Missing Caylee Anthony; Leonard Padilla Says Casey Anthony had an Accomplice?: “So there had to be somebody giving her a hand”


Leonard Padilla discusses new ideas and theories in the case of missing 3 year old Caylee Padilla_LAnthony.  Why would an FBI agent and a lead investigator from Florida fly all the way to California to talk with Leonard Padilla and three others on his team? Padilla states its because they wanted an official statement as to what Casey Anthony told him with regards to Mom Casey dropping Caylee off with the so-called babysitter.


Another interesting comment came from Texas EquuSearch spokesperson who said, “she is in constant contact with folks here at the Sheriff’s office and according to her there are big developments to come in this case as she puts it will surprise us all.”

However, it was on Nancy Grace Show that Leonard Padilla made the following eye opening comment and accusation. Full transcript from the September 17, 2008 Nancy Grace Show.

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: Well, the situation is, she ran out of gas at the checking cashing store on the 26th. And there was a tremendous amount of communication on her phone on the evening of the 26th and also on the 27th, when she called her boyfriend to come pick her up, that the car had run out of gas. And it goes on into the 28th and then it stops. It just stops. No communication with hardly anybody. And the car naturally got towed off on the 30th.

So there had to be somebody giving her a hand at that time because if you`re dealing with a body in a garbage bag, it`s, like — you know, it`s an awful thing to say, but if you talk to a coroner or somebody that`s handled cadavers, they`ll tell you it`s like having 30 pounds of stew in a garbage bag. And if you have a bone breakthrough, it`ll just literally cover the trunk of the car with fluids. So you basically have to have somebody with you to help you keep somewhat your composure and also to get it over into the dumpster.




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    39 Responses to “Missing Caylee Anthony; Leonard Padilla Says Casey Anthony had an Accomplice?: “So there had to be somebody giving her a hand””

    1. Susan on September 19th, 2008 5:44 am

      Leonard Padilla is a publicity seeking nutcase!! Anyone who would put up a $500,000 bond for a selfish, self-centered slut that murdered her own baby is off of their freaking rocker!!

      Casey’s parents are involved in the cover up (if not the actually murder) to protect their daughter, along with her brother, Lee, making all accomplices.

    2. BUN on September 19th, 2008 8:13 am

      #1 spot on!!! I think Lee could be more involved, the more I hear, possibly helped with disposal of the body.

    3. Xenu on September 19th, 2008 8:21 am

      Body in a garbage bag. Wow…looks like we might know what happened to little Caylee after all.

    4. Von Kitty Kat on September 19th, 2008 8:30 am

      When he said ” she ” is in constant contact, who is the ” she ” ? Cindy or Casey. ??
      Neither one of them are capable of telling the truth and are looking to deflect the blame on to someone else. I think it is possible that she conned one of her friends to do something for her and they did so without knowing exactly what they did to help her in taking care of Caylee afterwards.
      I think Padilla is like the rest of us, he is a good hearted man and he bailed Casey out to give her the opportunity to talk outside of jail. I went to his web site and Padilla does not need this attention or publicity. He is a successful man and will continue to be a success. His aim is and was to find Caylee. And he did not pay me to say this . LOL

    5. Sharon Chicago on September 19th, 2008 9:40 am

      I think Casey had one more check she wanted to cash and she was probably thinking I hope I can pull this one off since I was able to cash the other checks….she made a split minute decision since her car was on fumes and no gas left to go and try to cash check.

      I think that is why she just called her boyfriend instead of “trying” to cash the check at the check cashing store.

      I don’t think she dumped the body there. She had too have dumped little Caylee prior to since the car was towed and no body in there just the smell of a dead body was present.

      Remember the car ran out of gas in the parking spot in front of the check cashing store. She would not have taken Caylee out of the trunk then to put her in the dumpster.

      Although she is so bold and feels she can do whatrever she wants.

    6. misskatie on September 19th, 2008 10:18 am

      I also think they are all nut cases… I wonder if the boyfriend has been in contact with her.. he probably as a cop was told by his superiors not to ssociate with her.. good call….
      and george anthony is a former cop himself he knows better .. if anyone knows the truth of the evidence against her … her actions and her lying its him.. THEY ARE IN 100% DENIAL!!

