Caylee Anthony Case: Utility Worker Who Found Skeletal Remains Also Provided Tips About Same Site in August 2008


As if the case of missing Caylee Anthony need to get any more bizarre.

This afternoon in a press conference, Orange County police, provided the following information that the meter reader who discovered the plastic bag containing the skull and skeletal remains of a child also called in tips to the Crimeline tip line to report that a gray bag was on the the “right side of the road” near Hopespring and Suburban drives. It is also being reported that a significant amount more of skeletal remains were discovered Thursday.

Photos released by Orlando Sheriff’s Office



The tipster did not speak to a deputy at the scene, according to sheriff’s spokesman Angelo Nieves. The deputy, who was not named, responded to the area and cleared it.

Meter reader called same tip to hotline three times in August.

As fate would have it, the skeletal remains of a child were located 1/2 mile away from the Anthony home as the 911 call said at Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Dr. It appears now that the utility worker went back to the area that he called in a tip to check for himself, according to police. It had been nagging the meter reader so he felt the need to check it out for himself.


Crime Scene with evidence flagged

Capt. Angelo Nieves stated that the utility worker who came upon the plastic bag containing what is presumed to be the remains of Caylee Anthony has called in three times in August about the possibility he’d found something in that area. Nieves made it a point to say that the utility worker was a credible witness and not a suspect.



Nieves also said the utility worker, who led them to the remains after finding a child’s skull a week ago, had called dispatchers three times in August about the possibility he’d found something in that area, on August 11, 12, and 13. Nieves said at least one deputy was sent to the scene and investigators are now investigating that yet-to-be-identified deputy, talking to dispatchers who took the calls and interviewing the utility worker.

Nieves said the man likely came back to the scene last Thursday because it had been nagging him.

“He is not a suspect in this case,” Nieves said early Thursday evening. “He is a credible witness and we consider him so at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”

According to Nieves, following the tip back in August the area was searched; however, it is still being investigated as to how the tip reports were handled.

The sheriff’s spokesman also made a surprise announcement that the utility worker who reported finding the remains last week also made calls to authorities on three days in August. It was not immediately known what he reported.

Nieves said his agency was investigating how those reports were handled. Nieves said a deputy was sent to the scene in August to follow up on the tip.

News Sources:

  • The Orlando Sentinel: Sheriff’s office: More remains found; first tip about site came in August
  • WFTV: Tipster Who Found Remains Called In Tip 3 Times In August
  • ABC News: Caylee Case Twist: Mysterious Tipster and More ‘Significant Skeletal Remains’; Man Who Found Presumed Remains of Caylee Anthony Told Police About Area in August
  • CNN: Man who found skull in Caylee case sent police tips months ago

To discuss the case, get updates and provide your opinions on the case, go to Scared Forum: Caylee Anthony.


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    36 Responses to “Caylee Anthony Case: Utility Worker Who Found Skeletal Remains Also Provided Tips About Same Site in August 2008”

    1. Greg on December 18th, 2008 5:55 pm

      Sounds like the worker has made himself the #1 suspect. Could it get Casey out of old smokey?
      Did Casey sell Caylee?

    2. misskatie on December 18th, 2008 5:58 pm

      why no comment anyone here yooohooooooo

    3. Susan on December 18th, 2008 6:16 pm

      Un”freaking”real!! Now there will be an investigation into the investigation…

      Something just ain’t right here and doesn’t add up! This case gets more and more bizarre with each passing day.

      Who is this “meter reader” and did he play any part in Caylee’s disappearance/murder??

    4. alice on December 18th, 2008 6:45 pm

      Aw, let’s get over ourselves!
      A concerned citizen who repeatedly reported siting possible evidence, then, when not checked out by LE, he kicked the bag.
      That’s all. Nothing more.

    5. MBS on December 18th, 2008 7:19 pm

      How bizarre. I thought that area was under water during the summer. When did it drain? The statement that they found a significant amount of bones makes it sound as if it could be more than one body. Surely not.

    6. Susan on December 18th, 2008 8:05 pm

      Is the meter reader trying to claim the reward money once offered by Leonard Padilla?

