Caylee Anthony: A Trail of Bones Uncovered and the Defense Already Claiming Evidence is Compromised


As more and more evidence is uncovered less than a half a mile away from the home that Casey Anthony shared with her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, the defense team is already starting to lay the deceitful comments that the evidence has been compromised. Experts or not, high profile names in the forensic world or not … the defense will have an impossible time trying to dispute the fact that evidence from the plastic bag is consistent with that found in the home.  That and blaming all of this on Zanny the nanny, a person that no one has ever seen. Some one that only exists in Casey’s mind.

Investigators continue to sift through the crime scene on Orlando FL, less than 1/2 mile away from the home of Cindy and George Anthony. By all accounts they will continue to process the crime scene through Wednesday. Initially, a plastic bag, a skull and duct tape were reported as being found. Now it appears that that more bones have been found in the wooded area where the plastic bag was first discovered. WFTV is reporting that dozens of new bones have been found.

Search teams were starting where the bag with the skull was found and were slowly moving out in circles around that spot. While others bones were found, there were no details released on what kind of bones they were or if they are connected to the child’s skull that was found last week.

Eyewitness News has also learned other evidence has been recovered, but details on what the evidence was specifically have not been released. Crews were collecting whatever they find just in case it may be connected to the discovery of the skull.

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren: Piecing Together the Caylee Anthony Puzzle

VAN SUSTEREN: Dr. Baden, the news over the weekend, the past couple of days, that these little bones were found, any thought or theory? We do not know if they belong to the remains that were already found, and we are not even certain that it is Caylee yet, and so we may be ahead of ourselves.

But any thoughts on those little bones?

BADEN: Yes. What happens with adults and with children more so, the bones of the hand and bones of the feet are very small, and they can easily be brought out of wherever they are by little animals and by animals who poke through the plastic bad. And often they will bring them back to their nests and other places. So part of the search being done at the scene is trying to collect whatever bones might be in the area that animals may have moved around. And they could even be shoulder bones or arm bones can be moved by the animals.

What a shocker, forensic expert for the Casey Anthony defense is already saying that the evidence is compromised.  Timothy Huntington is blaming it on the bugs. And if they went to fast with the evidence the defense would then say they are not being careful with their examination.

On Good Morning America, a forensic expert said Monday there’s a need to speed up testing on the remains.

The expert, who specializes in insects, is on Casey Anthony’s defense team. Timothy Huntington said the study of insects could determine the time of death, but he said “insect” evidence changes over time and insects could be compromising evidence right now.

“The sooner I could get access to that, the better it is and the more accurate it will be,” he said.

Huntington said even scientists can modify insect evidence while conducting tests and that’s the reason why the defense team wants to take a look at the evidence at the same time as investigators.

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    46 Responses to “Caylee Anthony: A Trail of Bones Uncovered and the Defense Already Claiming Evidence is Compromised”

    1. on December 16th, 2008 10:37 am

      I’ll save Casey’s defense team and forensic experts a lot of time: Casey killed Caylee on or about June 16th.

    2. buster on December 16th, 2008 12:00 pm

      Is a donkey considered an insect ??? I smell bull $hit !!!!

    3. connie on December 16th, 2008 1:30 pm

      Here is what another person named Jen wrote on another forum. I had seen the same look’s in Caylees eyes from the beginning…Casey is one sick animal. The picture that, Casey had on her myspace page with the teddy bear with the x in its eyes. Yeah, Casey was terror fying Caylee all along…you can see it!!! Cindy knew as well…

