Source Says that Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed her Daughter Caylee … Overwhelming Evidence


Sources saying that Casey Anthony was intentionally killed … NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!

Many people who have followed the case of missing and deceased Caylee Anthony CASEY_Caylee_pichave believed for months that tot mom Casey Anthony was responsible. However, now Local 6 in Orlando, FL is reporting that a source close to the investigation have said that they have “overwhelming evidence showing that she intentionally killed her young daughter, Caylee, and was solely responsible for the toddler’s death”. There is a reason why Casey Anthony did not report her child as missing and has never acted like a grief strickened mother whose daughter was either missing, deceased or both. According to sources from Local 6, its because Casey Anthony intentionally killed Caylee.

Sources also said investigators have now established a time frame of death that dates back to June, according to reports returned by forensic botanists and entomologists brought in to anaylyze the terrain and insect growth where Caylee’s remains were found. Sources said plants were growing through the skeleton and bug evidence was also recovered, both of which helped scientists reach their conclusion.

Orange County sheriff’s detectives believe Anthony took actions that led to her daughter’s death June 16, which corresponds to the June time frame of death, Local 6 News reported.


Not an accident

Investigators believe Anthony dumped Caylee’s body around June 18 in the wooded area where the remains were found, sources said.

According to test results conducted on the trunk of Anthony’s car by the Oakridge National Laboratory, the girl’s body spent at least two days there before it was dumped, sources said.

A hair, which showed signs of decomposition, was also found in the trunk. Sources said the hair matches hair taken from Caylee’s remains.

Sources said the time frame coupled with other evidence — duct tape found over the mouth of Caylee’s skull, high levels of chloroform detected in the trunk and cell phone pings from Anthony’s phone that place her near the crime scene in mid-June — points only to Anthony as the killer.

Last night on CNN’s Nancy Grace they discussed the breaking news that Casey Anthony intentionally murdered 2 year old Caylee Anthony. (Full Transcript)

Bombshell. Inside the investigation, just emerging as we go to air, stunning report — no accident! Repeat, no accident. Tot mom Casey Anthony intentionally murders little Caylee and acted completely alone. Police investigators who once bought into the accident theory now convinced it`s murder one. Investigators say Caylee`s body at least two days inside tot mom`s car trunk before being dumped.

Tonight, we learn investigators pinpoint the exact day of murder as June 16. The source also confirms duct tape wrapped specifically across little Caylee`s mouth – specifically across the mouth. And we discover part of the state`s evidence is a positive match between hair on the skull to Caylee`s hair in tot mom`s trunk.

Jessica D`Onofrio from WKMG-TV channel 6 discussed her exclusive report with Nancy Grace regarding the date of death, the presence of Caylee in the trunk of Casey’s car. Jessica D’Onofrio confirmed her breaking story to Nancy Grace citing the fact that the story came from more than one source that Caylee’s death was not an accident: And this isn`t coming from one source, Nancy. It`s always coming from more than one source when I report my information. But I mean what I`m hearing are the words, “overwhelming”. I`m hearing, “strong evidence”. And I`m hearing that when you look at all of this, in its totality, the forensic evidence, and the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, you put it all together, it points straight to Casey acting alone. And that this was done on purpose, and not by accident.

 GRACE: And joining us right now, the person to break — the reporter to break this story, Jessica D`Onofrio with WKMG. Jessica, thank you for being with us. Explain to me this detailed report you`re learning about from inside the police investigation that Mark Williams is referring to.

JESSICA D`ONOFRIO, WKMG: Well, we now know a timeframe of death, Nancy. What wound up happening is that the forensic entomologists and the forensic botanists that were brought into this case to analyze the terrain and the bug life around where the body was found — they`ve returned in their reports now.