      Why didn’t police respond to the tipster calls?

    7. tina on December 18th, 2008 8:24 pm

      state/county workers can not accept gratuities or reward money, per padilla last night on nancy grace

    8. misskatie on December 18th, 2008 8:41 pm

      i dont think that the utility worker did it.. come on now why is casey and her parents lying to cover for her since she was out partying and stealing.. it doesnt add up… nope …

    9. Susan on December 18th, 2008 8:51 pm

      #5 – MBS – A newborn infant has 270 bones. An adult has 206 bones. Not quite sure why we end up with less as we grow older and I’m too tired to do the research right now. Last count of the bones found at the crime scene was 170 something. Considering the fact that this site has been used as a pet cemetery over the years, some of those bones could be animal bones.

      The meter reader’s first call was on August the 11th. The storm that brought flooding to the area didn’t occur until August 20th. The water in the area of the crime scene receded a couple of weeks ago. If law enforcement had conducted a thorough search of the area when the first call was came in, the remains could have been found prior to flooding, that is if the remains were there at that time.

    10. HOPE on December 18th, 2008 9:09 pm

      My hat’s off to this man who showed persistence in finding out the truth about that bag. One can, only, stand in amazement when you realize how many people were willing to help find this baby. Countless volunteers that traveled, even as far as from Puerto Rico, to help in the search for this innocent child. That’s not hate for the Anthony’s, but love for Caylee, as well as all the children that go missing.

      Anyone else would have, simply, walked away after the first report. Certainly, after the second report made to local law enforcement, many would think that they had done their best. However, for this man to go back the third time, on his own, to look for that bag is remarkable and speaks highly of his character.

      His actions are not that different from many of us at Scared Monkeys, who make one attempt after another to see that victims of crime are given the justice, they so greatly deserve. Heartbroken, as we may be to witness the deterioration of the human spirit that, in my opinion, causes many of these crimes to take place; sickened, as well, when we see scheming done on the part of family members in an attempt to protect the perpetrator of a violent and senseless crime against the most innocent of us all… a child.

      We all know that the Anthony’s have been under tremendous strain as a result of the disappearance of their grand daughter, but with their backgrounds being in nursing (as is the case for Cindy Anthony) and law enforcement (as is the case for George Anthony) there is no denying that what they smelt in the trunk of their daughters car was the smell of decomposition. We don’t hate the Anthony’s but we hate what they have done.

      To use the death of their grand daughter as a means to make money by collecting donations from well-wishers, to collect money for their appearances on National T.V.; as well as to seek out movie contracts in an attempt to make money off this tragedy is, not only, unethical but goes against the grain of what we have come to expect from loving and caring people. And to think that these things were done before there was, even, an answer about what had happened to this sweet baby, goes beyond what many of us would call sick.

      We don’t hate the Anthony’s. We can only look upon them with distaste. For this is a family that would resist the help of searchers many of which had traveled from far away places in what many of them said was their calling. This is a family that would throw the many of thousands of gifts and cards that were received from well-wishers into the trash, as if they meant nothing while they spent their time lining their pockets, instead of lining the streets with those that were willing to hold candle vigils, offerings of prayer and pound the pavement in search of THEIR grand baby.

      And, now, we hear they have a movie deal that was struck, even before the broken and tattered baby was found; thrown away like trash, just feet from their home.

      No, we are not haters.

      We don’t hate the Anthony’s.

      We pity them…


      I don’t know how to make videos, but I want this to go out to Caylee. I think it’s something she might enjoy.

      With All My Heart,


    11. JW on December 18th, 2008 9:43 pm

      The area was under water…seasonal
      He reported in August hoping the police would handle the situation. A lot of reports were coming in from a lot of people. At the time he told them what could be something having to do with the case.
      The bones found were significant,(type) not a significant amount(quantity) of bones.

