Aruba Takes a Bite Out of Crime … Priorities, priorities, priorities


Once again Aruba is putting priorities front and center to taking a bite out of crime on “One Happy Island”. Did they hire more police officers? Better training? Any training? Did the ALE or the powers that be create new crime policy that would enable them to ask outside police or criminal investigative agencies for assistance if a case is beyond their scope or capability? Nope … Aruba spent tax dollars on shiny, new police cars. Style over substance once again.

Amigoe, August 1, 2007: New cars for the police

ORANJESTAD – The fleet of the police is being replaced with 28 new Hyundai Santa Fe field-cars. Garage Centraal is very pleased with the order. They have decided on these types of cars after an extensive comparison study. Not only had the price played a part, but also the fact that the cars sit high and are easy to drive on bad roads and high waters. The cars will be handed on to Justice-minister Rudy Croes and then to chief of corps Peter de Witte.

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    195 Responses to “Aruba Takes a Bite Out of Crime … Priorities, priorities, priorities”

    1. Jerry from Ohio on August 1st, 2007 9:46 am

      WOW !!
      It is really true ” None are so Blind as those that WILL NOT SEE ! ” Hand ARUBA A WHITE CANE .
      Nice new cars HUH ?? ROFLMAO, yup that will fix the ALE all up

    2. Richard on August 1st, 2007 9:50 am

      The cars are easy to drive on “high waters.” So Aruba tells us. Are we to understand from this that the powers that be on Aruba are preparing an exodus, probably to drive over the Caribbean to an expected safe refuge in Florida (no wonder the head of ATA wanted to work there!) once the water search for Natalee begins?

    3. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 10:16 am

      Wow… hey now, bump dat!

      Do those Hyundais come with a TURBO CHARGER?

      I bet if they were in a chase with a Choller

      with a REAL CRUNK HOO-RIDE, they’d have to open

      up the door stick a foot,

      and do a Fred Flinstone!


      WAHOO ARUBA, people if they sucked it any harder…

      I’m almost positive… that it would
      require some ointment and a follow up
      trip to the Doctor’s Office. -j4n

    4. Smish on August 1st, 2007 10:16 am

      What the heck????
      WHY do they need spiffy new polis cars when the crime rates on Aruba is oh soooo low?
      Are they going to turn all the old polis cars into taxi’s for the tourists?Would you trust a polis car taxi if you were a tourist on Aruba?Not me,I don’t even trust the ones driving the polis cars on Aruba.Who paid for these polis cars….are they coming out of Aruba’s yearly budgeted funds that are already so very low because Aruba spent ALL of it on looking for Natalee Holloway?
      HA friggen HA Aruba.

    5. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 10:17 am


      Justice for Natalee

    6. Smish on August 1st, 2007 10:28 am

      Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 10:17 am

      Justice for Natalee

      My God Carpe,that made me cry.Very beautiful the parts with Natalee in it.The other parts with the murderers of Natalee….pissed me off!
      That includes ALL in Aruba and Aruba itself….Aruba killed Natalee.
      Justice for Natalee Holloway in 2007!

    7. Smish on August 1st, 2007 10:30 am

      Also,I noticed in your video Satish is wearing a long sleeved turtle neck shirt….as hot as it is in Aruba,I wonder what he is hiding.

    8. sparrow on August 1st, 2007 10:40 am

      Carpe, Thank you, that is beautiful.

    9. George Castanza on August 1st, 2007 11:02 am

      Aruba Blows

    10. bleachedblack on August 1st, 2007 11:03 am

      Carpe that “Stuck in a moment ” video was great! When the faces of the perps pop up for the lingering stills in that video…..wonderful. How true that phrase, how many lives are now “stuck in a moment”?

      With regards to the new trucks for Aruba…..of course they need new trucks! How can they possibly drive the Harley Davidsons (10) that ALE got in 2005 on the flooded roads? (wink smirk)

    11. George Castanza on August 1st, 2007 11:05 am

      new cars, same old sick island

    12. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 11:10 am

      “Justice for Natalee Holloway in 2007!”

      I heard that, smish! I agree, JUSTICE FOR NAT
      in 2007,

      …this stock ARUBA company line of he probably did it, but we can’t prove it… SO SORRY, please
      go home…. is a booty load.

      We need to raise the volume a few notches,
      and go all “Foofy Foofy” on their arses!

      -Flava Flav

      I have one nerve left, and they’re on it!

      One quick positive note to think about:

      Look how far we have come from last year, before
      the Dutch media started to take a swack at him.

      Ya know, before Joran Vandersloot’s (murderer of Natalee Holloway) book was released, and people got to see him for what he actually is.


      Sooooooooooooooooo many Dutch and Aruban’s think
      he’s a T in a P Bowl NOW as well.

      Maybe by this time next year, somebody will whip
      out the dish soap, and put a hurtin’ on that
      punch bowl???

      >MOVE THE CHAINS PEOPLE, never let up! Keep moving
      ‘em down the field, no matter what.

      Even if u can only manage
      1 inch today. Joran will get
      GOT. -j4n

    13. JusticeforNatalee on August 1st, 2007 11:14 am


      It’s going to take more
      than new cars to improve Aruba’s
      police force.

      ALE needs:
      Better training
      No more corruption

    14. Janet/Tamikosmom on August 1st, 2007 11:22 am

      Aruban Law Enforcement can provide all the window dressing in an attempt to impress the world but … if justice for victims is not its primary objective/focus … it is all for naught.
      I firmly believe a day of reckoning is coming for each of those who participated in the events of that fateful morning when Natalee Holloway went missing and … for each of those at all levels of the Dutch/Aruban administrations who are involved in the coverup … if repentance/remorse is not forthcoming.
      1 SAMUEL 16:7
      The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.
      GALATIONS 6:7
      Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

    15. Miss-Underestimated on August 1st, 2007 11:23 am

      Nice polis cars Aruba, more better to move and hide evidence from Crimes.


      WONDERFUL VIDEO, I know it’s hard to look at the faces of the perps, but hey, they need to know, “we got our eyes on them”, flash those faces so everyone knows what they were involved in.

    16. JusticeforNatalee on August 1st, 2007 11:30 am


      You are right–it is just window dressing–does Aruba
      ever actually FIX anything?

      Hey, Aruba–still waiting for justice for American citizen,
      lovely young woman and beautiful human being, Natalee Holloway!

      We stand by Natalee for the long haul. Get used to it, Aruba.

    17. Janet/Tamikosmom on August 1st, 2007 11:33 am

      Thank you Carpe … thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    18. minnesota dad on August 1st, 2007 12:01 pm

      So….seriously now.

      WHEN is the KLPD going to provide their investigation results….or have they and the game being played by Aruba & Co. is to just make like Natalee Holloway never happened.

      Why aren’t you reversing the decision to distance Paulus from this case despite the findings of fact that our contrary to Paulus statements….that Paulus was with her twice in the morning of her murder.

      Why aren’t you retracting the Karin Janssen letter Aruba? You know, the letter stating Paulus was “no longer a suspect”. You know….the letter used by Paulus’ black robed buddy to write an order releasing Paulus.

      Why Aruba….do you continue to not take action?

      How long are you going to play this “Natalee never happened” game? How are you going to justify stating there is “no evidence” when it is clear that there was overwhelming evidence?

      Come on Aruba….arrest the murderers already and end this thing.


    19. JusticeforNatalee on August 1st, 2007 12:10 pm

      I posted this in the forum, so I will post it here, too:

      I think now is a good time for a letter-writing campaign to prominent Dutch officials.
      I think it should be done promptly, before KLPD returns in Sept.

      I think we should let Dutch officials know that we Natalee supporters
      remain steadfast and still expect truth and justice. We could start out
      by thanking officials for the intervention of KLPD–then go on to explain
      that we fully expect them to run a competent investigation that breaks
      through the corruption in Natalee’s case–that we expect KLPD to completely
      see things through and deliver truth and justice. I am just brainstorming here–it needs to be worded better. The gist is–we supporters still stand by Natalee–thanks for KLPD–we expect them to deliver.

      It would be better if everyone could write his/her own letter. However,
      everyone might not have time for that. Perhaps one well-written letter could be
      put together that others could print, sign, and send. I do think the letters need to be
      sent promptly.

      Any thoughts? And whom should we send to? I know there has been a lot of passing the buck. Am I correct in my thinking that the Dutch are responsible for the investigaton and Aruba for the prosecution? We could send the same letter to various officials.

    20. Vicki on August 1st, 2007 12:42 pm

      Justice, I think that is a great idea… We need to do it now. Im thinking the Dutch are in charge now…Someone got the name of the officials in charge? We could send them out in mass…maybe Ramm can help us?

    21. Frank on August 1st, 2007 1:00 pm

      Or, write Americans that have been complicit in helping Aruba coverup the savage murder of an American citizen?

      Spencer Bachus comes to mind.

    22. JusticeforNatalee on August 1st, 2007 1:11 pm

      Michelle has addresses of Dutch officials.

    23. JusticeforNatalee on August 1st, 2007 1:23 pm

      Aruba is on two speeds–slow and stop–with the prosecution and conviction of the perps who killed Natalee.

      I guess that’s the way Aruba likes its tourism, too:
      slow and stop.

    24. Miss-Underestimated on August 1st, 2007 1:42 pm

      Hey Paulus, why’d your son bite his tongue bloody during the interogation?

    25. Sahara on August 1st, 2007 2:44 pm

      Where is TES? It’s August!!

    26. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 2:46 pm

      I like your Spencer Bachus idea, Frank. How could
      that no good POS? That loser should be de-balled
      with a set of rusty ice tongs.


      Miss U – He was biting his tongue bloody probably
      trying to hold back from saying my dad
      wanted her, Deepak, Satish, and myself
      were just the warm up concert.


      Hey, D.J.S. …

      I see it. I know you did it. Where is Satish’s
      gun today??? Because that is precisely the one that you guys used on her.

      You guys are gonna get ICE-COLD
      EFFIN’ ROCKED soon. …and you know
      what, esey????

      When it happens,

      > I LAUGH.


      -Justice for Natalee!

    27. mayan_moons on August 1st, 2007 2:46 pm

      I bet if they were in a chase with a Choller

      with a REAL CRUNK HOO-RIDE, they’d have to open

      up the door stick a foot,

      and do a Fred Flinstone!


      LMAO Carpe I was thinking the exact same thing!~

    28. mayan_moons on August 1st, 2007 2:47 pm

      HEY ARUBA!



    29. Vicki on August 1st, 2007 3:06 pm

      This place and its ppl are jst TO STUPID…They need to use these cars to run over their sorry butts….IM so sick of these donkeys a$$ sorry excuse for umans. More like human waste.

    30. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 3:46 pm
    31. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 3:49 pm


      By: Anita Van der sloot

    32. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 3:58 pm


      Dennis Jacob’s boo-tux is SOooo BIG,

      when he backs up it makes a beep sound…

      and a li’l guy from Venezuela jumps

      out, runs around back, and puts out

      an orange cone!

    33. Vicki on August 1st, 2007 4:10 pm

      Carpe, That anita squat is hilarious….hahahahahhahaha

    34. Patti on August 1st, 2007 5:17 pm


      Call the po-po hoes on their new kicks!

      When I was in Aruba in 2000 the po po’s were
      driving ol’ ’72 cruisers, barefoot!

      With all the money needed to pay for these new
      rides, there will be no crime in Aruba…

      “Did you see that bag of Cocaine, Officer Lame?”

      “No, Sir, I didn’t see any bag….

      Now you’d better move along, son,
      before you find some trouble.”


    35. mayan_moons on August 1st, 2007 5:19 pm

      Anita is combining her love for squats with making some extra money squeezing grapefruits into juice for all the tourists that still come to Aruba!

    36. mayan_moons on August 1st, 2007 5:23 pm




    37. Susan on August 1st, 2007 6:08 pm

      It is a fact that some major financial institutions will not FINANCE customers who want to purchase a Hyundai :-) Come “hell or high water”??? Apparently Aruba chose “HELL”!

      Sahara, Don’t hold your breath on that “TES water search”. It ain’t happening…

    38. disgustedmom on August 1st, 2007 6:34 pm

      Pwetty Widdle Caws dat matcha da ocean and da sand….pwetty widdle uniforms dat matcha the ocean and da sand and the pwetty widdle caws…

      Come on! Who takes pics of their new cop cars like that? They even spruced up the beach before posing one male one female…..they are so silly.

      I want to get hold of the old one VDstraaten drove and check the trunk for DNA belonging to Natalee.

    39. Maggie on August 1st, 2007 6:49 pm

      Sure is getting expensive in Aruba, to look so stupid. I heard Dennis Jacobs came with a year supply of Frosted Flakes, coffee and razors and a big fist that comes out and punches him in the head everytime he refers to victims and their families as the b word.

