What is Wrong with People … Hit & Run Accident in Hartford CT and No One Helps


Where have all the heroes gone? They certainly were not on a Hartford, CT street. 


What is wrong with people in our society today? When did people become so selfish, self absorbed and uncaring? A man in Hartford, CT was hit by a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane and no one helped him. WTF PEOPLE!!! Honestly folks when did our society become this way? You think at least one person would have checked to see the health of this man? Let me guess, no one wanted to inconvenience themselves and get involved. This is the humanity that you would show others that are in need of help! Instead pedestrians just sat and watched and did nothing.

Here is also a video of the hit and run and 911 calls from Fox News. The bystanders that witnessed this accident should be ashamed of themselves. They all may want to check their collective chests and see if they actually possess a heart. Are we supposed to be thankful that no one robbed the paralyzed man in the street? Note to self … never go to Hartford, CT.

The recordings were released two days after police Chief Daryl Roberts publicized a survelliance video of a car striking 78-year-old Angel Arce Torres and leaving him paralyzed in the busy street.

The video showed cars zooming past as bystanders stared at Torres from the sidewalk, and angered Roberts because nobody stepped forward to help. “We no longer have a moral compass,” he said then.

The chief’s comments touched off soul-searching and anger in Hartford, with one community leader calling the scene “despicable” and neighbors complaining that Torres was treated inhumanely. He was hospitalized Friday in critical condition.

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    9 Responses to “What is Wrong with People … Hit & Run Accident in Hartford CT and No One Helps”

    1. tuyvnsurvivor on June 7th, 2008 6:41 pm

      As I have asked people I thought of as ‘advanced humans’ I find many have done a rescue of some sort in their lives. Do please forgive my trying to write of a delicate subject is short space.

      I think the karma charter puts rescue needs in front of those of us ready for the experience. Some people in this event failed miserably.

      I have been on boths sides of clean cut and dried rescues…where no other human would have made a difference, and not just in VN. Once I was choking on a piece of hard candy, a choking person can be mighty scary looking I am told, and many would not try to help me. I was a goner, in my last conscienceness someone saved my life. In time I wanted to do nothing but thank the man, he wanted no thanks or attention drawn to himself. SO I was alive to help one other pull 5 people out of burning cars piled over gas pumps in front of Bud’s BBQ near Arlington tx.

      I have lived an adventerous life, at times dumb and dare devilish. Not the most so, others might have done more and had better karma to work with. The poor folks who failed this test I feel badly for, more so than the old man. —Guess I got a bit mystical.

    2. May on June 7th, 2008 8:03 pm

      I am with you, tuyvnsurvivor, I feel more sorry for those who ran or did nothing, then the victim. Not to say I do not empathise with him because do. I am sorry for his pain and whatever struggle the future may hold. But those that stood by or drove by and did nothing. Those people are seriously WRONG all the way around, and I am not sure much can save them. They drive off, turn around, or stand by and watch from a distance and do NOTHING, all for the sake of getting to work on time or to McDonald’s or whatever the case maybe….. unless it was another life or death situation STOP. My god where is your humanity, where is your compassion, and where is Jiminy Cricket telling you…it could be your ass on the ground? Then what? I bet they would expect people to help them. This makes me so sad.

    3. katablog.com on June 7th, 2008 9:12 pm

      I was also shocked when I saw the video on the news. I’d have trouble reminding myself not to touch the victim because that could do him actual harm – but I would want to be there to comfort him. Instead I think the best thing one could do is stand in the middle of the street (while calling 911 on your cell) and stopping traffic to make sure no one else accidentally hit him.

    4. Brenda on June 8th, 2008 6:09 am

      tuyvnsurvivor…glad to hear you live adventurously…so do I! Although I’ve never been in a life and death situation with my own life where I was in immediate danger of death, I too have helped pull a man from a smouldering car and other things I wish to have NO compensation or thanks for. To me, the reward is the wonderful experience of making a difference and helping another human being.

      when we witness such events as this man being left to die as others turn their heads and hearts away…how in the hell can we wonder why the country is in the state it is in…or how can we wonder who would want socialism…or why anyone would vote for Hitlery or Obamanation? It’s clear to me. As the good chief said in the article, the moral compass is gone. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in how bad it’s going to get before we loose America as we know it. It’ll be in our lifetimes guys. Get ready.

    5. A New Girl on June 8th, 2008 3:50 pm

      @#4 -As the good chief said in the article, the moral compass is gone. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in how bad it’s going to get before we loose America as we know it. It’ll be in our lifetimes guys. Get ready.

      How sad, and how true….. What the HELL has happened to society as we used to know it???