    7. Brenda from Virginia on September 19th, 2008 10:55 am

      I feel Padilla figured he’d come riding into town and like any knight in shining armour, lure Casey in telling the truth and “he” would solve the case. Well, he figured THAT wrong didn’t he?

      As for where Casey dumped Cayelee’s body, VERY possible in that dumpster for several reasons. One…easy access for HER. Two…she already had the babysitter story forumulated in her mind, so she probably also had high hopes the car would be stolen and IF anything of Caylee was discovered in the car or dumpster (which is was at least in the car) she could blame the “car theif”. Three…the dumpster could not smell very nice, so it would mask the scent of death to a point, being maybe the stench of rotting trash would have somewhat sheilded the smell of a rotting body.

      Just my thoughts, I could be right, and maybe not!

    8. Brenda from Virginia on September 19th, 2008 11:48 am

      Miss Katie,

      the cop boyfriend got fired for not being truthful about his involvement with Casey. He was new and still in his probationary period, so he really screwed up! I am sure youth and inexperience…and fear…drove him to such a thing and he has to regret it terribly at this point! Had he been a more seasoned officer, he would have told the truth and still been employed.

      My fear is that his reluctance to come clean early on put LE further behind in investigating the timeline of where Casey was and when.

    9. Maggie on September 19th, 2008 3:13 pm

      Leonard Padilla said also that there is book called “Double Trouble” (I hope I got the title right from memory) and it mentions something like zanny the nanny..that is a nanny..

      Like the Natalee Holloway case..we know who did it..

    10. Brenda from Virginia on September 19th, 2008 5:05 pm

      Didn’t Joran write a book too, or did he just tell that guy in the car (who was recording him) about it?

    11. Kathleen on September 20th, 2008 12:18 am

      I think Mr. Padillo is correct in thinking that Casey had an accomplice and I think that it was George, her father or Lee, her brother.

      George tells about finding the gas cans in her trunk on the 24th to Greta Von Susteran and Cindy’s body language was interesting during this and she interrupted him by saying “the gas cans were there” (as if she was afraid he’d make a Freudian slip and say “Caylee was there.”

      I no longer believe anything any of the Anthonys have said and much of the timeline revolves around their statements.

      I think the entire “theft” of the gas cans was possibly made up and part of the “cover up/story.”

    12. Janna Wren on September 20th, 2008 4:50 pm

      When this case first became news…I read several comments about Casey showing classic symtoms of sex abuse. I shrugged that off,but after reading here today that others suspect George…it does make me wonder.He was the last person,other than Casey,who saw Caylee alive,the gas can business was very strange..I noticed that too,and he did not speak publicly when Cindy first started meeting with the media.Now that they have hired a “defense” lawyer to help them..WHAT?…OMG,I hope that Caylee was not abused!!!

    13. Tonia on September 21st, 2008 5:19 am

      Janna, I too, hope to God that little Caylee wasn’t being abused by George. I am married to a cop, and I can tell you first hand, this father is not behaving the way an ex cop normally does in a situation like this. But this tramp of a mother is obviously so promiscuous that she probably doesn’t even know who Caylee’s father is.

      “I think Mr. Padillo is correct in thinking that Casey had an accomplice and I think that it was George, her father or Lee, her brother.”

      Kathleen, I’m on the same page with your statement. Lee has acted suspiciously from the very first days…and I’m not sure that disfunctional family, any of them, have told the truth about anything entirely. However, I do trust the Sheriff’s dept. and the FBI, because they take missing children, especially in such a bizarre case as this, very seriously. I am married to a police office and train our K9′s and when I run tracks with them and work on their cadaver training it’s all I can do not to cry for thinking about that beautiful little girl. I would have raised her, dear God, what is this world coming to. I wish they would get Casey back in jail, put her in gen pop and let those other women beat the snot out of her, because mothers in jail do not take kindly to inmates that are suspected of murdering their children, because the other women miss and want to hold and cuddle their children and here’s a woman that has no regard for human life except her own. She should be walking the streets in Vegas or somewhere to support herself. She is that low on the food chain. She is a complete failure as a human being. God will see to it that she gets what she deserves. Sigh….