    40. buster on August 1st, 2007 7:35 pm

      The old polis cars where to full of DNA to clean up hence the new squad cars.
      I agree where is the deep water search ???

    41. Allan K on August 1st, 2007 7:41 pm

      Isn’t Rudy Croes the one caught taking bribes? Rudy will probally sell some for cash yo pay his prostitutes.

    42. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 7:43 pm

      Hey, who’s got dibbies

      on the amount of time it’s gonna

      take after they announce “CASE CLOSED”

      before Joran ‘THE GANG-RAPING


      and his “fadda” receive three

      to the dome, a piece? ROFLMAO

      Those lousy P.O.S.

    43. allank on August 1st, 2007 7:43 pm

      Isn’t Rudy Croes the one caught taking bribes? Rudy will probably sell some for cash yo pay his prostitutes.

    44. Samantha on August 1st, 2007 8:41 pm

      Its about time.Those old cars were getting rusty.I have seen a few of them stranded on the side of the road.I sure hope they enjoy them!!!

    45. brie on August 1st, 2007 8:58 pm

      All they need are dune buggy’s for the ditch!!!!

    46. KrisG on August 1st, 2007 10:04 pm

      Aruba would have been better off making transportation for tourists safer by purchasing a taxi fleet of all the same color, perhaps orange, with a light permanently affixed to the top.

      After my husband and I got into a van taxi in Aruba I did get a little scared and thought to myself that the driver could take us anyplace and noone would know what happened to us. Everythng turned out OK, but I’m much more careful now. This was shortly before Natalee went missing.

    47. brie on August 1st, 2007 10:36 pm

      Natalee thought she was getting into a taxi, until they put the porno movie on. That’s another reason on how they deceive people.

    48. Carpe Noctem on August 1st, 2007 10:59 pm

      Yo Paulus,

      You big unemployable
      wet sack of reeds…

      These socks you are
      wearing are FRESH! (see pic)


      What are they Carl Kani?

    49. kpg on August 1st, 2007 11:29 pm

      How long does it take to get your account activated?

    50. yoyo muffintop on August 1st, 2007 11:59 pm

      brie – from Watson’s 302:
      “Watson could not hear the conversation between Anderson and Holloway, but Anderson later told her that Holloway was trying to get Anderson to go meet a couple of guys that she had met.”

      That would have been Joran & Deepak. There goes the taxi theory. Sorry. What’s wrong with just saying she went willing with these 3 guys? Strange hang-up you have over that brie.

    51. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 12:06 am

      a Deetch repost: ADP


      Monday, July 30, 2007
      Aruba: The Depravity of Paulus van der sloot
      Premeditated Murder.

      That was the charge which Karin Janssen arrested Paulus van der sloot on. The court in Aruba in one of it’s last decisions, seemed to agree.

      “With attention to the lying declarations that the son of Paulus, Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot (hereafter Joran) gave about his last contact on the 30th of May 2005 with the disappeared Natalee Holloway, the suspicion is not unreasonable that he made himself guilty of a conduct that can be qualified as murder, manslaughter, or kidnapping that resulted in death.
      The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a tapped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court). The tapped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgement of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.”

      That obviously doesn’t match the “accidental” drug overdose theory. Just when does premeditated start?

      When did Paulus decide to kill Natalee? This charge always seems to be overlooked when talking about what Aruba has or has not done in this case.

      He, Paulus van der sloot, and only him, faced this charge. He also needed enough money to get Joe Tacopina to slather himself in slime to speak of his innocence.

      Nobody else has. Not even the main suspects. Not the court, not the prosecutor, and not Paulus himself.

      A crime was committed against Natalee. But the decision was close enough to the act to not carry the “premeditated” charge against the 3.

      But Paulus must have had time to plan, to decide. He, after a crime was committed by his son and possibly himself, did he premeditate the solution: Kill Natalee and get rid of her completely.

      He, Paulus van der sloot lied about having met Natalee.

      The KLPD gave their opinion by searching his property. It’s so obvious she was “premeditated” at the van der sloot residence after another crime had been committed, somewhere.

      Premeditated. Paulus decided Natalee should die. What kind of savage thinks his own trouble or his son’s trouble is more important than Natalee’s life?

      It’s not as much that Paulus didn’t want Natalee found as he didn’t want the world to know about the van der sloots. Natalee’s demise represents their sickness, her remains a testament to their hate and bitterness. Very Dutch, arrogant with a self loathing misogyny.

      Paulus, who gave his son money to gamble, thinks his son’s savage sexual desire is worth protecting, worth the slaughter of Natalee.

      I believe he is of the mindset that it’s some kind of battle not about his culpability but his ability to get away with it legally. After all, in his world, there are no morals and he thrives on keeping the guilty free. What do you think he’s doing right now? Is it unreasonable to think he may actually work for Joe Tacopina someday? Birds of a feather.

      The twisted logic of Aruba, where being a tattletale is worse than being a rapist and murderer.

      The most important word in this crime is “premeditated.” It means she could have lived, even after the first crimes. She didn’t have to die.

      Paulus van der sloot premeditated Natalee, right after his son premeditated her. It’s right there, they’ve told us in so many ways.

      posted by DEETCH at 10:08 AM

    52. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 12:10 am

      mecka lecka hi

      meck lecka hidey ho, bruddah!

      You said it.

      Mr. Pre-med, Paulus Vandersloot…

      NOW there’s a mo fizzle that could

      use a good & sturdy sized American lollipop!!!


    53. JusticeforNatalee on August 2nd, 2007 9:19 am

      Ways to Help:

      courtesy: mystery/bfn

    54. Vicki on August 2nd, 2007 10:28 am

      Thank you justice for bringing the link over. PPL these are all things that you can do with ease….please consider doing these simple things…dont give up on Natalee or this farce of an investigation….we must make everyone aware of how corrupt and EVIL the Ale and Meps are on SATANS ISLAND….

    55. disgustedmom on August 2nd, 2007 11:15 am

      yoyo, where did Natalee or 2K…specifically 2K… ever mention meeting Natalee prior to her getting in the Kalpoe Taxi?

      Let me make that more clear for you….how could Natalee have been talking to Anderson about 2K in reference to ‘meeting a couple guys’ if she had never met them and according to them they had never met her?

      But thanks for your observation, shallow as it is…perhaps indicative that Joran may have introduced Natalee to some other of his friends besides 2K and maybe (one of) them was the one(s) of which Natalee spoke. Maybe she was talking about Luis and that other friend of Joran’s he was with at the HI casino/bar after the blackjack game.

      Whatever, the taxi theory is a viable one. It is, after all, how Joran -the tourist himself, would probably get around, eh?

    56. yoyo muffintop on August 2nd, 2007 12:05 pm

      ahhh dmom – again you don’t believe anything that the students of MB say. Good to know. At least you are consistent in that respect(all over the place in others).
      Ed Kissel knew it wasn’t a taxi. Why would Natalee think it was?
      KISSEL: I did not see her getting in the car. I saw her leaving, looked like with Van Der Sloot. I didn’t see her getting in the car. You couldn’t really see the road from inside the bar, so that is what I saw.
      O’REILLY: But nothing set off any alarm bells for you, Ed? You didn’t — you weren’t concerned or anything like that?
      KISSEL: No. I wasn’t personally concerned about anything. From what I’ve heard, I heard people talk about him and he sounded like a nice guy. So I didn’t think any big deal.
      I personally had ridden in the car over there. I made friends with one of the waiters. I’m fluent in Spanish, and you know, I was friends with somebody. And so I was thinking, you know, I rode in a car with somebody, she rides in the car with somebody, no big deal. I didn’t think about it.

    57. brie on August 2nd, 2007 12:11 pm

      yoyo fried dough….Natalee wouldn’t of thought for one minute that her friends would have been interested in Deepak and Satish…..geez!!!! And besides that Deepak was waiting outside behind Carlos & Charlie’s, he said he had a headache, waiting in his car…posing like a taxi driver!!!

      Getting into the car willingly has always been one of Anita’s issues….she went willingly….but it doesn’t matter because that is not the real issue…my point was as stated above, other tourists commenting on how easy you could be deceived by thinking your in a taxi!!!!

    58. Smish on August 2nd, 2007 12:27 pm

      Warning next time…coffee all over my puter.


      By: Anita Van der sloot

    59. Smish on August 2nd, 2007 12:30 pm

      yoyo fried dough….Natalee wouldn’t of thought for one minute that her friends would have been interested in Deepak and Satish…..geez!!!! And besides that Deepak was waiting outside behind Carlos & Charlie’s, he said he had a headache, waiting in his car…posing like a taxi driver!!!

      Getting into the car willingly has always been one of Anita’s issues….she went willingly….but it doesn’t matter because that is not the real issue…my point was as stated above, other tourists commenting on how easy you could be deceived by thinking your in a taxi!!!!

      That’s correct Brie
      Natalee could have been easily fooled that the Kalpoe car was a taxi especially when you have a predator like Joran van der Sloot portraying himself as a”Dutch sporter student from Holland who gives his delicious Mama wet kisses”.
      Eeewww,think I just made myself sick.

    60. ben on August 2nd, 2007 12:31 pm

      yo yo,Do you belive she would have willingly got in the car if she knew she was about to be raped and murdered,which is exactly what those boys did to her.

    61. ben on August 2nd, 2007 12:43 pm

      wish you would number these post.

    62. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 12:47 pm

      Say your prayers Paulus,
      you’re gonna need ‘em,

      God Bless!


      Bring it, and let ‘em know ya ‘Brung It!’

      Today is # 794

      Justice 4 Nat.
      (nothing less)

    63. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 12:53 pm

      Hey look at this

      perfectly good waste of a Men’s Wearhouse

      Suit, and copious amounts of oxygen!

      He’s a real asho, I guarantee it. – G. Zimmer

    64. brie on August 2nd, 2007 1:20 pm

      Often wonder…..this does make you sick…..if Joran sleeps with Anita….her description of him doesn’t sound like a real mother describing her son and his actions towards her seems really strange, always pawing, fondling, wet kisses….yuck!!! That is not normal! Maybe Anita is in love with him…and he is so wacked out on alcohol and drugs…anything goes…girls, guys, mother…whatever! But he came across Natalee who was someone completely the opposite of him…lost his temper, wasn’t getting what he wanted, his mind set….people are only here for here for him to use…becomes enraged when he doesn’t get his own way…

    65. Miss-Undestimated on August 2nd, 2007 3:04 pm

      Hey Paulus, where did you go with Natalee after you picked her and you off-spring at the Mac…Donalds?

      Bloody Mattress….Van Der Sloots get new furniture during the height of the investigation….my family dealing with this, furniture would be the last thing on my mind….unless, it was the sloots.

      Think about it they can’t just throw it to the curb, would be seen by everyone but the ALE, and they can’t burn it, would draw attention by everyone but the ALE. They take it to the beach and dump it….Now I wanna know how many people in Aruba dump their bloody mattresses on the beaches, spoken by the ALE like this is an everyday occurance. Then we hear it is dog blood, ok.. so now, I’ve have dogs giving birth and they do not bleed that much, they almost clean up it themselves.

      I also remember in a statement that the Klaphoe brothers said they had to sit on the floor in Jorans bedroom when Paulus was talking to them on the QT, because the mattress was either gone or in another room.

      The puzzle is put together, now why doesn’t the KLPD do something?

    66. KrisG on August 2nd, 2007 3:58 pm

      I’m excited. Just rec’d my Texas EquuSearch T-shirt. Along with it came a note from Tim Miller, his signed photo and one of the first Natalee flyers made in Aruba. DESAPARECIDA is written across the top. IMHO Tim Miller is a hero.

      Justice for Natalee and her family!

    67. Miss-Underestimated on August 2nd, 2007 5:17 pm


      Hey I got mine today too. I was honored to have a hand written note from Tim. There was also a flyer about his daughters unsolved crime.

      Mr. Miller a man of all men.

    68. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 5:42 pm

      He folks does it get much sicker than these people?

      Ever wonder why Paulus always carries candy?

      Now ya know.


    69. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 5:43 pm

      Hey folks does it get much sicker than these people?

      Ever wonder why Paulus always carries candy?

      Now ya know.


    70. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 5:49 pm

      I always knew Paulus was sick, but not THIS SICK!

    71. brie on August 2nd, 2007 6:00 pm

      Van der Straaten holds everybody back on this investigation…he gives the orders…I think we need, A Wanted Poster For The Truth, including his picture and the “Phrase, I Have Seen the Evidence” and below something identifying that Natalee is still missing.

