Could It be True… American born al-Qaida Traitor Adam Gadahn is Dead


Could it possibly be true? Is the American born traitor dead? According to Rusty at the Jawa Report, the American-born al-Qaida member. Gadahn, known as Azzam al-Ameriki (Azzam the American) is dead. One can only dare to dream that the world is rid of this traitor.


Is American al Qaeda member and indicted traitor Adam Gadahn dead? Shortly after a U.S. Predator drone attack killed Abu Laith al-Libi last month rumors began to circulate on Islamic message board that Gadahn had been one of those killed in the raid. Later, a Pakistani newspaper quoted “sources” saying Gadahn was killed.

Always check back at The Jawa Report for more updates on our fight against terrorism and islamofascists.

Rumor has it that the al-Qaida did not tell Adam Gadahn that the virgins do not go to American born al-Qaida … Adam Gadahn, NO VIRGINS FOR YOU!!!

More from MSNBC:

That’s what Taliban sources along the Afghan-Pakistan border are wondering about the American-born al-Qaida member. Gadahn, known as Azzam al-Ameriki (Azzam the American), joined al-Qaida in 2003 and has appeared in several bombastic al-Qaida videos since then. Federal prosecutors indicted the Californian for treason in October 2006, and he’s now on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

U.S. intelligence officials have heard the same rumors, but tell NBC News that they have no information to suggest Gadahn is dead. They specifically deny that Gadahn was killed in the same Predator missile attack that killed al-Qaida’s #4, Abu Laith al-Libi, last week near the town of Mir Ali in Pakistan’s North Waziristan province. Gadahn was visiting Mir Ali at the time, according to a local man who describes himself as a friend of Gadahn’s.


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    5 Responses to “Could It be True… American born al-Qaida Traitor Adam Gadahn is Dead”

    1. B. J. on February 29th, 2008 3:29 am

      I hope this report is true. However, it may never be confirmed if there are a lot of body parts scattered around. Especially since rules for their burial must take place in 24 hours.

      With the passage of time, his death may be ‘confirmed’ by lack of evidence that he is alive.

      IMO, his death is preferable to his capture and subsequent return to the U.S.A. where a bunch of money would be expended (wasted) to ensure he gets a fair trial. Then, we would have to feed, clothe, provide medical care for decades to come…another big waste of taxpayer dollars!

    2. T-Ray on February 29th, 2008 9:10 am

      I haven’t ever heard of this traitor. Is he the guy who was able to remove the constitutional rights of habeas corpus and the 4th amendment. If so I am relieved that we can once again honor the writings of this countries founding fathers, the “quaint” Constitution Of the United States of America.
      If this guy isn’t “that guy” I sure hope we find the real traitor who perpetrated the above offenses.

    3. ME on March 1st, 2008 9:46 am

      Why was this fool on the “Most Wanted” list? He hadn’t actually pulled off any bombings from what I heard (maybe I’m wrong…please let me know).

      I’m assuming he was valued as a propaganda tool for Al Qaida, so why raise his profile by putting him on the “Most Wanted” list?

      I’m glad this idiot is dead, but I have to wonder about the clownshoes FBI anti-terrorist division that decided he should be “most wanted”.

      Unless he was an FBI informant, and they gave him “Most Wanted” status in order to assist his cover… in which case he is an American hero who died in the line of spy duty. OK… useless circular speculation… I’ll stop now.

    4. john Ryan on March 1st, 2008 4:52 pm

      He was a lot more important as boogey man to us than as a jihadist to al Qaeda

    5. Michael Gorman on September 8th, 2008 7:14 pm

      The reason gadahn converted to Islam was because of his homosexual inclinations that were tormenting him. He converted to kill those feelings. It is also possible that he is a planted CIA operative who has successfully infiltrated Al Qaeda. Thus he was executed by Bin Laden. OK, does all these make sense?

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