MSM Doing Their Best to Reinvent Michelle Obama’s Image … Michelle Obama on The View


It has begun … the main stream media’s all out effort to BS the American public to show a kinder and gentler Michelle Obama. First step, Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View where the gushfest was obvious. However, does a leopard change its spots? The “Never been Proud” comment will haunt Obama from now until the election. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

The ladies did a solid, if visible job of steering her to moments where she could say pleasant, ordinary things about her kids, her breakfast habits, and her husband.

Exactly how much in the tank is the media for Barack Obama? Barack’s wife calls him pathetic instead of empathetic and gals of The View come to her rescue. Maybe it was a Freudian slip. Maybe she was just being honest. It completely astounds me that two Ivy League educated individuals can continuously make speaking blunders. Maybe its because its all scripted and they don’t believe a word that they are saying?

ORIGINAL Barbara Walters asks Michelle Obama about how she reacted when husband Barack told her he was running for president. “Did you want him to be president,” Walters asked.

No, said Obama. “”Please, don’t do this. You know, I did not want Barack to go into politics because I thought politics was a mean business. And you know, I knew this man that I loved, he was sweet and pathetic, I thought. there was no way…….”"

The MSM will be in a full court press all summer and up until the elections to reinvent Michelle Obama and spin her comment that it was the first time that she was proud to be an American. Call it Michellapolooza. I wonder if the media will give Republicans equal time like this for free campaigning?

When addressing that “mean business” called politics, Mrs. Obama announced, “I am proud of my country, without a doubt.” She clarified her now-infamous comments, claiming she was referring to “pride in the political process.”

Michelle Obama is able to now have pride in the political process since her husband is somehow above politics. She said of Sen. Obama: “I don’t even see him as a politician.”

She dismissed her role in the campaign, saying of press coverage “I fill up some space” on the Internet, and channeling one of her daughters’ “they just think I’m cute” attitude to politics. Mean things will be said “when you put your heart out there” and wear your “heart on [your] sleeve.”


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    7 Responses to “MSM Doing Their Best to Reinvent Michelle Obama’s Image … Michelle Obama on The View”

    1. minnesota dad on June 19th, 2008 1:52 pm

      I have a feeling that the ‘whitey’ video does exist and will surface in October. In the meantime, the Dems and the MSM are going to be doing some ‘over the top’ proactive damage control in order to make the Obamas seem like ordinary, mainstream, American, family people so that when the ‘whitey’ video emerges, they can say, “Aw shucks, we were caught in a bad moment….but you have seen who we really are over the last six months”.

      The battle is on….repackage the Obamas vs. the October Surprise.

      Should be an interesting summer.


    2. bob on June 19th, 2008 2:57 pm

      If the evil powers-that-be have decided Obama will be President, then there is little the American people can do to stop it.

    3. on June 20th, 2008 7:04 am

      From Michelle Malkin’s reciting of what she heard: Michelle(Obam): It’s hard. It’s hard. But I’m so proud. Proud of how I–we, Barack and I, and our children–have handled the stress. We’ve made sacrifices. But this is not about me–us. This is about the souls of America. I am a patriot. I love this country.

      Did you get that? This election is about the souls of America! Michelle and Barack apparently really believe that “messiah” stuff.

    4. yoyo muffintop on June 20th, 2008 9:51 am

      John McCain: “I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company”

      Gee, I wonder how the right will spin this?

    5. Carpe on June 20th, 2008 11:14 am

      Keep workin’ on it!

    6. yoyo muffintop on June 20th, 2008 7:37 pm

      Can republicans just not help themselves?

      What would possess any one from stating that they have never loved their country before when they are running for President? Talk about a truly revealing comment. If McCain’s campaign does not think that this comment is not going to come back and bite them in the butt, they better think again. I hardly think this is what we need as a President. John McCain … insert foot … tell us what you really think of America?

    7. on June 20th, 2008 9:15 pm

      MD IF the whitey tape existed, it should have been exposed immediately after a definitive denial – playing it in October will give Obamas a change to say it was manufactured.

      One thing is for sure, Rev. Wright told the truth when he said Obama was saying what he had to say as a politician. After the last two reversals, NAFTA and Campaign Finance, you cannot convince me that both Obamas don’t agree totally with Wright’s racist comments.

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