Bizarre: George Anthony in Altercations and Facing Charges with Protestors and Casey Anthony High Fives


The pressure is building as the people of Orlando, FL are getting fed up with the lies, actions and antics from the Anthony family and the fact that 3 year old Caylee Anthony is missing while her mom Casey Anthony is out on bail and free to give high fives to siblings. Appropriate behavior?

This is behavior that one would normally expect when one’s child has been missing for 56 days. Casey Anthony high fives her brother … what on earth could either of these two think is so appropriate to celebrate … CAYLEE ANTHONY IN STILL MISSING.


Is this the appropriate actions of a mother who is missing a 3 year old girl?

As soon as the brother and sister got through the path between reporters, they high-fived each other as if they were celebrating some sort of victory. According to the Orange County Corrections Department, Casey met with her home confinement case manager Monday afternoon for approximately 20 minutes. During the meeting, her case manager set her out-of-the-home schedule for the remainder of the week.

Also, George Anthony might be facing charges as he had a run in with protesters that resulted in an incident report against him. One would think that former law enforcement would know better; however, it shows that the pressure of the case is building to a crescendo.

VIDEO of the confrontation from WESH

A confrontation between Caylee Anthony’s grandfather George and angry protesters has led to criminal charges being filed against him, including battery on someone older than the age of 65. One of the protectors involved in that shoving match set up camp at the house Monday.

Young wasn’t alone. Larry Donovan was also pushed. Orange County sheriff’s deputies were called out and the two protesters who were shoved decided to press charges.

The sheriff’s office filed the two battery charges with the State Attorney’s Office. They will get to decide whether they prosecute George.

 Incident Report below:




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    51 Responses to “Bizarre: George Anthony in Altercations and Facing Charges with Protestors and Casey Anthony High Fives”

    1. ann on September 9th, 2008 7:00 am

      Those protested should be completely ashmaed. They were on Mr. Anthony’s property. He should be able to file charges against them. While I think it certainly “looks” as if that baby girl has been harmed all indications are that it was Casey. George Anthony has lost a precious baby granddaugher and most likely will lose his daughter to the prisons. It sounds like they have had lots of trouble out of Casey along the way. Even the most perfect parents in the world can have a child who turns out not so great or that has mental issues or drug problems. So, If those protesters want to help they should go out and search for that baby. Or work to get better laws passed. Sitting on someones front lawn and taunting someone, ensuring they do not get sleep and making an already terrible situation worse is not helpoing anyone. Get off this mans property and drop the charges against them.

    2. Lotusjani on September 9th, 2008 7:18 am

      These nuts should be cracking, instead they are celebrating their triumph of walking past prostesters. And what attorney has time to see his client all day in his office, discussing what? Doesn’t Baez have any other clients to care for? Even the attorney is bizarre in this case, let alone the crazy parents and brother. This family is strange, and wasn’t George getting a divorce from crazy Cindy? Now murder has united the whole family again, what about the baby? Does any of these cooks care where is she? Maybe they already had a private funeral for her in their back yard, under a slab of cement. Pitiful! God will take care of Caylee…and Casey and company!

    3. Richard on September 9th, 2008 7:54 am

      There was a news story today from Montana that some mother drove around for MONTHS with the body of her son in the car. One wonders if that is a relevant possibility to this case ….

      I’m wondering if these actions described in the article reflect advice from a PR person or someone similar on how to act in the media spotlight. Or, perhaps, the Anthonys relish all of the attention?

      If so, why do the media feel the need to oblige them, and perhaps inspire psychopaths to emulate them? In our culture, is there no greater value than being on TV?

    4. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 7:54 am

      OMG!! Are they serious???? What is this, some kind of a game??? Are they doing this because they made it through a throng of protestors and reporters without being touched? SICK! No matter what, they are doing it for attention?? All eyes are on her.

      Hope the elderly woman does press charges on George Anthony- it’s all on video tape and even if they did have a foot on his property(which they did not) it’s still against the law to place your hands on another person in a threatening or forceful manner. That will give George and his ridiculous wife Cindy something else to entertain them while they are stuck as prisoners at 4937 Hopespring Dr. Hope they plan on selling that house when the trial is all over.