    72. Carpe Noctem on August 2nd, 2007 6:14 pm

      Van der Straaten is a WUSSY

      That is a hybrid word. It is a combination
      of a WIMP, and another word. LOL



      Marriott Basin – Part 2

    73. IndyDan on August 2nd, 2007 7:38 pm

      To me what makes the VanDerSloots different from your everyday rapist-murderer is that they want to make a profit off their crime. Most rapist-murderers are so relieved that they got away with their sick act they don’t want the limelight yet the VanDerSloots exploit it for personal gain.

    74. brie on August 2nd, 2007 8:04 pm

      SM….how do I get back to Aruban Who’s Who….Thanks.

      SM: Here is the link (klaasend)

    75. brie on August 2nd, 2007 8:12 pm

      Straaten needs to be arrested….he has seen the evidence…meaning Natalee’s body…so where she… and what have you done with her body…how can you withhold that kind of information…you can’t!!!

    76. Smish on August 2nd, 2007 8:59 pm


      Marriott Basin – Part 2

      May Natalee rest and be at peace with the beautiful Angel’s above.
      Justice for Natalee In 2007

    77. disgustedmom on August 2nd, 2007 9:25 pm

      yoyo said…ahhh dmom – again you don’t believe anything that the students of MB say. Good to know. At least you are consistent in that respect(all over the place in others).

      My turn….yoyo, jump off a bridge. I’m not even going to bother straightening out your bad this time. You and I both know my post had nothing to do with not believing the grads of MB. Nice try.

    78. Patti on August 2nd, 2007 9:53 pm


      You’re right. Satish was in the club with Joran
      and Natalee. Remember, they ordered the rum and
      cokes in different colored glasses and the tele-
      phone call either to or from Deepak while he was
      in the car. I don’t think that she thought the
      car was a taxi. Her friends had left earlier and
      she was going to get a ride from someone (Joran)
      that shw had met earlier during the day at the

      To ask if someone would knowingly get into a car
      if they thought they were going to be raped and
      murdered is rediculous. But, many people get into
      cars with people WITHOUT knowing, all the time and
      it doesn’t make them any less innocent to be deceived. Natalee was having fun. She wasn’t
      worrying about rapists and murderers. It was her
      last night out in Aruba and she wanted to get back
      to be with her friends at the hotel.

      I DON’T think Natalee said that she wanted to see
      Joran’s house as was suggested as she, Sattish
      and Joran were walking to the car. I, honestly,
      believe that she was heading back to the Holiday

      In all the stories that the three told and of all
      the places they said they had gone, the only one
      that has remained solid, unchanged, is the Light

      Premeditated murder could be picking up someone
      that is injured from a gun-shot wound and not
      seeking help.

      We all know that the mattress with dogs blood was
      a part of the plan to frame the guards. Natalee
      didn’t die on a mattress, she died at the rock
      area around the light house. Perhaps, Joran could
      claim that it was an accident, but not doing any-
      thing to save her life after she was shot would be
      cold blooded murder.

      So… where is Sattish’s gun… probably at the
      bottom of the sea.

      The other thing that I find interesting was the
      fact that there was a witness that said that he
      had witnessed a girl being raped and murdered. He
      said that when the man went to try to dispose or
      hide her body, he took a couple things and ran.
      Could one of those things been one of his shoes?
      Makes sense to me. If I had just seen a murder,
      I could see the advantage that I would have over
      him if he were missing a shoe, especially, on the
      jagged rocks that make up that area.

      He called Deepak and then Sattish to try to get
      them to pick him up and they said no, so he ended
      up calling his father.

      When asked what happened to Natalee, Deepak say’s
      Go ask Joran what happened to his shoe.

      The witness was deported to Columbia.

      But throughout the questioning my both Dutch and
      Aruban officials, the identification of a shoe
      was emphasised on.

      Aruba: You don’t have to be drunk, drugged or
      stupid to fall victim to crime; you just have to
      let your guard down. Anyone can do that, even
      Natalee Holloway. But again, the crime against a
      child celebrating her graduation is nothing com-
      pared to the cover-up and injustice that has been
      targetted against this child and her family. It
      is for that reason Aruba will suffer.

      Boycott Aruba

    79. JusticeforNatalee on August 2nd, 2007 9:56 pm

      From RealArubaTruth:

      * Write the U.S. State Department and ask them to get involved politically in any way possible. An international lawyer tells me that if the State Department gets at least 5,000 letters from the public expressing concern about the same subject they are required to officially address it with the foreign parties in question.

      I think this is achievable if we also get friends, relatives, and
      neighbors involved.

    80. disgustedmom on August 2nd, 2007 11:13 pm

      Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the anguish a mother feels in not being able to help her child when her child is in dire need. Even a block away is too far to be when your child needs help. Mother’s rush to their children’s side. And they don’t rest until they know all is well again with their child.

      Imagine Beth being so far away when Natalee missed her flight! The panic and anxiety had to have been immeasurable. Yet somehow certain persons on Aruba who could have stepped up and helped only talked about frosted flakes etc and totally ignored a mother’s pain.

      I’ve been thinking back on all the cold callous remarks the cops made and the one who said to Dave or Jug(can’t recall) “How much money do you have?” caught my interest tonight…..

      I remember when I first hear of that I thought perhaps Natalee had been won in some poker game. Since then I’ve found out some things about human trafficking that makes “How much money do you have?” seem like that cop could have been subtly telling the family Natalee had been sold. Here’s what I have found out doing research on the subject….

      When a person is bought, it doesn’t matter what country you are from nor what country you are in….it only matters what country the buyer is a citizen of. In some countries their laws on sex trading actually say that IF THE FAMILY COMES LOOKING FOR THE PERSON THEY CAN BUY THEM BACK FROM THE BUYER. It can only be the family who can buy back one of their own.

      These sickos actually think that makes them honorable! And if you take into account that in these countries parents sell their own kids because they are too poor to feed them, they also think buying sex slaves and slave maids is honorable.

      I just wonder what would have happened if when the cop guy said “How much money do you have?” someone had asked, Why?

    81. brie on August 2nd, 2007 11:40 pm

      Those in the gov’t and the Ale have a lot of questions to answer….they make statements to indicate certain things, but then…..they stop there!!! And never say another word….

    82. disgustedmom on August 2nd, 2007 11:43 pm

      Since I’m the self-proclaimed queen of whatifs….here’s one on Van der straaten’s outburst about seeing the evidence and knowing Natalee was dead….

      What if the dead girl and the evidence Van was speaking of turned out to be another blonde? What if Van had jumped to conclusions when announcing it was Natalee?

      You know, we don’t know about every missing person. And I hate to say it, but sometimes families are so distant from each other a member could be missing/dead for years before anyone even realized no one had seen them in years. So realistically, some other poor soul could have been found and throw away and has not even been missed yet.

      Anything is possible…if it was another girl, perhaps the family didn’t even know she was on Aruba. Maybe they were looking for her, but somewhere else? Maybe some other girl’s family might be saying ‘she does this all the time…she’ll show back up sooner or later’…and maybe she does and they haven’t even called the cops yet to report her missing. We don’t all have loving families or predictable family members.

      Big can of worms! But it’s a thought.

    83. brie on August 3rd, 2007 12:16 am

      In this case, I think Natalee is the one that Straaten referred to….now maybe he was lying..just to shut everybody up…I also read that Straaten turned over the FBI files and the ALE reports to Paulus…does anyone know if this is true?

    84. brie on August 3rd, 2007 12:25 am

      Wonder if the FBI has questioned the Gottenbos family now that they live in the US!

    85. yoyo muffintop on August 3rd, 2007 12:31 am

      Carpe – you’re not starting with your x-ray vision again, are you? A cruel hoax at best. Explain to us again how you do what nobody else in the world can – “see thru” a bag thick enough to hold a 100lb person from a 72dpi video screen capture taken at 10+ft away? You must be a billionaire by now. haha.

    86. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 1:38 am

      Yo Yo,

      We are the creators. You are the destroyer!

      We stand for something. (Natalee’s Justice)

      You belittle everyone,

      and stand for nothing. (Joran and his father’s

      gang-raping, murderous sickness & brain disease)

      Son, the fewer keystrokes

      and breaths wasted on you, the better.

      You are dead already, you

      just didn’t get the memo yet.

      -Justice 4 Natalee!

    87. yoyo muffintop on August 3rd, 2007 2:27 am

      Here is an interesting article:
      It’s about Carla Caccavale Reynolds who was in Aruba a month and a half ago with her husband and baby. Carla is married to Paul Reynolds. Paul Reynolds is Beth Holloway’s sister, Natalee’s uncle. You know what Carla Caccavale Reynolds occupation is? She is a partner in the PR firm Quinn & Co. Know who one of her big clients is? ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority). Go to Quinn & Co’s website as well ( – her company is responsible for many of the Aruba ads/placements that have been coming out in the last couple of years. Hell, they brag about it!
      Bizzare – Natalee’s Aunt Carla promotes the island of Aruba for ATA.
      What do you all think??????

      SM: I think you’re getting despirate (klaasend)

    88. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 7:40 am

      Peter DeVries from NL with Kim Guilfoyle
      on just why Joran Vandersloot is an
      Aruban serial stalking,
      gang-raping, murderer.



    89. yoyo muffintop on August 3rd, 2007 9:37 am

      Here is an interesting article:
      It’s about Carla Caccavale Reynolds who was in Aruba a month and a half ago with her husband and baby. Carla is married to Paul Reynolds. Paul Reynolds is Beth Holloway’s brother, Natalee’s uncle. You know what Carla Caccavale Reynolds occupation is? She is a partner in the PR firm Quinn & Co. Know who one of her big clients is? ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority). Go to Quinn & Co’s website as well ( – her company is responsible for many of the Aruba ads/placements that have been coming out in the last couple of years. Hell, they brag about it!
      Bizzare – Natalee’s Aunt Carla promotes the island of Aruba for ATA.
      What do you all think??????

    90. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 10:25 am

      I think Klaas should bitch slop your fucking
      ass to the concrete, before I get up and do it.

      That’s what I think.

    91. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 10:26 am

      bitch slap

    92. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 10:30 am
    93. disgustedmom on August 3rd, 2007 10:35 am

      I’ll waste keystrokes on yoyo….it’s too fun!

      Yo….read slowly and try to digest every word…..I’m not saying the bag wasn’t thick, but you could wrap a dead body in cellophane….so your remark about ‘thick enough to hold 100lb person’ is once again showing your tunnel vision.

    94. Meee on August 3rd, 2007 11:01 am

      One again i’m off the beaten path. But has Tim Miller begun the water search in Aruba

    95. Patti on August 3rd, 2007 11:10 am

      Disgusted Mom:

      There are so many times that I wish that Natalee
      were alive, even if captured and held against her
      will. But, I think that Van der Straaten DID see
      the evidence and knows the truth about what they
      did to Natalee. He was one of first people called
      and is a personal friend of Paulus. I had always
      read in his eyes that he had a conscience and that
      his participation in the cover-up was why he felt
      the need to leave the island. I don’t know any
      more because if he did have a conscience, it must
      be dead, for he has done nothing.


      All things are possible through God and each man
      responsible to his own conscience. It is not up
      to us to judge the people that choose to go to
      Aruba nor to single them out as undesirables. Each person makes the decision based on his own
      conscience. It is not hatred for Aruba that keeps
      me from going there again and spending my money
      there, it is my hatred for corruption that keeps
      my money in my pocket. There are other places,
      mostly in Europe where sex slave and child prost-
      itution in rampant that I would not go also.

      As for the pictures that you are referring to, you
      and I have argued about this before and the very
      letter that you swear is proof that the picture
      that was printed in the Enquirer is a fake, says
      just the opposite. The portion tht the Enquirer
      didn’t print shows a bullet hole and blood all
      over her chest ares which coincides with the
      injuries on the female body depicted at the rocks.
      Perhaps it is a blessing to the family that such
      photos exist as I believe it would be torturous
      not knowing one way or the other.

      I pray, that the truth will be known and that the
      enemies of the truth shall be revealed. There is
      a divine spirit working in all of this because the
      reason the video at the rock area was being taken
      was, in itself, to prevent someone from being
      framed… a black man, perhaps the security guards
      that were also sitting in jail at the time. You
      see, there is only justice, if there is truth and
      it is that truth that we all seek out… not


      I think your idea of writing letters to the State
      Department is a good one. If we had a campaigne
      under which we visited malls and set up booths
      in just a few cities in the U.S. we could come up
      with plenty of letters. I think people are
      genuinely concerned about travel safety and would
      gladly participte in a letter=writing campaign.
      Everyone knows the name of Natalee Holloway and
      she has come to represent the worst thing that can
      happen when you travel to a country or island that
      doesn’t have an effective, fair justice system.

      I applaud you for keeping your eyes and ears open
      for ways to keeping her story alive and in the
      forefront in people’s minds

      Continue the Boycott!