Now what we can see is that they have narrowed down a timeframe of death, not an exact date, but a timeframe of death to June, which directly corresponds with what investigators have been saying for quite some time now. They know that Caylee was last seen on or around June 16th. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory confirms that they have test results that show that the body was in the trunk of Casey`s car for about two days. And then investigators believe after that two days, it was dumped down the street from the Anthony home.

So now we have a timeframe of death here directly corresponding to what investigators thought, that the child was murdered around that time and has been at that dump site ever since June. We also have…

GRACE: Hold on. According to this inside report, it says that the body is believed to have been dumped on June 18 and that…

D`ONOFRIO: Excuse me. Yes, June 18.

GRACE: Yes, which means that we also know it confirms the body was in the trunk for two days, according to this report, which pinpoints the time of death as June 16, the day of June 16 — not a timeframe, not a month, not a week, June 16.

D`ONOFRIO: Absolutely, Nancy. But when you talk to forensic entomologists and when you talk to forensic botanists, what they specialize in in this kind of case is a timeframe.

GRACE: Correct.

D`ONOFRIO: They`ll always correct the reporter and say, We can only pinpoint a timeframe. But you`re absolutely right.

GRACE: And also, after going over your information, Jessica D`Onofrio — Jessica joining us from WKMG — I also noticed that it said the duct tape was over the child`s mouth. And there`s been a lot of speculation about where was the duct tape? Was it wrapped around to conceal her identity? A whole lot of theories about the duct tape. Now we are confirming, according to this report, it was specifically placed over little Caylee`s mouth. Yes, no?


GRACE: What else can you tell us, Jessica?

D`ONOFRIO: I can tell you that, you know, when they made a positive ID on the body, they used the skeletonized remains to make that positive ID on Caylee. They used her bones. But they also now have run tests on the hair that was found at the dump site near the skeleton there, and they have now been able to confirm that the hair found at that dump site was the hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony`s car. So what it means is that investigators can now directly place Caylee`s body in the trunk of Casey Anthony`s car.

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    45 Responses to “Source Says that Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed her Daughter Caylee … Overwhelming Evidence”

    1. Michelle S in MS on January 10th, 2009 10:54 am

      This woman is evil. How can a mother do that to her precious child?

    2. Lizzie on January 10th, 2009 11:17 am

      I have no idea Michelle. I was watching Nancy Grace last night when the news broke and I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how anyone could do what she’s done and then show no remorse for it AT ALL! To think of what that poor little girl went thru during her last minutes breaks my heart.

    3. Val on January 10th, 2009 11:31 am

      Sociopath- 1)a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. 2)Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.

    4. Sharon Chicago on January 10th, 2009 12:27 pm

      I just don’t understand why Padilla keeps saying he thinks the murder was an accident that Casey never meant to kill Caylee.

      Why would he say that?????

      He knows how she searched the web on how to break a neck etc…..

      He knows how jealous she was of her daughter and how she wanted to have her freedom to party…

      He knows how stone faced she is and unreactionary about her missing daughter….

      He knows people are saying “where is the love for her lost child”

      Why does Padilla think it was an accident??????

    5. Sharon Chicago on January 10th, 2009 12:38 pm

      With the weed growing through Caylee’s skull would prove that her body had not been moved since June I would think. Others had stated they thought someone had moved her body before…

    6. Mellissa on January 10th, 2009 12:48 pm

      Sharon from Chicago: Regarding Padilla he’s always said from the beginning that there is always a little bit of TRUTH in everything that Casey says the rest is a LIE. Well with him there’s always a little bit about him being RIGHT about something but the rest of the time he’s always WRONG.

    7. Richard on January 10th, 2009 3:09 pm

      Sharon Chicago (#4) … Isn’t this Padilla a lawyer, and presumably one who has the usual lawyer’s integrity? Enough said ….

      I guess this news will disappoint the Devil; he was probably looking forward to getting the souls of a good many people. Now, maybe, he’ll have to be content with the mother.

      But that’s okay with me … he can give her his undivided attention.