    5. misskatie on September 9th, 2008 8:59 am

      casey made a comment a while back
      she said she didnt want to have the baby when she found out she was pregnant ut her mother wouldnt let her abort or put her up for adoption…sad to say cindy should of relented.. the baby would be in a family that loved and wanted her~~

    6. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 9:41 am

      #1-Ann—While I understand and agree in the part of your post that parents can be unfortunate enough to have a child gone wrong—where is YOUR sense of decency??

      Ann, it’s called being held accountable for your own actions or in-actions….I am sorry! But any good parent would be convincing their daughter to come clean and go to the authorities with information! This is BS ! Don’t come in here and lecture people to feel bad for the Anthony’s…we don’t! They have been accusatory and UNGRATEFUL while Tim Miller/TES and hundreds of volunteers have put their comfort and safety aside to find their missing Granddaughter! How dare you !!!!

      People are angry and while I do not condone any type of violence,,,,protestors have a right to stay put OUTSIDE the residence on public property and protest. If I lived there, I would be doing both:

      Volunteering to find that child and making sure in some way my voice was added to the collective many who have a right to a peaceful demonstration! This is a GROSS injustice and how dare you defend the parents who protect their screwed-up daughter. I would have more sympathy for them if they publicly stated the exact opposite of what they do mouth off about and if they GOT OFF THEIR ASSES and did something about it!

    7. Von Kitty Kat on September 9th, 2008 9:47 am

      From what we know so far, it seems as if there was trouble brewing in the Anthony house for a few years. A therapist told Cindy to kick Casey out and go for custody. A fight happens on Father’s Day. Probably an ultimatium.( on one of the 911 calls, Cindy speaks of bank affadavits )
      Casey spends the night at Tony Lazarro’s. The next day, June 16 th , she gets up over at the Anthony’s and is preparing to go to work according to George. The Anthony’s know she doesn’t have a job, so what the heck is George talking about ? After the proverbial hit the fan on Father’s Day,and the game with the money and the freeloading was over, the Nanny stole the baby. Yep. I personally think there was so much anger and animosity betweeen the daughter and the mother and the entire family that Casey came back when Cindy was at work that day and just took Caylee and killed her to get back at her mother. Dr. Freud would probaly say that Casey wanted to kill Cindy, and she killed the thing that Cindy loved the most.

    8. Carpe on September 9th, 2008 10:16 am

      Most protestors are great, and did it legally and peacefully.

      George Anthony has charges of battery filed
      against him. I think there were two charges filed yesterday and they are sitting in the SA office.


      Where justice fails us, the people can peacefully speak up. That is what makes America, America.

      Put it the ef on ‘em, dawg!!!!!!!!

      There is a place that exists where you do not
      have those rights… it is called Aruba.

      Home of rapists, murderers, and cowards.

      You want to live there? Meeeeeee neither!

    9. Brenda on September 9th, 2008 10:21 am

      Ann…you couldn’t be MORE WRONG about “perfect” parents having screwed up kids. It’s called a family who only shows one face to the world, and another at home…THAT is where the screwed up by “perfect” families come from. Period.

      Also, in case you were unaware, sidewalks are public property…..and just because someone steps a foot onto your grass by NO means gives the homeowner the right to simply push them. It’s called “excessive force”.

    10. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 10:35 am

      #7- Sadly, I think you are right in the ballpark with your summary.

      Time will tell—-LE knows A LOT more than they are coming out with to preserve the integrity of the investigation.

      They want to do it right, since she cannot be tried twice for the same crime. I think they are waiting so they can go for Murder 1. While it works in their favor to have a body recovered, they will still prosecute to highest extent of the law when they go ahead with indictment. So far, she’s only been charged with child abuse, neglect, endangerment, etc, and the thefts.

      It will get much worse before it gets better for Casey and , IMO, this will ultimately end the Anthony’s failing marriage anyway. Good riddance to these 2 idiots! They are an embarrassment to our society! This is NOT how to raise a daughter, then cover for her sociopath ass and disrespect those in the process trying to help you! Truly, no wonder some foriegners despise Americans with losers like this in the news! They are not a good example of what makes American proud!