      In my profession, I have cared for the needs of others for many years; I also have followed this case extensively from the beginning. When I study the pictures of little Caylee I see a little girl that had been terribly emotionally/physically abused. You will observe that as the pictures progress, she gets an “impending doom” look in her little eyes. In some of the later pictures she even has black circles under her eyes and in some, she seems to be gazing horrified into the “photographers” face. Especially the photo taken in her car seat holding her baby, she seems to say, “I hate you” to whom ever is taking this picture… and we all know who that person is. Another photo Casey has Caylee w/ her in front of an apartment building, Casey is in a bikini, Caylee has a army cap on, notice her face is fallen, almost given up on life, totally depressed and terrified. Then, another picture we see Caylee totally terrified looking at “her” a state of depression on the babies face, a certain “forboding” or knowing of what is about to happen, I believe that Caylee knew that her mother was a physical threat to her and that she would eventually kill her. I believe that Casey was “drugging” Caylee before the death. She probably medicated her routinely while going to the “No Clothes Party” and all the other parties she attended prior to the childs death…Then we have another photo where Caylee is scared to death, crying with terrible dark circles under both eyes. Then we have Cindy, known to have made various statement eg; “Casey is a unfit mother” Casey is a habitual liar” Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption” Cindy was no longer going to be a babysitter for Caylee while Casey partied all night long” Now however, during the FBI interrogation she says, “Oh Casey was/is a wonderful mother, she loved Caylee/snothead with all her heart, We never had any problem with her except the 4000+ $$$ she stole from Cindys accounts, even going so far as to steal money from Caylee piggy bank. Cindy now is so doped up she is slobbering and slurring her words during her rants and raves before the media. Cindy, I think you’d better cut down on your pill usage as it is seriously impeeding your credibility, you’re starting to look like a pathological liar… awe! no way! Where would that come from?

    4. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 1:31 pm

      I smell it, too.

      I have a feeling that all this science spoken about by the dreamers is nothing more than a smoke screen to confuse people, but a real key to this case, in my opinion, is the spot that was found in the trunk of the car indicative of human decay, along with a trash bag and duct tape.

      But, speaking of bugs…

      Is it possible that Casey was spraying the body with insect spray? Why would the police have a search warrant, specifically, looking for insecticide? And… if she was interfering with the activity of insects, what good is the science?



      I have a tendency to believe you, but how do you know? Thanks in advance.

    5. connie on December 16th, 2008 1:35 pm

      Casey you don’t have a chance in hell to walk…your so, called dream team wont get you off…Cindy you knew what she was doing to that girl, your sick too, you just wanted to have Caylee around to help you with your marriage, give you and George something to have togetherm and be happy together about, you are selfish, your daugher is going to prison, hopefully the death penalty. I hope you get charged for helping…<smiles

    6. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 2:24 pm


      Where are you finding all these pictures? I’ve not seen any of them but I agree with you. I get the sense that Casey may have been sexually assaulting her own daughter, maybe even going as far as sending pictures of her out on the internet. Is that where these pictures are? And if so, do the police know about them? Thanks in advance.

    7. ANewGirl on December 16th, 2008 2:39 pm

      Agree with #1. Casey Anthony was killed on or about June 16th. Her defense “dream team” is scrambling and panicking and their backs are against the wall. Evidence compromised? Doubt it. LE has been going by the book on this one since they knew from the start it was Casey and had to follow procedure to the T to eventually get a conviction.

      Remember—when the jury needs to hand in their verdict….all the DA has to do to prove Murder 1 is present evidence which can convince the jurors that Casey is responsible for the murder of her Daughter “beyond a reasonable doubt.” It could have been an accidental overdose of Chloroform in the beginning, but from the looks of things- the crime was pre-meditated so Ms. Anthony’s days are numbered.

      Casey Anthony will spend the rest of her life in prison. Interested also in what will happen to Cindy, George & Lee Anthony for impeding the on-going investigation & continually making false statements to LE regarding death & time line of their own missing Grandaughter. Something also is not right with Lee—-this family is hiding more secrets.

      We must never forget the victim…she is a child of God now and in a much better place.

      **** Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony ****

    8. on December 16th, 2008 2:40 pm

      Hope: The evidence. It’s real clear that Casey killed Caylee based on Caylee disappearing and Casey running out to night clubs living it up without a care in the world. Zannie the Nannie is a favorite book of Caylee’s; isn’t it convenient that Caylee suddenly had a nanny she didn’t need and Casey couldn’t pay for name Zinida?