    96. Patti on August 3rd, 2007 11:49 am


      I’d Bitch Slap Yo-Yo for you, but the last
      time she wrote to me, she suggested that
      she may be a man….

      What would that be a BUTCH Slap????



      Just kidding… you know I love you in spite
      of your pestering. Again, like I told you
      before, I don’t understand why you don’t put
      your knowledge to some “good” work instead of
      constantly poking at the monkey cages. With
      your knowledge of the case and a litle love
      and compassion, you’d be awesome. If you
      can’t do it for Natalee, for whatever reason,
      you could do it for the other countless victims
      of corruption and greed, or for the hundreds of
      thousands of people that go missing each year.
      You would be amazed the number of people that
      could learn from the ten or fifteen minutes you
      spend at the keyboard… besides, the world would
      be a better place to live because of it.

      Inspire me… Please.

    97. yoyo muffintop on August 3rd, 2007 12:00 pm

      Art Wood:
      I advised David that I had arranged for professional examination of these pictures and the Video and that the early results of this examination were not promising. A Professor at the University of Florida who examined the data advised me that he believes the images which some people believe to be of Natalee are “Artifact” shadows of the plastic. I made it very to clear to everyone that Dave Holloway and I are very skeptical of the video and photo’s because of the fact that Dave searched the area repeatedly during the first few days of June and also because of the fact that whoever posted the video has never come forward.

    98. super dave on August 3rd, 2007 12:10 pm

      any news about Natalee ? haven’t seen anything posted here recently. except for this yoyo thing who could very well be one of the “murder” suspects.

    99. Patti on August 3rd, 2007 2:38 pm

      Yo Yo?

      Who wouldn’t be skeptic of the pictures and video?
      The family thought, at first, that there may be
      some sort of ransom request would follow these
      items. But there never have been any ransom
      requests or any other form of exortion attempt
      made in regards to these items.

      The remainder of the letter speaks to the picture
      that was released in the “Enquirer”, specifically,
      and goes on to say that he is sure that the
      picture had been authenticized before being
      published. I’ve seen the original version and I,
      too, believe it to be authentic.

      Whoever it was that shot that video has never come
      forward, but makes a disclaimer at the beginning
      of each film that it is for the purpose of assuring that there will never be another black man framed again. The photographer knew that they
      were seeing a crime being covered and they
      followed the recovery of the young female woman to
      the point where her body was disgarded in the
      plastic. There is no way of knowing why they
      stopped there, but they, certainly, were not the
      people who did the filtering process on that frame
      of the film that resulted in the picture that was

    100. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 4:25 pm

      Yeh, well I got news for Martin Luther King

      from TOP 95 RADIO. Check it out, Dillweed…

      A black man will ***ABSOLUTELY BE FRAMED ON THE


      Ya wanna know why, my brutha?


      That’s why!!!

      Because you played around like

      a pantywaist, stinky slinky,

      no good knuckle nuts,

      and did not have the *INTEGRITY

      to hand over the tape to Natalee’s family,


      You should have hoisted yourself up off of your

      own petard and videotaped Beth Twitty springing

      the Security Guards out of jail.

      That would have done more for your sorry a$$


      …than playing around and hoping to win the lottery, by getting a big pay day for the desperately needed, timely video footage.

      You better HOPE they never
      find out who actually taped it!

      There are some people who want see you ‘smoked’ Matrix Reloaded style for not turning it over when you should have! I think you know that, you sub-human, that is why nobody has heard from you in over a year.

      As-Salamu Alaykum up on THIS,
      ya friggin’ idiot.

    101. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 6:48 pm
    102. Carpe Noctem on August 3rd, 2007 6:53 pm

      Another kind of Mother!

      I think Klaas would ban

      me from the FP for life

      if I go into it in

      further detail. =)


    103. disgustedmom on August 3rd, 2007 7:34 pm

      Carpe…..I’ve heard about this video for 2 years….and as I don’t have a great computer nor a fast connection I have never seen it.

      Would you or someone who has seen it mind typing a synopsis of what was taped? And also, when was it taped?

      Thanks IA.

    104. Maggie on August 3rd, 2007 8:16 pm

      I too ordered 4 shirts from Equisearch, haven’t received mine yet.

      Here’s more quotes for yoyo. Does this sound like the Natalee Joran describes that night? Do the words out of character ring a bell? Remember Joran first had Natalee assaulting him at the hotel she pushed and said she could walk on her own after she got up from falling. Set 2 men up for murder and kidnapping. This sure don’t sound like the Natalee J2k is talking about. One thing you can count on with a pathological liar, they are consistent.

      Patti supposedly there is a statement by a guard at the lighthouse who says noone was there that night matching their description.

      Ruth McVay: (responding to questions whether Natalee made an arrangement with Joran to go to Carlos ‘n Charlies) Not with him. Absolutely not. With us. She went with all of our friends. He wasn’t with us. He didn’t go with us. He (Joran) came with his friends. He had told us that night that Sunday was not a fun night on the island and that no one goes out. So we found it ironic that he showed up.

      Francis Ellen Byrd: We went out on the beach every day, hung out together. Our grade’s really close. And everyone hung out together the entire time.

      Interviewer: So, that wouldn’t ordinarily be her modus operandi, to go in a car with three guys? That wouldn’t have happened in your experience?
      Alana Jordan: No.
      Interviewer: And you know her very well?
      Alana Jordan: I would say so, yes.

      William Morris: I don‘t know a person that just doesn‘t like Natalee. She‘s not mean to anyone. She‘s just an outgoing, beautiful, just nice girl that everyone is missing and ready for her to come home.

      Beau Barron: She‘s a smart girl. She‘s level-headed. And she has just a bunch of common sense. And just the fact that something like this would ever happen to her just blows my mind.

      Bryan Reynolds: (quoted as saying) Van der Sloot got into a scuffle with some of the Mountain Brook guys at the bar.

      Bryan Reynolds: I broke it up. It was outside the Carlos ‘n Charlies, the second night we were there.

      Virginia Page: That night was more hectic than others was because it closed at 1 a.m. There was sort of a mass exodus out of the place. Everyone left all at once.

      Alana Jordan: (to question where, what time and in what condition last saw Natalee) The last time I saw Natalee, we were leaving the club, and a friend of mine went back to the club because we were going to make sure that no one got left because we were leaving at closing. And we ran into her and asked her if she was Ok. And she said, “Yes” and indicated that she was going back to the hotel with some other Mountain Brook students.

      Alana Jordan: (answering if she had seen Natalee with Joran before the last night) No, but he was in our casino a lot.

      Ruth McVay: They said “no.” They tried to stop her. The million-dollar question is why she got in the car. It’s the biggest mystery ever. It just didn’t make sense.

      Katherine Weatherly:(Had Katherine already left prior to Natalee?) Well, Carlos and Charlie`s closed at 1:00 o`clock, and when it closed, everyone was getting in taxis at the same time and it was really chaotic. And I got in a taxi, and everyone just thought that everyone would get home Ok. There were so many people leaving at one time, it was just…

      Holly Brown: It’s really easy for him to go on the air, and say what he wants, and what he thinks is going to get him out of trouble, with Natalee being unable to defend herself, and she can’t say anything about it

      Mary Conyers: (speaking of Joran’s characterization of Natalee’s behavior) Natalee is not ever, has never been, that type of person.

      Frances Ellen Byrd: I figured out something was wrong when my friends came to knock on my door in the morning asking where she was, because Natalee was the first one up. She is the most responsible out of all of my friends. And we all—Natalee is the leader of our friends.

      Thomas Twitty: She was everything parents look for. Pretty much in every honor society you could think of. Pretty responsible. Hardly ever got in trouble. Pretty much everything you would want in a son or daughter.

      Ruth McVay: (commenting on Natalee getting in the car) But, she had smarts and maturity. She knew better. Natalee would never take off with people we didn’t know. She was my most responsible friend ever.

      Bryan Reynolds: (quoted in newspaper as saying) … (I) saw (Joran and the Kalpoe brothers) hanging out at the Holiday Inn

    105. Patti on August 3rd, 2007 8:37 pm

      What, Yo Yo?

      You can’t think of anything impressive? Neither
      can I. All I know is that when this is FINALLY
      said and done, there will be justice in Aruba and
      not against some poor black man that has had no-
      thing to do with the death of Natalee along with
      no money to defend himself on an island that the
      rich and powerful (not to mention Duetch) get
      more than their share of fair shakes.

      Pinnin’ it on the security guards was part of the
      plan that Paulus cooked up around the pool. One
      that he thought a family from Mississippi would
      buy hook, line and sinker. I think we should
      paint his face black, paste a sign to his back that says “I like white booty” and drop him off
      in the middle of I-10 at about 2 in the morning.
      Let him see what it’s like to stand on the other
      side of the street, so to speak.

      Is that inspiring? I don’t think so. Race should
      never have been a part of this case… but it was
      because of who? The same person that made up the
      stories about people being related to Hitler and
      having slaves… to stir up the hatred in the
      other direction so everyone would be so busy
      hating on one another that no one would give a
      rats ass. Again, around the pool, telling
      everyong what to say.

      So we have him, Paulus to thank for being
      responsible that Joran Van der Sloot, the
      psychotic, murdering sucker-thumb is still on the
      streets; walking as free as a bird, today.

      Is there racism in Aruba? You bet there is!
      It’s called Colonialism, just as it was in
      India and South Africa where the rich who rarely
      would call themselves “slave-owners” have it all.
      All the money, all the power and all the liberty.
      And if they want to hate someone who resembles
      Hitler, they need only look in the mirror because
      deep down in thier hearts they truly believe that
      their being “white” is what makes them superior.
      If that’s not being a Nazi, I don’t know what is.

      Peace be with you Yo Yo… just be careful of
      who you are defending.


    106. Patti on August 3rd, 2007 9:04 pm

      Hey Maggie!!!

      When I speak of the Lighthouse, I mean the area
      of the lighthouse. I believe that the three of
      them took Natalee to an area called Arisha Beach
      (I’m not sure of the spelling) but that whole end
      of the island is nothing but rocks and sand
      dunes. They would not have necessarily been
      seen by a guard at the lighthouse, itself.

      I loved your quotes above… brings things back
      to reality, doesn’t it?

      I’m glad you’re back.

    107. disgustedmom on August 3rd, 2007 9:20 pm

      Speaking of slaves…all those who are involved in the coverup are slaves now….slaves to the coverup….slaves to those they promised to keep quiet. They have no life of their own anymore because it is and will be forever controlled by those they swore to protect.

    108. disgustedmom on August 3rd, 2007 11:04 pm

      Sorry to bring this up again….but the whole timeline around 11PM when Paulus makes sure he gives Joran an alibi for NOT being with Natalee or any of the tourists from MB or with 2K just got a little less believable than before…

      To back up a bit….originally it was said by Joran that Satish picked him up just before 10PM….Deepak was supposed to get off work that night at 10PM….Satish had Deepak’s car at home because Deepak didn’t like leaving his precious car parked places to get banged up or some shat.

      Originally Joran said he and Satish waited for Deepak to come out from work. Deepak had to stay longer than 10PM because according to Deepak there were still customers with time they had paid for so he had to wait on them to finish. They originally said Deepak got out just before 11PM.

      Now we all know the tale of how Joran was picked up by Paulus at 11PM and taken back to his house while Satish sat alone waiting for Deepak after which 2K went home to do all sorts of things and then went to get Joran about 12:15AM and they got to CC’s for the FIRST time that night at about 12:30AM….but not only do I think they made that up and that they were all 3 together from 11PM on, but I also think the time between 11PM and 12:30 AM holds some major clue to what really happened that night and whatever that is apparently Paulus thinks it needs to be kept quiet so he gets involved by providing the 11PM alibi that takes Joran away from the tourists AND away from 2K….but…

      In the Jensen interview Jorans says concerning his time at CC’s….”When we came there it was already closed within 2 hours”…..

      CC’s closed at 1AM that night….within 2 hours makes it 11PM! So J2K were there TWICE that night….they came, left and came back or they were there from 11PM on.

      What difference could this make in the case? I don’t know but it must be important if Paulus has to lie up an alibi to keep Joran out of it.

    109. brie on August 3rd, 2007 11:09 pm

      Joran really enjoys stirring the pot…for him, he likes to see other people get angry, that gives him justification for his own actions, he likes fighting and violence. Joran lied…. he told the Kalpoes that Natalee asked if they were his slaves, that would of made them agry….Joran lied…. Natalee never said her mother was related to Hilter…Sloots and most of Joran friends are Dutch Jewish…that in itself would of stirred up trouble…and was probably used as an excuse to cause her harm . So he set her up and…..the outcome…..Natalee’s disappearance.