    11. Jan on September 9th, 2008 11:15 am

      In jail, Casey is an avid reader and that seems to be all she does so that makes her “look” intelligent. But, letting her out and be able to “high five” her brother and walking around with “smirks” on her face is really probably better for the prosecution in the long run……Think about it.

    12. brenda on September 9th, 2008 11:15 am

      I read a repot about Mr. Anthony opening the trunk and all these flys and maggots were pouring put. I searched different stagfes of decomp. I found out that it takes 10 – 20 days for the flies and maggots to form. SHouldnt that give hte timeline of when lil caylee died?

      R.I.P Caylee Marie Anthony!!
      WE LOVE YOU!!

    13. Sahara on September 9th, 2008 12:11 pm

      It may be better for the prosecution, but the smirk and high five make me want to puke!!

    14. Brenda from Virginia on September 9th, 2008 12:30 pm

      #12…oh! Another Brenda :>) I’ll change mine to Brenda from Virginia so we don’t get confused by the other posters.

      As for the maggots, I too heard that rumour, but no idea if true or not. Would not surprise me at all for it to be true!

    15. chrissy on September 9th, 2008 12:36 pm

      She high fived him and smiled like, “good job, we showed them.” Well guess what witchy woman if the law don’t show you, then God will, oh wait that’s right, God’s gonna show you no matter what!
      Sick, sick, sick!!
      If ur child was truly missing from YOU, which she’s not b/c u know what happened to her, not only would you not have acted the way u have for almost 3 mos now, but u sure the hell wouldn’t find one freakin reason on Earth to high five about anything or to smile!
      That right there told me, she did something horrible to that baby (as if I didn’t already believe that) and that she (Casey) believes she is gonna get away with it!
      How can anyone in her situation feel like, oh we showed them, while wearing a missing children’s shirt, w/ a # of truly missing kids on it, including her own child who she caused to be missing. Wait your not concerned about finding your daughter, but you are concerned with “showing others”?
      HHHH??? Sweetheart ur not “showing” anyone b/c at the end of the day all the ppl u think u’re “showing” get to go home and live w/ themselves b/c they didn’t harm their child like u did! U can’t “show” anybody, b/c u r beneath everyone, idiot!! Aghhhhhh!!!

    16. chrissy on September 9th, 2008 12:40 pm

      Brenda- If u go to the body farm’s site, they speak of this, the video u might not want to watch, so maybe turn ur head and just listen to the video. It says something about flies being attracting to a dead body w/in a small amount of time, time period when maggots first appear & judging by size of maggots how long one has been dead. Hope that helps!

    17. Sharon Chicago on September 9th, 2008 12:44 pm

      Wow both Cindy and George are like loose cannon’s … they are trying to control the protesters and it is not working they should
      just stay in the house and chill out instead
      of going off half cocked.

      I think they both operate in a continual state
      of denial and hostility and now it is no different that business as usual…

      I feel they should just stay in doors and save
      everyone including themselves the aggrivation.

    18. Sharon Chicago on September 9th, 2008 12:46 pm

      I hope the “high five” picture of Casey and bro ends up on Nancy Grace tonight :o )…

    19. Sharon Chicago on September 9th, 2008 12:48 pm

      Casey is the compulsive liar just like Joran.

      She wants to blame someone for taking her car.
      Sure this person would drive around for weeks
      in the stolen car with baby Caylee’s body in back
      trunk…like anyone would do that knowing that
      Casey would call cops and have them pull over anyone driving a car of that description and
      her drivers license plate on it!!

      Casey is bizzare and another sicko!!

    20. mack on September 9th, 2008 12:55 pm

      These protesters are screameing and causeing problems for the Anthonys and the neighbors..They also give the anthonys a GREAT distraction from whats going on w/Casey..Maybe if they sat in a quite house w/her it would be more productive..Besides none of us know what grandma and grandpa are saying to casey..I have no idea how I would react in the situation these grandparents find themselves in and neither does anyone here..I do NOT think Cindy or George hurt this little girl (mom..probley)They r freaking out and have hate mongers screaming at them..I would have shoved that old lady along time ago.

