Its a Small Caliber World after All … 63 Year Old Mary Ann Richardson Bringing Loaded Gun Into Disney World


63 year old Mary Ann Richardson from Pennsylvania was taken into custody for Beretta 32allegedly bringing a loaded .32 caliber Beretta semi-automatic handgun into the Walt Disney World. Mary Ann Richardson was also found to be carrying a loaded gun, scissors and a knife.

So she must have gotten confused with the game rock, paper, scissors? Maybe she thought Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck posed a clear and present danger to her? We all know that Goofy is bad news. She claims she forgot she had been carrying it. Let’s hope Mary Ann Richardson drove to Florida from Pennsylvania and did not take an airplane.

Disney World security personnel reportedly discovered a silver handgun on Mary Ann Richardson as she entered the park with other family members, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The .32-caliber Beretta handgun had been loaded with seven live rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty, reported.


Richardson claimed she regularly traveled with the gun and forgot she had been carrying it around in her purse. Also found in Richardson’s purse was a pair of scissors and a locked blade knife, authorities said. She was charged with possession of a concealed weapon.

Grandmother arrested for carrying weapons into Disney World

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    4 Responses to “Its a Small Caliber World after All … 63 Year Old Mary Ann Richardson Bringing Loaded Gun Into Disney World”

    1. brenda on December 11th, 2007 10:21 am

      I do believe this old gal DID forget. Why? Because last year I went to one of my son’s high school football games and had just parked my car near concessions (since I volunteer for them all the time) and right next to a county sheriff’s car I might add. I opened my glove box to place my wallet in and lock up when I realized I had my handgun in there! YIKES like hell!!! I immediately left to go back home and put it back in my bedroom. Had totally forgotten it was in there because I’d been up on the mountain the evening before and never remembered to take it out. Had I been “caught”, I would have gone to jail, period. Forgetting isn’t a good exuse, but I can vouch for the fact that when one is used to carrying, it is not always the first thing on your mind. Like putting on your underwear, you don’t think about it all day long.

      Since then, I’ve been dilligent about taking it out of the car after going up to the mountain or working a late night shift where I will be coming home (1 hour away) on the Interstate in the wee hours of the morning. No use tempting fate.

      My son asked me why I left and I told him after we got back home. THAT is something I do not ever want on my record…especially since I wish to go back into law enforcement at some point. That would not be a nice point to have to bring up in an interview.

    2. Gunslinger on December 11th, 2007 12:47 pm

      Why is this considered an issue (other than too small a caliber)?

      Law abiding citizens who are properly licensed to carry a concealed handgun just might save your life one day!

      In the words of the late General Walter J Hanna…

      ‘It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by six!’

    3. brenda on December 11th, 2007 2:15 pm

      Yes, that is true gunslinger, but I believe (being a Tampa, FL native) that no guns or other weapons are allowed on the property. Kinda like trying to carry your gun into court….you’d get a court date of your own, you know? :>)

      As for my nearly being stupid enough to have a gun on school property, we have tons of officers on site for our football games. Some there for security, and many more there in plain clothes simply to enjoy the game. Last game of the season was right after our high school received a threat of a “gun rampage” with a list of 14 girls found in a bathroom. I bet there were 20 officers and I recognized at least 5 officers (county deputies and one state boy) in plain clothes.

      fortunately, the 2 girls who made the threats…one even depositing bullets around the bathroom…were caught, expelled, and will be charged as adults. Know why they did this? They got kicked off the girl’s softball team. Go figure?

    4. Gunslinger on December 11th, 2007 2:38 pm

      I understand Brenda. Is it against the law, or is it just a blanket liability rule of some company?

      Would you carry your handgun to church?

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