Casey Anthony Investigation: Some of the 400 Released Documents … Statement from Jesse Grund


The following is just three pages of the more than 400 pages that were released yesterday in the Casey Anthony investigation. The question still remains, WHERE IS CAYLEE ANTHONY?


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    20 Responses to “Casey Anthony Investigation: Some of the 400 Released Documents … Statement from Jesse Grund”

    1. Von Kitty Kat on August 26th, 2008 12:06 pm

      I read most of this stuff last night and for the first time, I felt sorry for Casey. I think she was living in the car as she had no where else to go and no one to turn to. She had burned her bridges with everyone. What her friends say about her describes a girl in need of serious help and here she was out on her own with no resources or the capabilities to look after her kiddo. If she was living in the car, ( she had to take a shower at Jesse’s ), then maybe there was an accident with the baby becasue of the heat. Is there anywhere around there where she could have been parked and sort of camping ?
      This girl is a candidate for dimished capacity and she should be seen by a mental health worker. Never thought I would ever feel any sympathy for her, but I do.

    2. A New Girl on August 26th, 2008 3:05 pm

      I’m sorry, but as a Mother- I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for a HS Dropout who lies, steals, gets pregnant supposedly from a one-night-stand- then uses every person she comes across in her messed up life. Nor, do I have any sympathy for the Mother or Father now…this is the daughter they raised and enabled!

      Who I do feel sorry for is that poor child. Why doesn’t she have a voice? Irresponsibility and mental instability, insecurity are all not reason enough that this child had to suffer or pay with her own life.

      Casey is a insult to all those single Mothers out there who DO put their children first, work hard to get by and do not make excuses for themselves!!! I don’t care, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior and now Casey gets whatever she deserves leftover in her miserable life.

      HAVE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!!! I am sick to death of all the BS and excuses—there are NONE. An accident is an accident, but now this low-life is screwed, and rightfully so!


    3. Von Kitty Kat on August 26th, 2008 3:38 pm

      Hey, I just said I had felt sorry for her…
      not saying what she did, does, is going to do is ok, just after reading that, I felt very sorry for her.
      Another thing, if the fight with Cindy & George was about them taking the baby Casey didn’t want anyway, why the fight ? Take her, she’s yours ?
      Gimme some money, I’m gone would have been Casey’s answer.

    4. maryd on August 26th, 2008 6:48 pm

      About the fight, my impression is;

      Casey was lying about working and they found out. The parents were tired of doing all the childcare. Than when they discovered Casey was robbing them blind they got really mad. They probably threatened her to get a job or we won’t take care of your child at night when she wanted to go party. Casey was furious so she said F u and took her daughter with her calling their bluff.

      Unfortunatly she has no idea how to be responsible. So she continued her usual behavior by using everyone she could, lying to them all and stealing from them all. As per Tony’s statement to LE, Casey continued fighting with her parents on the phone. Who knows what they threatened her with, maybe they said they were going to fight her for custody of Caylee, and press charges on the theft. So to be spiteful in her power trip with them she pulled the ultimate power play response and eliminated the source of the probem. Just my opinion.

      However, when the parents realized something really bad may have happened they realized how sick Casey was and decided to back her in her lies. Cindy may feel powerless with no one left to control. So to compensate for her losses she is trying to control the media, LE and of course George. It seems dysfunction may have finally come to a very tragic end in this charade.

    5. A New Girl on August 26th, 2008 7:01 pm

      #3- Von Kitty- While I can understand and appreciate your compassion for a troubled human being, like I said- it angers me that the victim in this case (an innocent child) has no voice.

      She is the our hearts go out to for sure.

      I hope Tim Miller & Texas Equusearch can find something, but-when the previous cadaver dogs got a hit in the car trunk and smelled something in the backyard as well…I’m afraid that is when my hopes sank. Not trying to sound like a bitter pessimist…just going on gut instinct.

    6. Xenu on August 26th, 2008 7:35 pm

      EPIC pix of Casey Anthony partying in a variety of settings on a variety of occasions, plus speculation about who Caylee’s father might be:

    7. pbaileyjame on August 27th, 2008 11:35 am

      To Von kitty

      This is the problem…
      Casey has always been enabled and she used this child as bargaining chip… no one ever threatened to throw her out etc.. I think they were to afraid to, for Caylee’s sake,
      now they are playing along with this charade hoping against hope that Caylee is still alive.
      but I believe after all this comes out it will show
      that Caylee died accidentally, still needs parents to have a life and pay the bills
      so this is the story she thought out,
      sad part is the forensic evidence will prove the little one is gone, unless there was another bocy decomposing in the trunk,
      when questioned the guy who towed her car said the last time he smelled a car like that someone committed suicide in it…..
      God bless Caley
      and put Casey in safe place so she can no longer rob her grandma parents friends,
      blame people who can’t defend themselves
      like Jesus Ortiz
      and let her family get on with the grieving process
      there is help for sociopaths —they need to be isolated , that is what therapists document..

