Think Illegal Immigration Won’t Play a Role in Electing a President in 2008?


Why is illegal immigration such a difficult idea for candidates to understand? Are Driver_licensethey confused with the “illegal” aspect of the concept? What would you vote for? Do you think illegals should be given driver licenses?

For those politicians seeking the presidency in 2008, you best look at the following poll on illegal immigration. I a new Fox 5/Washington Times/Rasmussen Reports poll, 77 % of the voters oppose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. If the candidates think that this is a Republican or Democrat issue, it is not. Overwhelmingly, all are against the idea. The poll conscious Hillary Clinton may want to pay attention to this one.

As immigration politics explode into the presidential race, polls show Americans are taking a hard line on benefits for illegal aliens, including opposing driver’s licenses and such taxpayer-funded benefits as scholarships at state colleges for illegal-alien students.

The new poll found 77 percent of the adults surveyed opposed making driver’s licenses available to illegal aliens, while just 16 percent supported the idea.

Licenses fared poorly across party lines, including near-blanket opposition among self-identified Republicans, at 88 percent. Among independents and Democrats, it was still overwhelmingly unpopular, drawing 75 percent and 68 percent opposition, respectively

As the Q and O blog points out, one really must wonder what Hillary Clinton is thinking by continuing to fumble with her answers on illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

Hillary gives Republicans license to attack. Democratic Front runner, Hillary Clinton has certainly opened the door for attack for both Democrat and Republican alike. Blue Crab Boulevard asks, is she “The New Dukakis”?

Clinton hedges on licenses, again

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    16 Responses to “Think Illegal Immigration Won’t Play a Role in Electing a President in 2008?”

    1. richard on November 7th, 2007 2:49 pm

      I wonder if the presidential candidates (not to mention the public) ought to be confronted with this hypothetical question:

      Should the law be obeyed, and enforced, simply because it IS the law?

      Wonder what kinds of responses we’d get. Probably the very idea would be met with a blank stare.

      What a morass our culture has fallen into….

    2. nurturer on November 7th, 2007 7:17 pm

      It is the electorate that is being forced to maintain the common sense among politicians in this country, by reminding them what is idiotic. Like the spoiled children that they are, they need to be disciplined. Politicians know licenses for illegal aliens are wrong. But they also know it is a good way to acquire badly needed votes for a badly needed White House.

    3. Patti on November 7th, 2007 11:17 pm


      I don’t think I get it?!?!

      If I were asked if illegals should be given drivers licenses, I’d say, “No”, just based on my personal experience with the way they drive in Mexico. (Smile)

      But, at the same time, if they apply for licenses, isn’t that one way to determine if they’re illegals or not?


      To take that further, if they are illegally in this country and are disallowed to apply for a driver’s license, then that frees them of the responsibility of acquiring insurance, another problem that all of us are familiar with… either way, I believe they are going to drive… so what is the BEST answer?



      Can someone vote, just based on having a driver’s license? If so… I can see where you would be concerned.

    4. Scared Monkeys on November 8th, 2007 12:33 am


      Do you honestly think that a license will ensure them getting auto insurance?

      This isn’t about giving people here illegally more rights.

      Its about enforcing laws that are already on the books.

    5. Patti on November 8th, 2007 3:45 am

      Where I live, you have to prove that your car has atleast liability insurance in order to attain a license and, ofcourse, without proof of insurance, your car is imounded and you are not allowed to drive until you prove, again, that you;ve attained insurance. I’m having a hard time, with the way the article is written, understanding which laws you are referring to.

      Certainly, every state is different as the motor vehicle divion are state agencies…. and I’m not saying that they should be given additional rights, only seeking more information, about how this plays into the elections, that’s all.

    6. nurturer on November 8th, 2007 11:43 am

      #3 – It is the perception that if politicians support illegals in getting a drivers license, that that will translate into voting support from the Hispanic community. But you already knew that.

    7. Patti on November 9th, 2007 12:00 am

      Actually, I didn’t know that. My perception is that the Hispanic Community doesn’t support illegals, unless they’re related. Hispanics that are born and raised here compete with illegals for jobs and have the same kind of problems with uninsured drivers or paying the tab for education and health expenses through taxes just as everyone else does.

      I think where I differ with other people is that I see them as refugees, not criminals and don’t consider the weight of them being “illegal” as heavy as the weight of them seeking the American Dream along with the rest of us on the scales of justice. I don’t think that there is more crime being committed by illegals than there are bonified citizens, in fact, I think it’s just the opposite. Unless they are forced to drive uninsured, without drivers licenses, they would obey the rules just for the priveledge of living here, going to good schools and recieving good health care.

      Again, I think the problem lies with Mexico and we, as a nation, would be better off punishing a country that could, but doesn’t. provide those essential needs to their citizens, as opposed to treating the illegals imigrants like the criminal.

      I’ve lived there, I know how much wealth is there. The poverty level in Mexico is the real criminal, not the ones trying to free themselves it. Mexico operates, essentially, as a caste system; where the wealth is spent only to benefit the wealthy and the poor are born into their social position, unable to break free of all the problems that come with it… high mortality rate of newborn babies, hunger, homelessness, sickness, disease and subservience. Who wouldn’t want to run away?

      So… What IS the answer?
      SM: The answer is for them to come into our country LEGALLY, IMO (klaasend)

    8. Patti on November 9th, 2007 12:28 am

      I’m going to tell you a quick story:

      My sister, her daughter and I went to Hawaii. We decided to go visit the North Shore for the day. When we got there the beaches were more crowded than at Wai-Ki-Ki. So we went for a walk until we found a secluded area of the beach.

