US Liberal Media Should be Ashamed … Fewer US Dead in Iraq … means Less Media Coverage

It does not get any more disgusting when you bet against the very hero’s that keep our country safe from tyranny. God Bless our Troops. The American people want success in Iraq, how come the liberal media doesn’t and will not report it? As disgusting as this is … we all need to wake up and take a look at reality. The liberal media in the US has one agenda and one alone. Attack any policies by Republicans and portray them as failures to get Democrats elected, such as  George W. Bush’s policy in Iraq. The media wants to make it look like a defeat. Nice agenda … to be anti-America and anti–US soldier. This is sick and they should be utterly ashamed of themselves. The minute that US soldier deaths go down, so does the liberal media coverage goes down as well.


One year later, the President’s surge strategy is well on its way to succeeding. The Iraqi parliament has passed several laws meeting required political reconciliation benchmarks. Attacks in Baghdad have fallen up to 80 percent in the past twelve months, Reuters reported February 16. Deaths among Iraqi military forces and civilians have dropped by more than two-thirds, from more than 2,000 per month in early 2007 to fewer than 600 per month since November. And U.S. military deaths have also declined, falling from 126 in May 2007 to 40 in January 2008 and just 29 so far in February, with two days left in the month. Yet this good news seems to have diminished the media elite’s interest in broadcasting any news from Iraq.


Also from HOT AIR, Pew: Majority now believe U.S. effort in Iraq will succeed, 53-39. At Power Line, American’s expect Success.

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Beth Holloway’s Book “Loving Natalee” Now Available in Dutch … Lieve Natalee

For those in the Netherlands that have been following the case of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba, they now have the opportunity to read Beth’s Holloway’s accounts and story of her missing daughter, “Loving Natalee”. Hopefully even more people will read Beth’s story following what they saw in Joran Van der Sloot’s actions on the DeVries video tapes.

Lieve Natalee


Loving Natalee is now available in Dutch, or should we say … Lieve Natalee. For those people from the Netherlands who have just recently started following the case again, its a very good read.  Maybe some one can send a copy to Joran Van der Sloot to have him read what he actually did that fateful night and the lives that he affected forever.Joran Van der Sloot, you are not a victim, you are a suspect. Natalee Holloway and her family are the victims.

Could It be True… American born al-Qaida Traitor Adam Gadahn is Dead

Could it possibly be true? Is the American born traitor dead? According to Rusty at the Jawa Report, the American-born al-Qaida member. Gadahn, known as Azzam al-Ameriki (Azzam the American) is dead. One can only dare to dream that the world is rid of this traitor.


Is American al Qaeda member and indicted traitor Adam Gadahn dead? Shortly after a U.S. Predator drone attack killed Abu Laith al-Libi last month rumors began to circulate on Islamic message board that Gadahn had been one of those killed in the raid. Later, a Pakistani newspaper quoted “sources” saying Gadahn was killed.

Always check back at The Jawa Report for more updates on our fight against terrorism and islamofascists.

Rumor has it that the al-Qaida did not tell Adam Gadahn that the virgins do not go to American born al-Qaida … Adam Gadahn, NO VIRGINS FOR YOU!!!

More from MSNBC:

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Airports Council International List of 5 ‘best airport in Latin-America and Caribbean’ … Missing is Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport

Every year the Airports Council International (ACI) assesses airports worldwide with Airport Service Quality Awards as well as for the best airport in Latin-America and the Caribbean. Conspicuously absent on this list is Aruba’s, Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Best Caribbean/Latin-American airport is that of Guayaquil (Ecuador), followed by San José (Costa Rica), Mexico City (Mexico), and Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago).

So how is it that an island that claims to be the number one place to vacation in the Caribbean does not show up on the top 5 airports in Latin-America and the Caribbean? Coming soon to a ATA and AHATA travel brochure, Aruba … not on the list of top 5 airports in the Caribbean, service and safety is not out motto.

Hato 5th best airport in the region (Amigoe, 2/27/08)

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