    14. Connie on September 26th, 2008 6:48 pm

      I think that Casey is a waste of skin. To even try to comprehend her doing something to little, precious Caylee makes me sick to my stomach. She may be able to run from the truth, but in the end, GOD knows what happened. HE will not allow her to go unpunished. The wages of sin is death, I’m sorry to say that it couldn’t come to soon her Casey. That little girl was defenseless, trusting, looking to mom to protect & love her. Casey did the total opposite. That beautiful baby girl has gotten my heart. If I was Casey’s mom, you better believe i’d be discussing Caylee & where she is. I would not treat her with kid gloves. I’d be demanding every second of every day of what happened to Caylee! I would not allow Casey to come out of jail until she told the truth either. I think the whole family needs counseling.

    15. judi roselli on October 10th, 2008 4:28 pm

      URGENT!!! I have been trying to contact Nancy Grace but no sucess! LEONARD PADILLA I lived in Orlando and was there yesterday, Oct. 9th. First urgent message to Equusearch – I saw a flock of birds flying over the entrance ramp heading North to the turnpike on the 528 Beeline express way. There is alot of Construction going on at the 528 exit to Turnpike. Birds were swarming over & do this over dead animals or bodies. That is the only place in Orlando I noticed birds flocking over this particular site. Casey had a lapse of time on cell records. She could have dumped Caylee there, putting a bricks in a backpack to keep her from surfacing. My own cousin was abducted & found in ’81 in S. Fla. dead in a construction site from Chloroform. Still a cold case and body was barely recognized after 15 days – not in water either but clothing identified him. PLEASE HAVE THE SEARCHERS GO TO TURNPIKE EXIT OFF BEELINE EXPRESSWAY 528 – OR LOOK FOR BIRDS ABOVE AREA! I also believe Zani could be a code word for Xanax. Casey could have used this & or Chloroform to put her to sleep. I called in crime tips 2 months ago that she did not report crime for 30 days since she knows Marijuana takes that long to leave your body in case she was drug tested. Then the Nancy Grace show says she was smoking alot of Pot. I was right on with that one! I also reported by her looks she was most likely an escort or call girl or since she was always working at odd hours. They found escort svcs. on her internet search sites. Right again! She must have had the numbers in the Sim Card that she “lost”. I also believe Lee, the brother could be the father. He needs to take a DNA test – reason he could have helped dispose of body. George & Cindy may or may not know. Caylee’s name is Casey and Lee together. Caylee also resembles him around the eyes she does not look like Casey. Right now Jose Baez is obviously her Attorney but also her latest lover, she is not in his office for 6 hours each day watching video games. And Clings too him in every photo. I worked for attorneys, the police need to investigate if he is seeing other clients while she is there. I doubt it. PLEASE INVESTIGATE MY THOUGHTS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE I PRAY SHE GOES BACK TO JAIL. If this was a neighbor of the Anthonys’ who the cadavar dogs picked up a scent in their car and yard, the Anthony’s would NEVER let THEM out on bail and leaving daily to hang with an attorneys while on house arrest. Keep Casey locked up until you find Caylee. I believe Amy Hyzeinga is not so innocent either. Could she have brought the Chloroform back from Puerto Rico. Has her bags and home been tested for air samples? Casey parked her car next to the Dumpster to disguise the odor in car in case when she was picked up no one would notice it. She did not dump Caylee in dumpster. Please alert Tim Miller at Equusearch for searching near Turnpike Construction site North. THANK YOU LEONARD!!!!

    16. In Orlando on October 13th, 2008 9:37 am

      JUDY!!! GO TO THE NEAREST BED/COUCH AND LAY DOWN FOR A REST!!! Good god lady, you are 50 cards short of a deck!! I won’t even comment about the stupid birds, beyond that – AMY H. GOT HOME FROM PUERTO RICO ON JULY 15TH – the day Casey was pinched by Mama Cindy!!! How could she bring home chloraform on the day Casey was snared in the dragnet?? You are making no sense & have obviously gone off the deep end with this case. We all just need to pray & believe that the detectives have more than enough evidence to put that ‘ho in prision for the rest of her miserable life.

    17. Helen on October 13th, 2008 7:23 pm

      I think Leonard is a stand up guy. He went to Florida to get this girl out to talk and very quickly knew it wasn’t a good idea that she was hiding something. He came forward to say what he thought truthfully but he kept getting slammed for everything he said but now as times has gone on he was right. I never doubted his intentions ever. We need more people like him. I do agree with the others on this site something is screwy with this family but I’m sure we will all find out once she gets arrested AGAIN on Tues.