    12. HOPE on December 18th, 2008 9:44 pm

      The police are simply investigating who the two officers were that responded to the calls. The meter reader is cleared of any wrongdoing in this case. In fact, he’s a hero. I don’t know why people would be gloomy about this announcement. In my opinion, the bag was never on the road, but near the road. There was plenty of rain during the early part of August to make that area flooded. She could have been found earlier, but at least she was found and that is a grand blessing for her. We are in this for the long haul and the police decided to tell us this information, because they had announced that there would be an interview, yesterday. They are busy. Evidently, there is more there than Caylee and we need to prepare ourselves for the worst, but keep that ‘Monkey’ attitude and hope for the best.

      Tim Miller is not a liar. If he says there was water there, believe me, there was water there. From the looks of the area, it could be compared to being a swamp area during periods of heavy rain. Count your blessings and focus your strength on Caylee.



      Good News:

      WFTV had a story lastnight that stated that the Anthony’s were financing the Dream Team with funds from unknown sources. Once the people of Florida realize that their own citizens, as well as the media is funding what would be a very expensive defense through donations unethically obtained, PLUS paying for the prosecution through tax revenues, they will be none too happy.

      There will be justice for Caylee, even if they have their dream team. Many times, professionals that are hired for the defense; testify in behalf of the prosecution… they won’t lie.

    13. HOPE on December 18th, 2008 10:40 pm

      I’m bringing this forward from the previous thread:

      The following is a slide show of the crime scene being investigated, in the woods less than a third of a mile from the Anthony’s home:

    14. Jack on December 18th, 2008 11:17 pm

      No 6 remeber Casey was screwing a Orlando Dupity that was fired because he was having sex with her and lied about it.I believe it was the Dupity that the meter reader showed the bag to on Aug 13.Men will do just about anything to get between a girls leggs!

    15. Richard on December 18th, 2008 11:40 pm

      Susan (#9) … Do we know for certain that the bag containing these bones wasn’t ripped, meaning that animals carried some of them away?

      I am not going to consider that this site was where a mass dumping of murdered children took place! That is, perhaps there was more than one bag seen?

      Things are horrible enough as it is….

    16. HOPE on December 19th, 2008 12:01 am


      Sad… but true. The thing that I’m wondering is why they released this information, unless there’s something going on inside LE. One guy has already lost his job for lying about knowing her; but, wasn’t there another guy that she was seeing that was part of LE, too? I think they said the police responded twice before the finding.


      I doubt that there’s another body, but who knows? From the first reports, it sounded like the girls body was found IN the bag and from the looks of that picture, the grid is very large.

      I’m still researching March to see if I can come up with anything. Wouldn’t it be weird if Caylee’s father died under strange circumstances? The Anthony’s sure don’t say much about him, but I did find something that indicated that he may have been Hispanic.

      It’s been such a quiet day, considering.


    17. HOPE on December 19th, 2008 1:03 am


      I don’t think that Susan or anyone has suggested that. I said that I thought that she may have been sexually assaulting her child through the use of chloroform, because of the searches done in MARCH and June, but even that would be far fetched.

      I’m beginning to think that she had all this anger festering and eventually cracked… blaming Caylee for her problems.

      And, yes, there was a hole in the bag according to reports that I read. I’m just surprised that it’s taking so long. Kinda makes one wonder if the murder took place there because of all the trace evidence they say they’re trying to collect.

      Nite… for real!

    18. Susan on December 19th, 2008 5:11 am

      Good morning Richard – There’s no doubt that animals have ripped open any and every bag thrown out in the area.

      It has been stated many times on the news that the crime scene was used, in years paat, as a “pet cemetery” by Casey and others. I didn’t say it was used as a mass grave (come on, this isn’t Iraq) to dump the bodies of murdered children.

      I agree, things are horrible enough as it is.

    19. BeckyB on December 19th, 2008 7:23 am

      I have to admit, this seems odd that the same utility worker has been tipping the cops to this area. When we first heard it, it sounded as if he “stumbled” upon the bag while taking a leak. On the other hand, he MAY have been trying to report it, but someone put a lid on it. He may have also been afraid of someone, so he backed off. I don’t think he’s involved, but I do have to wonder what he knows or who he’s protecting.

    20. Astounded on December 19th, 2008 7:27 am

      This is FISHY!!!Something does not feel right about this case.

