Little China Girls … International Olympic Committee (IOC) Launches Age Probe for China Gymnast He Kexin … Just count the Birthday Candles


Does anyone really believe this girl was 16? Earth to IOC … under age gymnasts is a performance enhancing drug!!!

Instead of playing the China National Anthem during the Female Gymnastic gold medal ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, they would have been better served to have played David Bowie’s “Little China Girl”.


After much uproar and skepticism over the Chinese under age gymnastic athletes, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to look into the allegations that many of the Chinese gymnasts may only be 14 years old.  In a sport like gymnastics where ever move, appearance, bobble, and look is scrutinised by judges not only during the event but via laptop computer after the event is over … the IOC can’t seem to be able to actually verify individual’s birth dates! Why don’t they just take a look at the last birthday cake and see how many candles are on it.? That is if gymnasts were allowed to eat cake. In the end, it took a blogger to bring the IOC to their knees and the cry for an investigation.


 China gymnast at 14 … Gateway Pundit


Suddenly she is 16

The International Olympic Committee has ordered an investigation into mounting allegations that Chinese authorities covered up the true age of their gold-medal winning gymnastics star because she was too young to compete.

An IOC official told The Times that because of “discrepancies” that have come to light about the age of He Kexin, the host nation’s darling who won gold in both team and individual events, an official inquiry has been launched that could result in the gymnast being stripped of her medals.

The investigation was triggered as a US computer expert claimed yesterday to have uncovered Chinese government documents that he says prove she is only 14 – making her ineligible to compete in the Olympics – rather than 16, as officials in Beijing insist is her age.

Local blogging hacker done good … Stryde hax. Its about time some one turned the tables and hacked the Chinese for a change.

In the Baidu cache, which apparently has not been hit with the scrub brush (yet), two spreadsheets published by the Chinese government on both list He Kexin’s birthday as 01-01-1994, making her 14 years old. For as long as these links work, you can access the documents directly, either using the directions and screenshots above, or these links: cache1 cache2

As the Gateway Pundit stated, “Reporters said the amount of evidence was insurmountable… No kidding!” Previously the Chinese were busted for scrubbing web sites of their female gymnasts age. The Jawa Report shoes further evidence from Chinese government web sites of their ages and that they cheated.

Beijing_ China Girl Age

Date of birth … 1994!

The IOC should be ashamed of themselves for not having the guts to prevent cheating. The question remains as to why there is not greater scrutiny of Olympic athlete’s age? If this was a question about performance enhancement drugs and blood doping the IOC would be all over it. Why not age? Every one knew that many of the China female gymnasts were under age and did nothing about it. They didn’t bat an eye.

She didn’t bat an eye. Chinese journalists generally knew that the gymnasts in question, He Kexin (two golds), Jiang Yuyuan (one gold), and Yang Yilin (one gold, two bronze) were underage by Federation International Gymnastics (FIG) rules. Indeed, as newspaper reports both inside and outside the country suggested, they were probably only 14 (the rules state that gymnasts must turn 16 in the year of the competition).

 ABC News:

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    28 Responses to “Little China Girls … International Olympic Committee (IOC) Launches Age Probe for China Gymnast He Kexin … Just count the Birthday Candles”

    1. Richard on August 22nd, 2008 11:05 am

      From what I’ve read, the IOC probe lasted only about a few hours. It then ruled that there was “no evidence” to contradict the word of the Chinese government.

      Shades of Aruba….

    2. brie. on August 22nd, 2008 11:08 am

      What are we doing over there anyway….all we get here from them is poisoned food….and deaths of people and animals….!!!!

      The ceremony was really spectacular but of course it is all of our money….

    3. buster on August 22nd, 2008 4:09 pm

      china should adopt aruba then they both can blow

    4. DengLinlinFan on August 22nd, 2008 5:19 pm

      My arguement is this,

      If I were the governing body for an event as big as the olympics, i would make damn sure that all of my contestants had checked out prior to BEGINNING their events in terms of age. Age is not like a drug test. you do not check for age before and after the events to see if everyone passes. You get it right before the events begin.

      If they had done that then we would not be going through this BS right now, Good Luck to the person that has to go up to little Miss Deng Linlin and say ” Give me that Gold Medal back little girl, You are a cheater ” and have to see the look on her little brokenhearted face.