    21. Rusty Bridges on September 9th, 2008 1:00 pm

      This whole family is a bunch of disfunctional rejects. Casey runs the show and this poor little girl was a tool to do the job. “What can be given can be taken away”? WTF, you know she is talking about her “authority” to kill her baby. I wonder who she learned that from, the bully George? How he must have freaked out as he learned that his daughter is the town bike. Maybe a little “payback” for daddy? I think Von Kitty is right on with the “punishment” for Cindy. That baby meant nothing to that wh@re Casey. Worthless pukes the whole lot. Keep protesting until someone in that family talks.

    22. misskatie on September 9th, 2008 1:01 pm

      I agree with you that casey killed the thing cindy loved the most..
      but right now cindy isnt acting like caylee meant that much to her.. shes nuts… you continue to see her outside with a hammer.. putting stakes in the ground and chewing away on her gum… like a mad cow!!! she is in total denial… acting loonier than her daughter … if that’s possible.. her demeanor is totaly bazaar… total denial… this family needs a reality check!! and aI think they are about to get one~!!!! casey will be held accountable … the police will charge her they are just gathering evidence.. the comments of the bailsbondsman made alot of sense.. he went there thinking he was going to get her to talk and she led him to believe that the police were wrong and that she would open up to him…
      he is now convinced of her guilt along with many of us.. they have been given the benefit of a doubt and took advantage… theres definetely somethin abnormal in that family… and casey and her brother giving high 5′s is totaly bazaar… I see nooooooooo remorse….no sadness… no worry if her daughter is missing by way of kidnap!! which I doubt 100%…
      she can smirk all she wants but she will get that grin taken off her face when she is held accountable by law for caylees death… the baby didnt deserve to be killed… she was an innocent child… and than you have those wackos defending her knowing she killed caylee.. what a mess of family dynamics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Bearlyhere on September 9th, 2008 1:15 pm

      Carpe: I have to disagree with you, you should have said,

      He broke the law…again.

      Fozzie just sayin’

    24. BUN on September 9th, 2008 1:39 pm

      Casey and Lee should YUK it up and party down ’cause I think the end is in sight…there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel and it is a train coming their way in the form of a murder charge!!!

    25. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 1:42 pm

      Where is Caylee?

      Where is George the bullying/ill-tempered/unfaithful/carousing/he was probably a lousy cop anyway/i love to beat up old ladies/ can’t handle the stress of my embarrasing daughte AND wife? Oh, that’s right—he’s guarding his precious lawn instead of out looking for his Grandaughter that his wife swears is still alive.

      Is this some kind of a sick joke gone way out of control? You bet it is. Enjoy the ride, George. Remember how you were going to leave your wife and were cheating on her anyway? Why back now playing the dedicated family man? Hmnn….something doesn’t make sense.

      Casey—-tick tock tick tock…tick tock….counting down the days till your trial. The noose is tightening…..

      Cindy Anthony—don’t go away mad….Just go away! You are completely dellusional and have issues that the American public is not responsible for fixing. Great parent you turned out to be! Not! Your family name is shit,and you played a pretty good hand in that. Please–just SHUT UP.


    26. mack on September 9th, 2008 2:34 pm

      you folks r mean..these Grandparents should not be trashed because they have a rotten “B” for a daughter..How insane!! They are Grandparents who love this little girl,Caylee,. I do not think they had anything to do w/what Casey the “B” did.REALLY all this anger outside the front door just distracts them from what/who they r really mad at..Let them alone and I think sitting in a silent house w/Casey may actually be benefical to solving this case..
      ANYONE really think they should leave Casey in the house and go search?I wouldn’t let her out of my site..Never mind the fact that out searching the Grandparents could become vitims because of folks Judgeing them so harshly..People and Glass houses after all!!

    27. Brenda (GA) on September 9th, 2008 3:20 pm

      To #14: Thank you, Brenda for the info.

      I found this articke on jurorthirteen….

      According to the man who drove Casey Anthony around during the time she was first released on bond said that Casey told him she left three year old Caylee with her babysitter at Blanchard Park in East Orange County.

      According to Rob Dick, the story Casey told him was that she had left Caylee with Zenaida Fernandez –Gonzalez and Gonzalez’s sister Samantha at Blanchard Park in East Orange County, and according to Dick, Casey Anthony was given a ‘script’ to use for 30 days that would be used to explain Caylee’s disappearance to Casey’s parents and the authorities.