    6. tuyvnsurvivor on June 9th, 2008 1:04 am

      #4 Brenda, for sure we have lost our moral compass. I am 62 and much from the old ways. That too can bring boo birds on me or my era, we had our faults, but I think it was better…still blind some would say.

      Boys of my era would punch a rude boy in the nose pretty quickly, or at least this boy was one of those that would. I hated bully’s pretty bad. One majorly memorable time is 2 football boys making pig noises at a girl in history class my junior yr of high sch. She was a good friend, she ate lunch in our group each day. I regretfully disregarded innocent people in desks between me and the footballers as I plowed my way over to damage their ugly mouths. This girl had unique abilities, extremely smart, though only an A and B student. She ended up being one of the very top decoders of the free world, getting mysteriously murdered right at the time of the downing of the “Wall”. Current Affair, Geraldo, Unsolved Mysteries etc said she may have been the top decoder.

      I do believe in karma. What is in our core has much to do with how we will react. ANd the too late clock flees by, we have to act quickly or the moment is lost.

      I think the test provided people to assist the oldman in the story above was a mighty easy test. Would not have taken heroic strain to do decent and even expected effort. The good decission and the need was obvious, the people put to this test must be real sure enough losers.

      Any ‘advanced’ person I have made inquirey, has done both been recued and rescued another.

      ANd I too cannot deal with being thanked. Makes me feel strange and badly.

      There is freedom and license taken in telling these sorts of stories behind a annonomous ID. Not that my wife and kids have not heard some of these stories…gets me no extra piece of pie at Sunday dinners. Oldmen are loaded with faults. But, like you said, we are active and making new stories. Some of the go for it in me gets me in some jambs, other times it might put a dream to full color.

      Give me the old ways anytime. But in things I am yet active and around much younger people, the old ways of chivalry, word as bond, pride of country, loyalty, trust, and conservative views are seen weaker the younger they are. And I am not conventionally religeous. But we could name off many, bet you and I alone could get to 3 dozen, causes of the failing human journey. To which the oldman left in the street is an example.

    7. Mr.G on June 9th, 2008 3:09 am

      #3 Katablog, I so agree, some one should of stepped in and at least protected him from other traffic, as far as moving him your so right, but if you would of had to, to protect him from furthere harm, anyone and everyone is covered under the good samaritan act. People are so afraid to get involved these days for fear of a law suit and that just slays me. I honestly feel that todays society believes only in their beliefs. I believe this generation was not taught the value of human life or they just did not listen to it. I was born in 55 and it seems as tho the moral values have gone to the dogs, there is no respect for elders, and your nothing unless you have a new house and car,truck,boat,jet ski’s ect. A persons integrity seems to mean nothing these days. Sorry, I just see our country and life going down the drain, very fast…….

    8. Mr.G on June 9th, 2008 3:35 am

      #5 a new girl, I agree with you as well, Its like the constitution, its been amended so many times and by laws so to speak thrust upon it. Why have it, its been infiltrated and loopholes have been found to go around it. What good is it? Give it another 10 to 20 years and it will be totally rewritten. LOL, Sorry got off on a rant, but back to the issue, The morals in our country is sad, very sad, the moral fiber of helping your fellow man has been so lost, today its self gain. To hell with everyone else as long as I make it. If people would just think and change their thought pattern, and help everyone around the world and expect nothing in return, imagine what it would be like. I susspect the persons who hit this older gentlman were or had just watched one of the videos of car chasing and such and were mimicking it. To them it was reality, I dunno, but its sad that everyone stood by and done nothing to help this older man, he could of been my Dad, or yours, anyones, It could of been me, or you, who knows, our children need to be taught morals from home, not schools. Society needs to back off on disipline for our children and stop tying our hands, and let the parents be in charge again instead of the child.
      God bless this man and I hope he survives surgery, my heart is with him………..

    9. brenda on June 9th, 2008 9:21 am

      tuyvnsurvivor, thx for a nice response. Excellent posts on this article. I too hope the gentleman who was not assisted asap will be OK. Also hope the driver who hit/ran is found. At this point I have no hope they will turn themself in.

      Our founding fathers said that if man (or woman of course) would take listen to their conscious, there would be no need for the written law…but in these dangerous times, conscious is thrown out the window. What “feels good” goes regardless of the effect on others.

      My dad made sure I understood life was not meant to be easy. It’s the hard stuff that makes or breaks us. I’ll stick with putting my own neck on the line and let others continue to stick their heads in the sand. I would rather find myself in a jam for doing what is correct than doing what is wrong, you know? May be my own life on the line one of these days….

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