    5. Juan on August 22nd, 2008 5:45 pm

      …..or the guilty look on her face, if she is not innocent @4

    6. MBS on August 22nd, 2008 7:12 pm

      Those little girls have no choice in the matter, they do what their government tells them to do. I don’t think those girls should be punished by taking away their medals, they competed and did an incredible job. The IOC should have done a thorough investigation before the competition, they knew there was a problem, and they decided to basically ignore it.

    7. on August 22nd, 2008 10:53 pm

      Sorry MBS, I disagree. Yes, the little girls did what their government told them, but no, they didn’t qualify for the medals therefore they should NOT get to keep them. A medal you didn’t earn isn’t yours to keep.

      Think of the American girls and others who were deprived of what they earned and the medal ceremony celebrating what they earned.

      Not only were these Chinese girls underage, but in many cases the judges outright “gave” them the competition by not judging them as harshly as they judged others.

      Bottom line: the IOC isn’t going to embarrass the host country by truly investigating this. It will probably take years if ever before justice is done. And then they will probably do what they did with the Canadian Skaters where they allowed the Russian couple to keep the gold medals they didn’t earn.

    8. Pmurph on August 22nd, 2008 11:18 pm

      China Gov can make them any age they want ,because they print the documents. No win here, only everybody know’s they are not telling the truth here. Anything to win!!

    9. DengLinlinFan on August 23rd, 2008 1:38 am, I Strongly DISAGREE with you.

      I am a fan of fair play just like the next person but W H Y ???????? were they allowed to begin competing if there were questions about their ages in the first place. To let them get all the away through the competion, have them WIN it, and only then start-up with this ” Gee, does’nt she look kind of young ” business, is just IDIOTIC.

      You know, had the US team actually beatin the Chinese Team than none of this would have been an issue, Corporate America would have been content, money would have been made, and everyone would have been Happy. But i guess we can’t sell as many boxes of “Wheaties” with young smiling Chinese faces on the cover now can we???

      If they had disqualified these “Little Girls” prior to the beginning of the competion then that would have been fine. But to let them begin and finish competing before starting this is complete NON-SENSE

      Ms. Karoli said it herself ” Bring them on, we will beat them at any age “. OOOOPPPPSSSS!!!! Ms. Karoli, you got your butt kicked and cannot deal with it. I know, lets start whining about the age issue AFTER THE FACT.


    10. Richard on August 23rd, 2008 8:15 am

      There’s always some rhetoric in sporting events. Remember that the French said they were going to smash everybody else in a swimming event … they didn’t reckon with Michael Phelps.

      This Chinese thing about the ages of the girls, though, along with the incident of having one girl in the opening ceremony lip-sync the words that another girl sung (because the second one wasn’t thought to be attractive enough to be on TV) is very disturbing. I also gather that there have been some charges of biased referees.

      I wonder if the Olympics is another ceremony that can survive in current times. It seems to me that the reported cost of $50 billion is just absurd, even though that included all sorts of things.

      Maybe the events, if they are to survive, have to be scaled down? Spending so much money on them seems obscene … and the resulting commercialism is sickening. But where today are things any different?

    11. DengLinlinFan on August 23rd, 2008 9:52 am

      If this was going to be such a Gigantic issue, Don’t you think the people running the olympics could have verified the “AGE’S” before the compition began.

      To let the Chinese team begin and FINISH the competion and then cry “FOUL” because a bunch of US Corporate sponsors are not happy with the out-come and won’t be able to sell quite as many Big-Mac’s or Boxes of Wheaties is just too damn bad.

      And SCREW the US Girls, they are a bunch of Brat’s.. China Earned the GOLD on the competion floor. To complain about it AFTER THE FACT is just to late..

      CHINA was Better, CHINA was MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL to watch, Stop CRYING, But,But,But They Cheated !!! and accept your defeat…
      SM: You are an A$$. You earn nothing when you cheat. Their ages were not verified … it was taken as fact and nothing was investigated. The IOC naively thought that countries would not lie. They thought wrong.

      I guess what you are saying is if the American gymnasts has been using performance enhancing drugs and had won the Gold then they would have earned it? I doubt it. The Chinese gymnasts were cheaters and nothing more. There are rules … they are supposed to be followed, except if you are from China. Maybe they would like to steal some more copywrited products as well?

