm

      Bush destroyed the USA in 8 years and you think Obama can clean it up in only 2 months?

      Give the man a chance.

      It’s obvious you are republican first, and an American second.

      /voted for Bush in ’04 and now regretting it

    13. ANewGirl on March 25th, 2009 7:28 am

      To # 12- Brian ~~~~

      What Obama said last night: “A budget is a snapshot of what we can get done right now, understanding that eight, 10 years from now we will have a whole series of new budgets.”

      What he meant: Give me a break !!!—in the long run we are all dead, and that includes YOU, Brian!!

      The country is in a pretty bad economic CRISIS right now!!! We can worry about 2020 later?!?!?!? What the HELL is that all about?? Do I expect Obama to solve everything within in his first 100 days in office???…Hell, NO! But let’s keep it REAL HERE…. Obama’s “whatever” adtitude and phenominal spending across the board is not the immediate answer….and what of the tax breaks he spoke of in his campaign to the MIDDLE CLASS????? Of course, he backpeddled on that, became very objectionable and didn’t even want to pontificate about another BROKEN PROMISE!!! Translation= we’re not getting any!!!

      I don’t like a lot of what George W. did either, but I am not about blaming the man for EVERYTHING that went wrong over the last four or eight years! IT’S A LAME EXCUSE THAT OBAMA KEEPS USING, HE’S BRAINWASHED ALL OF YOU LIBS INTO CONTINTUALLY USING IT and IT’S GET VERY OLD, PEOPLE—WAKE UP! When is the blame game going to stop??? This is what THE CHOSEN ONE wanted…he got it—and within his first 100 days in office—-we are losing count of the hundreds of times he keeps passing the back on the previous administration and reminding everyone of how he & his Administration didn’t create the mess we are in. So, Brian—I have a very hard time giving a President with no real-life economic or executive experience a chance since so far—his obvious lack OF NO EXPERIENCE is shining through! I am not impressed with him or Geithner. One last thing, Barack’s MOST IGNORANT comment of the night when asked about the “delay” & when “did he know” about the AIG Exec. bonuses …why he waited a “few days” before being “shocked”

      ” ….because I want to know what I am talking about first before I say anything….” ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????????????? Geithner knew weeks in advance and signed off on the package. It is Geither’s job to inform the President of crucual issues like this particularly knowing how integral this was…. you know, before the S*#@ hits the fan would have been a good idea. That is completely lame and millions of enraged Americans are NOT stupid and NOT buying it.

    14. ANewGirl on March 25th, 2009 7:46 am

      And, check this out:

      Obama Testing pundits patcience


    15. super dave on March 25th, 2009 4:43 pm

      barry boy wasn’t shocked until the public found out that he let these bonuses get mailed a couple of days after he was notified.

    16. Dolf on March 27th, 2009 9:59 am

      This started in the Reagan era. (no its not Reagans fault)

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