Monkeys, Smarter than the Average Bear … Control Robot Arms with Thoughts

Two Monkeys helping science in making inroads in brain-machine interface technology. The only problem, there should have been three. The technology is fascinating.

Two monkeys with tiny sensors in their brains have learned to control a mechanical arm with just their thoughts, using it to reach for and grab food and even to adjust for the size and stickiness of morsels when necessary, scientists reported on Wednesday.

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Caption Contest … Hillary Clinton … Mt. Rushmore

This was too good to pass up for a caption contest.

Hillary Clinton visits Mt. Rushmore

Caption Contest … what is Hillary thinking?


Missing in Aruba: 12-year old Morellia Larmonie Missing Since 5/21/2008 … (Update: Found Safe)

There appears to be another missing girl in Aruba. This time its 12 year old Aruban girl, Morellia Larmonie, who has been missing since Wednesday, May 21, 2008. The Aruban police are treating the disappearance as a runaway minor. (Dutch version)

What is rather disturbing and seems to be a common thread when hearing of missing cases in Aruba, the police do not seem to make any real effort to find the missing people. The lack of seriousness, especially at the outset of missing person cases, is troubling.  It is an issue that we are hearing from the parents of 12 year old Morellia Larmonie feel the need to say that “very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.”


12 year old Morellia Larmonie, Diario

Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

They say that the police treat the case as a ‘runaway minor’ and very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.  The father doesn’t say whether there is reason for the girl to run away from Home.  “She lives with her mother, so I do not know all the details.  But I can’t imagine that Morellia prefers to stay in hiding and do not want to call home.  I really can’t imagine that.”

UPDATE I: This is news we like to hear. According to a report that we received from Jossy Mansur, Managing editor of Diario, the 12 year old girl has been found safe by her father yesterday.

Girl missing for almost one week (Amigoe: 5/29/2008)

ORANJESTAD – The parents of the 12-year old Morellia Larmonie that vanished without a trace last week Wednesday, are desperately looking for witnesses that may know where the girl can be.  Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

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