West Virginia Primaries Today … Hillary Clinton Looks to Win Big, Maybe 80-20


How bad is it for Obama getting trounced in WV & Kentucky, showing he cannot close the deal?

The West Virginia Primaries are upon us and even though many are calling for Hillary Clinton to bow out of the Democratic race, Clinton looks forward to a huge win today in WV. Many Democrats are just fearful that she will make damaging comments that will hurt the Party. The polls have Hillary up big in WV. Clinton also polling big over Obama in Kentucky. Some Clinton supporters are saying that she could win West Virginia 80% to 20% over Obama.

We’ve got to give her a vote tomorrow of 80-20 or 90-10,” he added moments later.

A campaign spokesman quickly tried to downplay Chafin’s remaks, saying “We appreciate his exuberance, but we’re pretty sure this race is going to be much closer than that.”

Polls suggest Clinton will win West Virginia very easily — recent polls have shown her beating the Illinois senator by as much as 40 percentage points.

But Chafin isn’t the only one raising expectations.

If Hillary Clinton wins by such large margins, what does that really say about candidate Obama? Clinton is poised to win big in both West Virginia and Kentucky. We are in the home stretch of the Primaries and the eventual candidate for the Dems is losing by that wide a margin? Here is some other political news. It begs the question for Democrats to ponder, is a candidate really a viable choice if the limp across the finish line?

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    2 Responses to “West Virginia Primaries Today … Hillary Clinton Looks to Win Big, Maybe 80-20”

    1. richard on May 13th, 2008 9:01 pm

      Apparently (from what I’ve heard, anyway) Clinton did have a very strong showing in West Virginia, and is also expected to win Kentucky.

      But the media are dismissing the importance of these contests, and are saying that the vote count and the superdelegates make Obama the winner. Could be, I guess.

      Of course, the media also uniformly said, not so long ago, that Clinton had the race sewn up before any primaries were held.

      So I won’t hold my breath.

      Especially because I, like so many of my countrymen, am sick to death of the whole ballyhooed circus … and of the media self-importance as well.

    2. Clinton Rips Obama in West Virginia Primary 67% - 26% … Is Obama Really a Viable Candidate? | Scared Monkeys on May 14th, 2008 6:30 am

      [...] … a Democrat has not won the White House since 1916 if they did not win West Virginia. Yesterday, we posted with some exaggeration that Clinton could have a big win in WV; however, who knew it would be this [...]

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