20 Year Old Russian Super Model Ruslana Korshunova Jumped to her Death from her Manhattan Apartment Building in Apparent Suicide

Bizarre apparent suicide in lower Manhattan …

20 year old model Ruslana Korshunova, who has graced the covers of Ruslana KorshunovaEuropean Vogue and Elle fell nine stories from a balcony to her death in lower Manhattan, NY in apparent suicide. According to officials, Ruslana Korshunova leaped to her death.

Ruslana Korshunova was an apparent suicide, police said.  It was not immediately known if anyone had been in her Water Street condo or if she left a note. It happened around 2:30 p.m.

The Kazakstan native also appeared in ads for Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Vera Wang. Korshunova, was represented by IMG Models and had been featured in the European editions of Elle and Vogue

Investigators still were investigating the circumstances of the fall Saturday evening as to determine whether there was anyone else present in the apartment. It was unclear if anyone else was in the apartment at the time of the fall, police said. Also, the city medical examiner still needs to determine the official cause of the models death.

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Mini Me Sues TMZ … Judge Orders TMZ to Remove Sex Tape of ‘Austin Powers’ film Mini Me, Verne Troyer

MINI ME … MINI LAW SUIT. Well maybe its a “major” law suit. As Mini_meone internet website stated, “Well, at least we know that one thing is big about Verne Troyer: his lawsuits”.

Verne Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming TMZ.com violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape. Just when one thought that the airing of individuals pics and videos couldn’t get any more weird. One thing is for certain, just because the original clips were taken down does not mean that there are not still pics all over the internet. Or bits and pieces on You Tube. As they say, pardon the pun … the genie is out of the bottle. Which raises the real question,  is there a celebrity in Hollywood who does not have a sex tape?

In the suit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in downtown L.A., Troyer claims TMZ violated his privacy rights and infringed on his copyright and trademark by running portions of the tape on TMZ TV and TMZ.com. He also alleges TMZ violated his right of publicity and misappropriated his name and likeness.

A federal judges has ordered TMZ.com to remove video clips of a private sex tape of Verne Troyer. Who is Verne Troyer you ask? He is the actor who played “Mini Me” in the Austin Powers movies. Troyer states that the sex tape was stolen from his home.

U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez issued a temporary restraining order against TMZ and two other parties allegedly attempting to sell the video after ruling that Troyer “demonstrated a strong likelihood of success” in his suit.

According to court papers, the video of Troyer and former girlfriend Renae Schrider was stolen from the actor’s residence in the last few months and “was never intended . . . to be shown to the public.”

The judge’s order prohibits TMZ, promoter Kevin Blatt and SugarDVD, an online distributor of adult films, from selling or distributing the video.

Judge Enrobes Troyer Sex Tape, There’s one less unnecessary thing on the Internet these days

Judge halts release of Verne Troyer sex tape

VIDEO interview of Mini Me stolen tape fiasco. Interestingly enough the MSNBC story from Keith Olbermann actually has footage of the so-called banned video clips.

A 25-second snippet of video showing Verne Troyer and a former girlfriend having sex that was available online over the past couple of days is all the world will see of the tape — for now.

A federal judge on Friday granted a temporary restraining order requested by Troyer’s attorneys that prevents porn distributors from taking orders for the full-length video, and prevents TMZ from broadcasting any more clips.

UPDATE I: TMZ allowed to repost portion of actor’s sex tape

The Mini Me sex tape is now a go for TMZ.com. It appears that the website had gotten permission from the other half of the sex duo starring in the tape. However, the best story in all of this foolishness has to come from Mediabistro.com. This is perfect, “The moral of the story is: You know your throw away joke has horribly backfired when you are sent a temporary restraining order.”

The woman in a sex tape featuring Verne Troyer – best known for his role in the “Austin Powers” movies – says she allowed celebrity Web site TMZ to broadcast snippets of the tape.

Troyer’s ex-girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, signed a declaration filed in federal court in Los Angeles stating the tape was created with her video camera. Her statement prompted a judge to allow TMZ to reinstate a post featuring snippets of the tape.

