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    3 Responses to “Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Friday, August 22, 2008 – Casey Anthony Media Swarm Becomes A Circus”

    1. Scared Monkeys on August 22nd, 2008 5:22 am

      Becomes a circus?

      Unfortunately, this case became a circus a while ago when getting Casey out of jail became more of a concern than finding little Caylee.


    2. Richard on August 22nd, 2008 5:53 am

      I’m not prejudging guilt or innocence, but is there any danger that this flurry of media coverage will prompt some unbalanced types to do something to get similar attention?

      As far as I know, the basic facts remain the same: the little girl was missing, and still is missing.

      What’s relevant here is the search for her.

    3. Maggie on August 22nd, 2008 4:31 pm

      The Anthony family and the people they have involved in this case, that is the lead part of the circus. Just like Aruba.

      Hard for me to believe Caylee is alive knowing all of this..

      On the first call, a crying Cynthia Anthony tells the dispatcher, “I have someone here that needs to be arrested in my home and I have a possibly missing child. I have a 3-year-old that’s been missing for a month.”

      “Have you reported that?” the dispatcher asks Cynthia.

      “I’m trying to do that now, ma’am,” Cynthia replies.

      “What did the person do that you need arrested?” the dispatcher asks.

      “My daughter,” Cynthia replies. “For stealing an auto and stealing some money.”

      Cindy Anthony frantically asked the dispatcher to send deputies to her Lee Vista-area home because “I found out my granddaughter has been taken, she has been missing for a month. Her mother finally admitted that she’s been missing. . . Oh. My God, they finally admitted that the baby sitter stole her. I need to find her.”

      And, then, the most chilling passage in the 4 1/2-minute recording:

      “I told you my daughter was missing for a month. I just found her today, but I can’t find my granddaughter . . . There’s something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smelled like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.” (Plus cindy washed the pants from the car that smelled like a dead body)

      (Earlier this week, after Casey Anthony’s bail hearing, Cindy Anthony emphatically told reporters that the smell in the car was not one of human decomposition but that it came from a pizza that had been left in the car for some time. Cindy Anthony said she stands by her daughter. When asked about her conflicting statements on the smell inside the trunk of the car, she said she initially believed something might have died in there: “It could have been a squirrel.) Squirrel?? lordy , lordy..

      Cindy Anthony on Larry King Show ..
      Cindy told King she thinks she knows who has the toddler, but was on the defensive again about the day she called 911.

      “I said whatever I needed to do to get the authorities to come help me,” Cindy Anthony said. “I worked on whatever I could to get them out there, so I’m not a liar. I just stretched the truth a little bit. The car wasn’t where it was supposed to be, so I said it was stolen, because I didn’t have any reason to come to my house. That doesn’t make me a liar or a murderer, and that doesn’t make my daughter either, just because she had some mistruths.”(Does this make sense? She lied to get the police to come to her house, because she had no reason for them to come??? Why not say heyyy my grandchild is missing for 31 days.. The whole family is cuckooooo..

      During that call, the dispatcher asked to speak to Casey Anthony. She was composed and unemotional throughout the conversation:

      Dispatcher: Can you tell me a little bit what’s going on?

      Casey: My daughter’s been missing for the last 31 days.

      Dispatcher: And you know who has her?

      Casey: I know who has her; I’ve tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today, now from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter, for about a moment, about a minute.”

      (Casey Anthony told investigators she received a brief call from 2-year-old Caylee about noon July 15, the day the child was reported missing. Investigators subpoenaed Anthony’s cell-phone records and found no such call. The two closest incoming calls came from her boyfriend at 12:13 a.m., and from someone named Kyle about 3:35 p.m.)(Amy L. Edwards and Bianca Prieto
      Sentinel Staff Writers)

      “You left your 2-year-old child Caylee Anthony with a person who does not exist, at an apartment you can not identify and you lied to your parents and friends concerning your child’s whereabouts,” Judge John Jordan said during the bond hearing for Casey Anthony. “You didn’t even report her missing until five weeks later and then only because the child’s grandmother insisted.”(Well said judge)

