Olympics in the Free & Open Rights Society of China … What a Brilliant Idea this Was … Torch extinguished amid Paris protests


Since when are Olympic ideals a lack or better yet a representation of no human rights? I guess the question today is, what are the Olympic ideals?

When the 2008 Summer Olympics were given to China anyone who had a clue just sat back and scratched their collective heads. How could a country with such a terrible record of human rights be granted such a venue as the Olympics. What did they think was going to happen? Who could not have see these protests coming a mile away?


First the protests took place in London England.

The Olympic torch relay was hit by demonstrations by Tibet campaigners as it made its way through a snowy London today.

Police made 15 arrests during the morning as protesters tried to board the official bus, to jump in front of it, to put out the torch and to grab it off TV presenter Konnie Huq during her run.

Protests mar torch run


What had been billed by the organizers as an occasion to celebrate Olympic sporting ideals turned instead into a daylong contest between China’s supporters and protesters.

Now the torch comes to Paris, France and so do the protests.

Olympic torch extinguished amid Paris protests

PARIS (AP) — Security officials have twice extinguished the Olympic flame amid heavy protests during the torch relay in Paris.
Police in jogging gear put the flame out and brought it aboard a bus to move it away from protesters. The flame was being carried amid demonstrators carrying Tibetan flags when the relay was stopped. It is not immediately clear what police plan next, or when or where the relay will resume.

UPDATE I: Clinton calls for Olympic opening boycott

Oh Hillary, that will show ‘em. That’s it boycott the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Its those kind of stupid and pathetic ideas and solutions to real problems that have allowed the world to look the other way while China refuses to have any sort of human right.

  • Hot Air: Hillary to Bush: Boycott the Olympics’ opening ceremony
  • Michelle Malkin: Hillary wants Bush to boycott the Olympic opening ceremonies?

UPDATE II: China condemns “despicable” torch disruptions

That’s nice China, maybe you would like to condemn your despicable record with regards to human rights as well. How pathetically sad that China and their treatment of people has been legitimized by awarding them the Olympics. The protests would not impede the Olympic spirit? No, they probably won’t. However, you human rights record sure as hell might.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Tuesday condemned the disruption of the Olympic torch relay in London and Paris, vowing it would not impede the Olympic spirit. 
Officials in Paris on Monday were forced to extinguish the Olympic flame and carry it by bus when anti-China protesters tried to seize it. During the British leg the day before, activists waving Tibetan flags and shouting “Shame on China” turned the event into an obstacle course.

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    5 Responses to “Olympics in the Free & Open Rights Society of China … What a Brilliant Idea this Was … Torch extinguished amid Paris protests”

    1. Susan on April 7th, 2008 11:28 am

      All I gotta say is China probably wasn’t the best choice of locations to hold the Olympics…like duh!

    2. LilPuma on April 7th, 2008 12:01 pm

      Just a suggestion people, but if you have a problem with China, go after the Chinese government, not Olympic torch runners. If you’re appalled that the Olympics are being held in China, then protest against the Committee that gave it to China. Protest along the run, if you want, but attacking the runners? This is your brain on drugs.

    3. Jerry from Ohio on April 7th, 2008 12:01 pm

      Maybe it is time for the Olympics to be halted or maybe the United States should just sit them out a few years ? and hope the world settles down or another sad resolution to all the crisis will happen by then ? I have a very bad feeling about what the world is now headed for . If there are no U S or a few other super power competitors then can an Olympic Medal with out all the so called super powers mean near as much ?
      Personally I used to love to watch the Olympics for the two weeks that they were on TV both winter and summer and I am NOT a sports but these athletes deserve to have a shot at being the best in the world on an open and Non Political playing field sad to say this but the worlds countries and it’s leaders are in a down ward spiral so so very sad .

    4. EURobert on April 7th, 2008 5:17 pm

      I hope the Olympics will turn out to be an impuls to changes in the political system in China. That’s what the modern Olympics are all about in the end: offering friendship and spreading modern ideas like democracy and human rights. How can that be bad?

      But I agree with all the protests and attention to the bad circumstances in China; I think these protests are a major PR-offensive for human rights. And it will go on for some time I think -and hope!

    5. Olympic Sports Souvenirs on May 24th, 2008 6:43 pm

      I’m with EURobert on this one. I think holding the Olympics in China is actually a good thing, rather than a bad thing. I think the World spotlight is on China right now and that’s a good thing because it is increasing the exposure of all of these issues. In addition, I think the World pressure will force them to begin to take steps in the right direction to correct some of them.

      Mike Smith
      SM: I understand your position; however, I respectfully disagree. China listens to no one. They could care less what anyone thinks and they are going to change nothing. They have been legitimatized and they will spit in the eye of human rights.


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