      The smell is Casey’s car. The lies by Casey. The location of Caylee’s body. The searches on the Anthony computer.

      It doesn’t take a mental giant to put the pieces together.

    9. Greg on December 16th, 2008 2:58 pm

      Attacking the results before they come in proves without a doubt, that Casey Anthony defense team has no credibility, and does not seek justice. Just a Media circus spin.

    10. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 3:05 pm

      Katablog #8:

      I was not aware of all that information. Thank you :)

    11. Sharon Chicago on December 16th, 2008 3:38 pm

      Wondering how stupid do they think we are the Anthony’s and their attorney claiming it was Zanie but not the Zanie who stopped in to look at the unit where the supposingly “real” Zanie
      that stole Caylee lives…

      In otherwords…Casey says she dropped Caylee
      off at that particular apartment where Zanie lived.

      Records show there never was a Zanie living there but a Zanie at one time signed the guest register to view that unit.

      How can the Attorney and George and Cindy claim
      that it was a “different” Zanie as they constantly do. The apartment does not add up..
      How stupid!!

    12. Sharon Chicago on December 16th, 2008 3:46 pm

      Just because Casey did not want to have Caylee and her mother Cindy talked her into it…


    13. Sharon Chicago on December 16th, 2008 3:47 pm

      CLARIFY… a justification to murder her daughter…kind of like the devil made me do it…

      Casey is a sociaopath and only cared about herself

    14. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 4:29 pm

      I’m still sticking with my opinion that this was a rage killing, in spite of what Nancy Grace and Padilla would have us believe. I appreciate everything they’ve done for Caylee, but I don’t think that Casey concocted all that story telling to hide an accidental death. Her e-mail to Tony says alot: Everyone Lies, Everyone Dies. We can, only, hope that in the case of Casey Anthony; it stands true.

    15. rightknight on December 16th, 2008 4:58 pm

      Even a fantastic ‘Dream Team’ of lawyers
      must keep providing a defense for Ms Casey.
      Lawyers are people too, and often must
      support families of their own. Attacking
      the collection of and mishandling of evidence
      in a case has been successful in the past.
      On the other hand, it has also been fruitless
      in the past.

    16. Focusoncaylee on December 16th, 2008 5:22 pm

      “Everyone lies, everyone dies” was a quote that was found on her myspace page….

      But anyway.. Look Peeps…

      The Sexy Six defense team is going for the throat! We all know that.. But, here’s what they got…

      How could have poor helpless Casey possibly do this when she’s been sitting around in the can, eating caviar and drinking champagne for all this time?… It’s already been brought up that “someone” some mysterious culprit,(the REAL killer) MUST have dumped that bag there AFTER casey got caged up.

      IF there is/was evidence on that baby’s body, (and there was!) or even around the area that connects Casey to the murder, (Bingo there too!) the defense will say that Casey had given Nanny Zanny a key. Thus, causing confusion and unrest in the eyes of the jury (No one’s that stupid) UNLESS… (there’s always a catch people!)… Unless it’s the same jury that deliberated on the O.J. trial..!

      Casey said to her screwball parents that Zaney Zanny has a key to the fanatical Anthony home… So… the defense will say …”See, there ya go! Someone MUST have come into the home and ripped off Caylee’s clothes and/or planted the goods there.

      The problem with that is that those pesky protestors were such a bother to poor drug addicted Cindy, that they went out and bought this state of the art Surveillance system, equipped with 24 hour Surveillance! That house has been on recording since this whole thing started…. YEAY!!

      Hey Connie… I like what you wrote in your analysis on the baby, but one thing I want to respond to is that Cindy does not have ANY credibilty and she never did.

      I think Georgie Porgie HAD some, but that went out the window as soon as he started getting his ass kicked by his darling wife…

      God, Cindy is an ANIMAL!!! RRRRRaur!
      Poor George.

