PETA Sex Ad … Always Spay & Neuter your Pets … Satire at its Finest

Once again an ad that is satirical … and effective.
As much as I have had my disagreements with PETA that they try to compare animals too closely to humans, PETA’s most recent ad about neutering pets is fantastic. Talk about hitting the mark and making your point.
Just a reminder to all, especially Barack Obama and his campaign … the video below is satire.
Watch and give us your opinion on the ad
Fox News: PETA Expands Ad Campaign That Uses Teen Pregnancy to Push Pet Message
Its good to see the folks at at HOT AIR understand satire.
What’s the issue here? The text at the end takes care of any elitist worries that the public is too dumb to detect satire, and since it’s clearly a goof it’s hard to see them as drawing moral equivalence between teen pregnancy and animal pregnancy the way they once did between pig pens and death camps.
Stop the ACLU: New PETA Ad Not Controversial At All
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    2 Responses to “PETA Sex Ad … Always Spay & Neuter your Pets … Satire at its Finest”

    1. Susy Q on July 18th, 2008 3:57 pm

      I LOVE THIS VIDEO thanks for putting it up….very clever and hope the message hits a home run !!!!!!!!! I think sometimes PETA goes whacky but this is a great message. I have always “fixed” all my doggies and I’ve been told by vets that will often lengthen their lives and make them happier pets. You know how it goes…ya never miss what ya don’t know about…

    2. May on July 18th, 2008 7:21 pm

      I love this message!!!! I think it hits home pretty good. Well done. PETA can be kind of crazy, but this to me seems well thought out, and effective.

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