Mindy Jordan Falls Overboard Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship … Accident or Foul Play? Video Says Accident, FBI Does Not Close Case


Accident or Foul Play? FBI is still investigating and has not closed the case.

Mindy Jordan has been missing since Sunday, May 11, 2008 when she went overboard while on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. Since her disappearance it has been speculated whether Mindy Jordan’s fall was an accident or some thing more heinous. Was it an accident or was their foul play? Was she alone or was there any one else present when she went overboard?


Norwegian Dawn

According to the Norwegian Cruise ship company, there is surveillance video tape of 46 year old Mindy Jordan falling overboard. Norwegian Cruise is also stating that Mindy Jordan was alone. However, the FBI is continuing to investigate the incident and have released no conclusions.

In a written statement issued last night, Norwegian Cruise Line said video from surveillance cameras stationed in hallways and on the ship’s exterior has “confirmed that Mindy Jordan was in her stateroom alone at the time of the incident.”

The cruise line also released a timeline indicating that Jordan and Caputo dined with another couple on the ship that evening, and that the two couples returned to their adjacent staterooms at 7:28 p.m.

Eight minutes later, Caputo left the room he shared with Jordan and went next door to visit the other couple, according to the cruise line. 

“From that moment on, Mindy was alone in her stateroom,” the cruise line said in the statement. “At 7:53 p.m., surveillance cameras from the exterior of the ship capture Mindy falling overboard from her balcony, straight into the water.”

In a statement released Tuesday, the cruise line said initial reports indicated that Jordan was trying to climb between balconies when she fell overboard.

FBI begins probe of fall from cruise ship

FBI: Case of woman’s fall from cruise ship not closed

The FBI has concluded its onboard investigation into the apparent death of a South Jersey woman who fell overboard from a cruise ship, but the case remains open, a spokesman for the bureau said yesterday.

Margolin said agents left Bermuda Thursday night but the investigation will continue. Specifically, he said some of the surveillance video from the cruise liner was sent to a lab for possible enhancement. He said the railing and a glass partition from the balcony where Jordan fell were also sent to a lab for further investigation.

Margolin also refuted a statement issued by Norwegian Cruise Lines Thursday night that said the FBI’s preliminary findings were consistent with the cruise line’s account that Jordan was alone in her stateroom immediately prior to falling overboard and that she fell while trying to climb between adjacent balconies.

“Our investigation is still open and we have not given any type of preliminary assessment,” Margolin said.

He said an assistant director of the FBI gave an interview on FOX News where he indicated that the investigation had not yielded any evidence a crime had been committed, however he specified that no conclusions had yet been reached.

Cruise Passenger’s Sister: ‘We Just Want Answers’

UPDATE I: FBI: Woman’s plunge from cruise ship not a crime

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    7 Responses to “Mindy Jordan Falls Overboard Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship … Accident or Foul Play? Video Says Accident, FBI Does Not Close Case”

    1. A New Girl on May 17th, 2008 9:52 am

      Since reading this in the news the other day, I still find it extremely odd that her boyfriend who accompanied her on the cruise did not seem at all concerned that she was missing.

      Will see what the FBI finds in their investigation but it appears as if this was indeed an accidental death?

    2. Brenda on May 17th, 2008 11:25 am

      Lots of good stuff to wade through here.

      Cruiseline clearly states the video “shows her falling” and “in her room alone”. Does NOT say it shows her on the balcony alone….just says falling from the balcony and alone in the room.

      Point 2. She/boyfriend had adjoining rooms. This being the case, cameras WOULD have caught her going into one and he into the other. NO problem yet, but wait!

      Point 3. Who wants to bet with me loving boyfriend was urging her to come from one balcony to the other??? (how romantic??).

      Another theory of mine is she was trying to spy on him or surprise them by popping in that way. I believe this is what the FBI needs to know because neither the cruiseline or boyfriend seem to care about that.

    3. richard on May 17th, 2008 3:55 pm

      Someone who is pushed or thrown overboard would be seen falling alone … unless she were joined by the perpetrator(s) or another victim.

      I’m also wondering something … her boyfriend says that he was in the cabin with the other couple who, apparently, befriended them early in the voyage. I haven’t read of any ties existing among them before the voyage, which of course doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

      But that sounds like, possibly, a very convenient arrangement for someone needing an alibi ….

      Posters on other threads here have said that this woman was indeed the kind of person who might have done something madcap like this. Whether they actually did know her, of course, isn’t known to me.

      They also said that the boyfriend was the nicest kind of guy who never would do something wrong.

      Seems to me that the same was said about a punk in Aruba named Joran van der Sloot….

    4. Bearlyhere on May 18th, 2008 1:31 am

      Whatever the cause, her family has tragically lost one of their members. God, please comfort this family and let the outcome of the investigation bring them peace.

      I thought I read she was only 98 pounds. How easy would it be for a child to try this same thing while his/her parents were sleeping?

    5. Miss Katie on May 18th, 2008 10:17 am

      how tragic!!
      I feel for her family who is grieving her loss…
      I do not understand the heartless reaction’s of her boyfriend…..
      how disturbing that he would choose to continue with the cruise….
      It would be interesting to find out if it truly was accidental…. although it doesnt make sense… I know if it was me on that cruise… I would in no way go near any rails for any reason what so ever…

      the waters are ferocious… cold…

      who knows what motivated her!!!

      may she rest in peace
      and lord yes as bearlyhere.. said … may you bring peace to her family

    6. Sharon Chicago on May 19th, 2008 10:26 am

      I don’t believe the theory she was trying to climb to the suite next to them. The guard rail
      is much too high and we are talking about a 98LB person…no no no…

      Somebody could have put something in her drink or hypmotized her and told her to jump?

      That whole thing smells…

    7. A Tale of Tragedy at Sea | R. Doug Wicker — Author on October 4th, 2011 11:47 pm

      [...] We were now sitting directly in the path of the on-coming storm as the ship began its search for Mindy Jordan.  We were soon in thirty-foot seas, and time was not on her side.  Coast Guard aircraft arrived [...]

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