And Now For Something Completely Different … Clinton’s Turn on The Media


Hillary Clinton bites the hand that fed her and her husband for 8+ years. Its no longer a Right Wing Conspiracy for Hillary, its a Left Wing Media one. However, this time it appears to be real.

Back when Hillary Clinton first decided to run for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, she had to have thought that the media was her ally and in her back pocket. For eight years under President Bill Clinton the MSM all but looked the other way and made excuses for his actions in order to prevent impeachment so that their candidate could remain in office. Did the media talk about Monica, yes they did. However, the MSM was AWOL when discussing Clinton’s dealings with China, corporate scandals, Presidential pardons, and the many others.

Flash forward to the 2008 run for the White House and for something completely different … Hillary Clinton fires back at the media. What a difference an election cycle makes. Once the darlings of the media, Hillary Clinton now finds herself the enemy of the media as the MSM has all but for quite some time sided with the chosen one, Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is increasingly aiming its punches not at her front-running opponent Barack Obama, but at the media.

On the campaign trail, in a new ad and in her meetings with donors and superdelegates, she blasts the D.C. punditocracy for counting her out and urges anyone who’ll listen to ignore the hardening storyline that places Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.

The Clinton camp believes a media backlash drove up turnout among her supporters in West Virginia, which last week delivered a landslide 67 percent to 26 percent victory for her.

“Because I believe that I am better prepared to be president and I am more likely to be able to win, I don’t care what the pundits say. I’m going to leave it up to the voters,” Clinton said Friday night at a televised town hall meeting at Portland’s NBC affiliate.

Much to the media’s dismay, Hillary Clinton is up big in the Kentucky primary polls, 65% – 29%, and looks to be on the door step of another pasting of Obama coming down to the primary wire.

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    2 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different … Clinton’s Turn on The Media”

    1. A New Girl on May 17th, 2008 9:49 am

      Remember our predictions that Obama cannot win?? He has been heavily touted as the favorite Dem nominee for months now.

      Will be interesting to see how everything plays out between now and June.

      Hillary obviously has no plans to drop out as her goal is not only to win, but to take votes away from Obama….In either case..this election is proving to be a real show down…right to the end as far as the DUMO-CRATS are concerned.

      Wright is the gift that keeps on giving…don’t know if Obama can overcome his relationship with the Reverend despite all his denouncements. If you ask the majority of Americans who are showing up at the polls to vote….most I have spoken to are saying they WILL not vote for Obama because:

      * His overall lack of experience
      * His many close relationships with “unfavorable” people
      * His CHARACTER flaws and comments in the press

      The Democrats and Independent voters I know are voting for either Hillary (if she makes it) or John McCain

      *** McCain ’08 *** Rock On, John!

    2. Ray on May 17th, 2008 11:04 pm

      IF Hillary should win the nomination, she can count on the Media to be back on her side again. The media will never sides with McCain.

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