    8. Richard on January 10th, 2009 3:10 pm

      By the way, remember back in the early days of Natalee Holloway’s case, when Aruba said that IT was investigating the ‘pings’ of Joran’s cell phone?

      Since then, nary a word about them.

    9. Richard on January 10th, 2009 3:12 pm

      In re my comment #7 … do you suppose even the Devil would draw the line at who is allowed into his kingdom? (If that’s the word; I don’t want to offend anyone. Except Casey Anthony.)

    10. HOPE on January 10th, 2009 4:24 pm

      At the beginning, I though this had to be some kind of accident. I thought maybe she had been left in her car seat and died from the heat. It’s so hard for us that have the ability to love others to imagine someone intentionally harming a child, much less murdering a child! But, that is, exactly, what has happened, here.

      As for Padilla… He’s a Tim Miller wanna-be. His heart was never in the right place, even from day one. Bailing Casey out of jail because of some ego trip that made him think that he could crack the egg? And it only got worse from there. I hope that he will disappear into oblivion along with his quest to get the attention he needs and his desire to be a hero. He has injected way too much into this case and, in my opinion, created the circus that surrounded the searches that were conducted by Tim on his second and third trip to Orlando. Boo on him.

      My thoughts and prayers are with the little angel who’s remains are sitting in a box at the mortuary. Caylee Marie Anthony, who touched our hearts with her rendition of ‘You are My Sunshine’ and left the world questioning the way in which we view the blessings of motherhood and responsibility under the law. My prayers at this point are directed toward attaining justice for a crime committed against the most innocent of us all and legal responsibility toward anyone who may have assisted the perpetrator or her family in obstructing the justice that Caylee is entitled to.

      We prayed for a hero and one was provided and it is because of him that the truth will be known beyond a reasonable doubt and, mere, speculation.

    11. D.Schmier on January 10th, 2009 5:13 pm

      The term ‘mother’ is used far to loosely in referance to casey MOTHER she never was only a ‘birth person’–Justice for ‘our sunshine Caylee’ well may be in the near future–.Maybe once your little body is laid to rest,JUSTICE will begin in full force.
      The above comments are really good and reflect what many of us may feel. SOOOOOOO the right hand she held up in court WAS one of the murder weapons–amazing.And the ‘timeline’ of June 16th leads one to KNOW lee,cindy and george subverted,hindered and obstructed justice for their grand daughter–who they loved so much .Rotting pizza? Dead animal in the trunk–wow–.
      Looks like the family members may now have to submit to the lie dector tests they have refused to take–lee,cindy,george–it’s time to confess your part in the cover up–yep you MAY ask for immunity but I really pray NO JUDGE will grant it for one second.

    12. D.Schmier on January 10th, 2009 5:15 pm

      Sorry I forgot to ask does anyone know–can or will the charges now be pre meditated murder and will that change the sentence possiably to DEATH a/s/a/p

    13. Sharon Chicago on January 10th, 2009 6:29 pm

      I am wondering if the Anthony’s Cindy George took Caylee from the funeral home several days ago and had a private funeral for Caylee? Just thinking that the mortuary could have descretely taken took little Caylee to a cemetary to meet the Anthony family there.

      I was just wondering

    14. MBS on January 10th, 2009 6:57 pm

      So very sad. Rest in peace, little Caylee, you deserved so much better.

    15. Susan on January 10th, 2009 7:08 pm

      I’m sure this latest development comes as NO BIG SURPRISE to anyone. We’ve all thought that Casey was Caylee’s killer. What we didn’t know, for certain, was that no one else was involved in the murder.

      Richard – Padilla is not a lawyer…he is a “Bounty Hunter”. Padilla was the dumba$$ who came all the way out from California to bail Casey, the murderer, out of jail, only to revoke it later on. Padilla is a freaking IDIOT.