      There is no way these girls were 16 and everyone knows it … it was obvious.

      Sad that cheating is rewarded when it comes to the Chinese. Trust me, if it were Americans that did this the UN would be involved in the investigation.

    12. DengLinlinFan on August 23rd, 2008 11:59 am

      Look SM:???

      Not once did I say that the girls “were 16″, I to can clearly tell that some of them are not. If you had read and truly tried to understand where I was coming from, you would see that my “problem” is that they ( The Chinese Team ) were allowed to begin competing in the first place. And Since they were ALLOWED TO BEGIN that in my mind is where the case is closed on this.

      Everyone just wants to keep skirting around the VALID point that i have posed with this ” CHEATERS, CHEATERS, CHEATERS -BOO HOO HOO ” Arguement. These Gymnist’s have been known about for quite sometime by everyone in the world of Gymnastics, I promise you they did not pop-out of thin air on 8-8-2008 and say ” Here we are, put us on the team ”

      And since the governing body of the olympics deemed that they were suitable to begin the competion, and they infact worked there little underaged rearends off and WON the competion. I find it incredibly Chicken Bleep and offensive that everyone decided to take a wait and see what happens approach to this. Had they finished in 2nd pl, or lower then the big powerful US team would have been content and happy. They may have even complimented the poor little Chinese girls for putting up a ” Heck of a fight ” all the while snickering behind there backs ” We Kicked there Butt’s ”

      Well Suprise!!! The wait and see approach BACKFIRED!!! And it was China that indeed handed out the butt kicking. So of course Big Mama Karolyi and her band of snot nosed, stuck-up, “we are the best”, spoiled Brats are VERY UnSatisfied with this outcome and are doing the only thing they can do. Mope and Pout and cry CHEATERS.

      So in the future, should the US want to avoid another butt kicking on the world stage they may want to file there grievances a little sooner and not wait to see if they get an outcome that they were not expecting.


      and everyone outside the USA knows it.

    13. Mike on August 23rd, 2008 8:04 pm

      No ones buying your crap Deng whatever….their ages where in question way before the olympics ever started….the IOC was to chicken to do anything about it and still are.

      By the way younger gymnists have a big advantage over the older ones…their more nimble…have less weight to move around and usually have less jitters. They also can suffer worst injuries….if one have severly injured herself would you fell the same way. China doesn’t give a rats ass if one of these girls got hurt…its just a machine over there that strips the kids from their homes just like the Soviets used too…..thats where they learnt it from.

      By the way you even admit their underage so you even admit their Cheaters. Its simple really….you either play buy the rules or your a cheater….don’t make excuses for the cheaters.

    14. Mary L. on August 23rd, 2008 9:31 pm

      The judging was suspect as well as the ages. What about the bronze medal in vault in which the Chinese gymnast landed one of hers on her knees while gymnasts who landed two vaults didn’t get a medal? Nastia was robbed on the uneven bars.

      It’s really ignorant to say that once the events are over the medals can’t be stripped later…The doping results always come in after the events.

      Yes, they were allowed to compete based on their passports, but if the passports were fake, the team should be disqualified. It’s the same thing as if they had taken illegal drugs and won a medal….These gymnasts were competing without the handicap of estrogen!

    15. buster on August 23rd, 2008 11:45 pm

      Yer full of crap whoflungdodo or what ever your name is !!! Leave it to the chinease to play unfair and ruin it for everyone and then deny it like the lead paint. What a bunch of ash hoes !!!
      Let bingjip be know as the Olympic Cheaters

    16. DengLinlinFan on August 24th, 2008 5:00 pm

      Well now allow me to retort if you would,

      Mike – It is pronounced ( DENG Lin Lin ) I know it is difficult to get someones name right when you do not care or have any respect for them, but I assure you she is a real human being and not a “Whatever”. I’ll bet if asked, you could probably get some of the American Girls names right because they are the only ones who really counted anyway right buddy??? Aside from that you did manage a few valid arguements that I appreciate. Yes, I would have been upset had one of the beautiful young ladies been hurt.