    18. robyn king on October 26th, 2008 8:54 am

      I have never doubted that Casey Anthony did in fact kill Caylee and that it was no accident!
      She wanted to go to Puerto Rico with her friends but could not get her mom to give her the money and she refused to watch Caylee!
      Suddenly Cindy Anthony decides that Casey needs to bond with her child Caylee and start acting like a mother and not more of a big sister! Knowing she did not ever want to have or keep this child why would she think that she had suddenly changed her mind??
      All she did was party,lie and steal and have sex with about any or every one around her!
      There is no shortage of snakes who will lay with her like the dog in heat she is,that doesnt make her special in fact it makes her cheap!!
      No class really,there are women out there who have kids and are much better mothers even if they have less than desirable jobs!She had no excuse ,her parents supported both her and Caylee!
      Frankly i think now that Caylee was getting a little older that her grandmother and grandfather were tired of taking care of her and wanted to be free to enjoy themselves free of a 2 year old child,it was time for Casey to be a real mom,but you cannot force someone to love or care for a child,not even their own child!
      I have said from the start that i think Lee most likely or even George is in fact the father of Caylee Anthony and there are a lot of family secrets and lies going on here!
      Seeing Cindy tell lie after lie makes me wonder who is she really lying for?? Is it only Casey or is she also trying to protect George or Lee or even her self??
      They have all lied almost from the start and Lee has been almost invisible ,what is he guilty of?
      Tim Miller and Eqqusearch are the only ones that are deserving of any money to be donated to!
      They are the only ones trying to find Caylees body,them and law enforcement in Florida!!
      All this expense should be paid by the ones who are responsible for the death and hiding of Caylees remains!
      If any one makes a book or movie about this trashy,backwards,selfish,den of thieves and liars then the money should go there not to the greedy,self serving defense team ,who is trying to mislead the public and save a killer from the death she truly deserves!
      Do not send money to the Anthonys or to this tramp in jail!
      The only victim here is Caylee Marie Anthony!!!
      Not Casey not George! Not Lee !Not Cindy!!!
      None of these people were killed and thrown away like a dead animal with no respect or love given to her at all!!
      They should all be held accountable for all they know and every single lie they have told!!
      God bless Caylee and all the children whom are molested,raped,beaten and killed in this sick world!!
      There will be a judgement Casey Anthony !!!Nothing is hidden from our Lord,nothing is done in secret for he knows every thing and every reason!! You cannot run or hide,clever girl you are not that clever no one is!!

    19. Don Dyess on November 14th, 2008 10:07 pm

      Mr. Padilla is looking in the right area. No one has taken in to account that the Little Econ river is now nothing more than a drainage ditch for the city of Orlando. If the water was so high that Equiseach couldn’t work, the Little Econ was flowing like a tidal inlet. If, God forbid, Caylee was dumped in that time frame, she could be any place from Blanchard Park to the St. John’s River. If the current was strong enough, she could have been washed to sea at Jacksonville.
      The mother and the grandparents need to stop the lies. Someone in that family knows what happend to Caylee, I just hope they get nailed.

    20. eddie on November 15th, 2008 11:04 am

      Casey Anthony is not dumb.

      Disposing of a body in a public park, would be very stupid.
      You never know when somebody might walk or ride by.

      I think she was dumped in the swampy area around the aiport – there is a lagoon there & there would be gators.

      Why was that area not searched first?

      It is not likely that anything would be left of the child, gators would have taken care of the remains very quickly.

      And their digestive systems handle just about anything – bones, hair, etc.

      Another thing I keep seeing and nobody mentions:
      Caylee loved her little doll, heard somebody mention the fact that she would not go anywhere without her doll.

      The doll is on the backseat of the car.
      Where the car seat is.

      So she was denied even that small comfort when the monster stuffed her into the trunk and killed her one way or the other.

      The needle is too good for her.
      Make that the chair.

    21. eddie on November 15th, 2008 12:40 pm

      Another thing I’ve noticed:

      Caylee seems to have two bald spots on the side of her head.
      Just take a look when they roll the tape of her “reading” her book.

