Lori Drew (aka Josh Evans) Pleads Not Guilty to MySpace Hoax Charges in Death of Megan Meier


49 year old Lori Drew (a.k.a. Josh Evans) pleaded not guilty in federal court to charges of Internet fraud and conspiracy to inflict emotional distress. Lori Drew is accused of setting up a false account on MySpace under the name of Josh Evans to knowingly and willfully harass 13 year old Megan Meier. The result of Drew’s alleged actions was that Megan Meier hung herself in her room after receiving such messages like “the world would be a better place without her”. Actually, the world would be a better place without people who would commit such senseless acts against children.

In May, a grand jury indicted the woman, Lori Drew, 49, under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, used in cases in which hackers gain access to information stored on protected computers. It is the first time that statute will be used in a social networking case, according to the United States attorney for Los Angeles, Thomas P. O’Brien.

Ms. Drew is accused of setting up a false account on MySpace, the social networking site, which is based in Beverly Hills, calling herself Josh Evans and, along with other people, sending cruel messages to the 13-year-old, Megan Meier. Megan was a neighbor in a St. Louis suburb, O’Fallon, who had at one time been friends with Ms. Drew’s daughter.

What could any adult possibly be thinking to knowingly target a teenager like this? For an adult to “torment, harass, humiliate and embarrass” a minor and not think there are no consequences to their actions. Think again!

“Any adult who uses the Internet or a social networking website to bully another person, particularly a vulnerable teenage girl, should realize this has serious consequences.”

Drew and “co-conspirators” used her home computer to chat with Meier on MySpace and gleaned from online exchanges to “torment, harass, humiliate and embarrass” the girl, according to the indictment.

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    9 Responses to “Lori Drew (aka Josh Evans) Pleads Not Guilty to MySpace Hoax Charges in Death of Megan Meier”

    1. nurturer on June 17th, 2008 10:59 am

      49 going on 10.

      She needs to be made an example of.

    2. Miss-Underestiamted on June 17th, 2008 12:57 pm

      This woman truly has a few screws loose. If she gets off, the authorities really need to limit the time she spends with children, esp, her own.
      She is dangerous. If she did this to another child,just imagine what she puts her own kids through. Sick, Sick, Sick

    3. MissKatie on June 17th, 2008 1:05 pm

      this woman sounds very inmature to me.. she is living her life thorugh her kids.
      seems like she is at their age level
      she didnt exercise common sense
      and now she will be held accountable for her actions
      she had choices
      she just didnt make the right ones
      I do not feel sorry for her
      its time to pay..

    4. A New Girl on June 18th, 2008 3:59 am

      Good Morning, Ladies….Well-the NG has to keep this brief this morning…No sleep here in Boston w/the NBA Finals….WOO HOOOOOOOOO—–SWEET #17 !! WE BEAT LA !!!!! Shut down Kobe Bryant & Co. 100%

      Only one thing to say about this woman: She ought to be ashamed of herself. COMPLETELY.

      ********** GO CELTS GO SOX GO PATS ********

      Boston Rules!!! {{{ In the World of Professional Sports, anyway }}} =)

    5. Not As Stupid As You Think on June 19th, 2008 3:41 am

      I read Lori Drew’s justification for harassing Megan Meier and could not beleive what a self-centered, uncaring psychopath Lori is.

      First, Megan and Lori’s daughter were both 13 and were friends — friends that one day hate each other and the next day love each other — quite normal for 13 year olds.

      Because Megan wrote/said something that made Lori’s daughter cry — this mother stepped over lines of propristy and set-up the “Josh” persona to “monitor” and then ultimately harass and get even with Megan for hurting her daughter’s feelings. When she harassed Megan into killing herself — this woman felt that the “world was better off without someone like Megan in it”. Lori Drew felt no remorse for what she had done!

      Lori Drew knew that Megan had “depression” problems and was on medication. She was intimate with Megan’s mother and pretended to be a close friend of the mother, thus monitoring what was going on at home with Megan to use it against her in her “Josh” persona. She didn’t beieve in giving Megan an ounce of compassion because of her disabilites.

      Interestingly, this started because she felt that Megan had been a two-faced friend and bad-mouthed and hurt her daughter — but she did the same things to Megan’s mother by pretending to still be best friends, while causing harm to her daughter behind her back. Megan was a 13 year old child — and ironically Lori Drew did the same thing (only worse) and she was an adult.

      I sincerely hope that Lori Drew has to do prison time — because she refuses to see that she was directly responsible for Megan’s death. Maybe while she is in prison she can get psychiatric help to realise that that world does not revolved around her and her’s. Also, the fact that she has no feelings makes her a psychopath.

    6. Mr.G on June 19th, 2008 4:49 am

      when you were young, and your heart was broken, did you kill yourself? No, you hurt for a long time and moved on. Thats normal. The parent here in question needs help for sure for her counseling,and deceit, but she did not kill this young lady.
      The young lady chose to end her own life, it was a choice, Why did she not seek counsel from her own parents? Did they not care as most don’t? I dunno, but bullies are here and have been for many generations. It does not matter, 1 plus 1 is 2 no matter how you want to fill in the blanks. She had a choice to live or die, she chose death. The mother who was pretending to be her boyfriend is at shame, and needs couseling for sure, but she did not kill the girl, if this is the case then we all should go to prison for our thoughts of what we would like to do to Joran, and his cohorts. If he commits suicide are we guilty for driving him to it? If so, who pays the price? Im not condoning her actions at all, but trying to make things clear. She had a choice!!

    7. Mr.G on June 19th, 2008 5:00 am

      I also want to ad, my heart goes out to the parents of this girl, it saddens me a young life lost, for sily reasons. It happens, but none the less, it hurts. Parents need to teach morals and instill them if nothing else.

    8. MikefrMd on June 19th, 2008 5:49 pm

      Sorry Mr.G but you wrong on this one…..first Drew knew before hand that Megan suffered from depression. Second Drew even stated in the police report that the conversations turned sexual in nature but still continued…that alone is a felony. And no matter how you look at it 3 vs 1 is just wrong….she was supposed to be the adult and she instigated this whole thing.

      I think you may feel differently if you found out that an adult was harassing you child.

    9. mrs.guinea on November 20th, 2008 3:57 pm

      I am sorry to say but that lady is a sick woman and should be locked up for life for what she did.That’s wrong and she know’s it.It is stupid for her to think that she get away with this and come out in 20 years.That poor girl had risked her life and in the end died.Those poor parents may cry their eyes out but they will never get their happiest thing in the world back and it’s all Drew’s fault.When Drews goes to sleep at night I hope she know we all despise her action and hope one day she realize

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