    8. stoney on August 27th, 2008 12:10 pm

      where did the pages of the documents go? why were they removed

    9. Sue on August 27th, 2008 1:58 pm

      I see now that Mr. Paddilla (bondsman) is sorry he got involved with this tragic situation. Could’nt he revoke the bail at any time and Casey would be sent back to jail? She is not cooperating at all anyway, and continues to remain mute as to the whereabouts of her daughter.

    10. Julie on August 27th, 2008 2:10 pm

      Has anyone seen or heard anything for George or Cindy since Casey was released from jail? I have not and I find that very interesting that you do not see them plastered over every news channel and doing interviews anymore about finding Caylee nor have I seen them hitting the streets and pounding the pavemnet with their flyers and the billboard George was towing around everywhere. Seems to me, Casey is home, so we will stop the looking and pleading for Caylee’s safe return now. Just a thought. I pray this little child will be found alive, but I have my fears that she will not be.

    11. bea on August 27th, 2008 10:03 pm

      The ploy Casey used about the babysitter is coming into play now. She planted the seed of her stealng Caylee, so she could pin this murder on her. Pathological liar that she is, has ruined lives and a beautiful little girl will never know a life, because this murderer killed her. I hope Casey Anthony gets the lethal injection and quickly I may add.
      God bless little Caylee, and welcome her into the Light.
      bea, chicago, IL

    12. april on August 28th, 2008 8:48 am

      I myself have a daughter who is SO MUCH like Casey that it scares the heck out of me! She has a daughter only 3 months younger than Caylee.
      My husband and I have our granddaughter 95% of the time. The 5% that our daughter has our granddaughter we are petrified that something like this could happen to our little sweetheart.
      Have we enabled our daughter to behave like this? Perhaps on some levels yes. However as an adolescent we provided her with in patient and out patient therapy. We did everything the professionals told us to do. It just seemed to give our daughter more power over us. Then when she had her daughter well she really quickly learned how to use this sweet child as a bartering chip, a pawn some would say. I am expressing our own experience so that perhaps some that are judging the grandparents will try to understand that everything we do as grandparents we do out of LOVE for our grandchildren. It is NO ones fault that Casey or any person for that fact is mentally ill.
      My heart breaks for Caylee AND for her grandparents.
      I feel certain that Casey did not mean to kill Caylee. Sadly the fact remains that she DID and she should be punished to the full extent of the law. God forbid this happen in our family as it would be me sitting on death row for I fear I would snap and take the life of my own daughter if she took the life of our granddaughter. I feel proud of these grandparents for NOT taking the law into their own hands. Until you are a grandparent,especially a hands on grandparent like we are, you have no clue of the love and bond you have for these grand babies. It is all SO very sad and tragic. Upon that statement we all agree.

    13. R U Kidding Me? on August 28th, 2008 10:23 am

      Reality check time.

      Not a SHRED of mercy or compassion for that unspeakable monster Casey Anthony for what she did to that little girl! Unless, of course, you also believe in feeling sorry for Adolf Hitler.

      And Casey’s STUPID, LYING parents do not deserve any pity at all. All they have done is cover up her crime. And waste public resources staging a phony “search” for this poor dead child. Where is their sense of decency??? A month is a really long time to keep a charade going.

      Casey Anthony killed her daughter and then LIED< LIED AND LIED SOME MORE because she is a spoiled, narcissistic, vindictive, hedonistic, criminal slut who thought she could get away with it. I believe she destroyed Caylee’s body and has a sense of calm that it will never be discovered.

      And the damning trail of pictures proves that Casey cared not a HOOT about her supposedly “missing” kid, didn’t have one pang of guilt or stab of conscience or tear to shed.

      I personally believe that George is the father of Caylee and the incestuous affair between them is what Cindy was talking about when she referred to being “betrayed” by Casey.

      I believe that Casey — who was balancing screwing FOUR guys simultaneously — has already had sex with Jose Baez in his office. She is such a disgusting slut and he is such a complete slimebag moron. Besides, I cannot figure out what the hell else took 7 hours the other day.

      And speaking of Baez, he is the most unprofessional, ridiculous excuse for a lawyer I have ever seen. He should change his last name to Bozo.

      Proof of a dead body in the trunk of Casey’s care, proof that hair samples belonged to Caylee in the car, 400 pages of a police investigation that only offers more proof of her guilt…we’ll see another arrest warrant being issued very soon.