      I read an article on the internet and it stated that in Aruba….a tattle-tale is worst than being a rapist or murderer. It’s all about there little secrets. One happy, safe island and don’t upset the applecart!!!! Money is our motto!!!

      Well, something bad happened!!!!

      We know Natalee was last seen with Joran
      We know Joran had scratches on his face
      We know Guildo had scratches on his face
      We know Guildo spent the night at the Sloots
      We know Paulus made an ATM withdrawal
      We know Joran caught the bus by Lorenzo’s house
      We know Joran slept in school all day
      We know Natalee missed her plane
      We know Natalee disappeared
      We know Joran knows what happened but won’t tell
      We know Paulus knows what happened but won’t tell
      We know Guildo left the island pronto
      We know Koen pissed in his pants
      We know Koen slept with his mother
      We know Dompig said the 3 are guilty as hell
      We know Straaten has seen the evidence
      We know Justice is Coming

    110. yoyo muffintop on August 3rd, 2007 11:42 pm

      Maggie – I’m not sure what planet you’re from, but on the planet earth people do all kinds of things “out of character” when they are inebriated. Wouldn’t you agree?

    111. yoyo muffintop on August 4th, 2007 12:07 am

      How do you know all this stuff Brie – it’s almost as if you were there. I love how you site Zero sources for everything you state.
      We know Natalee was pregnant with Jug’s baby and ran away (j/k, but you get my point. on second thought you probably don’t)

      “I read an article on the internet and it stated that in Aruba….a tattle-tale is worst than being a rapist or murderer. It’s all about there little secrets. One happy, safe island and don’t upset the applecart!!!! Money is our motto!!!”
      Interesting you state this. Did you know Natalee’s Aunt does PR work for ATA? Promotes Aruba to the world as a beautiful, safe place. Dirty little secret that is swept under the rug.

      SM: Carla is a partner in Quinn & Company, a PR firm that was hired by ATA long before Natalee ever went to Aruba. Carla heads up the Travel part of the firm. What yould expect Carla to do? Drop ATA as a client or quit her job simply because she happened to fall in love with Beth’s brother? Why is this a dirty little secret? (klaasend)

    112. brie on August 4th, 2007 12:48 am

      Natalee and her friends never parted the whole time they were on the island….and they had drinks then…so what made the difference the last night….Joran showed up….Natalee was drugged….Joran separated her from her friends…but the issue isn’t why she got into the car…the issue is “Something Bad Happened”!!!

      She obviously didn’t feel like she was in any danger…and trusted Joran to take her back to the hotel…the same hotel he said he was staying at….Holiday Inn!!!!!!!!

      Remember, the lie has worked 20 times before….

    113. yoyo muffintop on August 4th, 2007 2:17 am

      Klass (I second the person who said bring back the #’s on the posts):
      Yes, I do believe she should drop her client. There has been entire threads and numerous discussions about the ATA and their involvement in the cover-up & spin, after the fact, of Natalee’s disappearance. Natalee’s Aunt Carla was also invovlved in the marketing of Aruba to the US and worldwide after Natalee went missing. The Travel part of the firm is who ATA deals with. Carla and Paul were in Aruba in June. Paul relaxing while Carla entertains her Aruban clients. You, or anybody else, thinks this is appropriate given the fact that Natalee, their Niece, was more than likely done harm(so to speak),on that Island? I cannot believe no one is speaking out on this. It’s ok to do so. It doesn’t mean you are on the “darkside” if you will.
      It is one of the strangest things, I believe, in one of the most strangest cases in recent history. The ATA has been crucified by posters on this board.
      Mrs Reynolds should resign or drop her client – Aruba!

      SM: Yoyo – get it through your head. She doesn’t own the PR firm nor is she the president of it. She can’t just drop clients. Sorry, it bothers you that it’s not the discussion here at SM. (klaasend)

    114. yoyo muffintop on August 4th, 2007 2:20 am

      just a few typo’s/grammer errors/spelling errors in the last post.

    115. Patti on August 4th, 2007 2:24 am

      Good Job Brie!

      The only one that talked about drugs and
      going in and out of conscienceness was Joran.
      In fact, as far as I know that is what started
      the assumption that she must have been drugged.
      Anyone that knew Natalee knows that she didn’t
      do drugs willingly so if what Joran says is
      true (which is unlikely) she was drugged.

      My bet is that she was lied to, just like Brie
      said thinking that the soccer player, little
      “sporter” wanna be, was returning to his hotel,
      as well so she’d just catch a ride.

      She didn’t want to do anything more than go back
      to the hotel where her friends were. Drunk or
      drugged makes no difference except that the things
      that Joran told the police had them thinking that
      Natalee was probably in some crack house somewhere
      and led the police and investigators way, way off
      the path.

      That would have to be hurtful to know that the
      police were wasting valuable time and avoiding
      questioning potential witnesses and suspects
      under the assumption that your daughter was a
      drug addict… WHAT THE ?!?!?!?!

      Who was running the show YO YO?

      The family was under more police surveilance than
      the last people seen with the missing person. They had to try to conduct their own investigation with the police showing up to look over their shoulders, like a bunch of morans. And
      in the end every single person that tried to help
      them were harrassed, threatened with arrest and
      accused of tampering with evidence.

      Van der Straaten say’s he saw the evidence? He
      saw it alright and what did he do? He sent his
      forces on crack-house surveilance while a young,
      intelligent, GOOD girl was dying on an island,
      too, too many miles from home.

      There is not one single person on that whole
      island with the fortitude, the grace or the honor
      to stand up and admit what they know, much less
      what they saw… but their defiant little miss-
      fit gets to tuck himself in and suck his thumb to
      his delight, every single night knowing that his
      daddy loves him. Because he f’d up REAL bad…
      somthing really, REALLY bad happened but his daddy
      didn’t let them take him to jail.

      He should be taken out and shot in the head like
      a rabied dog, but instead his mommy calls him a
      sporter and fills his head with dreams of things
      that he will never fulfull with friends that he
      will never have.

      Hell, Yo Yo… Who’s in charge? Doesn’t a murder-
      er who cries in his cell that he wants to be dead
      for the things that he’s done deserve to have his
      restitution, his punishment and his closure as
      well? Or are we to live in a world where the
      angry psychotic acts of a madman are to remain
      tucked away, snug in his blankey to save him the
      heartache of a broken life? Who’s life has been
      broken anyway? Haven’t the acts to protect the
      guilty made him a victim as well? Why? So Daddy
      can rest his arm on his son’s shoulders “pretend-
      ing” that he’s proud to be a Van der Sloot?

      I’ll bet they all wish they could take it away,
      take it all away. They probably wish everyday
      they would have done the right thing… because
      nothing EVER is going to be alright… least of
      all Joran.

      I swear, come hell or high water; I will fight for
      the justice of Natalee Holloway with all my might
      because that piece of shit that was too good to
      pay the price for his sins is responsible for an
      innocent having to pay the ultimate price for
      hers and all she wanted was to go home.

      There will be justice for Natalee and everyone
      will suffer for the part they so willingly played.
      There are no secrets with God and, soon, the
      whole world will know the shame that has become

      So Yo Yo… Who’s in Charge?

    116. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 4:18 am

      It is one of the strangest things, I believe, in one of the most strangest cases in recent history.



      The most strangest thing in recent history
      is your mother’s face! E.T. give that mo-fizzle
      a phone card so the ol’ broad can phone home.

      She could eat an apple through a picket fence!

      I forgive you on your typos & grammar though!!!
      I do that crap too, sometimes I’m not paying attention, or typing tired. Don’t worry, ain’t nobody grading term papers here. If they were, I’d need waders.


      HEY ARUBA:
      Put an end to the sickness today, please!
      This little chronic super-sonic asho
      fittin’ to get his
      bell all rung up.



    117. brie on August 4th, 2007 9:39 am

      Caution….Troll is diseased and carrying infection….beware it bites….traps have been set…compliments of the fisherman’s hut!!!!

    118. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 10:33 am

      sure missing those numbered posts!

      Brie said….”Joran really enjoys stirring the pot…for him, he likes to see other people get angry, that gives him justification for his own actions, he likes fighting and violence. Joran lied…. he told the Kalpoes that Natalee asked if they were his slaves, that would of made them agry….Joran lied…. Natalee never said her mother was related to Hilter…Sloots and most of Joran friends are Dutch Jewish…that in itself would of stirred up trouble…and was probably used as an excuse to cause her harm . So he set her up and…..the outcome…..Natalee’s disappearance.”


      I tend more to think Joran made that stuff up after Natalee went missing in order to make people mad at her so they would not care about her which in Joranland translates to ‘they will like me better’ which then translates/evolves in Joranland to ‘and take my side’.

      IMO, Joran does not want anyone to care about Natalee so he won’t have to care about her either…so he can justify not giving a crap and lying to justify -subconsciously-his own rotten part in Natalee’s disappearance thus giving him what he needs to go on having fun in his life, a clean emotional ticket out of anything he did wrong.

      I think Joran used Natalee thinking she was a slut like all the rest of the American Tourists (his opinion, not mine), but he found out she was not a slut when he tried to have sex with her and she was not going for it, but Joran didn’t believe she was not a slut…he thought she was yanking him around or rejecting him personally so he got mad at her. Still, in the shadows of his suppressed conscience, he wonders if she might really have not been a slut so what does he do to get past any feelings of being wrong? He starts talking about detailed sexcapades Natalee WANTED and MAKES her a slut.

      Joran justifies his behavior and the outcomes of it AFTER something bad happens and/or someone says there is something foul with it. Before anyone cries foul, Joran has no need to make up a story since his ego would not yet need protecting. So Joran would tell the truth until someone said it would make him look like an arshole or a weenie. Joran goes on his own unthinking impulses thus, Joran is incapable of planning in advance of anything making him look bad. Impulses are just that…impulses, which then require spin control to justify them ethically and morally etc.

      Where am I going with this? Simply that Joran’s tales that make Natalee appear to be a racist and a slut are clear signs to me that he is trying to absolve his own guilt in his own mind (and in the minds of others because with Joran it’s all about what everyone else thinks of him that makes him feel worthwhile) for having made a big mistake that cost Natalee her life.

    119. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 10:45 am

      Adding to my last post…

      That Joran feels he has to lie to protect his image shows that he is capable of breaking sooner or later.

    120. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 12:05 pm

      Yowza, disgusted mom, you sure have Joran’s number.

      I concur, majorly.


      Today’s Weekend Natalee Holloway

      musical video moment is

      brought to you by:

      “Whoop A$$ Peanuts”

      Billy Joel



      -Justice 4 Nat!

    121. Patti on August 4th, 2007 12:07 pm

      Joran is a lie. He’s one of those people that is
      this way for this person and that way for that. I
      think his personality is one that has been blown into a zillion pieces and even he could never put
      enough pieces back together again even to find a
      fraction of the person that he believes himself
      to be.

      Joran is dead inside and the trauma of what he
      did will forever cause him to want his own death.

      Disgusted Mom is right: he seeks out the approval
      of everyone else because he truly hates himself
      and has for a lot longer than Natalee’s been
      missing. Just as the profiler said, “he is not
      one that would take no for an answer” because the
      word no is an indication in his mind of not
      measuring up, making the grade, cutting the
      mustard. He is a hateful, spiteful lunatic that
      will never have the thing that will make him
      whole self-approval, self-assurance and self-
      pride. He is and always has been the Van der
      Sloot misfit – the one his parents had always
      covered up for because they, too, lack the self
      reliance that comes with being able to admit that
      not everything of you or from you is perfect.

      Joran has ALWAYS been far from perfect with his
      parents looking the other way. He drowned a boy
      at a birthday party, he tortured his siblings, he
      killed animals and the family pet, he abused
      girls. For any other parent, these would be
      cries for help; while with the Van der Sloots,
      they were considered embarrassments, that led
      to family secrets and finally mere illusions,
      as if they never happened at all. “The Sporter”
      they call him, suggesting athletic ability, while
      the truth of their sporter was that he was a bully
      that preyed upon he helpless.

      He knows his illness, his fantacies fill his
      mind til he wants to scream… so now he calls
      it something new – chronic, habitual liar.

      How many broken pieces does he have to analyze
      before his parents finally come to love him for
      what he really is and commit him?

    122. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 1:46 pm

      Patti, that was right on perfect!

      I might add that when adversaries who see Joran for what he really is, refuse to let go of his bal*s and keep blasting away at his past and inconsistancies etc time and time again- no matter how many times he tries to defend his lies, behavior and ridiculous sense of reason, he will eventually begin a whole new set of lies based around disproving anything derrogatory we say about him.

      Because he can’t stand that he has not fooled everyone, he will continue to read the internet and post under various names or get some stupid female who likes to nurture sick pathetic individuals (like those who write love letters to Scott Peterson) to post for him.