    21. Greg on December 19th, 2008 8:50 am

      Jose Baez will say the evidence was planted.
      His proof will be the three calls made in August by the utility worker.

      Most people call once. Why three time? Was he watching for the police to search the site? Did the reward seem easier than a ransom?

      Did the police searched the site but did not find anything? Can you see Jose Baez blaming the police for the death of christ?

      Then the utility worker goes in December to find Caylee’s remains. (Why did he wait?)

      Sorry we now have doubt.
      I felt Casey was guilty 100%. Now Iam at 99%. That 1% doubt will be enough to let Casey walk from the death penalty. If they just go for life in jail without parole they should have no problems convicting Casey.

      Strap the utility worker to a lie detector!
      What if his finger prints show up on the tape?

    22. Richard on December 19th, 2008 10:20 am

      We already know that the state of Florida has said that it will not seek the death penalty. I suppose it could change its mind, though.

      Susan, I’m not saying that you were implying that other bodies had been left there. I just meant that I can’t even take that possibility into mind, at least not now. Imagination has its limits.

    23. on December 19th, 2008 10:29 am

      A wide open hole now for the defense to make all sorts of claims. I still believe Casey killed Caylee but this new information is the making for a circus type trial.

    24. Twists & Turns in Caylee Anthony Case as Major Announcement Expected at 2:00 PM | Scared Monkeys on December 19th, 2008 11:28 am

      [...] the remains will be named as well. Most likely the Sheriff’s office will hopefully clear up the questions revolving around the utility workers prior 3 calls to notify them of this area and what actions where taken by police at the [...]

    25. Susan on December 19th, 2008 11:53 am

      katablog – The circus started five months ago. It will only get worse, especially before and during the trial. I also still believe Casey killed Caylee, and that George, Cindy, and Lee knew it. Casey’s family may not have known right away that anything had happened to Caylee, but once Cindy tracked Casey down, they all knew shortly after.

      Richard – Let’s hope the State of Florida decides to go ahead and use the “death penalty” :-) It’s only fitting.

    26. HOPE on December 19th, 2008 3:20 pm

      Dear Monkeys:

      I have reviewed every video as well as every picture that I could find, including those in the Forum. Blonde has done a wonderful job of putting that thread together. :)

      Caylee, in my opinion, never had a problem in the world… other than being in the middle of a power struggle of two women living in the same house. From everything that I’ve seen, Caylee was a healthy, happy child and was not subjected to abuse of any kind, including being subjected to chloroform to make her go to sleep. Unlike Jen, who thinks that Caylee was aware of a looming gloom, I don’t see it at all. I even looked at the pictures that she mentions in her post and I don’t see a sign of depression in her face or her eyes. There would have had to be a different use for the chloroform.

      Babies at her age and younger have very translucent skin. They will get what appear to be dark circles, as well as redness on their skin, that appear to be alot worse than they really are. Red patches around the mouth are common in children of 2 years and younger, they cut teeth and they drool which can effect the skin in that area.

      I don’t feel that she had been permanently traumatized by any of the struggles in the family, but I can see that she was beginning to shine and come into her own person, which would be natural for her age. I see a little withdrawing, but that usually comes with growing up and becoming your own person, as well. The sunglasses, was a game, a toy for them… nothing suspicious… and in every way, she was treated as a princess and thought of herself as one.

      That’s my opinion.

      I don’t think that Caylee feared her mother or anyone in the family. She looks like she’s not that familiar with the great grandfather but, hey, that’s okay. Even in the pictures where she’s crying, I don’t sense anything strange about that, babies cry. Babies feel pressure and feel the emotions of those around them… so the battling that was going on in the house was trying on her, but I don’t see her feeling depressed or sad in a chronic way. The picture of her in the car, which was described as her thinking, ‘I hate you’ was nothing more than a child thinking, ‘enough of the picture taking, it’s hot out here, let’s go!’

      I stand by my post about the relationship between Casey and her mother as being explosive, and I believe in my heart, that what happened to Casey could have happened to anyone who suffers from a personality disorder of some kind under her present living conditions. She cracked, broke down and latched out at her child.