      For murder. Or homicide at the very least.

      Tomorrow’s the day.

      Caylee…millions of strangers around the world have been following this story and know the fate you have befallen at the hands of someone who didn’t deserve to even change one of your diapers.

      Little Caylee Marie Anthony, I know that you are being watched over by angels, playing in a heavenly sandbox, being protected by the Creator, granted an eternity of peace for the torment you suffered on earth.

      Rest in peace little child.

    14. Tess on August 31st, 2008 12:41 am

      I have been following this case since the beginning and knew in my heart that this beautiful little girl Caylee, was most probably dead, and that her mother Casey, was obviously a sociopath. So even when I heard that the forensics came back and confirmed decomp in the trunk of her car, I couldn’t help but cry.

      I have watched with disgust and with morbid fascination as this case unfolds. The lies this girl is spinning and how she displays a complete lack of care or concern for her missing child is like watching Scott Peterson all over again.

      While I can not judge her parents, or even pretend to understand mental illness, the one thing I just can’t understand is why would Cindy, Casey’s mother, have convinced her daughter to keep a baby she obviously didn’t want?! Especially considering Cindy herself has called her daughter a “sociopath/psychopath” and warned Casey’s friends to stay clear of her. Did she honestly think motherhood was the cure for her sick daughter?

      Why if Cindy knew her daughter was mentally unstable, would she ever have convinced Casey to keep Caylee when she wanted to give her up for adoption? Knowing what a selfish, narcisstic person Casey was, she should have just let her give Caylee up for adoption and let Casey live the life she wanted while giving that little girl a better chance at a happy life.

      Now a family is destroyed and an innocent little girl is dead. I am so sorry for the grandparents and the tragic loss they are now facing, but shame on you Cindy Anthony for putting your own selfish needs ahead of your unborn grandchild. If you wanted a 2nd chance at motherhood then you should have stepped up to the plate and adopted Caylee as your own and sent Casey packing.

      Did you honestly think this story would have a happy ending?

      Rest in peace Caylee.

    15. Kit G on September 2nd, 2008 6:23 pm

      Alot of evidence will be thrown out in this case. Baez will make it look like OCSO made mistakes or he may say they are covering for someone besides Casey. If a body is found, they will keep reiterating that the nanny or Casey’s “friend who betrayed her” did whatever happened to Caylee and this will be aimed at the hispanic women. That is their entire strategy to show reasonable doubt by placing the blame on someone else. I pray they find camera footage of her with Caylee at stores or just traffic shots which may show Caylee in a car seat one day and then no Caylee the next day to really determine when this child disappeared. Also, I pray they have looked at all cell numbers on Casey’s, Cindy’s and George’s cell records since Cindy says she texted or spoke with Casey daily. They should be able to read those texts in full detail if she had an accomplice in destroying the evidence.

    16. Colleen on September 2nd, 2008 8:46 pm

      I believe that George found more then just gas cans in the back of the trunk that day & buried Caylee in the backyard,under the new concrete slab he laid July 3rd. EquuSearch needs to dig under the slab. I bet they’ll find her there, because the whole family is in on it.

    17. rds on September 9th, 2008 1:54 am

      This is a case where water-boarding would come in handy!!!

    18. carolyn on September 9th, 2008 6:23 pm

      everyone has it ruff that doesnt give you the right to harm your child my mom raised 4 kids when my dad left he took every penny we had and the car he had not paid on the morgage in 5 months we had nothing but each other we ranged in age from 2 to 10 we made it and my mom never thought of getting rid of us so if you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for caylee.

    19. maria on June 30th, 2011 3:43 pm

      Von Kitty Kat, you gota be out of your mind felling sorry for a mom who kills her daughter. I agree 100% with you Carolyn “so if you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for caylee”. Rest in peace little Caylee your mom is getting what she deserves, jail!!!

    20. whatever on July 19th, 2011 12:16 pm

      in this country we say innocent untill proven guilty. Nobody knows what really happended you don’t know if it was intentional or an accident. I know that little girl did not deserve to die but god has a reason for everything and now she is with god. Parents have a way to make there children so terrified to tell what happened that they hide from the truth. I beleive Casey’s parents were so hard on her growing up that she was scared to tell them what happened. As parents we need to listen to our kids and not make them so scared to talk to us.
      SM: Please … you lose any benefit of the doubt when you do not report your child is dead for 31 days and go clubbing, drinking and porking. Sorry, especially when you then try and say others did it when Casey knew all along that Caylee was dead in a swamp, thrown out like a bag of trash.

      Sorry, there are no excuses for that behavior.

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