Barack Obama Sliding Tax Scale, $250K …$200K … $150K and Now $120 Per Obama Surrogate Bill Richardson

America, let’s get is straight … everyone will see a tax increase under an Obama tax & spend, socialist administration. How else do you think his socialist policies are going to be paid for? The only difference is that the middle class tax scale of who will be affected seems to be getting lower and lower.

The ever changing Obama sliding tax scale has dipped even lower today. Today Obama surrogate NM Governor Bill Richardson stated that Barack Obama wants to provide a tax cut for those in the middle class making $120,000.

Obama having a very difficult time explaining what constitutes the middle class. Barack Obama first stated that those making over $250,000 would experience a tax increase. Then an Obama ad came out just recently that stated something quite different. The tax scale had slid to $200,000. Then VP candidate Joe Biden lowered the middle class to those that make $150K. Now Obama surrogate Bill Richardson says the middle class starts at $120,000.

No one needs to hear any spin or excuses from the Obama campaign that they cannot control what their surrogates say. They all get their talking points memo from the Obama campaign and know exactly what to say. The problem is that the Obama campaign knows that they will tax those that make much less than what they are claiming to get elected.

Obama tax cut now down to $120K as per Bill Richardson

Today, Obama Campaign Surrogate Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) Further Lowered The Ceiling For Tax Cuts Under An Obama Administration To $120,000:

Gov. Bill Richardson: “What Obama wants to do is, he is basically looking at $120,000 and under, among those that are in the middle class, and there is a tax cut for those.” (KOA-AM, Interview With Gov. Bill Richardson, 10/31/08)

Priceless, First Murtha Calls Pennsylvania Constituents Racists, Then Red Necks … Now he Begs for their Money

Pennsylvania is in a battle for his House seat. However, Murtha has no one to blame for the tight race but himself. First he called his constituents from western PA racists. Then he called them rednecks. Now Murtha is begging those same so-called racists and rednecks for $1 million to save his campaign.

Veteran Democratic Rep. John Murtha (Pa.) has sent out a last-minute plea for $1 million to save his hotly contested seat, endangered by his own remarks describing his district as racist.

In an e-mail sent to potential donors, Murtha’s campaign asked his supporters to maximize all campaign contributions.

“We need to raise another $1 million to compete,” his campaign fundraiser Susan O’Neill wrote in the e-mail obtained by The Hill. “We need money immediately.”

O’Neill blamed Republicans from outside Pennsylvania for Murtha’s problems. Polls show Murtha, running for his 18th term, ahead of his GOP opponent by just a few percentage points.

How ironic is it that someone who so so quick to call people racists and rednecks is now begging those same people for money.  The good people of western PA need to teach Mr. Murtha a lesson he shall never forget and elect challenger and Iraqi War Veteran Bill Russell.

Murtha seeks million bucks to save campaign from the very people he has insulted.

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Change You Can Believe In: Papers That Endorsed McCain, NY Post, Dallas Morning News, Wash Times Told to Get Off Obama Plane


A sign of things to come. No one needs to look into their Magic 8 Ball to see what life will be like under an Obama Administration. People need to just open their eyes, ears and minds and take their rose colored glasses off.


Magic 8 Ball, is Obama a socialist who will share the wealth and only allow media outlets access who act as propaganda vehicles?

According to The Drudge Report, skeptical reporters from the NY Post, Dallas Morning News and the Washington Times have been tossed off Obama One. What do these three newspapers have in common? All endorsed John McCain. Think the Obama campaign is not playing media favorites? As the Wash Times stated, it feels like the journalistic equivalent of redistributing the wealth. Think the Obama campaign will only use those media outlets that act as their propaganda machine … YOU BETCHA.

“This feels like the journalistic equivalent of redistributing the wealth, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars covering Senator Obama’s campaign, traveling on his plane, and taking our turn in the reporter’s pool, only to have our seat given away to someone else in the last days of the campaign,” said Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon.

There is change you can believe in, only the media that will suck up to Barack Obama and carry his water will be rewarded. The rest will be kicked to the curb. Democracy is action or would that be Fascism. What a disturbing sign of things to come.

The Obama campaign has decided to heave out three newspapers from its plane for the final days of its blitz across battleground states — and all three endorsed Sen. John McCain for president!

The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have all been told to move out by Sunday to make room for network bigwigs — and possibly for the inclusion of reporters from two black magazines, ESSENCE and JET, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Despite pleas from top editors of the three newspapers that have covered the campaign for months at extraordinary cost, the Obama campaign says their reporters — and possibly others — will have to vacate their coveted seats so more power players can document the final days of Sen. Barack Obama’s historic campaign to become the first black American president.

So as Stop the ACLU states, how is throwing journalists off a plane that do not necessarily agree with you an example of reaching across the aisle? So much for political dissent in America. The Obama campaign has now made it clear that they will only cooperate with those that march in lock step with them. Is this how Barack Obama plans to unite America? This appears to be just the beginning of the many fabrications of the truth that America will soon learn what has come from the lipsticked lips of the Obamamessiah.

Joe the Plumber found this out when he unsuspectly asked Barack Obama a simple question that lead to the “share the wealth” Obama socialist remarks and in turn having the MSM and politically motivated operatives dissecting Joe’s life. We also saw it when a Orlando, FL TV reporter Barbara West dared ask Joe Biden tough questions regarding Obama’s Marxist share the wealth comment and Biden’s statement that Barack Obama would be tested in the first 6 months of his Presidency by foreign foes and most likely Obama’s response would not be correct.

The Weekly Standard: Kicked Off the Plane?

Searches into Private Citizen Joe the Plumber More Extensive that First Reported … Not at all Politically Motivated Though

Joe the Plumber = John Q. Public. You are asked to vote, but do not dare ask any questions. If you dare … do so at your own risk and peril as “Big Brother” is watching. This is still the United States, isn’t it? Obama has not been elected yet. There can be nothing worse in a Democracy that an overbearing government using its power to destroy its citizens. So this is what we have to look forward to … this type of change? The searches were nothing but politically motivated.

It turns out that the background checks into the private records of “Joe the Plumber” were far more extensive than first reported. “Joe the Plumber,” a common American citizen simply asked Barack Obama a question regarding the economy and next thing he knows he is being vetted by the media and the State of Ohio in a more intense manner than the very Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, that he asked the question of.

Because Barack Obama showed his true “socialist” colors and answered Joe’s question in a manner telling the United States voters that he wanted to “shares the wealth,” that meant Joe must go. Before Joe Wurzelbacher knew it he was in the media’s bulls eye as he represented a threat to the Chosen One, Barack Obama. Joe’s records were initially searched, it was just never stated how extensive the searches were.

A private citizen’s records were searched; however, it was claimed that is was not politically motivated. That was believable as Obama not being a “share the wealth” socialist. It is now being reported that the searches into Joe the Plumbers records were far more reaching than first reported.

A state agency has revealed that its checks of computer systems for potential information on “Joe the Plumber” were more extensive than it first acknowledged.

Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, disclosed today that computer inquiries on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher were not restricted to a child-support system.

The agency also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes, she wrote.

Jones-Kelley made the revelations in a letter to Ohio Senate President Bill M. Harris, R-Ashland, who demanded answers on why state officials checked out Wurzelbacher.

Harris called the multiple records checks “questionable” and said he awaits more answers. “It’s kind of like Big Brother is looking in your pocket,” he said.

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