      As for the Anthony’s covering for her, I stand by my posts about that, as well. I think they have tried to protect her from prosecution. I do not condone what they did in any way.

      Upon reviewing the pictures of various members of the family, I don’t think there was any sort of incest involved. I feel that Casey and Cindy had problems and suspect that many of them stemmed from Casey having a personality disorder and Cindy not knowing how to deal with it.

      Casey looked for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways, as far as I can tell; because she had all the love in the world right there in front of her, the whole time, in a little girl that adored her mommy. Had she focused on spending more time with Caylee, she would have found a man that would have accepted her and her child. But, she always went looking alone, presenting herself as a single person, not a single mother.

      I have mixed feelings, at this point. I think justice should be served but I don’t think this is a death penalty case. Nor do I feel that the charges will be 1st degree murder… and that’s not that I think that she deserves less. But I think there will be a deal struck with the District Attorney for 2nd Degree Murder. However, if there is a jury trial, there’s no telling what the outcome will be. It just depends on how extensive the injuries were and my guess is that they were extensive. I don’t think that she died as a result of chloroform and feel that the chemical was, likely, used to clean the car.

      My sensing drug abuse is probably from something that Cindy may have done in the past along with her current use of prescription drugs. However, no doubt, she has increased her medical regimen as a result of the disappearance of her grand child which has really effected her appearance.

      I also looked at pictures of people that were Casey’s friends and don’t get much in the way of any kind of criminal activity. Generally speaking, they appear like a bunch of teenagers doing things that teenagers do. Perhaps that was a problem though, because most women Casey’s age have moved past that… However, with a personality disorder, she may not mature as fast as other women her age and may look to drinking as a way to escape her problems. There is a possibility that Casey was using drugs or has used them in the past, but I don’t see her as being addicted. Her excesses with sex is something that I won’t comment on other than to say that she was starved for attention and looked to that as a way of getting it.

      Casey should have put her life to better use. Tried to get a trade, a career that would move her into a more stable life style. But, there’s no book that says that her maturity level would be something to worry about, other than the fact that she had a child to care for. She should have been doing something to fill her time, other than staying at home all day with energy to burn at night.

      I can’t get a real sense of George, but then again, that’s not all that unusual for me. I do get the sense that he’s dishonest and involved in something that is not above board or has been in the past. I would not trust him, but I have a hard time trusting men, in general, so I’ll just leave it at that. When this case first broke, I thought that he was a recently retired police officer, so, no doubt… I was thrown off.

      My heart goes out to every single person in this family; but Caylee is the victim here and that should not be ignored. I don’t know that things would have gotten better unless Cindy and Casey, especially, went through counseling to solve their conflicts. Simply having Casey move out of the home, as unprepared as she was to function, was not the answer. I agree with Katablog, especially, in her assessment being that Cindy had the right to be the matriarch of the family, the problem is that she didn’t know how to, effectively, fulfill that role. And, if she failed in anything, it was in reliving her youth through her daughter and not setting boundaries.

      As far as the huffing thing, I don’t remember exactly, what my exact words were, but the word itself can mean alot of things especially to a child. At this point, I can’t imagine Cindy huffing, but I can imagine her breathing hard, being angry and becoming manic because of her weight. But, if Caylee has a tendency to go into panic attacks, she could huff, breathing hard and become manic, as well. I think that had to do with burying Caylee in the back yard. Perhaps a child would describe it as huffing… I don’t know.


      Loving what is good, means hating what is bad.


      Chao for now!

