JibJab is Back … Time for Some Campaignin’ … Barack Obama and John McCain


The guys from Jib Jab are back with their satire on the Election of 2008 … “Time for Some Campaignin”

“I’ll be back in four years, heck it ain’t all that far.” – Hillary Clinton

“Gosh I’m so tired of divisive exchange. And I got one or tow things to say about change,  Like the change we must change to the change we hold dear. I really like change, have I made myself clear.” – Barack Obama

“So he’ll talk about change until your deaf in the ear” – Hillary Clinton & John McCain

Although very good … its still not as brilliant as the masterpiece that JibJab did in 2004 with the Presidential race between George W. Bush and John Kerry … This Land.  Its far and away one of their greatest efforts ever.

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    One Response to “JibJab is Back … Time for Some Campaignin’ … Barack Obama and John McCain”

    1. Scared Monkeys on July 20th, 2008 10:15 pm

      I have finally figured out why JibJab’s effort this time was not even close to the one in 2004.

      As with everyone in this election … they refused to take any real shot at Obama. Usually JibJab is an equal opportunity attacker. Not this time. Their jabs at GWB, Cheney, the Clinton’s and John McCain are much more harsh than anything that they did toward Obama.

      They had Obama in a fairy tale of change but never really referenced his lack of experience. In 2004 JibJab referred to Kerry as a liberal Pu##@. Ah, Obama has a more liberal voting record.

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