John McCain on SNL … Humor is Sometimes the Best Form of Communication


Humor is funny … Bias is hateful not matter what form it is in. FYI: There needs to be a bit of truth in humor for it to be funny, not just attacking and mean.

If you cannot laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? In today’s all too serious political gotcha world … it is refreshing to see a candidate not take themselves so seriously and show a real humorous side. John McCain this weekend on SNL did just that. Making fun of himself and the very thing that Democrats have been attacking him on … his age.

Democrats and Barack Obama have made no secret that they will attack the age of 71 year old Republican John McCain during the 2008 Presidential Election. They have already begun to do so. Democratic operatives like Bob Mulholland have already made not so vale references to Ronald Reagan and the fact that he had beginning stages of Alzheimer’s during his second administration. The assumption is that then all old people have Alzheimer’s.

There are three individuals running for one position, the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton, the female candidate, Barack Obama, the black candidate and John McCain, the old wiley veteran candidate.

If you thought the above was funny, McCain’s Weekend Update was GREAT!!!

I want to give you this piece of advice to Democrats. I have to urge you, not under any circumstances, do not pick a candidate too soon.

We are constantly told that sexism and racism is wrong when considering a candidate. So then why is ageism OK? It is still a form of prejudice. It is lumping a group of people together and saying that they cannot perform a task, not because of their individual talents, but a group bias. Imagine what would happen if Republicans said that Hillary could not be President because she is a woman or Obama because he is of a certain skin color rather than based on their policies and visions.

Instead its fair game for the media and Democrats to attack McCain on his age. Why? A bias is a bias no matter how you slice it, sex color or age. Why are some forms of bias considered OK, and others off limits? One might guess its because of what political party one is affiliated with. After all, Democrats do not seem to have a problem with 90 year old WV Senator Robert Byrd and 76 year old MA Senator Ted Kennedy, 71 year old WV Senator Jay Rockefeller or 68 year old Iowa Senator Tom Harkin

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    6 Responses to “John McCain on SNL … Humor is Sometimes the Best Form of Communication”

    1. on May 19th, 2008 9:14 am

      McCain’s age doesn’t worry me. It’s the fact that he’s a RINO and pandering to the global warming and open borders crowd that makes him unacceptable to me.

      Funny? Yes, with good writers.
      A Hero? Yes.
      A good president – NO. This is still a country that espouses the “representative” system and McAmnesty is not representing his constituents who are Republicans, not Democrat-lites.

    2. Sweet_thang on May 19th, 2008 10:18 am


      Unfortunately, McCain is not the ideal Republican candidate, but in my mind he’s a far better choice that B. Hussein Obama, who wants to change the world by giving big fat Oprah hugs to the terrorists.

      The illegal alien problem has been completely mishandled by both parties: the Democrats, seeing this as a great opportunity to garner a huge new block of votes; the Republicans, who allowed to the problem to grow rapidly out of control, now trying to appease the illegals and perhaps pick up some of the new voters (fat chance!).

      In the meantime, we’re quickly becoming marginalized, and shortly, taxed to oblivion to pay for the new initiatives.

    3. Rhinos are People To on May 19th, 2008 10:42 am

      McCain may be a RHINO, but he’s not a socialist.

      GWB was supposed to be a Conservative and he has let spending get way out of control.

      The animosity has to stop between parties. Frankly, neither Elephants or Donkeys are what they say they are anymore.

      One thing is for certain is that McCain, with all his faults, has been pretty independent. No other candidate can say that. He does have a history of reaching across the aisle.

      Obama, does not. Obama is a liberal and a socialist.

      Go get em McCain. Maybe he will surprise us all.

    4. yoyo muffintop on May 19th, 2008 2:59 pm

      McCain is not too old. He’s just the wrong really old guy to run the country. His lobbyists know that. That’s why they’ll run it for him. All he has to do is be able to sign his name.

    5. on May 19th, 2008 6:07 pm

      Arguing that McAmnesty is better than the alternatives is like arguing that murder by gun shot is less criminal than murder by a knife.

      In the end, it’s murder. The GOP has been murdered by its leaders. I won’t vote for a Socialist or a Marxist – that leaves no candidate for which to give my vote.

      I will not cheapen my vote by allowing a RINO to pretend that he represents me. He doesn’t. The GOP won’t get the message if you keep falling for “you have to vote for the lesser of all evils”. All three of these candidates will kill America; so why on earth let it be done in the name of the GOP?

      What “damage” do you think 20 million illegals will do to a system so out of control and in debt that each American now owes $500,000? It will be the huge haystack that does us in. How about McAmnesty’s global warming tax? Can you stand another 10% of your income being mis-spent by Washington? How about McAmnesty’s health care (yep, he’s planning that too, he wants to look just like Hillary as a man)? Can you afford to pay for butt-sitters’ and illegals’ healthcare?

      The RNCC is rebranding itself – to the party of democrat lites. They just rebranded it without me as one of their supporters.

    6. caesu on May 20th, 2008 12:59 am

      thanks for the introduction to humour in the first paragraph!
      i thought that was already funny.

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