    27. Tracy on December 19th, 2008 8:52 pm

      Well it’s about time! Now that baby can have a proper resting place and possibly justice on the horizon. That poor baby was DUMPED like trash and unfortunately, we all knew it all along! Cindy & George could have very well known it all along too, yet they chose to lie and deny. We all knew that the consequences of denial could result in Caylee’s remains being scavenged by animals somewhere. We all cried for justice and a proper resting place for this baby. The Anthony’s had absolutely concern about what the environmental elements could be doing to that child’s remains.
      I have no sympathy for the Anthony’s what-so-ever! In fact I have suspicions about their involvement, after the fact.
      Wonder why the cadaver dogs hit it so many areas? THEY KEPT MOVING THE BODY!
      George is a retired homicide detective. Where is the one place to hide a criminal? The police station!
      Where is the one place to hide a body? Areas which have already been searched!
      Wouldn’t you think that George has a police scanner? Hummm.
      Could George have heard the dispatch to the area and removed the body again?
      Could Casey have heard the dispatch and moved the body every time acting alone?
      Even if police did search the area each time the suspicious bag was reported, if the bag were removed, then how could they find it!
      Keep in mind, when this meter reader reported it one of the first times, the location was reported as woods across the street from where it was actually found! How quick and easy would it be to just move the bag across the street quickly before the police arrive.
      Wasn’t George observed standing at the edge of the woods somewhere? Could he have been moving the body for the 8th or ninth time? Or possibly searching for a new location?
      Or do you really believe that Cindy and George bought into Casey’s pile of lies all awhile not believing the facts and evidence?
      And why seek immunity? Humm
      I’m just saying that this situation is much more likely than the “meter reader” did it!
      This story is only as difficult and Bazaar as we allow it to be!
      There are millions of arm chair detectives out there who helped anyway they could sending in tips and following their gut feelings. This meter reader is no more different than any arm detective out there who is convinced that they are correct about something in this case!
      I commend him for his determination. Most people would have walked away after being refused the first two times! While others are sitting on their buts comlaining about how long it was taking to find Caylee, others were actually being vigilant in the searches and suspicions. STOP MAKING THIS MORE OF A CIRCUS! Read it for what it is!