    16. Truthseeker on January 10th, 2009 7:47 pm

      Will the strength of the evidence from the forensic entomologist, botanist, the body farm, and the skeletal remains be enough to convince a jury that the tot’s mom murdered her daughter? Baez has assembled a dream team for tot mom defense and plans to cast doubts about the evidence. How will the legal system handle the evidence, defense and Justice for Caylee! We’re not through this horrible tragedy yet until tot mom is convicted on Murder One.
      We’ll be waiting and watching for it to occur.

    17. KARMAcoming on January 10th, 2009 8:48 pm

      How is it that this “fired”, unemployed killer is entitled to any more than a court appointed lawyer? How does that happen? I always thought “if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you”! NOT a high priced team of specialists that FEW of us could even imagine hiring? The rules dont say that an Attorney will volunteer and the bills will be paid by the sale of photos of your victim!!! This situation is pitiful!! Who pays for this? CAYLEE?

    18. ongoingly on January 10th, 2009 9:03 pm

      I am curious… about what kind of process or evidence forensics used on the skeletal remains to determine that Caylee’s mouth was duct-taped? Anyone know? That poor baby. So tragic. Thanks for posting that NG show.

    19. Connie on January 10th, 2009 11:54 pm

      Casey is looking scared,LOL

    20. Richard on January 11th, 2009 1:15 am

      Susan (#15) … thanks for the clarification. My memory of this case has been failing sadly.

    21. ANewGirl on January 11th, 2009 9:07 am

      Remarkable. Sad. Most likely true. How many times have we attached the adjective …Disgusting. We Monkeys have been labeling Casey as a cold-blooded Murderer from the start.

      Pre-meditation is what it is. A Murdering Sociopath is what it is. LE should persue the Death Penalty.


    22. pax on January 11th, 2009 6:38 pm

      God, this is awful. Her lawyers are the bottom of the barrel trying to plant reasonable doubt left and right while she sits on her a** all day.

      Please let justice be served.

      ps-L Padilla is a lawyer too, does not practice but my personal feeling is that he is still around because he was inside the home and met all of them so he is a resource.

    23. ayfit on January 11th, 2009 8:50 pm

      If this mom gets less than death,What can I say? We’re no better than aruba. Atleast Casey is in jail and being investigated. There is no penalty stiff enough fo this mom.

    24. Lisa on January 12th, 2009 4:12 pm

      Casey is evil, and correct Padilla, is an idiot, but not really since he is cashing in on his foolish therories, therefore Padilla is evil as well.

      As, Casey told her brother, she is a spiteful B*tch.

      Well I guess Casey has now found out how spiteful the public is, as the public has been informed of a selfish woman that murders her own little girl.

      What goes around comes around, Florida will kill Casey Anthony for her spite.

    25. Reba on January 12th, 2009 7:11 pm

      I am a mother of a daughter too, my only child. I love her more than life. But if I knew that she murdered one of my grandsons I would do everything that I could to see that she didn’t get away with it. I would still love her, but a precious grandchild that is so innocent would deserve all of my compassion. I hope that Cindy will love her little Caylee enough to make Casey be honest enough to let little Caylee have a real memorial service and finally put her to rest with Jesus.

    26. Kelly on January 12th, 2009 9:29 pm

      I know this is a sick thought… but, what if Casey hung Caylee or strangled her. She had that hung cartoon on her computer – a clue?