      Mary L. – You also brought some valid points that I appreciate, though I do not agree that administering a drug test and properly verifying someones age are quite the same thing. One is done after an event has concluded and the other is done well before the event begin’s and if there is ANY DOUBT regarding age you DO NOT let those individuals begin their events. China has 1.3 billion people, I think they could have come up with 3 or 4 alternate gymnist’s, just guessing on that one.

      Buster – : ) Buster, you make it too easy. You are obviously an absolute IDIOT, who would not know an Intelligent arguement if all 9 inches of it smacked you in the head. Please, feel free to crack open another Budweiser and then go jump on the bus because you do not want to be late for your job as janitor of your local McDonald’s. “whoflungdodo” I can’t believe you generated enough brain-power to come up with that blast. Way to go buddy.

      I will quote someone who found a more compelling arguement than the old ( CHEATERS, CHEATERS, CHEATERS ) ” You’re certainly right that the FIG should have taken care of the matter in advance–and probably the Americans should have made sure that they did so. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Perhaps the Americans raised the issue, but the FIG was not willing to pursue it. Perhaps they did not raise the issue in the way they should have. ”

      This was well thought out. Ultimately, the bottom line is this: The Chinese Womans/Girls Gymnastics Team has infact CHEATED. CHEATING is wrong and should not be rewarded. Fine, well let’s lock-up the little rule breakers in some work camp near outer Mongolia. There they can mine for coal or perhaps some other natural resources that will help keep all of our lightbulb’s running or keep us warm and comfortable during our harsh winter season.

      And by all means, let’s give the Gold Medal’s back to their rightful owners, The Heroic US team, who I promise you care more about their pending endorsment deals than actually winning Gold. I would have loved to have seen their pouting , sulking , moping faces on my next box of “Wheaties”, but I guess they would have needed to actually win the Gold for that, and they didn’t. And THAT is truely what this is all about.

      My previous point still stands – THIS IS SOUR GRAPES, MAKE NO MISTAKE.

      But I do welcome your thought’s and opinions.

    17. DengLinlinFan on August 25th, 2008 3:32 am

      In Defense of The Little One, The Incomprable Miss Deng Linlin.

      Offering a fresh new perspective on the topic that is sweeping the nation: SCREW the US girls, It is all about the young beautiful Chinese girls and what is ultimately best for them.

      Today’s topic – CHEATING

      The Chinese Womans/Girls Gymnastics Team has infact CHEATED. CHEATING is wrong and should not be rewarded. Fine, well let’s lock-up the little rule breakers in some work camp near outer Mongolia. There they can mine for coal or perhaps some other natural resources that will help keep all of our lightbulb’s running or keep us warm and comfortable during our harsh winter season.

      And by all means, let’s give the Gold Medal’s back to their rightful owners, The Heroic US team, who I promise you cares more about their pending endorsment deals than actually winning Gold Medals. I would have loved to have seen their Pouting , Sulking , Moping faces on my next box of “Wheaties”, but I guess they would have needed to actually win the Gold for that, and they didn’t. And THAT is truely what this is all about.

      No matter how you slice it the scoreboard reads:

      CHINA – GOLD

      USA – SILVER

      It would be best if the USA just accepted their defeat in the team event of womans gymnastics for 2008 and began practicing hard for those 2012 London Games, Where we assure you they will be dealt another swift beating at the hands of the superior ( in every way ) Chinese team.

      Our Hero Miss Deng, will be at least 17 by then and more than likely the captain of our powerful squad.

      We will be waiting!!!
      SM: GET OVER YOURSELF and Don’t be a fool … CHEATING IS CHEATING! BTW … it was not really the girls who cheated it was your Chinese Gymnastic governing body and your complicit Communist government.

      We are supposed to condone cheating because it makes the lives of your female gymnasts better? Oh that’s right … women have no rights in China. Hell, human rights don’t exist at all now do they? Oh I guess they forgot to portray that little factoid during the Olympics as anyone who had a differing opinion against the Chinese Communist government was rounded up and shut up. I guess its that whole freedom of speech issue that China also struggles with. Do not reference that this is about endorsements …. like the Chinese are above that. Are you actually going to insult everyone’s intelligence and not say that these gynmasts because they won gold are not going to be given perks and live a life that they would have not led otherwise? You going to actually say that they will live like the rest of the 1.5 billion people in China … NOT!!!