    28. Tracy on December 19th, 2008 8:54 pm

      The compassion I have for the Anthony’s can only run so deep. No, I cannot imagine the overwhelming emotions or reactions that I would face with the loss of a grandchild and a child at the same time. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in their shoes every single day while being tormented, stalked and hated. I cannot imagine being afraid of going to the grocery store for fear of people throwing stones at me or staring me down. I cannot imagine how hope must be the only thing to keep me going and no one else in the world has that same hope and faith of finding my granddaughter alive.
      I also can’t imagine how they allow their daughter Casey to continue to have control over them, the way that she does. Do the Anthony’s not realize that they are finally in a position to have control over Casey for once?
      They are hurting their daughter much more than they can even imagine. George and Cindy Anthony have created a monster by spoiling her, allowing her to control them and allowing Casey to think that Casey is God’s gift to this earth. By doing this and raising her this way. They have created a monster. A monster which is not much different than any other cold blooded murderer. Not only did they create a monster, they continue to feed this monster, even with all that has been brought to light.
      In the Anthony’s eyes, Casey hung the moon and Casey can do NO wrong and what Casey say’s overwrites the Ten Commandments. They would probably not even believe God himself, if he came down today and told them what happened and showed them how it happened.
      The Anthony’s still don’t get it. They are doing Casey much more harm than good by continuing to allow Casey to be the puppeteer even after their granddaughter has been murdered. Casey will more than likely face certain death now.
      Had the Anthony’s had the balls to play “tough love” by looking into their daughter in the eyes and saying “I do not believe this garbage any more, and you will lose my support forever unless you start telling me the truth” then, they may have gotten the truth out of her. It would have been much less of a circus this way and they could have convinced their daughter to co-operate with police, possibly sparing her life in the long run.
      Now that law enforcement has a body, and Casey has failed to co-operate with authorities, it seems as though the prosecution could very easily put the death penalty back on the table.
      What will Cindy and George do then?
      No, I am not in their shoes nor was I raised to believe that something as heinous as a murder of a child could ever be justified or forgiven. Caylee was pure, innocent, precious, affectionate, loving and defenseless child. Casey is a selfish, intimidating bully, cold hearted, calculating, manipulative, unappreciative, and deceitful and ….more than likely a murderer as well. How can you continue to defend that monster and not seek justice for the innocent child? Perhaps I am an evil individual, but I don’t believe that there is enough love in my heart to forgive my daughter if she killed my innocent baby. I know that we will all meet our maker when the time comes. I know that only God has the right to Judge, but while on Earth that is not the case. We have to protect and provide justice for the innocent and punish the guilty.
      The very idea, that the Anthony’s don’t and won’t even entertain the possibility that their daughter could be the monster, is just repulsive.
      What kind of example would we set for our society if we were to allow murderers to walk free because we love our child too much to watch her go to jail of face the death penalty?
      Cindy and George lost two family members in one event. I understand that, but they don’t. Casey is gone. Casey made her own bed and the Anthony’s sat idly by and watched as she did it. All indications showed that Casey was NOT a responsible parent. There was no intervention.
      They cannot save Casey. It is far too late for that. They cannot save Caylee it’s far too late for that too. What is done is done. The Anthony’s cannot change what wrongs they have done but they can change tomorrow. It is never too late to start doing the right thing. When the Anthony’s stop enabling Casey. They will discover the truth. The Anthony’s make it so easy for Casey to lie. Have you watched the jailhouse videos? They feed into Casey’s garbage and riddles. It’s not a game, so why are they playing the game with her?
      I wonder if the Anthony’s will ever come to terms or believe the facts and evidence.
      The Anthony’s really repulse me because of their contradictory statements, their inability to think on their own without Casey’s thoughts influencing them, their denial and refusal to believe evidence, their attempts to obstruct justice, and the worst of all , the most unacceptable and unforgivable worst thing the Anthony’s have done to date……THE FAÇADE. Exploiting Caylee’s missing status by to try to defend their daughter in the media!
      The Anthony’s newest slogan this week is “We won’t turn our back on Caylee”. They said this on Dec 10, 2008 on Larry King the day before the skeletal remains were found. Only time will tell if these words will ring true, but it seems to me that the Anthony’s turned their backs on Caylee long time ago.
      Not knowing where my granddaughter is would kill me. The thought, the very real possibility, of my granddaughter lying in the woods somewhere having animals drag her off, in a dumpster somewhere, in a lake or river to be eaten by alligators or any other possibility otherwise would give me night terrors. I would have to lay my beautiful angel to rest in peace not pieces. I would beg everyone to search everywhere, leave no stone unturned! Whether people were searching for her alive or dead, I would just be grateful that people were dedicating their spare time and resources searching. I would be seeking closure, the truth. The Anthony’s create more of a circus then the media outlets. I feel as though they thrive on the exposure and for the wrong reasons.
      The Anthony’s gripe about the media sensationalism, yet they are the stars, producers, writers, directors and the “stand-ins” of their own reality show. When I see them outside their home, I patiently await Jerry Springer’s body guards to make their appearance break up a fight. I am surprised that they are not signing autographs or selling yard space for local business advertisements.
      The Anthony’s have all made their beds and want to complain about lying in it. It is always someone else’s fault. The Anthony’s have spun just as many lies and have changed their stories just as many times as Casey herself! In this case the old saying is correct. ” The apple does not fall to far from the tree.” Casey is certainly a product of George and Cindy Anthony!
      I think the Anthony’s need professional mental help, long term. Until the Anthony’s receive that help, I would prefer not to ever hear another word from their mouths!
      ATTENTION MEDIA OUTLETS: Please stop interviewing these IDIOTS!
      I don’t mind the coverage of the case, but the Anthony’s three ring circus interviews have to STOP!
      If the media must interview the Anthony’s, why couldn’t they do one last interview after the trial?
      Please spare us!

    29. Joe on December 20th, 2008 9:15 am

      That utility worker is a murdering pedophile. It’s obvious to anyone with a pulse. He might think he’s clever. I mean he kidnapped the daughter of a junkie who wouldn’t even notice she was gone. But he needs to be stopped. He now thinks he’s untouchable and he needs to be brought to justice. But the Florida authorities are more worried about appeasing the press then bringing that sick bastard to justice.

    30. BeckyB on December 20th, 2008 5:12 pm

      Joe? You’re joking, right?

    31. Joe on December 20th, 2008 9:35 pm

      Maybe I’ve just seen too many episodes of Law & Order but I think that he’s a pedophile. Why would he go though such an effort to get cops there?