    17. Jen on December 16th, 2008 6:20 pm

      i believe casey wasnt ready to be a mother. ie partying and leaving Caylee at home with Cindy to watch her, and even into the days before Caylee was reported missing, photos of Casey partying without a care in the world, not even her own baby. did anyone watch the Dateline episode about Caylee? it revealed IM chats talking about how Caylee took up alot of her time. The pieces all add up. the lies, the photos, the evidence, the google searches….. i agree about the death being in June, time for a body to decompose. Im hoping for death, or at least life in prison without bail.

    18. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 6:30 pm

      I agree… Cindy is an animal.

      But, Casey is a predator!


      Focus, I owe you an apology for mistaking you for someone else. Although, I don’t agree with everything you’ve said; I respect your opinion, enjoy reading your posts…. and will keep an open mind. I’m sorry :(

    19. jabo on December 16th, 2008 7:29 pm

      It is so heartbreaking that no one loved Caylee enough to put her first in their life. Cindy and George didn’t even consider the fact that Caylee was out there and needing someone to step up for her and find her body. I understand not wanting to accept that Caylee is gone, but there comes a time to face the truth. Instead they spent all their time defending the very person that took Caylee’s life.
      Lee disappeared from the picture and could have been the one to step up for Caylee. The clip of Lee taking down Caylee’s memorial speaks volumes.
      Then there is Casey…the one person that should have protected Caylee from any harm that would come to her. The one person that little Caylee should have been able to depend on for anything.
      Caylee deserved a better mommy, a better life.
      Why could not one person in Caylee’s short life put her first?

    20. Dee on December 16th, 2008 7:54 pm

      How stupid do they think we are??? Yes insect activity can help determine a time of death, that is well documented….however… these remains would not be subject to the insect activity one would assume that would normaly take place because A. the remains were in a sealed plastic bag for a time and B. The sealed plastic bag was under water for a time….the insect activity would be the activity taking place prior to the remains being dumped and after the water subsided the bag became unsealed. Also decomposition is slower in water. My guess is Casey sprayed the remains prior to dumping them because of the inscet activity the remains were exposed too before dumping the remains.

    21. Chuck Cannova on December 16th, 2008 8:40 pm

      Right from the git go I have never been comfortable with Cindy Anthony’s explanations. Casey carried gas cans in her trunk because her gas guage was broken? The parents weren’t concerned they hadn’t heard from Casey for a month because they just assumed she and Caylee were out of town visiting friends? Go back and listen to her answers. They just don’t ring true. There is something wrong with them. They are just way too convenient.

      When all is said and done, my bet is that the authorities are going to find out that Cindy and her husband know far more than they let on and that they are perpetrating a massive cover up for Casey. They need to to to jail as well and I’ll bet we see that.

    22. Richard on December 16th, 2008 9:09 pm

      Apparently some of the bones of Chandra Levy were also dislodged by animals. A horrible concept, I know; but if it happened, it happened.

      I still wonder if Caylee’s mother allowed child abusers to assault her daughter. I read a case today where a doctor in the U.S. wrote out prescriptions for narcotics in return for sexual favors and access to child porn.

      My impression is that the mother is strung out on drugs. Could this have been her way of obtaining them … to give someone access to her daughter?

      Hard to believe … but what seems to be beyond belief these days?

    23. Focusoncaylee on December 16th, 2008 10:16 pm

      Look Baez.. Take your posse out of town Homie! No one wants you around, you’re not invited, and you were TOLD by Stickland to “back off Jack”! THAT doesn’t even move you! I hope Strickland holds you and your blood-sucking vultures in contempt!

      You said it yourself “it’s not evidence until it’s admitted in court” so wait til you get it “legally”! Your motions are getting shot down, one right after the other because they are ridiculous and you’re reaching for anything you can!

      Look,… Bubbles is lucky that this judge didn’t lay into him for even going out there to the scene because Strickland told him flat out on Friday to get the hell on with his bad-smelling self.

      Do you believe thses people? How intrusive to hang around the scene like the cops are going to toss them a bone or something (no offense).. Like the vultures they are… hovering over a dead body waiting to go in for the kill.

