UPDATE on the Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Jose Baez & Todd Black (Gil Cabot) Request for Inquiry Complaint Filed


The following is an UPDATE from the previously posted story … ‘Todd Black … Jose Baez (Defense Attorney for Casey Anthony) and the Florida Bar … Could There be Further Inquiry … REQUEST FOR INQUIRY/COMPLAINT FILED!’

The Florida Bar has confirmed with me directly today that it is investigating the most recent complaint inquiry against Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony, contained in this article, ref #09-14647. There will be no further comments from the FBA while it continues it’s investigation into the filing.

I spoke exclusively with Mark Nejame, Previous Attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, currently representing Texas Equusearch for comment:

“Given what has been brought to light about the identity of Todd Black by your investigative  efforts and his representation of Jose Baez,  I am considering filing a complaint with the Florida  Bar.  I have had personal experiences with Mr. Black or whoever he is where he represented  himself as an agent for Jose Baez. I am going to reach out to the bar on the issue as to my ethical  responsibility as a member to do so.”

Not one to dwell on a messy break-up, Jose Baez has hired veteran Media Rep Marti Mackenzie . It is rumored she comes with her own phone that is not registered to anyone in the Baez household.

“It’s time to refocus on legal issues,” Mackenzie said Wednesday. “My role is to free up the  defense lawyers so they can do that.”

Marti Mackenzie, who I can confirm is an actual PR representative and no one’s alter ego, is best known for her representation in former astronaut Lisa Nowak’s case.

GilTod- He’s Just not that INTO YOU!

Apparently refusing to leave without his parking validation, this is news to former spokesperson for The Baez Law Firm, Todd Black aka GilTod.

“The only thing that’s been ‘dumped’ is prepayment of our services into our trust account, and  those services will be rendered when asked per our non-refundable contract,” Sabrina Cane, a  Press Corps Media worker, e-mailed the Orlando Sentinel. “Given the many surprises already experienced in this case, Press Corps Media will do what it has been paid to do – assist in Ms.  Anthony’s defense on media coverage.”

The sound of screeching tires out of the parking lot notwithstanding, it does not appear Ms. Mackenzie and GilTod are going to swap war stories. Mackenzie said this afternoon that she has never encountered a situation like this before when a previous media firm refuses to let go after a client has made his intentions clear.

Posted by Blink34

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    26 Responses to “UPDATE on the Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Jose Baez & Todd Black (Gil Cabot) Request for Inquiry Complaint Filed”

    1. Blink34 on February 13th, 2009 9:47 am

      I think I figured it out finally, GilTod gets paid by the word :)


    2. R.L.Haley on February 13th, 2009 12:30 pm

      Oh God …tell me this wont lead to a mistrial for Crazy Anthony

    3. justmoma on February 13th, 2009 1:41 pm

      Great work, Blink34. Now what about Kid Finders Network??

    4. buster on February 13th, 2009 2:54 pm

      Sorry for being a lil off topic but check this out:
      Dutch news

      Early departure for Aruban Public Prosecutor
      Published: Saturday 07 February 2009 09:55 UTC
      Last updated: Saturday 07 February 2009 09:55 UTC
      Hans Mos, the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on Aruba, is to quit his position this summer. He has shed no light on the reasons for his early departure. The most important case handled during his tenure was that of Natalee Holloway, the US student who disappeared from the island in 2005. The case, which is still not closed and which is estimated to have cost more than seven and a half million euros, has led to increasing criticism of Mr Mos.

      The announcement of his departure comes at a time when relationships between Aruba and the Netherlands are strained. The Aruban Justice Minister, Rudy Kroes, has accused the Netherlands of spying after serious allegations about Aruban Prime Minister Nelson Oduber and a member of Mr Kroes’ family were found in a confidential document produced by the Dutch delegation to the island.

    5. Jenn N Juice on February 13th, 2009 4:28 pm

      Does anyone else think that maybe Baez is doing all of this on purpose so that Casey DOES get a mistrial?

      I am sure him and Casey have something going on.

    6. brie. on February 13th, 2009 4:48 pm

      Buster…well Mos didn’t last too long as prosecutor…we had faith in him at first but he got shot down by Ric Smid, who knows it may have all been staged and Mos gets the blame…there were witnesses but Mos said it wasn’t good enough, probably instructed what to say…

    7. Gigi on February 13th, 2009 4:48 pm

      Nothing would surprise me in this case. Perhaps the judge could remove Baez from this case before the trial even starts.

    8. Confused on February 13th, 2009 5:52 pm

      Parking ticket? Is this related to the other story about ZFG?

      There is another website that has screen shots of two complaints that were filed awhile ago. Only the one was dismissed, so I guess this is the other one that is still open?

    9. Caroline Jenkins on February 13th, 2009 5:56 pm

      Keep up the good work, Blink. You are the best sleuth I have ever encountered. Is Scared Monkeys where you mostly post your work now?

    10. HOPE on February 13th, 2009 6:33 pm

      Great Job, Blink! ;)

    11. Blink34 on February 13th, 2009 7:13 pm

      To all, yes I do think there is an orchestrated effort on the part of Baez to purposely cause either mistrial grounds or apellate issues among other things. I truly dont think he thought this would get as big, with as much at stake, or he is just negligent, imo…

      The goal is to, as the Bar would see fit, expose the “interests” on the part of Baez et al and make these changes to insure a proper outcome for Casey in the interest of justice.

      Can anyone imagine going through this a second time with these people?

      I stand for Caylee, I have said it from day one, as I know you all do.

