German Pedophile Allowed to Work as a Janitor at the Evangelical Kindergarten


Aren’t you glad that you do not live in Germany? A convicted pedophile was sentenced to do community service in a kindergarten because a court worker missed three prior pedophilia convictions on his record.

“The colleague didn’t pay attention and didn’t see he had a sexual conviction, so she allowed him to serve in a kindergarten,” Retemeyer said. “She didn’t read the file.”


The first step in survival would be to ensure that there were no pedophiles working at the school

One might ask the question, how in the hell is a pedophile with any charges against them allowed to do community service around children? ARE THEY INSANE!!!

BERLIN (Reuters) – A convicted pedophile sentenced to do community service in a German kindergarten will return to court next week to face charges of abusing two children there, a regional prosecutor’s office said Thursday.

The man was allowed to work as a janitor at the Evangelical Kindergarten St Petri in Melle, near the northern city of Osnabrueck, because a court worker missed three prior pedophilia convictions on his record, said Alexander Retemeyer, spokesman for the Osnabrueck prosecutor’s office.

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    5 Responses to “German Pedophile Allowed to Work as a Janitor at the Evangelical Kindergarten”

    1. Mike on November 16th, 2007 11:49 am

      IMO the court worker should be charges as an accessory to the crime. You cannot allow negligence like this to go unpunished.

      I’m sure there will be lawsuits but they don’t help the kids. Saddest part is this animal will be given another of the classic short european sentences again and be out molesting in no time.

      How does someone get 3 prior convictions for molesting and still be allowed to see the light of day?

    2. jonolson on November 16th, 2007 11:55 pm

      The same goes for people who don’t listen….only talk.

    3. Patti on November 17th, 2007 12:06 am

      I was going to make a comment,
      but Mike summed it up the same way I would.

      1st – Fire the Clerk

      2nd – Sue the Courts

      3rd – Get therapy for the children

      4th – Throw the bastard in jaid

      (Not necessarily in that order)

      I just don’t get it – How could anyone be sexually
      attracted to someone who is not only innocent,
      both mentally and physically, but undeveloped as
      well. I see children all the time and sex doesn’t
      even enter my mind. They say it’s a sickness, but
      I think it goes even beyond that. It’s a perverse
      obsession that goes surpasses anything that we
      would normally call mentally ill. Sick doesn’t
      even begin to describe it and in some cases is a
      cop out for the bad choices these people make.
      If they are able to function in every other way,
      then this is a decision that they make.

      Stop making excuses for these people and treat the
      rape and assault on children the same as you would
      an adult – throw the book at them – lock them up
      and never give them another chance to horrify,
      threat and rape our kids, again. This man would
      be considered a serial rapist if it were women
      that he was raping.

    4. Patti on November 17th, 2007 12:28 am


      Since it’s incurable – let’s give them a lobotomy and get it over with – that’s a sure way to assure
      they never commit another violent assault against
      another child again. Forget the tatoos, the
      10 yard rule and the sexual offender registry…
      all that does is cost us taxpayers money. Let’s
      get serious about putting an end to the suffering
      of our children… until we find a cure, which I
      am convinced there isn’t one.

      We try to treat the people who commit these
      offenses as if they are worthy of our empathy
      and until we, really, get a grip on how big of
      an enemy these people are, they are going to
      continue to prey upon our children… even
      during COMMUNITY service!?!?!?!

      Germany, American… they’re all the same.

    5. JRCH on February 26th, 2009 5:39 am

      Yeah, seriously… America is no different it’s almost daily someone new is getting arrested in a position of authority over minors for repeated offenses against minors.

      Now, imagine growing up in a cult where all your parents are involved with helping the pedophiles have access to your children and you’ll know hell.

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