      This guy acts like the police are so incompetent and ineffectual that they have no right to conduct their OWN investigations? Bite it Baez! The only “incompetent” around there is Big Head Baez. He has absolutely NO experience, and does not have his “time in” for this type of crime. Keep dreaming Tubby, but I’ll bet this is a nightmare for you!

      Cindy the brains of the bunch, and George the push-over patsy can go straight to hell if they don’t get their heads on straight and fight for justice for their grandbaby, WTF!? Come on people, get your heads out of your asses!

      These parents who offered nothing (morals, values) to their daughter or to their grandaughter (as far as finding the truth) want IMMUNITY!!!?

      For what? Cause of all the lies and deception and shams? They ALL should go to jail and take that brother Lee with them too!

      Damned losers!

    24. Dan on December 16th, 2008 10:33 pm

      Something that was brought to my attention today. The LE took pics and evidence from the home the first time, now they go back and do it again with what they have found in the bag, my thoughts are, what if they found something in the bag that was in the photos from the first search of the home? Casey has been locked up and or monitored from day one of her arrest. Just a thought folks, maybe the family secrets are very very deep.

    25. Pat in Alabama on December 16th, 2008 10:49 pm

      It’s just hard for me to fathom the mental process of a mother who not only plans and executes the murder of her child, but the drives around with the body in the trunk of her car while it rots. She goes to parties and bars, all the while her daughter’s corpse continues to decompose in her trunk. Makes me want to vomit! But then when the smell became too great she put her in a plastic bag and disposed of her like taking out the garbage. I hope God has a special punishment for her because nothing men could do would be adequate.

      Cindy Anthony is a monkey woman. The whole family is at least guilty of stupidity and denial if not obstruction of justice…

    26. Pat in Alabama on December 16th, 2008 10:58 pm


      those are some interesting thoughts.

      They probably went back to try to find matches on the duct tape or garbage bags, etc. I remember an episode of the New Detectives where they matched the microscopic extrusion pattern in a plastic bag to a roll the perp still had in his house. Those labs can do some incredible things these days.

    27. HOPE on December 16th, 2008 11:25 pm

      Here’s a song to the real mothers out there!

      Bless them for all they do…

    28. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 1:56 am


      I’ve met ‘girls’ like Casey!


      Hey, Casey!

      Patti just called you a slut!


      Personally, I’m surprised she’s

      lasted THIS long.

      Too bad that man against the wall

      didn’t push her off the railing,

      (Sorry, Richard)

      and crack her head open

      over and over again

      Like Humpty Dumpty


      She made her write that name. What was it, Katablog? Shhhhhhhhhhit? Oh, well she f’d up again! There’s not much hope for Casey. It’s almost like she’s retarded. She can stand and look pretty and, because of that, she’s not going to say a word during the trial.

      I thought it was an accident, at first, too; but with these computer searches, I’m not so sure. Her mother is the one that gives me the willies. She’s very mean and angry and the first thing she did was get a haircut. She’s in it for the money, I told you that. But, who is the man in Tennessee who bought the rights to the movie? That’s where the money is and I get the feeling that Casey and Cindy are in on a scheme to make an interesting script! That’s why Casey wouldn’t talk and her mother lied like the Devil to pull the heart strings of the American public – they pulled a scam.


      Who was the man that Tim said was in from Ohio, an ex-police officer that couldn’t even talk to Casey as she strolled around the house acting like she’s some kind of Princess?

      Did you hear Tim? The citizens need to ask for their money back from the Anthony’s before the end of the year and pay him for wasting his money and time. He did the right thing and all he COULD do.

      The Miracle Child!

      I love that part…

      Cradled in the cup of His hand.


    29. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 2:14 am

      Holler out to our friends from Puerto Rico!

      My friend.


    30. Greg on December 17th, 2008 3:04 am

      Updates: Poppa and momma Anthony want immunity deal for false or conflicting statements.
      Brother Lee was forced to give fingerprints, and DNA from subpoena. (source Nancy Grace)

      Rumor Casey is pregnant?