    27. Lisa on January 12th, 2009 10:04 pm

      This is not a bombshell. I’ve known it all along that Casey killed her daughter, and killed her in cold blood. I have read every page of discovery in this case that has been released, listened to audio tapes, watched video tapes and listened to commentators, and the evidence is clear, Caylee died on June 16th somewhere between the hours of 1:00pm and 8:00pm. Watching Casey Anthony at the Blockbuster video with her boyfriend Tony Lazarro at 8:00pm on the 16th, renting movies and hugging each other within hours of Caylee’s death, makes it clear that Casey has no conscience, and was glad to be rid of Caylee, so she could live her wild party life. When she borrowed the shovel from the neighbor on the 18th, she took it the few blocks away from her house and used it to either bury the body or move the body which is why she only had it for about 45 minutes, she didn’t take it far. The only bombshell waiting to explode is when one or more of mudering Casey’s family is charged with aiding and abetting, obstrution of justice, and/or tampering with evidence for trying to cover this whole thing up. I’m sure that when the Anthony’s investigator was out there looking for Caylee’s body in the place it was found, shortly before it was found, he was going to not only contaminate the evidence, but was very likely going to hide it. Everyone involved in the cover up needs to be charged, including Casey’s lawyer if needs be. That is the real bombshell waiting to explode and when it does, I hope the prosecutors do the right thing and throw the book at every guilty party,whether they are “grieving” family members or not.

    28. Jenna A. on January 13th, 2009 11:14 am

      Lisa, I couldn’ agree with you more. You are right on. I hope the prosecution doesn’t grant immunity to Cindy, George & Lee. They know their days are numbered. If immunity is denied, they will hang Casey out to dry to save themselves. You know Baez will tie them to the murder to try and cast doubt in order to save Casey. If immunity is granted, Cindy, George & Lee will have no incentive to tell the truth. God knows, Cindy wants damage control & can’t look bad in front of the media. Cindy is not going to let the media find out her family secrets that easily. DO NOT GRANT IMMUNITY TO THE ANTHONY FAMILY!

    29. Nicole on January 16th, 2009 8:13 am

      The death penalty is too good for her. Put her in general population & let the other inmates take care of her

    30. S Smith on January 16th, 2009 8:41 pm

      Lee needs immunity to avoid being charged with incest for fathering Caylee. That is why he was so against providing DNA. He also wants to avoid being charged with aiding and abetting.

    31. GG on January 17th, 2009 4:26 pm

      If Casey is innocent why does her family need immunity?

    32. Martha on January 17th, 2009 4:27 pm

      If Casey is innocent why does her family need immunity? This would explain why no one asked her about Caylee when she was at home

    33. Martha on January 17th, 2009 4:28 pm


    34. debbie on February 17th, 2009 12:29 pm

      jenna & lisa i agree with everything you both said. they all need to own up & spill what they know & covered up. covering up for that baby killer is a disgrace to respect for their dead granddaughter & niece..but plenty of sympathy for the woman who killed her…i don’t get it!

    35. Don Lee on April 22nd, 2009 6:37 am

      Casey Anthony claimed she had a baby sitter she called “Zanny” this is a nickname in Detroit for the persciption drug ‘Xanax” is that what she was doing to the baby when she left home?

    36. Don Lee on April 22nd, 2009 6:42 am

      Casey Anthony claimed she had a baby sitter she called “Zanny” this is a nickname in Detroit for the persciption drug ‘Xanax” is that what she was doing to the baby when she left home?

    37. don on December 20th, 2009 11:21 am

      While I agree that Casey’s actions during this whole thing are very strange, I believe that the court of public opinion has already signed her death warrant. I prefer to wait until the trial starts to form any opinions on this case. Now will she get a fair trial? I really don’t know. The leaks to the media, I believe have tainted this case beyond repair.

    38. lynn hairston on December 26th, 2010 12:54 am

      I absolutely believe that she gave Caylee medication to make her sleepy so she could party.My 2 mo old g daughter died last month in bed.I suspect it was negligent.It has devastated us.Now those two can party all they want to….she’s gone to heaven…something is just not right…I can feel it…….

