Just Say Karma Baby … David Hans Schmidt Who Extorted Tom Cruise Commits Suicide


Just say its karma … David Hans Schmidt, the photo broker who pled guilty in an extortion scandal involving Tom Cruise committed suicide. When one deals in such sleaze and sordid affairs, it comes back to bite you. It would appear that the very manner in how Schmidt made a name for himself dealing with the underbelly of celebrity life came back to haunt him in the end.

The 47-year-old Schmidt was found in a shower stall at a North 21st street condominium in Phoenix, AZ.

“He hung himself, and the shower stall was so small, he had to squat to get the job done,” a source familiar with the situation said.

Schmidt asked Cruise for $1 million to return stolen wedding photos and was arrested in July. He pled guilty to transmitting threatening communications with the intent to extort.

Publicist’s death delivers headlines
David Hans Schmidt’s life of sordidness ‘was a big mess,’ brother says

The sheer number of magazines and Hollywood TV shows reveals the public’s fascination with the activities of celebrities. But beyond that is a morbid fascination with celebrities caught in scandals or, literally, with their pants down. It is that darker, sleazier place that provided an occupation for Phoenix publicist David Hans Schmidt.

Want to see topless photos of a woman who said she had an affair with President Bill Clinton? How about the prostitute who was picked up by actor Hugh Grant? Want to see the X-rated wedding-night video of Tonya Harding, the Olympic ice skater who had her rival clubbed? Or see the guy who played Screech in the TV show Saved by the Bell star in a pornographic movie? Schmidt figured you did. And over the course of his 15-year career as a merchant of sleaze, he delivered. (AZ Central)

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