Barack Obama Flip Flops on the Second Amendment and Gun Control … Internet You Tube Fact Checking

What ever happened to politicians taking a stand on an issue and holding to that position? We are not talking about positions that may change due to economic or social changes within our society like whether to drill offshore or not due to the ever rising price of oil. We are talking about positions regarding the Constitution and Amendments, like a position on the right to bear arms.

The folks at Hot Air make a very good point in that Barack Obama has yet to figure out You Tube or the instant fact checking capability of the internet. Fact checking and discovering candidate flip-flopping is no longer just the job of the media but now the duty of the many on the web.

Now, with video on line and millions of fact-checkers scrutinizing every statement, any obviously false statement will get exposed in short order.  Yesterday’s assertion by Barack Obama that he never said the DC gun ban overturned by the Supreme Court was constitutional or that he supported it became the latest in his flip-flops to be exposed by a simple review of the videotape record:

In February 2008 Obama provides an explanation of how the DC gun ban is part of a Constitutional effort at gun control. Fast forward to June 26, 2008 after the SCOTUS ruled in favor of upholding the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and declared the DC ban was unconstitutional. However, once again as the Gateway Pundit points out, “Bang! Bang!… Bambi Gunned Down on YouTube.”

Obama has done a complete 180 on gun bans, attempting to paint himself as a moderate when the paltry record of Obama’s political stands shows just the opposite. (Ed Morrissey, Hot Air)

Doesn’t Barack Obama sound like yet another past Democratic Presidential wannbe, John Kerry, in that he was for it before he was against it.

Obama: I was for the D.C. handgun ban before I was against it

First Ever AMBER ALERT Issued in Vermont for Missing 12 Year Old Brooke Bennett

Vermont’s first ever AMBER ALERT has been issued for missing 12 Brooke Bennett_2year old Brooke Bennett, who has been missing since Wednesday, June 25, 2008. It is believed that Brooke Bennett may have been taken by an individual that she met on MySpace. Once again we are presented with a potential missing persons case, or worse, based off of an on-line discussion from MySpace. Police have stated that items of clothing similar to what the girl had been wearing was recovered in Brookfield, VT 10 miles north of Randolph, where she was last seen.

Brooke Bennett just finished seventh grade, is described as 4-foot-11 inches tall, 98 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a pink sweater and white sneakers with pink lettering. She has blue eyes, brown hair with purple highlights and has pierced ears “top and bottom.”

To discuss the case an get updates on the case of missing Brooke Bennett, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons forum; Brooke Bennett, Missing 12 year old.

Also updates are available at Missing Exploited.com

Angry Politicians Call SCOTUS Child Rapists Ruling Absurd, Vow to Execute Child Rapists

Who is looking out for the children … obviously not the US Supreme Court.

Earlier this week, the US Supreme Court ruled 5–4 that child rapists cannot be executed stating that such punishment “cruel and unusual” and is unconstitutional. Obviously those that voted in the majority on the SCOTUS must believe that child rape in nor cruel and unusual in its own right. How else could one determine that the punishment against child rape of the death penalty is not proportionate to the crime?


Angry politicians vowed to keep writing laws that condemn child rapists to death, despite a Supreme Court decision saying such punishment is unconstitutional.
“Anybody in the country who cares about children should be outraged that we have a Supreme Court that would issue a decision like this,” said Alabama Attorney General Troy King, a Republican. The justices, he said, are “creating a situation where the country is a less safe place to grow up.” (Yahoo News)

A battle seems to be certainly brewing between the SCOTUS and lawmakers. The idea that criminals are granted rights and escape the ultimate punishment is utterly disgusting. The fact that the heinous act of raping a child,  the most innocent among us is not looked upon as murder is absurd. What does the SCOTUS think that the rapist is doing to the child, but murdering their future? Instead, liberal justices make excuses for child rapists.

In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote “the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child,” despite the horrendous nature of the crime.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called the ruling “incredibly absurd,” “a clear abuse of judicial authority” and said officials will “evaluate ways to amend our statute to maintain death as a penalty for this horrific crime.”

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