      We had packed a picnic lunch, and some Irish Cream in an ice back so after eating and having a couple drinks, we decided to lay out. We had our bag on top of the ice box which included the keys to a Mustang convertible that we had rented for our trip. We laid no further than three feet from the ice chest; but someone came up from behind us and stole our bag.

      When it was discovered that our bag was gone, we ran to the car where our purses were locked in the trunk to find two men getting into the car. My niece, who is much braver than either I or my sister went running to the car yelling get out of there, that’s our car.

      The men ran, with the keys but had unlocked the doors so with with safety hatch we were able to retrieve our purses. We called the Police and this is what they said:

      “It was probably a couple Mexicans”



      Hawaii doesn’t have crime committed by Hawaiians, only Mexicans. Or atleast that’s what they wanted us to think. The problem is that there are very few Mexicans that live on the island, and most likely they are not the type that would be stealing women’s bags. Someone that doesn’t know any better might think, “Damn, those dirty Mexicans are everywhere!”

      It’s just that easy to make anyone you want to be your scape goat, an enemy, the bad guy…
      SM: Please look at this report:

      Heroin: Much of the heroin used in Hawaii is black tar heroin, although there is some smuggling and distribution of Southeast Asian heroin. Hawaii reports Mexican heroin trafficking groups recruit local distributors to lease houses, cars, and cellular telephones for their operations and periodically replace their personnel to avoid detection.

    9. Patti on November 9th, 2007 12:35 am


      Then we might as well start legalizing them, because they are going to keep coming. How nice it would be if we could find a way to view them as assets instead of liabilities. Allowing them to support our economy in a way that would benefit us all.

    10. Patti on November 9th, 2007 12:57 am

      Thanks for the input Klaas! But, I don’t believe that it was a Mexican Heroin Smuggler that stole our bag… but maybe it was one of his Hawaiian customers.

      Acutally, there was a boat that was being worked on in the parking lot. The man that was working on the boat recognized the two men as being locals but didn’t want to give chase as they may have had weapons.

      The police actually had to come out and take a report and asked us if we wanted to press charges which we declined, because we would have had to return for court, perhaps on several occasions.

      I just thought it was funny because I lived in Mexico and never have I had anything stolen from me. There is very little crime in Mexico. Later, and I mean much later, as we had to wait for the police AND for the rental company to bring us another car; I heard that the North Shore is rivitted with crime and that you’re safer in Waikiki.

      I love Hawaii!

    11. Patti on November 9th, 2007 1:09 am


      I am not qualified to speak as an expert on Mexico. I lived in the Northern part where the relocators biggest warning was to stay clear of a certain road that goes through the Sierra Madres as that was a trafficking route and you could be killed for simply being a witness of something.

      Southern Mexico is, from what I hear, a totally different world with alot more crime and drug use. I lived in San Pedro, which is the wealthiest town in Mexico per capita. My views may be a bit jilted as I never saw the drug addiction and homelessness that exists around Mexico City. And, although, I have a big heart for the hard working class, there are people that I wouldn’t want to live near.

    12. Patti on November 9th, 2007 1:18 am


      I find it hard to believe that heroin is even a problem in Hawaii. In all the time that I’ve spent there, I have never seen anyone laid out in the street, or dressed in rags, or even looking homeless like I have in New York and Boston where heroin use is running rampant.

    13. Patti on November 9th, 2007 1:43 am

      Next place I want to visit is India. I want to see the Taj Mahal and spend a couple weeks touring the country and then the last week high in the Himilayas at a spa getting hot oil massages, and internal physical and spiritual cleansing. The spa I want to go to is a converted Palace… beautiful.

      I started yoga when I lived in Mexico and love it!


    14. Peggy McGilligan on November 9th, 2007 5:33 pm

      Why not give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens? We already taught ‘em to fly. Get ‘em out of the shadows, on to the streets. Leon Panetta would be the first to tell us that immigrants paved those roads. “This is a complicated issue,” reiterates Bill Clinton. How “complicated” is illegal. That must depend on what the definition of … anyway, does anybody remember that two of the 9-11 hijackers visas were renewed, six months after the attacks.

      What happens when 20 million Mexicans hit the roads in the US? Where’s our country’s leadership? Then there’s the incidence of Al Qaeda flight students, trained at the University of Bill Clinton. Why does this remain a non-issue? Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” So far, the silence is deafening:

      “Someone that doesn’t know any better might think, Damn, those dirty Mexicans are everywhere!”

    15. NY Governor Eliot Spitzer Abandons Plan to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants | Scared Monkeys on November 14th, 2007 9:40 am

      [...] licenses to illegal aliens. However, his controversial plan may have already done its damage. If politicians do not think that their position of illegal immigration does not matter, they better rethink that notion. Eliot Spitzer was just elected governor with about 70% of the [...]

    16. ESTEFANY on January 27th, 2008 12:52 am


      What I think about voting on the immigration is that all of the people who come from MEXICO to the U.S, they come here to have a better life. They do this for thier fanily, to keep them alive. Eather waythe Mexican peolpe help the U.S and not just them but everyone ealse.

      And if I would have the rights to vote on the immigration for licence I would definetly vote “YES.”
      And to patti I need to let her know that not all of the mexican people drive like it is in mexico. My dad is from exico and he drives perfect!!!!so take that back!(sorry) :}
      by the way are you a millionare?

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