      So in China what you are saying is that there is no Freedom of Speech or Human Rights; however, there is Freedom to Cheat.

      Do not begin to tell a story that these China girls have a more important story than a US or any other athlete. People trained for 10+ years to win and were cheated. Heck, some of our gymnasts were taking their first tumble to train for the Olympics before many of your athletes were even born.

      You do not justify cheating.

    18. Mike on August 25th, 2008 1:41 pm

      Your right I little respect for anyone that cheats period. She’s a cheater along with her government. She and her teammates are the ones lying about their ages. I will say its probably with a gun to their heads though.

    19. Mike on August 25th, 2008 1:48 pm

      “Our Hero Miss Deng, will be at least 17 by then and more than likely the captain of our powerful squad.

      We will be waiting!!!”

      Not likely….she’ll be consider a has been by then but don’t worry I’m sure the Chinese Government will have a fresh batch of 12 year olds by then :-)

    20. linlin has no brain... on August 25th, 2008 9:12 pm

      you are one of the dumbest people ive ever heard linlin fan the chinese cheated and they dont mine coal either… i thought it was funny how the chinese coach picked up all her girls and held them up like children after each performance. i thought HE was like 11 or something along with the rest of her 4 foot teammates so dont try to blow off us americans just because we lost. theres a reason why were the best in almost every sport we aspire to be great towards… its not like russia or china with their hardcore training since birth where their stripped from their homes and stuff. were not government machines… we have Passion and our country stands by our side. seeing the crowd stay after the game in the states to watch on the big screen, michael phelps become the greatest athlete to walk the face of the earth.

      (beat that linlin)

      p.s. china cheats = )

    21. DengLinlinFan on August 26th, 2008 4:54 am

      In Defense of The Little One, The Incomprable Miss Deng Linlin.

      Offering a fresh new perspective on the topic that is sweeping the nation.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. After careful consideration, I to believe I am being a Bit harsh in my views towards the US womans gymnastics team, and will indeed ” Take my foot off the gas ” and tone down my “venomous” remark’s.

      This whole thing has struck quite a nerve with me. First, I in no way condone the actions of the chinese government or their decision to enter “under-aged” gymnasts in the Olympics – I.E. ( CHEAT )

      Had procedure been followed properly or this matter handled correctly from the beginning I do not believe it would have been necessary ( IN MY MIND ) to make any comments at all regarding this issue. But the matter was indeed handled ” Horribly ”

      As a result of the actions ( OR LACK OF ) by the FIG. HE KEXIN, JIANG YUYUAN, YANG YILIN and of Course DENG LINLIN, were introduced to me and indeed the rest of the world. Had certain groups been doing their job’s as they should have been, this “Introduction” never would have occured.

      Through effort, skill, ability, performance and indeed Beauty these young ladies endeared themselves to my heart, I.E. – They became real to me.

      And after reading post after post after post about (Perfect,Beautiful Amercian Girls) and (Horrible,Ugly,Dispicable,Cheating Chinese Girls), I became angry and indeed “Venomous” and some of my remarks have demonstrated this.

      Who was going to lookout for the Chinese Girls?, What about them?,What about their hopes and dreams?,What about what they trained soo hard for? ( and actually had this skill to accomplish ), What about their Happiness?, The way everyone is talking, it is like the Chinese girls don’t count because their government and coachs have made a very bad decision. WELL THEY DO COUNT!!!

      Any attack’s pointed towards the Chinese government or their policies is fine by me, just as long as you leave these sweet young ladies out of it. THEY ARE INNOCENT and THEIR HAPPINESS COUNTS!!!
      SM: They are pawns like the rest of the Chinese to be used at the digression of their Communist govt.

      However, define integrity … acting in a respectful and honest way when no one is looking. These little China girls know exactly how old they really are and are looking the other way for their own benefit. That is a far cry from the many people who are persecuted in China for standing up to their govt.

      They are the real hero’s, not these little girls who are just part of the puppet show.

    22. Vor on August 26th, 2008 11:07 am

      The US has no control over the FIG and the IOC, which are international bureaucracies. Aside from filing a protest (which the USOC and USAG did not do at any time), they could not determine the timing of the FIG/IOC investigation. This was in the hands of the FIG/IOC. Ranting against the American gymnasts who have been unfailingly polite in this matter is pretty frightening.