      Joran has been able to sit on his current set of lies only because he was busy writing more BS in a book. Now that that is done, he will have to find another voice to defend himself with and I hope he makes up another lie in the process. It is inevitable that he will because he has tried so hard thus far to cover all his BS with more BS that he has closed off all his retreats from the compounded BS he has already put out there.

      Joran is in a corner now, and the only way out is to shut the hell up, but that is not something he will ever be able to do because he has more to say and he knows it…that ‘more’ being more of what went down that night and Joran thrives on letting people know he knows things they don’t…makes him feel superior.

      I predict more clues will be forthcoming from Joran…not saying he’s going to be telling the truth, just saying he will bring up something to counter something that he wants to run from.

      Keep watching the trolls! Watch what they try to justify.

      Another thing….Paulus and Joran’s friends have to constantly be telling Joran to ‘stay calm’(got that from Joran’s book translations)….they know he’s the loose cannon in this deal…they know he’s a volcano ready to errupt with just a bit more heat, so they keep pouring cold water on him, but they are only creating steam and none of them, no matter how afraid they are that he will break, are smart enough to know Joran would sell them all down the river in a lie that would make Joran ‘look good’.

      I wouldn’t doubt it if Joran would want to play good guy and tell on everyone! Of course, leaving himself out…he has played the victim all this time…that is one thing he is never going to stop.

      Look out all who know the real story of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance! Joran only cares about Joran. And if he could a find a way to get the reward money, he’d do that too.

    123. Maggie on August 4th, 2007 3:40 pm

      Based on Joran’s own words since you like to insinuate, Joran took Natalee to the beach that night and some pantless man from a week before got her..based on no one’s word she was there, except 3 confessed liars. Joran has Natalee as not drunk, she knew what she was doing. So based on his statements if she knew what she was doing.. and taken from her friends own words,who knew her well, she would never get in a car with 3 guys.

      She was so intoxicated days before she had to be helped to her room. Didn’t get in a car with 3 guys she didn’t know, didn’t ask to see sharks, didn’t mention slaves and plantations and Hitler. Didn’t ask anyone to leave her on a dark beach at 3am alone. Charles Croes first interview with Greta,,, Joran told me Natalee had been doing drugs POSSIBLY drinking. This after he served her up a rum151 on the way out. Why did he tell people Natalee was on drugs that night? If she was so inebriated as you say that she was doing things that far out of character and would get in a car with 3 strange men, talk about going to see sharks, call people slaves and talk about hitler, ask to stay on a beach at 3am alone in the dark, then no way could she consent to any kind of sexual acts as he describes. That’s the problem when it’s convenient and benefits his story , he has her acting crazy drunk, and when it benefits his sexual tales it it has her sober. As for planet earth.. save it for the dark side. I totally avoid it.

      What S&&T would they see if they find that girl.. Anita’s favorite words,,that girl, the girl. Deepak states Natalee was drunk, so does Joe T. So the sexual stuff he talked about at the water wouldn’t be consensual ,except based on once again the pathological liars words, because Natalee was robbed of her voice. Someone went to a lot of trouble to keep her from talking the truth.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a way to describe her, I mean, and whether she seemed or appeared to be, you know, drinking? Did she seem to be drunk?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Oh… she’d been drinking, but she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she knew what she was doing. And you know, all the people there were drinking, as well. I mean, that’s just – that’s normal when you go out and have a drink with your friends.

      VAN SUSTEREN: What was her condition?

      VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, to me she seemed like she had – she had something to drink but she seemed fine. You know she knew – she knew what she was doing.

      Many of us would like to know where Joe Tacopina gets his information from and how he compares it to statements that have come from his client’s mouth. Joe Tacopina has gone on TV stating that Natalee Holloway was falling over drunk, yet his client has not stated that in interviews. VAN DER SLOOT: Oh. she’d been drinking, but she wasn’t drunk. I mean, she knew what she was doing.

      Deepak states Natalee was drunk.

    124. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 4:39 pm

      It’s always the friggin’ pantless guy, I
      mean, what’s up with thattt?

      …but seriously for a moment…

      I bet you anything if Anita Vandersloot
      wore corduroys and jogged to get the mail,
      that b*tch could start a small scale
      forest fire. =)

    125. Patti on August 4th, 2007 4:57 pm


      There ARE pantless guys and there was one that
      was a “friend” of Joran’s that tried to sexually
      assault an American on the beach one night – but
      that has nothing to do with this case.



      Don’t forget that the word about going in and
      out of consciousness had gotten out and the
      family were asking why there wasn’t an arrest
      for sexually assaulting a person who clearly
      couldn’t have the ability to consent. So when
      Greta did that interview, he covered his ass
      by saying that she wasn’t drunk.

      Deepak says Natalee was drunk- she was drunk -
      who wouldn’t be?


      Disgusted Mom:

      Remember who is in charge, it’s not Joran, it’s
      Paulus. Maybe you’re right about him biting the
      hand that feeds him, but I doubt it. Not unless
      he writes it in a suicide note. There is a reason
      why his personality is blown into tiny pieces and
      it wouldn’t surprise me to know that Paulus is
      it. There has to be a reason why a man would
      protect his son the way Paulus does, to the
      extreme. I can see why a mother would, but men
      don’t usually allow their emotions to dictate
      their decisions, like Paulus has. The way I
      figure, there is only one thing that can do that:

      I think Joran is going to choke, break down and
      commit suicide. I think he has been suicidal for
      a very, very long time and that he is going to

      As for this chronic, habitual liar bull shit:

      That’s nothing more than a pre-packaged excuse
      to cover Paulus and anyone else involved, in case
      he does start spilling his guts. Everyone knows
      he’s a sick bastard and like a good little boy,
      he’s stupid enough to go on National T.V. and tell
      the whole world that whatever he may say is sure
      to be a lie.

      For instance: If he should decide that he is
      going to come clean and tell everything and there
      is something in his past, like an old friend who
      is a government official that used to have all the
      boys commit sodomy with one another while he and
      his friends watched… he’s a liar.

      If he should decide to come clean and say that he
      was paid to find girls that would perform sexual
      favors for these men… he’s a liar.

      If he should decide to come clean and say that
      the reason that he wishes that his mom was home
      because these men were at the house that night… he’s a liar.

      If he should decide to come clean and tell about
      how he lived in a state of fear since being a
      child because of a sex ring that operated in his
      home where he was passed along from one man to
      the next and told if he talked he’d be killed…
      he’s a liar.

      You get my point. There will come a time that
      all those things will explode and Joran will
      realize that he has BEEN painted in a corner with
      no one to turn to.

      So Yo Yo, WHO’s in charge?

    126. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 5:05 pm

      Mayan likes this one…

      Always Remember:

      If ya forget your tape measure,

      …just eyeball it!

    127. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 5:05 pm

      Great points, Maggie…let’s keep the heat on that little snot Joran!

      Right now he is basking in popularity for appearing to be a victim, a poor pitiful misunderstood horny (though controlled when not with condom, yeah right) teenager who females just can’t keep their hands off of, and he loves what that image allows him to believe about himself, that being -NOT that he is God’s gift to women because he knows that is not true- that he is accepted by ‘caring people’ even with all the odds against him that suggest he is psycho and dangerous. He is even forgiven by these ‘caring’ people after he lied and lied repeatedly ‘out of fear’ who ‘understand’ and ‘don’t expect him to be perfect’ in order to feel he is loved. Joran is and has been in self-pitying mode since day one…the whole ‘underdog’ thing.

      But Joran is clearly NOT an underdog, now is he? Not as he is projected to the public anyway.

      As I see it, Joran has issues with discrimination. Joran has issues with not feeling good enough. He has issues with being loved for who he is. Joran secretly feels like an underdog and the reason why? It’s possible Joran is gay and daddy VDS is not accepting it!

      When Joran pins all that racist and religious hatred on Natalee, he is really saying he has problems with discrimination…because he could have pinned anything on Natalee to get the world to dislike her, but he chose social biases which means that’s what is at the heart of his angers.

      So yeah, I’m saying Joran is gay and that is what is holding this case up more than anything else because Joran can’t say what he really did that night without admitting to being gay.

      Right now he’s fine with being popular being a victim, but if he were to say he was gay then the whole rape thing would go out the window leaving open that he may have lured tourist females for someone else. If this were to come out, he would lose all support because not even other gays would support his using his gayness to lure females for straight males to rape.

    128. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 5:11 pm

      Carpe! Can you give me a synopsis of what was on the videos that included the woman in the plastic bag? PLEEESE? I can’t play videos on my computer. Please walk me though it verbally! :)

    129. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 5:12 pm

      Oh yeah, sorry Patti… I wasn’t denying
      that there are pantless guys in Aruba…
      in fact, I am pretty flippin’ sure of it…
      now that ya mention it!

      I was just using the line to
      bounce a joke off of it…

      Here’s another: Conan O’Brien likes this one.

    130. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 5:22 pm

      Patti, I think Joran IS an habitual liar and it was conveniently used to confuse the case…like finally Joran can do something right!

      But even with lies all around sooner or later one of them will jive with things and make it the lie to believe. You know, when a liar says he’s lying, he could be lying?

      I haven’t forgotten Paulus. But he’s only in control so long as Joran doesn’t want to hurt him. Joran and suicide? My money would be on Paulus hiring a hit man to take him out over in the NL and blaming it on one of Joran’s haters or some ‘other person’ who was afraid Joran would rat them out.

      Loved your ‘down low’ examples!

    131. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 6:09 pm

      My money would be on Paulus hiring a hit man to take him out over in the NL and blaming it on one of Joran’s haters or some ‘other person’ who was afraid Joran would rat them out.


      I think Paulus should save that money, and put it
      to better use, like an effing Thigh-Master. LOL

      If a hit is put on anybody…
      I would think it’d be “YOUR HONOR”… I mean, if you’ve ever wanted to see 3 young men spring a wizzer in their pantaloonies and start foaming at the mouth, you’d probably see it happen on MUST SEE TV that day, huh?

      Arubay/Chicago Videos

      Disgusted mom, you be the judge for yourself.

      Here’s a still-

      The tapes were basically a tour of the comings and goings on T-Ball Island, with the most important scenes of the video being the footage taken at THE ROCKS near the CLH,
      and the MARRIOTT BASIN.

      Some believe there was human remains of some
      kind at the ROCKS, or the MARRIOTT BASIN, or both places. Everyone except for Yo-Yo, who still diddles himself frequently with a pink loofah,
      his trusty rubber duckie, and an outdated email
      from the honorable Mr. Art Wood. -j4n

    132. Patti on August 4th, 2007 6:31 pm

      I think Joran is a liar when he wants to be and
      when it’s to his advantage. The racist thing in
      my opinion was much too sophisticated for a pit
      face like Joran to dream up. I think it was
      orchastrated, along with the crack house detail
      by someone with much greater thinking abilities.
      I, honestly, think that Joran was being coached
      from the beginning along with Deepak and Satish.

      I know people hate it when I say it, but Joran
      was just a boy of seventeen. I don’t think that
      he was old enough to realize that the combination
      of statements that were made would result in
      putting the skids on any investigation like it was
      designed to do. These decisions were made by some
      one that knew police work. The whole thing was
      planned out even down to having that woman (what
      was her name) from the local newspaper befriend
      Beth and post offensive “missing” posters. These
      are not things that 17 year-olds are able to do
      on their own, but rather, things that make the
      police unconcerned about finding someone; and
      citizen’s offended to the point where they don’t
      care if she’s found or not… on both sides, black
      and white. These are lies that only an adult
      could think of, lies with a purpose.

      I honestly think that they were going to have
      her be found with drugs on her at the rocks, but
      when they realized that they had blown it by
      saying that Joran had sexually assaulted her while
      going in and out of conscienceness, they had to
      change their game plan… thus the bloody mattress. And when things started unraveling,
      Joran broke and confessed.

      The confession set into motion a major cover-up
      perhaps because there were other people, powerful
      people mentioned in the original plan to cover
      up his crime, like JAN VAN der STRAATEN…. now
      there’s a man that was in charge AND a friend of
      the family.

      They covered it up, Jan Van der Straaten left the
      island and the whole affair has been swiftly swept
      under the carpet.

    133. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 6:39 pm


      Everybody say:


    134. Patti on August 4th, 2007 6:52 pm


      Since the picture that Yo Yo is debating is the
      one that was published in the Enquirer, is it
      possible that you post a link to that picture,

      We need to go after Van der Straaten. He made
      public statements that he had seen the evidence
      that Natalee was dead, I think before Joran’s
      confession. Maybe we need to make reference to
      him in our letters to the State Department. My
      gloves are off.

      Smiles to you!

