Caylee Anthony: Anthony Family Attorney Mark NeJame Quits Case … Only Casey Anthony Knows the Truth About What Happened


In the end even Anthony attorney Mark NeJame cannot put up with his clients NeJame_Markuncontrollable actions. I do not think that any one could blame NeJame for severing ties with the Anthony’s. In all honesty it really does not come as a surprise that NeJame quits case. With all the antics and out of control clients, one wonders what took him so long?

“I had come to a personal opinion and theory for quite some time whether Caylee was still with us or not. However, my opinion was only one like any other … an opinion. The only person without an opinion though is Casey Anthony as only she knows the truth. (Mark NeJame)

Mark NeJame, the attorney who represented the parents of indicted tot mom Casey  Anthony has quit the case. It appears that NeJame is at his wits end as well with the Anthony’s and their insistence on limiting the searches to only looking for a live Caylee Anthony. Is it any wonder with the insanity that this case has taken on that NeJame no longer wishes to represent Cindy and George Anthony?

Their granddaughter, 3 year old Caylee Anthony, has been missing since June 9, 2008. However, despite all of the evidence that points in the direction that Caylee is dead, the Anthony’s continue down the path of dealing with Kid Finders and only searching for a live Caylee. It has even recently been revealed that George Anthony looks to become the Kid Finders spokesperson.

At the group’s headquarters Wednesday, Anthony said the organization has been helpful to his family since the day after Caylee was reported missing. Anthony said he is more than willing to become a spokesman for the group. He has no doubts about their motives or sincerity.

With judgments and actions like this from his clients, is it any wonder that Attorney Mark NeJame has thrown his hands up in the air and parted ways with the Anthonys. Quitting the case the day before the Anthony’s and Kid Finders plan to hold a press conference to explain why they think Caylee is alive. Could it possibly be that NeJame wants to no longer be associated with such ridiculous antics? Now the Anthony’s are no longer being advised by a lawyer who was trying to be the voice of reason, but instead are influenced by Kid Finders, a non-profit that has been reported has never found a kid and with a questionable past.

The lawyer for the grandparents of a missing Florida toddler quit the job Thursday, saying only the little girl’s imprisoned mother knows the truth about what happened.

Mark NeJame indicated in a statement that he was off the case because of disagreements with George and Cindy Anthony. Their daughter Casey Anthony is jailed on first-degree murder charges in the presumed death of her daughter, 3-year-old Caylee.

Nejame resigned on Thursday stating that he didn’t have the control over the case or his clients that he needed to be effective. Attorney Mark NeJame’s statement read as follows:

“Unfortunately, I have made the decision that it is best not to continue my representation of George and Cindy Anthony.

“George and Cindy have a belief that their beloved granddaughter, Caylee, is still alive. Tips and leads continue to come in. I believe strongly that they should have every right to maintain their hope and faith that one of these “sightings” will miraculously be the one that brings Caylee home to them. What parent or grandparent would surrender such hope?

“Who is one person to tell another parent or grandparent when it is time for them to abandon their faith? When does a stranger have the right to judge another who has endured such a loss? The attacks made against them by some are deplorable.

“Let them be to do what they feel they must to find their beloved granddaughter, Caylee. Knowing this case as well as probably anyone on earth, there is no doubt that they do not know where Caylee is. Allow them to walk their own path.


“I only agreed to represent George and Cindy Anthony, so long as there were no restrictions placed on me whatsoever as to finding Caylee, regardless of where this might lead. Quite simply, this meant that I could do whatever I needed to find Caylee whether she was alive or not. It impressed me that George and Cindy, both believing that Caylee was still with us, had an overriding and primary concern in finding Caylee, even if the result was not as they would hope. The other condition I required was that I would have absolutely nothing to do with representing Casey or assisting in her legal defense.

“Abundant efforts have been made towards finding Caylee. I have worked with so many involved in this matter towards the goal of finding this dear, missing child who has captured the hearts of so many. Some ignorant and judgmental members of the public though have made hateful and inaccurate accusations against me and others, when they had no idea whatsoever what was really going on. As my new, good friend, Tim Miller from Equusearch, tells me ‘everybody associated with this case gets body slammed.’ However, like Tim, when you know in your heart that you’re doing the right thing, you just move forward knowing that right will ultimately win out. Some have falsely accused me and some others of being in this for the money. If they only knew how utterly wrong and misguided they are.


“I had come to a personal opinion and theory for quite some time whether Caylee was still with us or not. However, my opinion was only one like any other … an opinion. The only person without an opinion though is Casey Anthony as only she knows the truth.

“I believe that the singular person out of the 6 billion people in the world who holds the key to finding Caylee is her mother, Casey Anthony. Although I was quite successful in resolving a multitude of matters, I am unable to go further to help George and Cindy find Caylee in my current role. I can only provide my best advice and must respect any client’s prerogative to do what they deem is best, whether they choose to follow my guidance or not. However, there is little value or use I can provide to any client if they choose to act and comment at will.

“As someone who has learned and knows the inner workings and details of the case and its various characters intimately, the rampant sensationalism and unfounded accusations must stop. Allow Cindy and George Anthony the respect and decency of dealing with their hope and efforts to find their missing and beloved Caylee as they need to. Allow those with differing opinions on finding and searching for Caylee, whether she is with us or not, to do their jobs without interruption. Finally, the judicial system is in play and justice will be best served by mindless meddlers staying out of something they know little of. There are many wonderful people involved in efforts to find Caylee and there are, unfortunately, many who are exploiting this child. Sadly, most in the public are clueless about who is doing what and what is really going on. The negative actions of some are only counterproductive and hurtful to the cause of those many good people who are doing so much to do something positive with this most sad and tragic situation.