      She also appears to be photographed consistently with a cap/hat/or some sort of scarf on her head.

    22. Laurie on November 24th, 2008 7:34 am

      Caylee was so tiny – maybe she was put UNDER the back seat of the car or inside the cushions – why would the car smell so bad for so long – did investigators tear the whole car apart??

    23. veronica on December 4th, 2008 5:05 am

      high 5 to you leonard. i believe in you 100 % you will be the one who helps solve this case. you cared about caylee more than her own family. god bless you

    24. veronica on December 4th, 2008 5:10 am

      i think your great leonard – veronica from mississippi coast. hurricane katrina surivier.

    25. Claudette on December 23rd, 2008 4:30 pm

      I agree w/Leonard in that I suspect Casey accidentally overdosed Calee in order to party w/out having to seek a babysitter. Also I’m mystified that not more focused has been made as to who Calee’s father is. In dysfunctional families incest and sibling incest still occurs. I find it interesting that the baby was named CaLee and Casey’s brother is named Lee. Sometimes people inadvetinently give out clues to their painful secrets. If this is the case it might explain a lot of unusual behavior from all members of that family. A DNA test would put this thought to rest.

    26. Lisa on January 7th, 2009 8:41 pm

      I would love to know who got the 200,000.00 for the home movies? Since the Anthony’s are not working how are they paying all their bills? Buying new clothes for their interviews and paying for 2 funerals (private and public?) Is it so that Baez was putting the word out for 500 grand for interviews of those four liars? These people are going to get what’s due to them. Now or later.

    27. mary on January 13th, 2009 12:18 am

      The only reason Radilla put up the money for Casey Anthony, was not because at the time he believed in her. He wanted to insert himself into the case, he knew whit this scrutiny, Casey wasn’t going anywhere, his money was safe. He wanted the notoriety and fame and extra business this spotlight has given him and his brother. It was an investment in future moneys off the Anthony case. He didn’t care one iota for Casey or her family. He was out for himself. If you don’t believe me, find out how much money he and his brother has profited, in expenses being picked up, paid for interviews….. it goes on. Wait…could that be the sound of a pencil to paper, for the forth coming book he is about to write? Gimme a break, he is just as phoney baloney as Casey Anthony is.

    28. pat moran on February 3rd, 2009 5:19 pm

      This is what I think Casey had fight with mom left with baby Wanted to go out that night NO sitter Choloformed baby to keep her quiet left rag in trunk causing overdose. Checked on baby in morn DEAD goes to house puts Caylee in play house got shovel tried to dig grave ground to hard went into house got garbage bags & blanket & duct tape. Taped mouth so it looked like kidnapping placed all in bags & back into trunk. Dad wants something from trunk oops got to get to trunk before dad finds Caylee. Caylee starts to decay oops another problem ditch body in old time hang out. drop car at store hoping it will get stold. oh and the heart if she did see Zanida at the apartments the so called Nanny has a heart tatoo on her hand put heart on duct tape to cover ass

    29. Tricia Musacchia on February 9th, 2009 8:33 pm

      What is Nancy Grace thinking ??? I so disagree with her when the subject of ” Cindy Anthony ” is brought up !!! This person should be behind bar’s !!! She is the reason the child was murdered in the first place. Her name is on the birth certificate am I correct ? Meaning she was just as responsible of the welfare of this child as was Casey. I agree with Mr. Padillia all the way !!! Cindy Anthony pushed Casey over the edge – she is a mean person and I pray the day she is punished for what SHE has done. No Grandmother in their right mind would have let their daughter leave in the middle of the night with that babyafter having a fight the way they did. If only she would have called the police that very night. And the beads that were founf at the park, the ones that made Mr. Padillia believe that Caylee would be found there, well who do you think put them there ? God forgive them all !!!
      And God Bless Mr. Padillia.

    30. windrider on March 8th, 2009 12:06 am

      I agree with Cindy Anthony that Casey is a sociopath. But how do you think she got that way? No one is born that way; they are created, in their families, by years and years of dysfunctional abuse ranging from verbal and emotional abuse, to physical and sexual abuse. Cindy is the linchpin in the wall of denial in that family; they didn’t all just suddenly start denying cold hard reality last year when Caylee went missing; they’ve been practicing denial in that family for decades, ignoring all of Casey’s early pathological behavior and doing nothing to intervene.