      The “hacker” who republished the removed documents was not even interested in gymnastics, he like many others was concerned about the destruction of electronic evidence by the Chinese government, an issue that should concern everyone.

      And talking about innocents, what about Steliana Nistor, the Romanian gymnast who was in perfect form at age 14 and 15 but who was held back from Worlds due to the age rules? Poor Romania had to hold back their best gymnast and instead send an inferior gymnast to competition because of the age rules. Steliana was born into abject poverty even by the standards of Romania during the time of the Eastern bloc collapse. She did gymnastics so she could have food. By the time she was a senior she was injured, then later had a growth spurt and was robbed of many chances to win medals.

      What about the thousands of other gymnasts like Steliana? What about Sabina Cojocar? What about Holly Dykes? Alexandra Barac? Ekaterina Lobaznyuk? Shantessa Pama? Jennie Thompson? Peng Peng Lee?

      Sorry but the whole universe does not revolve around Deng Lin Lin and the communist party, allowing them to break rules when they feel like it that others have to follow.

      Denglinlinfan is one of the most hysterical and manic ranters I have encountered anywhere. It’s a bit frightening reading these rants.

    23. DengLinlinFan on August 26th, 2008 4:08 pm

      Thank you for responding VOR,

      We defend what is important to us. To you it is clearly ROMANIAN gymnast’s and their interests.

      To me it is the interests of these Chinese Girls.
      I bring passion to my arguements!!! They are not intended to be “frightening”. Only to get one to see that there is another side to this arguement.

      And I REFUSE to be like these mind-numbing hordes of teenagers who can only muster a “CHEATERS, CHEATERS, CHEATERS” arguement. Some of these peoples heads would explode if an intelligent thought were to pass through it.

      So VOR, you keep defending what is near and dear to you and I will do the same.

      Have a Great Day!!!

    24. Vor on August 26th, 2008 8:01 pm

      If you only care about Chinese, what about Peng Peng Lee? She is upset that the girls from China could cheat.

      She has a higher SV on beam than Li Shanshan and Shawn Johnson. She has one of the hardest routines ever, originality and beautiful dance. But she was one year underage. She might get injured or grow and miss the 2012 Olympics. Is that fair?

      What about Caroline Yuanyuan Zhang? She couldn’t cheat to win medals at worlds in skating even though she deserved one. How does she feel?

      Or do you only care about Chinese in China and not overseas Chinese?

    25. DengLinlinFan on August 26th, 2008 8:44 pm


      In this case the “under-aged” offenders in question, I.E. ( HE KEXIN, JIANG YUYUAN, YANG YILIN and of Course DENG LINLIN ) are the focal points of my defense and arguements.

      These are the young ladies who thru the course of the olympic gymnastics competion have endeared themselves to my heart because of their skill, grace, beauty and overall gymnastic ability.

      I am quite sure the other people that you have referenced must have valid arguements and compelling stories of their own. And again I am NOT justifying cheating or the actions and policies of the chinese government. Frankly I could give a “Rat’s Ass” about the Chinese Government.

      As stated earlier, my arguements are for these ( 4 ) young ladies who have been attacked again and again by the IDIOTS that roam free here on our great INTERNET. They are intitled to there opinions as am I. We will see in the end who is capable of producing the BEST ARGUEMENT.

      I.E. I am not going Anywhere, Bring it ON.

    26. Vor on August 30th, 2008 6:07 pm

      Don’t worry about those 4 girls, they are the heroes of Chinese communism. They will get treated like royalty in China. If the other countries had been allowed to send their junior gymnasts, it’s possible they would not have won any medals at all.

    27. DengLinlinFan on August 31st, 2008 12:22 am

      Very True Vor,

      I cannot argue with that, though one response could be:

      Do not WORRY about the girls from the United States, I am sure the will have plenty of opportunities to peddle Corporate Americas Crap showing off their well earned SILVER medals and make a few bucks for themselves as well.

      In either case, there is not really a whole lot to WORRY about anymore. Whats Done is Done.

    28. Pat on September 12th, 2008 12:50 am

      Underage gymnasts? Maybe not…

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