    31. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 3:13 am


      I’ve met ‘girls’ like Casey!


      Hey, Casey!

      Patti just called you a slut!!!


      Personally, I’m surprised she’s

      lasted THIS long.

      Too bad that man against the wall

      didn’t push her off the railing,

      (Sorry, Richard)

      and crack her head open

      over and over again

      Like Humpty Dumpty!


      She made her write that name. What was it, Katablog? Shhhhhhhhhhit? Oh, well she f’d up again! There’s not much hope for Casey. It’s almost like she’s retarded. She can stand and look pretty and, because of that, she’s not going to say a word during the trial.

      I thought it was an accident, at first, too; but with these computer searches, I’m not so sure. Her mother is the one that gives me the willies. She’s very mean and angry and the first thing she did was get a haircut. She’s in it for the money, I told you that. But, who is the man in Tennessee who bought the rights to the movie? That’s where the money is and I get the feeling that Casey and Cindy are in on a scheme to make an interesting script. That’s why Casey wouldn’t talk and her mother lied like the Devil to pull the heart strings of the American public – they pulled a scam. I’ll bet they found that body in the trunk and helped her dump it.

      And who was the man that Tim said was in from Ohio an ex-police officer that couldn’t even talk to Casey as she strolled around the house acting like she’s some kind of Princess?

      Did you hear Tim? The citizens need to ask for their money back from the Anthony’s before the end of the year and pay Tim for wasting his money and time. He did the right thing and all he COULD do.

      The Miracle Child!


      Cradled in His hand.

    32. ANewGirl on December 17th, 2008 8:16 am

      #23—-LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT POST. That pretty much sums it all up, right there.

      Baez is going down along with the rest of the guilty. Just like your screenname says…

      FOCUS ON CAYLEE. No one in that damned household cared an ounce about that poor little child. What was Caylee to Cindy—a pretty little Princess and trophy she could show off? Now Cindy Anthony AND CASEY ANTHONY both have to live with themselves KNOWING what they BOTH DID TO THIS POOR CHILD. Cindy Anthony was wrong for forcing her Daughter to keep a beautiful baby that could have been given up for adoption. I understand a Mother wanting a Grandchild—but as a legal adult—should’nt that have been Casey’s choice?

      Casey Anthony—Sociopathical Liar and Murderer. There is nothing about her past that will make me feel empathy for any Mother than can take the life of their own child. Period. If Casey Anthony had gotten the right type of assistance she needed long ago, Caylee Marie Anthony might have still been alive today. Casey sucked off anyone she could use, was immature, irresponsible and overwhelmed to be a Single Mother at such a young age….living at her parents??? These are not justifiable reasons to get rid of your child and toss her aside like garbage. Casey’s nightmare is just beginning. God isn’t finished with her yet.

      George, Cindy & Lee Anthony—SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! You all knew the TRUTH and have kept it hidden to protect a family member. I also agree…any monies gathered, lost or spent which went to the Anthony Family during their false facade and “search” for their Granddaughter should be repaid. If I were TexasEquusearch/Time Miller, I would take the Anthony’s to court and sue the shit out of them. That took precious resources and time away from other families that could have been helped.

      ******* JUSTICE 4 CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY *********





    33. BUN on December 17th, 2008 8:32 am

      Trying to get my mind around the concept of the kind of person who drives around with their dead child in the back of the car for days??????????

    34. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 1:12 pm


      To lay someone in the ground is the last act. It’s like admitting that it’s over and there’s nothing more to hold on to. IMO

    35. Focusoncaylee on December 17th, 2008 2:06 pm

      Look, George and that narcotics addict do nothing but sit around on their computer, and you better believe THEY READ ALL of this shit.

      This one chick has a website dedicated to Caylee ( That stupid psycho called her up on the phone and threatened her. There was a police report done on this… This “loving grandmother” has done this before. MANY TIMES! They go to Youtube also. THEY KNOW how many people are out there right now who are PISSED!