“There should only be one goal and that is to find Caylee Marie Anthony.”

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    15 Responses to “Caylee Anthony: Anthony Family Attorney Mark NeJame Quits Case … Only Casey Anthony Knows the Truth About What Happened”

    1. Impressed on November 21st, 2008 6:00 am

      Mark NeJame is one decent level-headed human being with a lot of integrity. Ku-dos to you Mark and amen brother!

    2. Greg on November 21st, 2008 7:13 am

      No Money. No Lawyer. I guess the Casey Anthony movie deal fell apart?

    3. on November 21st, 2008 12:12 pm

      That’s okay, the Anthonys will always be able to find some scumbag (I hear Tacopinia is looking for his next gig) to represent them. Wonder when Casey will need a new lawyer.

    4. gail on November 21st, 2008 2:12 pm

      casey needs to meet joran they would make a lovely couple. at least shes in jail cant say the same for arubas boy joran and his sleezebag dad and lawyer thank god for the U>S>A JUSTICE FOR NATALEE

    5. Susan on November 21st, 2008 4:56 pm

      Heck, I don’t blame the guy for quitting! I’ll be damned if I’d represent such low life scumbags as the Anthony’s…

    6. me on November 21st, 2008 6:36 pm

      Show some respect Susan….the grandparents are in denial….they want nothing more than to see their granddaughter alive….We ALL know that Caylee is never coming back home because of her mother…..GOD will have his day with Casey…….

    7. Susan on November 21st, 2008 9:56 pm

      #6 – Why are you picking on “me”?? I’m not the only person here who thinks ALL of the Anthony’s are guilty as hell and knows what happened to Caylee!

      Caylee’s grandparents and uncle are just as low as Casey, the murderous ho!!

      Get a grip…

    8. Sharon Chicago on November 22nd, 2008 9:01 am

      It’s sad but the Anthony’s seem to all lie about things at a drop of a hat. That is why Casey the sociopath does not stop lieing. It was a way of life there.

      I do feel for Cindy and George…Cindy is the queen in that house and rules it. She is never lost for words and I do believe she believes the lies she tells herself.

      Casey must have been a crazy train running loose without a conducter…screaming obscenities at mom and dad whenever she wanted too.

    9. jaco on November 22nd, 2008 9:48 pm

      Why is it stated over and over that Caylee has been missing since June 9?
      The last video of Caylee was made on father’s day, June 15.

    10. robin on November 24th, 2008 7:47 pm

      I live with my grandchildren and could not imagine the pain that these grandparents are dealing with!! This pain has obviously led to a severe denial of the facts about there daughters behaviors!! This is an act committed by casey not her parents!! Let them deal with this in their own time and trust that they too will soon see what we see. They are not the guilty ones here!!

    11. Nellie on November 25th, 2008 3:39 pm

      I would feel sorry for the Anthonys but their innuendos and misleading information has got me hot and bothered. They are so focused on helping Casey, they are willing to lie. They have forgotten poor Caylee and have refused to accept the truth that she’s gone forever. The Anthonys have made complete fools of themselves before the cameras. They are both running jokes.

    12. Valleygirl on November 26th, 2008 12:36 am

      I can’t believe what I heard on Nancy Grace tonite, that Cindy Anthony purposely gave the FBI a hair brush that was not used exclusively by Caylee. Instead, she simply handed over any old hairbrush, even tho she was specifically asked for Caylee’s hairbrush. I also heard that when asked for Caylee’s toothbrush, she gave the FBI the toothbrush they used on their pet dog. What is wrong with this woman?? I hope they charge her with obstruction of justice. She deserves it! I think she’s just as nuts as her daughter.

    13. Liz on November 30th, 2008 5:47 am

      wow, susan is rather harsh and very judgemental of the grandparents, cindy and george, not very gracious or respectful of another’s grief, i’m no fan of the anthony’s myself, watching all the media coverage of those two i, like most of america, have come to realize that they are, quite simply, incredibly stupid. however, even the former attorney Nejames, knowing everything about the case and george and cindy more intimately than us armchair prosecutors had the class and grace to allow them their “denial” and right to grieve (intimating via denial) and didn’t hint one bit at their involvement in covering up or obstructing or conspiring… impression is that basically he says they are stupid and in serious denial but that’s no reason for anyone to sit and stone them, i, as Nejames says, can’t imagine giving up hope if my grandchild was missing, i can’t even imagine the horror of having to face that my grandchild was dead, who is anyone to judge how another would handle such a nightmare and to insist they abandon all hope?

    14. Valleygirl on February 4th, 2009 12:18 am

      Now we all know what has happened. They have found Caylee dead, only bones left, put in a trash bag and left behind like trash. The blanket she was wrapped in was found to be from her crib, and I’m sure they will find DNA to prove that the trash bag, duct tape and other items buried with her, comes directly from the Anthony home. Everyone whose lives have touched Caylee Anthony’s have been hurt and even devastated. This monster should die for what she did to her innocent, precious daughter. If ever there was a case for the death penalty, this is it. Her own family no longer believes in Casey’s innocence, and her dad has attempted suicide because he knows the truth. She can sit in court day after day and plead the 5th, but she will be found guilty as she deserves. She hurts everyone around her and doesn’t seem to care that she does. With Casey it’s all “Me, Me, Me”, without one thought to the way she has destroyed so many lives.

    15. ALICE on July 9th, 2009 9:56 pm

      What has happened in the Casey Anthony case lately. Haven’t heard anything in a while, too
      much other news going on I guess.

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