      When you watch Lee Anthony giving his deposition, you are watching yet another Anthony family member who is completely emotionally disengaged from the entire situation; he laughs and jokes and stares off, as if this is nothing. Casey’s flat affect when being interviewed by investigators has been discussed but it’s really eerie to see the same thing in her brother as well.

      I think Leonard Padilla meant well when he went to bail Casey out. But it’s clear from the few remarks Nancy Grace couldn’t drown out that what Padilla saw in that family was very very disturbing to him. I agree with him that Casey probably killed Caylee accidentally and carelessly; drugging the child (perhaps not for the first time) so she could go party, then coming back to find the toddler dead and from then on, everything she did was an attempt to cover it up and stall for time. I think the State also believes that Casey didn’t deliberately murder Caylee and that’s why they’re not pushing for the death penalty.

      Nancy Grace is absolutely blinded by her own feelings as a prosecutor and mother, and she is completely blind to Cindy Anthony’s endless machinations and manipulations. As far as I’m concerned, both Anthony parents are accomplices in Caylee’s death and particularly in the cover-up. If there’s any justice, Cindy and Lee will be indicted for obstruction of justice.

    31. fofisaa on March 9th, 2009 9:08 pm

      I miss Leonard Padilla, I haven’t seen him for a while but I always trusted him, unlike the anthonys.

      I told my friends a long time ago that I think Lee may be the dad for the same reason you guys have said–the name. Caylee is usually spelled with a K.

      Lee made such an ass of himself at the memorial. “CMA” ! Now I’m convinced he’s really strange saying he’s so proud of her! Obviously it wasn’t directed at little Caylee, and Cindy was next to him stroking him.

      I’m really sick of them all. George I like but get annoyed at him for not taking a leading role in the family and believing casey’s lies.

      Yes the hugging and intimate touching of Baez was another shock. Something going on. This is my goodbye to the case, its making me ill.

      Thank you Leonard Padilla for providing sanity in this case of disfunctional characters.

      I hope Zenaida gets a ton of money out of this and peace in her life for all she is going through. No apology from Cindy or any of them. But there will be justice somehow just like Lacey Peterson’s killer (& OJ)

    32. Tina S. on April 2nd, 2009 6:58 pm

      Wow. I’ve read some pretty interesting things here.
      Padilla~ Hats off to you! You are awesome. You say things that a lot of us can’t. I think them in then you say them. You have a good heart and may God bless you!
      As for the case. Screw any of the family being Caylee’s daddy~ It’s Jose!!! Where else was Casey getting the money from to party and drink or buy the chloroform? I know she stole a lot of it from her parents. Why else would he “believe” her so much that she didn’t do it.
      I for so long begged and tried to convince myself that there was no way she could have done this horrible thing…Well, I’ve seen the light.
      As for Lee~ as a big brother…U suck. As an uncle…U suck. As for a man…U r a joke! Laughing over the stinch in the car that you were well aware of being Caylee’s decomposed body! WTF is that?!?!
      As for Cindy. She opened her mouth and inserted foot.
      They both loved that baby ( Cindy and George ) But yet, when they asked Caylee about the “nanny” or “babysitter” she never had anything to say. We are talking about a 2 yr old that was learning sapnish. Why didn’t they think that was odd? I think they have been in denial for years when it comes to Casey. I think the whole family was. If they didn’t want her to give Caylee up for adoption maybe they should’ve booted her out and kept Caylee for themselves.
      Caylee ( just like every other child in this world) deserved to be loved and treated with much respect. She was on of the best gifts ever given. And she was thrown away like trash. I don’t know if she was murdered intentionally or accidently. Only Casey knows that. I’m not here to judge her. I do blog my opinions frequently on the case. I do believe she did cover it up and lied to the ivestigators hopeping that all evidence would be gone by the time they found Caylee. There is a lot of evidence in this case.
      As for me. I’m sadened by the defense. Jose makes me want to vomit. That smug look on his face makes me so angry I could scream! He’s just as egotistical and pigheaded as Casey. So, that is another reason why I think he is the daddy. He’s blinded by something!! He wants to beleive with his whole heart that she couldn’t do a thing like that!
      George, George, George. He knows what’s going on. That’s why he wanted to leave this world. He wanted Caylee to tell him the truth about everything and what had happened! He is so torn he doesn’t know what to do. He loves his wife, family, and life. He doesn’t want to beleive what has happened to his prcious Caylee. But it has.
      I just wish they would sit behind Caylee’s defense. She was helpless. And weather or not Casey did this horrific thing or not~ Caylee is dead and doesn’t have anyone from the family behind her suporting her! Cindy doesn’t even wear her pin to support Caylee. She sure does wear one to support Casey. Where is Caylee’s love and support.
      Leonard Padilla, Equasearch, the prosecuters, the voluteers, and Michelle Bart~ Thank you so much for you role in this case. You did a wonderful thing. I know it was a heartbreaking end and a lot of wasted time. But in the end you helped America fall in love with a beautiful, precious andgel! Hugs to you all! Caylee isn’t here to say she appreciates it so I will say it!
      Nancy Grace~ Thank you for covering the story as much as you have! I don’t neccessarily see some of your views on it, however, the story is sitll out there. Caylee’s pictures are still in the media. Everyone is learning what to do if they don’t hear from their grandbabies or friends children. This is helping us remember Baby Grace!!!
      Caylee~ America loves you! And although we can’t all be in court to stand behind you and support you, we love you! Your light shines on! You have your wings. Please lead us to all the evidence so that you can have your justice in the end. Please take care of all the other lost babies out there! You are America’s Sunshine. We support you and we fight for your justice!!!

