Stacy Peterson Missing Persons: Now Family of Kathleen Savio Speaks Out … Cause of Death Ruled “Undetermined”


As the investigation and search for missing Stacy Peterson continues, could evidence from the grave give light into this case? The mystery behind the death of Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio,  heats up as a county coroner stated that the death should have been ruled “undetermined.” One  has to wonder why it would ever have been considered ruled accidental.

“Certain aspects of Kathleen Savio’s death raised concerns for me, as well,” Will County Coroner Patrick O’Neil said. “At the very least, her death should have been ruled ‘undetermined.”‘

Watch the video of the family of Kathleen Savio speak out for the first time and demand justice for Kathleen.

Pics of Missing Stacy Peterson

For more updates on missing Stacy Peterson and the twists and turns of what is turning out to be a rather bizarre case go to the Scared Monkeys Missing Persons: Stacy Peterson forum and discuss the case.

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    2 Responses to “Stacy Peterson Missing Persons: Now Family of Kathleen Savio Speaks Out … Cause of Death Ruled “Undetermined””

    1. Maggie on November 8th, 2007 8:12 pm

      I know courts say innocent until proven guilty. All the lies from this man, he took the 5th before the grand jury on his third wife’s case today. Blood in her hair. Now the coroner said he was suspicious at the time also. Now his new wife and he’s hiding out and not looking and caught in more lies. Every family member that has talked has stated the fear these people lived in from him. His second wife fears him. His 2 oldest kids do. I think a lot was overlooked, because he was a cop. This guy is seriously mentally ill.

    2. sherry on November 14th, 2007 10:55 am

      I hope the media stays right where they are.

      if they stay he will crack at some point.

      Drew cried for them to leave today on NBC. With the media there it has forced him to speak out twice now. lets stay there and make him speak out more. maybe he just might say something that can help


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