      Casey lost the script.


    28. Brenda (GA) on September 9th, 2008 3:21 pm

      Eyewitness News also learned Cindy Anthony had gone to a counselor who told her to kick Casey out. Cindy was worried Casey would take Caylee with her, so the counselor told her to try to get legal custody of Caylee.

      Before that could happen, Casey and Caylee left and Cindy believed Casey kept Caylee out of touch just to punish her.

      Now the question is… How far would Casey go to punish her mother?

      Cindy had to have known what a liar her daughter was and is. There never was a real babysitter, that we know of. Was a bottle of Chloroform and the trunk of a car the baby sitter?

      I have another question. Do we really know that the trunk was empty when George Anthony opened it? Could a body have been carried to their backyard, temporarily? I suppose anything’s possible.

    29. Sharon Chicago on September 9th, 2008 3:25 pm

      I would like to know what crazy woven story Casey told her family members that they seem
      to think she is not “lieing on this one”?????
      Since she lied constantly….

      The fact that she was silent for one month and not reaching out for help but guzzling down the beers at the pub tells everyone that she was not too worried…

    30. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 3:33 pm

      #26- Mack~~~ No one wants to be “mean” to the Grandparents—we’re just tired of them spewing their venom at kind people who want to help them find this babygirl…

      PS—Got one word for you—do you know what it is?

      E N A B L E R

      Look it up! Also, they are in complete denial and they both LIE. So maybe if Cindy would shut her big, nasty mouth- people would not be protesting outside her home right now. Cindy is nuttier than squirrel poop which is where her murdering/lying daughter Casey got all of her various psychosis from. George is a bully.


    31. Brenda (GA) on September 9th, 2008 3:36 pm

      To #16: I actually went onto that site but it didnt show all of stages of decomp.

      I searched another site and all they had was PIGS w/ diff stages of decomp.


    32. chrissy on September 9th, 2008 4:18 pm

      Notice in the pics from today of her going to her atty’s office she’s wearing a find caylee shirt and she has the bottom back part of it tied! Why? That’s what females do when they don’t want the shirt they’re wearing to cover their butt, so they can show their butt off!
      Again, sick, sick, sick!!
      Casey, u r really have ur priorities so very screwed up, oh and by the way any guy who’d want u would have to be just as sick as u. IMO!
      Quit worrying what ur behind looks like in shorts and tying back the shirt of ur “missing” daughter, u should be concerned about that little girl on ur shirt, not what ur butt looks like! My Gawd!!

    33. Maggie on September 9th, 2008 4:49 pm

      The Hi-five signal and laughing is sick.. as sick as Anita laughing on ABC when she said he put the girl on the beach..

      The other sickening thing is watching the video look at Cindy Anthony… smiling away, chewing her gum and pounding stakes as if no care in the world.

      This kind of reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

    34. Just Bearly on September 9th, 2008 6:26 pm

      RE #33-

      I hereby dub the Anthony home- The Bates Motel

    35. A New Girl on September 9th, 2008 6:47 pm

      #32-Chrissy- Casey is not going to have to worry about pimping herself out for a man again anytime soon.

      Besides, when that butt she is trying to show off ends up in the slammer- she’s going to have many new admirers….but they won’t be male. lol More over, though some one will claim her in the can—most con’s DESPISE child killers or those who harm children. Gulp……she is not getting off on this! I’m convinced there is not a jury in the land that will not convict her even with only the information that is public now.


      PS- Can someone set up a fund for donations so that Cindy Anthony can get a full psychiatric evaluation and some mental health care? She just acts battier every day…..really wierd. Not what the typical Grandmother of a missing child would be acting like.

    36. Brenda (GA) on September 9th, 2008 6:57 pm

      Hi everyone, My name is Brenda and I am from GA. Can you please updated me on the next search for caylee? I would like to come down and help serach for this precious lil girl. This Case has consumed my daily activities. I would like to help search for tis lil girl.

      If yoy find anything search info please email me at I will be onm the next plane to hekp search for her.