      Thanks for the kind words and support. I love my monkeys..

      Caroline J- You are very kind, thanks for asking, not to sound criptic, but we may have a surprise in store for our SM members :)

    12. dee on February 14th, 2009 2:13 am


      Is it just Baez is not capable of handling a case like this, I don’t think it is on purpose at all, I think he is just not ready to make this kind of leap in his legal career, I think in the beginning he thought Casey was just a young semi cute (in his eyes) mom and he thought he could get her out of her child neglect case. But, when the snowball started rolling down the mountain he couldn’t handle it and his his ego would not allow him to step back, now the snowball is huge and he is directly in the cross fire of that knocking him square on his a$$.. I would hope that he steps away from this case to avoid any more embarassment to himself and the his legal team…

      The trial can’t start soon enough, I can’t wait to hear all the crap LE has on this chick….Do you have anything further on friend Annie Downing, I have been researching a lot about her but everything comes up blank….can’t wait to hear her testimony..

      thanks for all you do!

    13. ANewGirl on February 14th, 2009 7:00 am

      Blink—We love surprises =)


    14. Gigi on February 14th, 2009 12:58 pm

      Blink: I finally found the quote in a chat log posted on an earlier story found here. The quote is:

      14993_Tanja_ wrote:
      Rick is George Caseys biological father?
      Are you kidding me?! No he is not.

      Does anyone have a comment on this????? As i have said many times on these blogs, I remember when this coverage first began, reporters referred to Casey as George’s STEP daughter. Casey has told former beau’s she was abused by George. Could George be Caylee’s father?? I alternate between thinking it is Lee and George. If one goes back and reads all those chat logs and emails posted earlier, it is very disturbing how much in denial the Anthony’s are.

    15. Blink34 on February 14th, 2009 11:06 pm

      If you are asking my opinion as to whether or not George was Caylee’s bio dad: no, I do not.

      I have studied their interaction, spoken with those that have spent substantial time in their presence, I just do not see it..

      I am on record, I think bio-dad is JO.

    16. Blink34 on February 14th, 2009 11:14 pm

      thank you and do you mean further info on Annie Downing past my article on the traffic connection?

      Yes, I have P L E N T Y… But have a strict editor (heh heh Red)and unless there is a basis to tie it to this case, I really shy away from reporting on people’s junk, for the sake of reporting on people’s junk.

    17. dee on February 15th, 2009 5:06 am


      I am pretty new to the site, I just recently ran across the information on the site about Annie. I have followed this case fromt he beginning but had gotten all my information from NG, WESH, WFTV it was on one of the sites that I read an article that mentioned this site and I became an instant fan. I have been reading prior posting when I saw the information on Annie and was surprised I had never heard her name I knew there was a XANAX Dealer but that was all I knew. I found it very interesting that her interview has not been released or if it has I can’t find it…

      I know there is plenty out there that we don’t know about and waiting, what a year or so, for the trial is going to drive me nuts.

      I want to know NOW….I have no patients :-)

      If you can guide me to some good info GREAT, if not that is ok I understand……thanks

      Keep up the great work!

    18. Gigi on February 15th, 2009 11:29 am

      #15: Blink: who is JO????

    19. misskatie on February 15th, 2009 1:16 pm

      wouldnt it be great if the prosecutors removed baez.. for his incompetent behaviours..

    20. misskatie on February 15th, 2009 1:18 pm

      joy is a supporter of the anthonys heres your char room link
      check it out tell me what yout think ok


      she is anut as well from what i HEAR AND READ AND SEE

    21. misskatie on February 15th, 2009 1:18 pm


    22. misskatie on February 15th, 2009 1:19 pm

      welcome dee

      I have been here since the natalee holloway story. I fell upon this room by mistake and have remained..

    23. misskatie on February 15th, 2009 1:28 pm

      george looks like casey or casey looks so much like george all her features and coloring.. identical look at them close..
      caylee to me looked like her nana cindy.. she has her looks and her expressions.. she looked nothing like casey..
      so lee is my best bet to be the daddy if there is incest there I wouldnt be surprised..
      women can be stupid behind their men.. maybe casey and lee had a seperate sex thingie!!
      sounds sicko but let me tell you alittle story.
      my x husband had a sister that was married to a man that was mentaly and verbaly abusive and very controlling in his family. ok my xxxx sickoooo wacked out… sisterinlaw and her husband at the time were in their late 30′s.

      well he got his own biological daughters pregnant two daughters pregnant!! yes you read right!!
      they were in their early teens..

      eventualy someone reported it and he went to prison!!

      GUESS WHAT!!

      my x xxxx nutt job of a sister inlaw .. stood by him.. eventualy he got out of prison and he moved in with his wife again!!!! by that time the two girls had grown up and left the home with his two kids/grandkids.

      he wasnt even supposed to be or is still not sposed to be near his other daughters … but .. the x sicko wife took him back and hid him from the law…

      the girls dont have anything to do with him.. they kept the kids.. so I know that incest does occur..

      the other siblings of my x were outraged.. like rick is with cindy.. but have little to do with her and him….


    24. dee on February 15th, 2009 4:48 pm


      yes it possible I knew a girl who had a twisted situation with her own brother and sick as it is to say I have a cousin who married another cousin…people are totally wacked

    25. dee on February 15th, 2009 4:51 pm

      man my typing sucks tonight “yes it is” thank goodness I am going back to school…

    26. Scared Monkeys on February 15th, 2009 6:51 pm

      Further discussion of this topic will be held at the new web site: http://www.blinkoncrime.com

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