    32. Alexis on December 21st, 2008 3:09 pm

      Because his suspicions were aroused by seeing the bag in the first place, Joe! He undoubtedly parked there while reading meters in the area because it was cooler under the trees. He said as much.

      And when he saw the ‘partially submerged’ big (30-gallon, probably) trash bag and remembered from the daily Caylee news that she was suspected dead and the mother was suspected to have killed her, he put 2 and 2 together and wondered, “Could it be?”

      I don’t know about you, but I would have done exactly the same as he did.

    33. scott on December 23rd, 2008 1:22 pm

      Joe? Really? Think it through…

      There’s no way he could be involved in Caylee disapperance or placing of the bag.

      Susan does not know a apple from an orange. Of course that bag most likely was moved by weather factors and animals (explains the amount of bones found AWAY from the bag). That bag had been somewhere in those woods, maybe buried for a time, since mid to end June. Casey was picked up there in that same location by a friend where Casey told her she ran out of gas. Casey even admitted in her own words that she “could feel it she wasn’t far away…that she was very near.” Let me guess, Casey is now a psychic? GMAFB!

      Casey was gone for a month before Caylee was missing. Somehow this meter reader followed Casey to whereever she lived, kidnapped Caylee, then went to the Anthony home to steal two trashbags and some of Caylee’s favorite things, stuffed her in a trashbag, went back and found where Casey had the car and put Caylee in the car with another bag…then took it out before Casey got in the car and went back to the parents, then planted the bag near the Anthony home, called police 3 times, then found the bag, and openly told police he left 3 tips.

      Get a grip!

    34. 911 Calls Released of Meter Reader Roy Kronk Bag Near the Area that Casey Anthony was Found … Kronk to Talk after New Year | Scared Monkeys on December 24th, 2008 10:58 am

      [...] discovery of the child’s remains, it was then learned that the meter reader had made three previous phone calls regarding tips about this same area in August 2008.  Roy Kronk’s last call to authorities in December [...]

    35. Jo Marie on December 25th, 2008 1:37 am

      Tracy, we can speculate about the relationships George and Cindy had with their children throughout their lives. Since the middle of July we’ve seen and heard this family speak, plus police reports and the opinions of attorneys, psychologists and others.

      Lee Anthony is also this couple’s child. Did they also spoil him…allow him to control them? Or could it be that Casey has a born-in personality defect?

      Jesse Grund, who loved Casey and Caylee, was engaged to Casey. He insists that the Casey we’re all seeing today is not the Casey he knew. If she wasn’t conning him then something apparently happened to change her. Among other statements he made, he said that Cindy Anthony had referred to herself as Caylee’s Mom, and in the presence of Casey.

      If that’s true, why would Cindy do that? I see trouble right there between Cindy and Casey.

      Tracy, you wrote, “…but I don’t believe there is enough love in my heart to forgive my daughter if she killed my innocent baby.” “MY innocent baby” obviously refers to a grandchild.

      It’s probably not surprising that grandmothers who are “acting mothers” for their grandchildren instinctively view themselves as grandmother-mother.

      I took on this role 26 hears ago. My daughter finished college and went to work, determined to support herself and her child. As a result of her being legally blind, she has special computers and cameras, etc. which she needs to do her job. Today she pulls in a hafty salary and she works hard to earn it. (Always believed she had to do MORE because of her handicap)

      That saddens me.

      She passed all four tests on her first try and became a CPA. She continues to take and pass the tests as required. She’s a good example of what most of us can do if we have moral values and a sense of responsibility.

      As to the mother/grandmother subject, in conversation with a friend about my daughter’s son, I told her he has been the most interesting of all my kids.

      She replied, “Do you know what you just said?”

      “my kids”. No, I didn’t even realize I said that.
      He and his mother lived with us from the day he was born and I took care of him every day for many years. But I was his Grandmom, not his Mom. He knew it…we all knew it. He calls his grandfather Pop.

      Sorry for being so long-winded. My youngest daughter claims I write novelettes!

    36. dan on December 11th, 2009 12:52 pm

      You people are nuts- If I find a suspicious bag, and the cops refuse to take it seriously, then I’m lookin’ in the bag, It’s human nature.

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