    37. brie. on September 9th, 2008 9:03 pm

      George is really getting irritable these days, I guess he’s not having any fun with his girlfriend….Things must of been brewing in that household before Caylee went missing…Maybe Cindy kicked out Casey and George around the same time…

      The latest is…now the neighbors are going through the garbage left out for pickup looking for clues…and some neighbors are putting their homes up for sale but they are having trouble selling them…

    38. ann on September 9th, 2008 10:27 pm

      Mack – I think we are in agreement.

      A new girl – So, you think those protesters are kind people who want to help??? Now that is a interesting way to think ?? That is not my definition of kind people. Tim Miller is a kind person. If you have never been the grandmother of a missing child, and I hope no one here ever has been or will be, then I do not think any of us know what is like to be in Cindy shoes or how we would act. Sure she is in denial, that is the first stage of grief. She is holding out hope and even if there is only a 1% chance that Caylee is alive someone needs to have that hope and not give up. I do believe she is most likely dead…but what if she is not. The test from the body farm is pretty convincing, but how accurate is that test? I just had a loved one diagnossed with a deadly disease. The test he was given is 98% accurate. Well, it was wrong. So, tests can be wrong even very accurate ones.

    39. maryd on September 9th, 2008 11:22 pm

      I think Cindy was in therapy trying to deal with a seriously disturbed daughter. She was trying to implement tough love. Most likley it went against her grain to do so. I think she threatened Casey with reporting her thefts and maybe getting custody of Caylee on June 15th. Unfortunatly her daughter is totally abusive and self centered and the plan backfired. Casey is void of ethics and morals it seems, she wants her way and that’s it. She probably ran out of the house with her daughter crying and in her rage she shut her up.

      I think Cindy was still trying the tough love routine when she called 911 and reported her daughter for stealing her car. I think she subconciously knew something was very wrong. She couldn’t face it. When Casey came up with the Zenaida bull story Cindy latched onto it for dear life. Since than she has reverted to her old enabling habits to the max and is too traumitized to let go.

      In a way I feel sorry for her, I think she loved her granddaughter, but she can’t face losing her grandchild, her daughter and most likely her husband.

      At this point I think the Authorities will have to find justice for Caylee without the Grandparents help, and I think they will.

      Maybe it is time for the protestors to go home and deal with their own personal problems and let the authorities deal with the sins of the Anthony’s.

      In the meantime let’s keep Caylee in our hearts.

    40. b. smith on September 9th, 2008 11:53 pm

      the happy brother and sister were celebrating the millon $$$ book deal they are being offered!! why do you think cindy & grorge need high profile media savy attorny– story on nacy grace and chanel 9 news out of orlando tonight!

    41. mary on September 10th, 2008 1:10 am

      it is obvious that cindy is clueless in this whole thing, but not the bully george. after my sister read the whole 400 page investigation we did a time line and realized that george has been covering up for casey from the beginning. he must have found the babies body in the car with the gas cans and then buried it for casey and continued to cover up from there. It has been said that george has been molesting casey from the time she was little, and that it is likely he is the father of caylee. casey probably used that to make him help her, and now he cant say anything or he will go to prison too.

    42. Carpe on September 10th, 2008 2:41 am

      Orlando Sentinel-

      Mark NeJame, a well-known criminal-defense attorney, was to appear this morning on NBC’s Today show and other programs that have featured Caylee’s disappearance since it became public in mid-July.


      EquuSearch did indicate clearly from the beginning that they were going to search for a live Caylee and that turned. And George and Cindy are very appreciative . . . for the people who have gone out there to search the fields. . . . People say why aren’t they out there joining them? People think if [George and Cindy Anthony] put a shovel in a ground or if they go out searching for a dead body, then they admitted that Caylee is no longer with them to themselves and the universe. They don’t believe that. For those who want to help, they bless them, but there is another group of people who are searching for a living Caylee. . . . Just don’t beat them up over it if they have hope that their granddaughter is still with us.


      Yo Mark,

      Is Turtle Wax considered a search expense? ‘Cuz your pal George Anthony was out searching for Caylee by buffing his car this morning.

      “Don’t Believe Da Hype!”
      - Philosopher / Flava Flav

    43. Cathy on September 10th, 2008 4:41 am

      It looks like from the pictures that Casey has gained weight, could it be that she is going to have another baby? Could be why the Anthonys are protecting her..