    33. Alice on April 11th, 2009 2:23 am

      As a mother I don’t get Cindy Anthony’s fierce protection of her lying daughter unless she’s hiding something. Cindy kept so much from her own mother too.
      DNA has ruled out Lee from being Caylee’s father. Who ever heard of such a thing? A brother being checked for paternity! However, promiscuity is a sign of childhood molestation. Someone molested Casey.

      This didn’t just start. I’d say this family has teetered on the edge for many, many years.

    34. Alice on April 11th, 2009 2:29 am

      One more thing, almost everything Leonard suggested for turn of events in this case have happened! Even Nancy is amazed at times because Leonard already gave his feelings on what happened before it was revealed. Now he’s saying that the way Casey is acting is a result of Cindy’s parenting. Good lawd what happnened in that family home?

    35. JACKIE on April 14th, 2009 8:05 pm

      Hi Leo,
      I think that you are RIGHT-ON about CONTROLLING Cindy. I also think that you knwo more about the case than anyone else is willing to say. Without a doubt Zany is Zanax. The only thing that puzzles me is that you or your PIs were not able to find the body that was so close to home. It seems that several of her friends were aware of her special hiding place. Did any of the friends report this to your team during the long search for Caley? Anyway, kept up the good work. I think that you will be instrumental for the prosecution.

    36. Cinammon Girl on April 21st, 2009 4:22 pm

      I think that Annie Downing knows more than she is saying in her interview. Her comment about wanting to be with Casey because she was going through something and needed to see her is very odd. I think she is lying about something. JMO.

    37. Kathy on April 23rd, 2009 8:32 am

      has anyone thought of Casey giving herself the title of nanny since Cindy considered herself the mother and the description of the nanny fits Casey to a tee..giving herself a 10 and drop dead gorgeous..and the Anthony’s also had a dog not hard to twist things around for a 2 year old.

    38. Shirley Shivley on June 25th, 2011 11:29 pm

      Lenard i seen u on fox and heard what u think happen..
      i say u go boy u got it right whatever they say about u let it roll
      i believe in what u say …as far as i,m concern your the only one who has it right and i,m glad fox gave u a voice..

    39. Big Rob on July 6th, 2011 12:00 pm

      Hey Leonard, alot of these people that believe in you are idiots too. Anyone that tries to put themselves in the spotlight at the exspence of a dead little girl is a joke. The Padilla fans of the world don’t listen to your interviews because if they did, they would have the same opinion about you as I do. You are a joke and an insult to real bounty hunters. I have seen your cropped pictures and heard your bogus theories as well. I also know that you have ran for mayor on more than one occasion and lost everytime. Your famous alright, famous for raping a dead little girl by attempting to rebuild your career at her exspence. Go home Leo and bail out some shoplifters or whatever it is you do

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