Liza Murphy Missing in NJ … Husband Joseph Tries to Commit Suicide

This missing persons case just got a bit more strange and troubling. 42 year old Liza Murphy has been missing since August 19, 2007 in Bergen County, NJ. Now her husband, Joseph Murphy has tried to kill himself. What was Joseph trying to end his life over? Read more here.

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Aruba … Fun in the Sun or Water Spouts … Missed this in the Brochure

Aruba, One Happy Island, experienced One Happy water spout and flooding. We thought the Aruban AHATA said this type of weather never occurred in Aruba? That type of PR can’t be good for tourism either.



Since Natalee Holloway has gone missing in Aruba we have witnessed Natural Bridge collapse into the ocean.


Now water spouts and flooding in Oranjestad … what’s next, Locust!



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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Tuesday, August 28, 2007 – Pedophile Jack McClellan Leaves California

  • Dana comments on McClellan leaving California citing stress from what he calls “A nightmarish Orwellian protocol” after Judge Melvin Sandvig prohibited him from coming within 30 feet of schools, playgrounds, or other places where children congregate.

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Michael Vick Admits Admits Guilt in Dog Fighting and Apologizes … AFTER BEING CAUGHT!

So was the Michael Vick apology sincere? Or was it just part of the scripted attempt by Team Vick to rehabilitate his career? Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words! A dream career that Michael Vick all but washed down the drain by associating himself with something as barbaric as dog fighting.  


(Michael, you forgot to apologize to the dogs)

One thing is for certain, if Vick’s apology is to be believed in any form he needs to go away out of the public eye and rehabilitate the man, not the football player. When one rehabilitates them self in the media, it is for only one purpose. Canceling a radio appearance this morning was about the most intelligent think Mike Vick has done in 28 years.

If you claim you have found God, as stated in your press conference, then its time Michael that you do grow up and as they say … get right with the Lord.

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Phil Spector’s Attorney, Bruce Cutler, Leaves Case Over Difference of Opinion

Bruce Cutler, the lead attorney representing Phil Spector has left the murder case citing a Phil_Spectordifference of opinion and closing argument strategy. What’s the differing opinion … Cutler thinks his client is guilty? Or is it a case of rats getting off the sinking ship?

Cutler made the announcement as the trial resumed for what was expected to be the last day of testimony. It wasn’t immediately clear if he quit or if Spector fired him.

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