    44. mary on September 10th, 2008 4:59 am

      the other day there was a blog on here that said
      “things are not always what they seem” These are exactly the words that Baez said ages ago.I’m wondering if Casey is using his computer at the office to blog or whatever. Also is she meeting anyone at his office????If I were the police I’d
      be monitoring licence plates. Sometimes I wonder
      if this is one big scam, so they can sue everyone
      possible. Just a few wild thoughts?????

    45. mary on September 10th, 2008 5:25 am

      Just noticed something, Lee was carrying Casey’s
      computer for her on the way into Baez’s office. I
      wonder if shes going to leave it there 5 days and take it home on week-ends, or does she go there 7
      days a week

    46. Tristan on September 10th, 2008 6:04 am

      #38-Ann—I am not at all saying that people getting violent or nasty in front of the home are kind. We all know what type of a man Tim Miller/TES is—he’s somewhat of a hero here @ SM.

      What I am saying Ann, is that Cindy Anthony has been saying some rude, disrespectful and downright UNNAPPRECIATIVE things in the press and interviews and with all these fancy spokespeople they have now—can’t someone tell her to shut up?
      She has issues, and if she wants to lie and remain in denial after all the evidence about her Grandaughter—how is anyone going to sympathize with this woman. ANN ! Wake up! She called 911 in the begginning and said it smelled like there was a dead body in the car!!

      Carpe is right! Don’t believe the hype! You can tell from their actions and inactions—the Anthony’s are just going through the motions. I’m sorry there life is hell right now but they are actually harboring and protecting a CRIMINAL, their daughter. Slice and dice it anyway you want, I say the protestors should stay and I feel bad for the other homeowners in the neighborhood. They have to live with it too. It would all be over if Casey would come clean…

      Why does she need to go see her lawyer for 6-8 hours EVERY DAY NOW?????????????????????? For someone who is not talking or helping the investigation any—seems like an awful lot of time to be sitting in her Attorney’s office. They’re going to need it to contrive their defense I imagine. Forensic matter and DNA does not lie! She will be sentenced to life and she deserves it. If they can get murder one…isn’t there the death penalty in FL? If a body of poor Caylee cannot be recovered, they probably won’t go for that charge….We’ll see.

      Either way- Casey is doing hard time and I love it. Even that cannot replace the life of an innocent child who had no choice or no voice!


    47. Sharon Chicago on September 10th, 2008 7:55 am

      Cindy must have told her physcologist some really revieling things about Casey to make
      her say kick her out of the house and file
      for custody of the child.

      This tells me that Casey was abusive to her

      A lot will come out in court once that arrest
      Casey for murder. She is headed in that direction quickly!

      Little Caylee looks just like George. I thought that the moment I saw her.

    48. Jessica on September 10th, 2008 1:26 pm

      This family should have no peace until they stop protecting their baby killing daughter. They need to beat the truth out of her if that’s what it takes. If they remain emotionless and defensive they only continue to fan the flames. It’s sad that we love Caylee more than her own family did. She deserved better and justice will be served on this whole family.

      R.I.P. Caylee

    49. Moira Davies on September 11th, 2008 10:26 am

      I just watched the video of Lee Anthony grabbing the sign of that protester with the dog. He smashed it all up kind of, he seemed to lack the muscle to do it and threw it not in his garbage but his neighbour next door. He then came back and emptied out the poor dogs water bowl. He is just acting the same as his father and I thought he was the only sane one in the family. The protester was not making any noise, she was just sitting there. I really think they should put Casey back in jail or move her to a unknown location because the Anthony’s are like a powder keg ready to blow and someone is going to get hurt of killed.

    50. mack on September 15th, 2008 1:17 pm

      hey a new girl.. do you know what it means? All these prople out protesting are enableing the family to focus the anger on them and not casey..get it? And yes cindy and george are diluted BUT they are greif know how you would react? You really think they aren’t asking her questions?

    51. O.M.G on September 22nd, 2008 6:37 pm

      Wow, you people are crazy! Protestors 24/7? How do you know what happened? Oh that’s right, you don’t. Maybe one of the protestors killed Caylee?


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