      So …*uck them both! (excuse me).

      Listen, Fred Flinstone Baez, (who has NO EXPERIENCE at all), Henry Chang-Yu Moneybags Lee (gets O.J off.. Pay him enough and YOU MUST ACQUIT!) Dr. Duh former fat-ass Larry Kobilinsky (who gets shot down every night by NG, GO NANCY), Linda Kenney Big mouth Botox Baden (and I’m sure she’s getting advice from her dumb hubby), Terence Lenamon, criminal attorney on the back burner, who’s clients all got the chair, Lol (I’m rooting for THIS guy to jack it up!), Dr. Kathy Reichs and her PH-D, (so she can write yet ANOTHER book and make that moolah), Bug man Dr. Timothy Huntington, (who is an “expert” because he has been involved in over 50 death cases in the U.S.), and “Old man river” Dr. Werner Spitz (who has been involved in over 60,000 autopsies, written over 90 scientific articles in medical journals AND a textbook. This guys been around long enough for the John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Martin Luther King, Jr. autopsies!)

      ALL of these people (with the exception of Bubbles Baez and Death sentence Lenamon) Have BIG HEADS!

      They’re all sought after for their notorious reputations for getting people off. THAT’S IT!

      Nothing more, nothing less.

      Baez got hit by this cutsie little trick in jail one day, and HAD to have her (right Bubbles?)…

      These people are so damned conceited and full of themselves that they actually CANNOT believe how confused Judge Strickland is by NOT allowing them to be involved in anything right now. They must think that the JUDGE is crazy! THAT’S how arrogant they are.

      How DARE the judge, to turn them away!

      All of these assholes are gonna get THIERS one day, I hope and pray that Kharma hits them HARD!

      Notice how NeJame backed out? THAT is a guy who HAS honour and integrity, and KNOWS what can happen should he defend someone who does not deserve to be defended.

      I sugggest that George and Cindy speak up, cause they are going straight to jail with their daughter.

      The defense may have big heads, but the Anthony’s have BIG MOUTHS, and they’ve said a LOT of shit, that has proven to be LIES, so good luck Chuck!

    36. Focusoncaylee on December 17th, 2008 2:09 pm

      ANewGirl… Thank you, you’re right.

      Bubbles Baez… Hope God, kharma, whatever you believe in comes down hard boy!

    37. Focusoncaylee on December 17th, 2008 3:53 pm

      Hope #18.

      Hey Hope, not to be rude, but I’m not here to look for concurrence of my coments, that’s not why I’m here.

      Makes no difference to me whether you agree with me or not.

      But, thanks.


    38. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 4:54 pm


      There’s only one reason I’m here:

      Light the Fires!

      Beat the Drums!

      Slay the Dragon!


      and Miracles!

    39. BUN on December 17th, 2008 5:32 pm

      #34 Hope…maybe you are right here…doing something permanent with the body is having to say “Goodbye” or “I messed up bigtime”…to a girl who engages in an on going fantasy at all times.

    40. HOPE on December 17th, 2008 7:04 pm


      There’s a fine line between fantasy and reality, just as there’s a fine line between us and the dimensions that surround us. We are constantly in a battle, being tested, especially by the evil spirits that surround us, everyday. If we are to be slaves in this life, I’d rather be a slave to my God and the things He stands for: Truth, Wisdom, Freedom and Justice. Not that I am Him, for I, just as everyone else, am imperfect. I have learned my lessons well. If not for Him, we would suffer great calamity every second of our lives. It is our belief in the greater things that keep us seeking out something better.

      As for Casey, she has neither the intelligence, nor the art to focus her strength on more than the physical. She doesn’t know the love that comes from helping a stranger, taking their bullet or dreaming of anything beyond that which she can see. He rains on the just and the unjust, but it is up to us to make our lives into something meaningful, to make a difference in someone’s life or to simply do what God has directed us to do… Fulfill the earth, subdue it and become many.