    135. brie on August 4th, 2007 7:17 pm

      Joran is a psychopath….all phases…the primary, some traits of the secondary, the distempered and the charismatic psychopath. I think Paulus is the secondary psycopath…

      They are unstoppable and untreatable predators, low-state autonomic nervous system and lack of anxiety….complete lack of empathy and have no conscience….so for Joran to commit suicide…I don’t think so…when you can wear a tee-shirt that’s say’s “fok der bitch” and your a suspect…what does that say?

      Joran is dangerous and something very likely will happen again…

      Paulus and Anita are soooooo aware of Joran’s behavior and mental issues. It may reach a point where Paulus has to do something about it to protect his evil past and present involvement.

      The characteristics of a psycopath can talk a person out of anything….including their lives…
      Joran separated Natalee from her friends and began his believeable…you can trust me….

      Paulus and Joran are very much alike…..

    136. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 7:34 pm


      Often wonder…..this does make you sick…..if Joran sleeps with Anita


      Oh Brie,

      I think I just hurled my omelette! LOL

      That’s like Gilligan gettin’ it on with Hazel
      from Bewitched. ckicka wow wowwww chicka wow wowwww

    137. Patti on August 4th, 2007 7:51 pm

      Well, he’s right in the center of the fire now.
      If he is truly into making people disappear,
      Belgium and Holland are the places to be. More
      men, women and children disappear in that region
      of the world from Soviet Block countries than
      anywhere in the world.

      But I still think that he is broken and has been
      for years. He is not your normal egocentric
      psychopath… he’s self destructive. He’ll kill

    138. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 8:16 pm

      Paulus and Anita are soooooo aware of Joran’s behavior and mental issues. It may reach a point where Paulus has to do something about it to protect his evil past and present involvement.


      I COULD NOT agree more! Paul, here’s a

      suggestion: (it’s basic, but u can run with it)

      Bust a cap in him, and bury him like

      a cat bullet in Moko Dam. Paulus, SAVE ARUBA,

      > every journey begins

      with the first baby steps, bro bro!

      This week Joran, next week it’ll be

      OPERATION: Krazy Glue Anita’s legs together.

      Rome took a bit. -j4n

    139. Patti on August 4th, 2007 8:51 pm


      I’ve always joked around about Anita right along
      with the best of them, but; seriously, I don’t
      think that Anita was the problem – I think it’s

      “Get over here and jump on Daddy’s lap, Boy;
      and for Christ’s sake, take that thumb out of
      your mouth!!!

      If his mom had’ve been home, NOTHING would have


    140. Patti on August 4th, 2007 9:05 pm


      That’s not being gay -

    141. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 9:29 pm

      Thanks Carpe for the summary. I’ve seen the stills before…quite creepy! I’m going to have to find a way to see the video. I’d like to see what else is on it that might not be a major thing. Call it ‘fear of missing something’, LOL


      Brie, I’m with you on Joran’s being a full blown sociopath! It doesn’t matter that he was ‘only 17′…their behavior is so second nature it doesn’t even require purposeful thought to be as evil as they are. It’s the only way they know how to think. If they knew how to think any other way they would not be capable of the evil acts they do.

      I do agree that it was not planned perfectly from the get go. It was a play the hand your dealt poker game led by Paulus after he got involved and Joran was coached which accounts for his talking about himself in third person and not being able to say “I” saying “you” instead….can’t you just hear Paulus, “Now Joran You would not have blah blah” and Joran repeats when asked questions “You would not have blah blah” because he is an IDIOT when he is forced out of his second nature sociopathic ways and can’t even LEARN how to appear empathic when coached. He has to PARROT!


      Thought….hypothetically speaking, IF Joran really did just leave Natalee on the beach then someone else surely took her away. In that case, Joran should still be looked at as an accomplice. He should still be looked at to see if he had connections to the crime by leaving her there on purpose so that a crime could be committed.

      I hope ALE or the Dutch cops or someone isn’t SO narrow minded they would just let Joran off scott free without checking IF they did find out Natalee was taken from the beach by someone else.

      That said, I hardly think the beach, at least the one by the Marriot, was where Natalee was left in the first place. That was just another tale made up around the pool. Before I’d believe that one I’d believe their first story about taking her back to the HI and she was kidnapped from there. Something bad happened to Natalee…there is no way any of them are going to pin point anything accurate. The game would be over then.

    142. disgustedmom on August 4th, 2007 9:45 pm

      Oh, Patti, I have to disagree about Anita. She most certainly IS part of the problem.

      I’ve seen her victorious expression while spouting off at the mouth at the podium about Joran being innocent, and sopping up all the love from Joran’s constant GHB induced petting of her which she loved like a Cougar loves attention from young males. Where was this woman’s compassion for Natalee’s family or for Natalee? It was all about Anita’s lovely wonderful perfect family being VICTIMIZED. She’s one sicko wackjob!

      I mean, who does that? Who would gloat when someone else’s daughter is STILL MISSING and the facts surrounding her disappearance and likely death have not been discovered? Anita didn’t even care how awful Natalee’s last minutes were or if she was still alive what horrid cruelties she might be facing at perhaps that very moment Anita was gloating and her family getting hugs from the crowd. No one else’s pain entered that pissant’s mind. To quote a familiar T-shirt, Fok da bch!

      And she even has a muffintop! (battle of the bulge around midriff forced into muffin shape atop elastic-waist pants or skirts.)

    143. brie on August 4th, 2007 10:37 pm

      Straaten….the bad guy…gave the orders……

      Paulus has probably done a lot of bad favors…Posner for one…a direct opposite of the law……

      Anita…Oh, my delicious sporter…what is the meaning of delicious…..

      Joran…Mommie dearest…no one can compare

      Paulus…don’t tell your mom

      Mommie…I’m out of lipstick and make-up

      Maybe they can get a group rate for exorcism in the household!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    144. brie on August 4th, 2007 10:44 pm

      Anita…file for divorce…the only way out out…unless your involved in the crime against Natalee…..

    145. Carpe Noctem on August 4th, 2007 11:02 pm

      What I find so sad is that Paulus is
      walking his son right into a death
      trap where the kid will most likely
      wind up being iced… and it’s like
      he doesn’t even care, or he is to
      arrogant to think it could happen to

      …or I don’t know what. WHATEVER!

      In my opinion… I think
      Paulus is one of the stupidest a$$, sick, arrogant, cluckers I have ever seen, and such a complete coward of a man! A respectable dog wouldn’t spring a leak within a six foot radius of that wheel-barrow load of clog funk, and
      rightfully so, I fully support the dog’s
      decision on that.

      I can see what’s coming though. I can see it coming from a mile away, and it ain’t pretty.

      Joran will run up to him one
      day, and collapse in his arms. Paulus
      will pull his hands back only to find
      them soaked, and dripping in Joran’s blood.
      Joran will look up at him, and in his last
      words and breaths he’ll whimper…

      “Dad, in trying to be my best friend,
      you killed me. It was YOU, it was YOU
      who killed me.”

    146. Patti on August 5th, 2007 12:26 am

      I really don’t see it. Anita lacks in the class
      department is dumpy and somewhat ignorant, but In
      my wildest imagination I can’t imagine her
      doinking her son, or sons.

      The crime against Natalee wasn’t, in my opinion,
      displacing raging anger against his mother.
      If anything, I see it the opposite. That there
      was rage brewing against his father and his

      But we are all entitiled to our opinion. The
      monsters that I see, are the two males, Paulus
      and Joran with Anita being a cheerleader to keep
      up the facade that everything was okay. I’m
      certainly not saying that she would be incapable
      of sleeping with a younger man, as many women that
      age are known to do that, but I don’t believe in
      my heart that she ever had sex with her sons.

      Some people just don’t have class, it doesn’t mean
      that they are cruel; they just don’t know how to
      act and if I remember the occasion that you’re
      speaking of, it was staged for the news crews, at
      a house with a bunch of young children in the back
      ground that made them look like they were some sort of missionaries.

      Interesting that that would be the image that they
      would want to potray… but the whole thing was
      staged by a woman that knows not how to be gracious and it didn’t come off.

      Does that make her a pedaphile?

      I know why she planned it that way, it was
      because Beth had been visiting the schools
      teaching the children how to make Natalee

      Poor Anita came off looking like swine against
      Beth. I just don’t think that we’re working with
      shiny, educated and finished material… that’s
      all. I don’t judge her too harshly. She’s just
      a mom doing what she’s being told by a man that
      is trying to sustain his social standing in the
      community, keep his son out of jail and sustain
      all the family secrets.

      A donkey will never run like a thoroughbred.

      She may look like a donkey, but being married to
      Paulus for those number of years would be enough
      to wear anyone down.

      Now… I’m really going to go to bed. Nite.

    147. mayan_moons on August 5th, 2007 12:51 am

      I see it coming too Carpe….just as you described or maybe it will be Anita who will come apon father & son lying in pools of blood. Wonder what would be their last thoughts in those final moments? Will they remember their victims last moments…..they lives they took away? A whole lifetime can pass in seconds in your mind…..all the good times and all the bad times.

    148. mayan_moons on August 5th, 2007 1:10 am

      Paul/ass & his son Jurine are bookends at that casino table, boxing Natalee in as a target. It is the father that is seen frothing at the mouth as he speaks to Natalee. How many drinks did it take to start chatting Natalee up Paules? Or hits? It’s been done 20 times before……who initiated that first time Paul?

    149. mayan_moons on August 5th, 2007 1:21 am

      I haven’t seen Paul that animated since he ran away from that reporter…

    150. mayan_moons on August 5th, 2007 2:02 am

      You’re watching a father/son predatory tag team on that casino tape folks and though Paul/ass needed his liquid or powder courage so he could break the ice so to speak with Natalee, he comes across as someone who has done this more than a few times.

    151. Smish on August 5th, 2007 10:09 am


      Looks like Lorenzo inheriated his father’s hairline.
      Dugga….please,is there any way we could have these FP posts numbered?

    152. disgustedmom on August 5th, 2007 10:30 am

      Patti, I’m not sure you were addressing my comments or not, but I didn’t say Anita had sex with Joran. Just wanted to clear that up just in case. I think Joran is gay anyhow. :)

      IMO, I don’t think Anita knows what a mother is because she couldn’t empathize with another mother. She couldn’t because she sat there and told another mother whose daughter was missing what her sporter said he did to Natalee sexually. What’s wrong with that picture?

      Let’s suppose Anita is telling this as if this sexcapade was consensual, and she did tell it that way I’m sure or else she’d have been saying her sporter raped Natalee. Who the hell talks about their kids ‘doing it’? What is Anita, a pervert?

      And if it was consensual then what could it possibly have to do with the case? JORAN didn’t even need to be talking that subject if Natalee had been his willing partner. Why put sex on the table, especially in detail, if it had nothing to do with Natalee’s disappearance?

      All Joran’s talk about he did this and that to Natalee and she did this and that to him is painting a visual of something that gives Joran bragging rights with other sick individuals, and Anita was bragging too while deliberately throwing it up in Beth’s face that her little girl engaged in sexual favors with some guy she just met. And the really sick part of it all is that Anita didn’t even know if any of it was true.

      Why then did Anita pass it on? She WANTED it to be true! She was proud of what her sporter said he had done finally with a girl! If there had been a picture and Natalee hadn’t gone missing, Anita would probably have had it framed and hung it on her wall! Heck, even with Natalee missing and presumed dead and the body throw away like yesterday’s trash, if there had been a picture Anita would still probably have displayed it proudly.

      So the tale Anita told included intimate details that Anita took to mean her sporter must have really had sex with Natalee or else how would he know these things. Talk about stupid! Joran could have known these things several different ways…from hotel room cameras to watching someone else rape Natalee to watching Natalee being cleaned up from some attack and the list goes on. But no, Anita WANTED to believe her sporter got it on with a girl. She was proud and thought sharing it with Beth would make Beth proud too that their kids had sex as if that makes Natalee’s last minutes on earth some wonderful experience Anita had to share and PROVE by talking about panties and stuff. Anita is sick!

    153. disgustedmom on August 5th, 2007 10:45 am

      One wonders why if, as Joran said, he was having sex with Natalee while she went in and out of consciousness he has not been charged with admitted rape. Well, a confession does not a guilty person make without evidence to back that up. So once again, I don’t believe Joran had sex with Natalee at all but he knows he can say he did all day long and make up the rudest sort of things about Natalee, make his mommy proud and still not be charged with anything….so to me all this talk is just to make Natalee appear to be the direct opposite of what her family believes about her thus it is to damage memories of Natalee. How cruel!

      I’m not saying someone didn’t molest Natalee, but I don’t believe for one minute it was Joran because I believe he is gay gay gay!

      Now he might have beat her up because she didn’t want to be raped by his friends, but his having any sort of sex with her? I don’t think so.