    39. Carolyn C on July 2nd, 2011 12:15 pm

      Casey Anthony is a poor excuse for a mother. How can anyone who calls them self a loving mother Kill their child N be okay with it for 31days…. I think the state of florida is taking it lightly n she should be pop in general population she deserve whatever punishment. This is sad so very sad, my heart bleeds for the grandmother,grandfather,uncle but Not 4 CASEY she’s terrible that child deserve to grow up just like she did. Its sick wen u look at the trial she’s smiling,flirting,happy and she only cry’s for her self n not for the child. Even their pets got a better burial then her child casey deserves life n prison but I believe in life for a life but killing her is so not going to bring the child back but it sho will ease some people mind. I can’t believe how she lied and thought she could get over on the police n yes she did for a while but as u see justice got serve she got caught n it serves her right how can she live with her self,she killed n innocent child but yet she wants the state to spare her life n set her free. The lies she told ON n to her family don’t make her look good this is sicken….

    40. loveandtruth on July 4th, 2011 9:58 pm

      Casey is a young and immature mother who may have been sexually abused by her brother and was using drugs to numb the sickness that runs in her family. This may be why she hasn’t shared who the father is of her baby. The parents are more responsible for her immaturity, and for the brother’s abuse. Parents of young mothers are usually able to give them assistance and stability, but they did not. I believe Casey’s negligence killed Caylee, but I don’t believe she intentionally killed her in cold blood. There’s no evidence to prove this. If the baby drowned, then it would make sense why she panicked, did not call the police, did not appear to grieve, put her in her car and then out in the woods, which are all circumstantial and prove nothing. The timing does not point to murder. There was suspicious behavior in May and early June, but Caylee died on 6/16. Also, George was quoted as saying that there was an accident that went out of control, not a murder that went out of control. Even an accidental drowning points to your responsibility, esp if you do not appear to be stable in the first place, so Casey’s anxiety makes sense. The chloroform makes sense because it is often mixed with marijuana and was only found in the trunk where the marijuana was, no where else. The duct tape makes sense because that’s how the family animals were buried, but it doesn’t prove murder. The automatic and barbaric reaction people have to Casey, without any understanding of how she became the person she is at such a young age, and without facing up to the fact that the evidence is all circumstantial, is just as disturbing as the drowning. An eye for an eye is a barbaric way of thinking that will eventually kill us all off. Isn’t that the real problem here. Caylee is in heaven rejoicing with God and the angels, and she is not looking for justice. The world needs to prevent these problems in the first place, which we actually have more power to do. So why keep focusing on something we can never change and poison ourselves with thoughts of revenge?

    41. shyea on July 5th, 2011 3:46 pm

      This case is obvious. Children can be little monsters. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to kill a child before or at least dose them with chloroform for a little while?
      What about the rights of the mother? Sure, birth seemed like a good idea at the time, but you can’t just shove them back in whenever you want. It’s hard work, and clearly she just needed a break. There’s plenty of time for her to settle down later in life and have more kids when she’s done having a break and living life a little.

    42. Amanda on July 6th, 2011 5:30 pm

      how could a person kill there child. how culd anyon e kill achild its terrible!!i dnt even have a child and i culdnt even imagine it… they should have gave her what she rly deserved death and show her what tht poor chil went thro!!

    43. Jim on July 7th, 2011 8:01 am

      @ syhea…: YOU are an idiot!! What the hell can make you say some of what you just said?!!! You should seriously check in somewhere and have you head examined for those comments. Complete moron!

      Same goes for loveandtruth above you. Your bleeding heart crap makes me sick. Turning the other cheek only gets the other side of your face slapped. God wasn’t in town the day he allowed Casey to kill that innocent little girl.

    44. Lynn Joe on July 10th, 2011 7:06 pm

      Casey Anthony was horrible to her child, and there is tons of evidence to prove that she murdered her own flesh and blood: hair, cell phone beeps, duct tape, etc. And if you are tired, that doesn’t give you an excuse to kill your kid. She only cried in court for herself, and her reaction when she got off was ridiculous. No sane mother would be like that, and no mother would party when her child had been gone for 31 days.

    45. billy on April 12th, 2012 12:32 pm

      ithink she killed her daughter on purpose end of story!!!

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