      I hate placing a word upon it, but part of being psychotic is having the inability to be responsible for your own actions. Perhaps, she was casting her fate to the wind as she drove that car around from club to club, hoping that someone else would deal with what was lying in that trunk. I can no more read her thoughts or make sense of her lack of compassion than I can count the number of stars in the sky.

      But, I do know that God sees all and nothing is left secret to Him… not even Aruba.

    41. Jen on December 17th, 2008 9:41 pm

      So when’s this press conference Nancy Grace says is gonna happen, and where. I have my eyes glued to the TV awaiting that press conference

    42. ANewGirl on December 17th, 2008 10:20 pm

      #35- Focus…

      Re: George & Cindy Anthony —-

      You say:

      So …*uck them both! (excuse me).

      You’re excused. lol They do suck and looks like a pretty good chance that GRANDMOTHER OF THE YEAR (not) CINDY may have charges brought against her. I would personally love to see her unravel even more on the stand under oath after she is subpeonaed! Hoping Cindy & George really do read all the blogs and go on You Tube, etc. Pretty soon they are going to see videos of their evil spawn Casey, sitting in Court, stonefaced as Baez and the dream team attempt to make her APPEAR human.



      NeJame was the only Attorney in the bunch with an ounce of decency. I can’t wait to use my DVR and record every second of this trial, then replay the part when the Jury Foreman stands and says,

      G U I L T Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      -Justice 4 Caylee-

    43. Iowa Gal on December 20th, 2008 8:32 pm

      How could this family and Casey only worry about Casey? Hope she fries! Anyway, last night on NG they kept talking about Casey could walk. What is up with that? They found the body and now they want to blame the worker that found her. This defense team is really out there just like Casey. Yes, the grandparents are grieving, what about Casey? Was she told to act sad and surprized I wonder? I hope the state seeks the death pentanlty as others like Casey will copy cat this crime. Every family has secrets, but this Anthony family has a whole long running soap going on here. Jose Bozo says we only know half of the story the rest will come out in court. Really? Now that the trial isn’t until March that gives Casey more time to weave some more lies out of her spider web tales of hers. This has to be the stupidest bitch in the world. Wake up Casey, nobody believes you, not even your parents, the just lie too. And Lee, you are one of the strangest unconcerned uncle and avoider of the police and not cooperating really makes you look like you have a hand in this. When my kids went to their dad’s for weeekends, I sat in the house lonely and in a coma until they came back on Sunday night. If they were missing for 6 months, I know I would have died right along with them. I hated watching them get on the school bus, I would tear up until they came home. I guess that is being a mother and not a PARTY HOSE BEAST. Casey, a mother is a caring and loveing person. Casey, you don’t even fit the description of a PERSON!

    44. Sympathy 4 Caylee~ on December 21st, 2008 6:51 pm

      It’s going to come down to crasey,sindy, georgette and lee or Caylee who was a victim of not only murder, she was a victim of abuse and neglect because of a selfish,entitled & severely dysfunctional family.

      My heart only breaks & bleeds for Caylee. God help her legal team to finally get Caylee the love and respect she so deserves~

    45. CAROLYN EVERIDGE on December 27th, 2008 10:52 pm


    46. kate on May 28th, 2010 9:49 pm

      Oh Lee you are so wrong about the insect activity…I am taking a forensic entomology class and am far from an expert, but have learned a lot in this class. A sealed plastic bag won’t stop the insects from finding a way in! If the bag was on the surface for a time before placing it in the water then the surface bugs (blow flies, flesh flies)can still get in and start laying eggs and hatching into maggots and begin the feeding. Temperature does play a big role with insect activity. Insecticide that you mentioned may delay the immediate insect activity, but it won’t stop it completely. That was one of the first questions we asked our professors. Insect activity is important. If the bag was placed in the water different bugs will find it and start their feeding. Forensic Entomology is an amazing subject and is so fascinating to learn about. I have been blessed with the experience with such distinguished, intelligent, and highly experienced Dr.’s in the field of forensic entomology.

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