      The lead detective in the case, Yuri Melich, took the stand and talked about the search of Casey Anthony’s car. He said hair samples similar to the color and length of Caylee’s hair were found in the trunk of the car and the car smelled of decomposition. He also talked about a shovel that Casey Anthony borrowed from a neighbor and had her car backed up to the garage, and that some dirt found in the trunk of her car needs to be processed. He said the cadaver dog appeared to be alerted when searching the car and the Anthonys home. Cpl. Yuri Melich of the missing-persons unit. “As I received information, and relayed it to the defendant after her arrest, she continued to claim ignorance and, at times, laughed about the situation. She failed to show any outward signs of remorse or concern for her missing two-year-old daughter.”

      Alleged Lie #1 – On or around June 9, Casey told her parents that she had arranged for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez to babysit Caylee so she could go on a business trip as a requirement of her employment with Universal Studios. She later changed her story and stated that she was going on a short vacation with friends. Meanwhile, Casey told her friends that Caylee had gone on a vacation with her babysitter.
      Alleged Lie #2 – Casey offered a variety of explanations with regard to Caylee’s whereabouts until July 15 when she claimed that her daughter had been abducted by her babysitter approximately 31 days prior to that date.

      Alleged Lie #3 – Casey told investigators that she had not seen Caylee since June 9 when she dropped her off with her babysitter. However, when they went to the apartment complex in which Fernandez-Gonzalez reportedly lived, investigators discovered that the apartment had been vacant for several months. (Feb)

      Alleged Lie #4 – Casey told investigators that Fernandez-Gonzalez had also lived at a complex on North Hillside Drive. However, when they went to the location, they discovered that it was a senior living facility.

      Alleged Lie #5 – Casey told Investigators that Fernandez-Gonzalez’s mother lived in The Crossings at Conway, a community in Orlando. However, when they went to the community, they were unable to find anyone who knew an individual with the last name Fernandez-Gonzalez.

      Alleged Lie #6 – Casey gave investigators the name of a woman who she said was a roommate of Fernandez-Gonzalez. Casey reported that the woman worked as a waitress at T.G.I. Friday’s. However, when they spoke with the manager of the restaurant, they learned that no such person had been employed there.

      Alleged Lie #7 – Casey told investigators that she worked at Universal Studios. However, the company had no record of her employment. When investigators took Casey to Universal Studios so that she could show them where she worked, she finally admitted that she was not an employee of the company.

      (Lie: She claimed she worked full time at Universal Studios — the reason she needed a baby sitter.

      Truth: Theme-park officials said Thursday that Anthony has never been an employee.)

      Alleged Lie #8 – Casey told investigators that she had received a call from Caylee on July 15. However, when they subpoenaed her telephone records, they found no evidence to support her claim.

      Alleged Lie #9 – Casey told investigators that two people, both employees of Kodak, were aware of Caylee’s disappearance. When they contacted the company, they learned that no such individuals were employed by Kodak.

      Alleged Lie #10 – Casey told her family that Caylee would be home for her third birthday on August 9


      Casey Anthony was angry. Her voice was cold. All she wanted was her boyfriend’s telephone number. In her jail call when she said everyone cared more about caylee than her.

      In her first jailhouse phone call, a 14-minute recording released Friday, the 22-year-old at the center of a missing-child case expressed little concern for her daughter’s whereabouts.

      During the call, made a few hours after her arrest, she cursed at her mother and brother and said she didn’t want anyone to go to her first court appearance. And when a friend got on the line and sobbed and pleaded with her to give up any information she had about 2-year-old Caylee Marie’s whereabouts, Anthony was annoyed.

      Friend: . . . If anything happened to Caylee, Casey, I’ll die. Do you understand? I’ll die. If anything . . .

      Anthony [speaking at the same time]: Oh well.

      Friend: . . . happens to that baby.

      Anthony: Oh, my God, calling you guys — a waste. Huge waste.

      Despite the comments made by Anthony’s mother, defense attorney Jose Baez maintains his client is “willing to cooperate fully” with law enforcement.

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