      IF Joran had really had any sort of sexual encounter with Natalee he would have just said they ‘messed around’. He would not give details. Giving details could only be to justify any evidence found on Natalee as being consensual by Joran already admitting to those particular activities. If he had raped her/had intercourse with her he would have included in his details that they had gone all the way consensually. Therefore, he did not have intercourse with her, rape of not and did not intend to, condom or not. And since none of the other stuff he does talk about amount to a hill of beans, then there was no point in telling it, hence his confession is bogus and meant to cover for the real reason he whisked Natalee off.

      Joran did not take Natalee for himself. Joran couldn’t get it up for a girl to save his butt. Someone should ask all those alleged girlfriends of Joran if they ever had sex consensually with Joran. I know the focus has been on whom Joran may have drugged and raped, but maybe that should change to focus on finding girls who have had sex with Joran willingly. I’d be there are none.

    154. disgustedmom on August 5th, 2007 10:58 am

      Joran did not ‘remember’ to take a condom with him that night because he was not planning on having sex with anyone!

      This case is stalled because the motive is wrong.

      It is considered the motive being that Joran wanted sex with Natalee and may have raped her when she either protested or fell asleep either by drugs or too much alcohol, and that he may have drugged her in order to have his way with her and her disappearance stemmed from that premise. But take that out of the picture and you have an entirely different game.

      Joran takes girl for someone else.

      If it were to be admitted that Joran is gay, then it would become obvious that Joran did not take Natalee for himself so he must have done so for someone else. So all they have to do is play Joran as wanting to have sex with Natalee and the real motive is lost so the path to finding Natalee is off in the wrong direction.

      If anyone wants to believe Shango or Simian when they say Joran is a scapegoat, then this would make sense that he is taking the fall by not admitting to being gay. And he would not do that unless he were involved in Natalee’s disappearance by luring her away for someone else that he can’t rat out.

      And that would not be 2K or any of his friends. It would have to be someone important. Just saying.

    155. disgustedmom on August 5th, 2007 11:09 am

      One more thing….Joran says – if he had not gone out that night this would have happened to someone else. I actually believe this statement of his because it is self defensive in a way that does not blame the victim…it blames the game.

      To me, this is a clear sign that Natalee was targeted to be picked up for someone and if Joran hadn’t done it someone else would have.

      I’m not particularly saying Natalee was sold into the sex trade market, but she could have been sold for one night….then something went horribly wrong.

      I have my ideas what went wrong…have to work on it a bit more, but it culminates in Natalee being given back to Paulus for disposal because it was his son who brought her away.

    156. Carpe Noctem on August 5th, 2007 2:47 pm

      When you SH-MILIN’

    157. Carpe Noctem on August 5th, 2007 3:02 pm

      797 days since the gang-raping, cold blooded,
      murdering Joran and Paulus Vandersloot filth of ARUBA was allowed to kill Natalee and dispose of her body, like the murdering throat cutters
      they are.

      I hope they rot in hell for what they have done.

      That is why I continue to show up here
      day after day, with so many others.

      We can’t just start just disposing of entire human beings.

      If that is the case, I’d like to see the raping Vandersloot family of Aruba disappear, for their brutal all out assault and cruelty to
      Natalee Holloway.



    158. Carpe Noctem on August 5th, 2007 4:06 pm


      Come one, come all…

      Let us howl at the moon together

      again tonight my beloved, carnivorous,

      furry, forlorn bruthassssss…

      I SAY: “CAN U DIGGGGG IT?” -The Warriors (1979)

      Hear ye! Hear ye!

      Mi fellow ‘lobos solitarios’

      I made a new video for soul food for us to feast on last night…

      Paulus Vandersloot is going to LOVE me for this one.


      I hear it keeps him awake for many moons, in a pool of Vandersloot sweat. LOL

      He hears the wretchedly wicked howl in the night, the blood curdling, black curtain piercing shrieks bouncing off the walls of his effing large, unfurnished, cavernous head!

      It fills him with ice in his bloodstream, both cubed and some shaved, evennnnnnn! -Snaggle Puss

      …and hey muynnnn, If you’ve never had a LOBO “set off” under your window while you’re trying to get some sleep one night, I promise
      you’ll never forget the sound as long as
      you live, after it’s happened to you!

      The scream, so totally unique,
      it actually sounds like a human
      being brutally stabbed to death!!!


      It’ll definitely raise your short hairs, and possibly even some long ones too.

      As soon as you hear it, you know EXACTLY what it is, and your stomach will drop out faster than the worst rollercoaster ride at Walt Disney World!

      Please, don’t confuse it with a human being stabbed to death though!

      Oh no, it’s the war cry of the ‘LOBO’, or under another name, the WOLF!

      A ‘Lobo Solitario’, or ‘Lone Wolf’, they can be deadly creatures.

      They howl the loudest, are typically anti-social,

      ill-tempered, and have the most ferocious of bites.

      Highly unpredictable beasts!

      (some smell like burnt cabbage, but that’s another story)

      LOBOS SOLITARIOS are the HUNGRIEST of all, and

      they have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE.

      Ain’t that right Mr. Paulus Vandersloot
      (Sloot, didja know that rhymes with BOAT)?

      mu hu ha hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaaaa



      (moon barks and cackles)

      Yeahhhhhhhhh…. baby

      See ya tonight around

      the “camp fire”

      Luv, Da Wolfman ;-)



      *New Video



    159. Patti on August 5th, 2007 11:24 pm

      Disgusted Mom:

      I agree with you on everything except that I don’t
      think that Joran is gay… I think he’s bi-sexual.

      I agree with you that Anita is just down right
      gross but if you remember, at the time there was
      a media fest going on in Aruba. Beth had made a
      comment about believing her daughter to be a
      virgin and all hell broke out. Remembering who
      was in charge and what their method of attack was
      from the beginning, it should not surprise you
      that Anita, the wife of the Lion and the mother of
      the lamb would attack the reputation of Natalee
      the way she did. It had nothing to do with sex,
      it had to do with character. They could not have
      the world believing that the girl that they had
      posted as a hooker on a missing poster, a drug
      addict in their witness statements and a slut in
      their interviews was actually a virgin… it cut
      the theory of her disappearance to the core.

      Anita is not in charge of anything. She is just
      a mother trying to protect her cub. The ones in
      charge, to my knowledge, were Paulus and Jan.
      Anita is going to say anything they tell her to say, just like Joran did and Deepak and Satish
      did until it occured to them that they may be the
      one’s being set up. (Which I think was the plan
      after Joran confessed and the body had been
      disposed of). I take everything that she says
      with a grain of salt but there are things in her
      statements that are there for a specific reason.
      ie. saying the underware were blue (because she
      knew that there was a pair of pink underware that
      was found near the rocks). ie. saying something
      about Joran always buying two of the same kinds
      of shoes (knowing there had been a tennis shoe
      that had been turned in to the police).

      You know what I mean… she knew about the case,
      much more than she should have at the time. But
      I don’t think that Joran is innocent. He likes
      girls, but it has always been my impression, long
      before any talk about ANY one being gay that he
      had been sexually abused by men as a child… a
      specific group of men that have a lot of power.
      And… I think he looked for affection through
      the use of homosexual activity, but I don’t think
      that he’s gay. He likes girls, but has a hard
      time with girls because of what I call his broken
      personality, which in my opinion came from being
      sexually abused.

      As far as being a scape goat? They would make him
      a scape goat in a New York second if they could
      rely on him not talking. But they can’t – thus
      the cover-up.

      I also believe that Satish was sexually abused by
      the same group of men, but not as a child and the
      reason that Deepak and Satish are being protected
      is because their parents are loose friends with
      these men… the ones that their mother called
      the “BIG PEOPLE”. I don’t think that Deepak or
      Satish did anything to hurt Natalee.

    160. Patti on August 5th, 2007 11:56 pm

      Disgusted Mom:

      I don’t know anything more than anyone else. I
      interpret from the gut. I am very visual and
      can read people, their thoughts and feelings
      through pictures. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes
      not. So I look upon posts as simply opinions to
      which everyone is entitled.

      I am impressed that you picked up on the gay side
      of Joran… do you read people, too?

      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. I went to the
      beach today and had a wonderful time. I’ll talk
      with you tomorrow.

    161. mayan_moons on August 5th, 2007 11:57 pm

      ((Bark At The Moon))

    162. mayan_moons on August 6th, 2007 1:14 am

      The Big People Did It?

    163. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 5:53 am
    164. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 10:19 am


      The Big People Did It?


      That’s what Matt Roloff said

      when he thought someone jacked

      his pumpkin launcher.


      Matt, you’re a bite sized pimp!

      I love ya mannnn.

    165. disgustedmom on August 6th, 2007 11:11 am

      Patti, good morning

      I, myself have plans for today so I won’t be back on here until this evening, and I don’t have much time right now to post everything I want to say, but here’s a start….

      I can see where you think Joran is Bi, but that’s only in his dreams. He wants to do the girl thing like the island men think is cool because he wants men to think he is cool, but he hates women and he can’t get past that.

      I agree with you that he seeks comfort, love and acceptance from gays, but I don’t think he has had sexual encounters with them either…he is a closet gay for the most part. I also think Joran is a virgin except by his right hand, if that…moreover I think Joran gets off being aggressive and violent.

      I don’t doubt there have been local girls who have tried to tempt the tall sporter into becoming arroused. I would not doubt if some haven’t performed oral sex on him, but it was their idea and he just went along for the ride. Perhaps Joran himself has taken XTC before these events, who knows?

      But voluntarily having anything sexual to do with girls? I don’t think Joran has desires along that path UNLESS it were to be to degrade, humiliate and rough them up because he hates them, but as far as his male organ goes that would get no rise because the adrenaline rush is all mental and it stops there. Think- Jack the Ripper.

      As far as reading people…I consider myself a good judge a character, but mostly I am pretty good at putting 2 and 2 together and finding things that don’t jive. I won’t bother to lie to you though about being able to read people…you already know I can because you can read them and I know you can. :) Sometimes though, we get our reads obstructed by our own personal experiences with life. That’s why I like to add more scientific aspects to what I empathize.

      I am intrigued by your suggestion the older men molest the younger ones. Food for thought!

    166. mayan_moons on August 6th, 2007 12:53 pm

      lmao Carpe!~

    167. J 4 ALL on August 6th, 2007 3:01 pm




    168. brie on August 6th, 2007 3:11 pm

      It was stated a very long time ago that Joran doesn’t like American girls…he thinks there all bitches….I think he’s had a lot of kinky sex, orgy’s, you name it. They do it and Freddy tapes it…being ill-brained, you can take on many personalities….Joran has probably seen such stuff as he was growing up, Paulus drug him around the Netherlands like a stuffed toy, on his escapades. The whole family is bonkers…perverted POS…

      All these pimps have girlfriends on the island…I wonder how they react when the American girls come there are vacation and are stalked by these guys…do they tell them they drug and rape them the night before there ready to leave…and send them home with a scared memory of what they think happened….that’s the game!!!

    169. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 6:02 pm


      Howza about a nice can of “Stick It In Effin

      Your Ear?”

      You’re raising that same old limp dick Aruban

      flag about finding missing people all over the

      world, pretending like there was no

      evidence that was destroyed in Natalee’s Case.

      Pretending like that galloping Aruban

      alcoholic faggot, Antonio Carlo didn’t

      confess to Karin Jansen

      that his giant gasoline

      powered DILDO OF A CLIENT, Joran Van der sloot


      Ann Holloway. I am done with that chit, fool!!!

      It’s 2007. Like VIRGINA SLIMS, we’ve come a long

      way baby. We know a lot more of what went on

      behind the scenes in ARUBA now, and it was

      thoroughly > DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP, rotten.

      You people should be shot for what you allowed to

      happen on your watch on that God forsaken island.

      Here’s mud in your eye, Misses Poppins! ploopttt

      Every one of yas is nuttier than a damn MAD

      HATTER. -j4n

    170. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 6:04 pm


      PART # 4

      Justice 4 Natalee!

    171. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 6:09 pm


      Got me so damn pissed, I am starting to

      spell like Britney Spears for cryin’

      outloud. LOL

      Sorry, people. -j4n

    172. disgustedmom on August 6th, 2007 6:30 pm

      J4…don’t EVEN bring up all the missing persons in the world as if it’s the same as Natalee being missing. Only the missing ones where cops and governments don’t want the person to be found can be included with the NH case. Geez!

    173. disgustedmom on August 6th, 2007 6:48 pm

      That’s very interesting, Brie, that Joran thinks all American girls are bitches. So why go and try to attract them when they come to Aruba to vacation?

      I know, the obvious is to drug and rape them because he hates them. But I still say Joran don’t do no rapin’ of females. Not saying one of his friends didn’t. Not saying Joran didn’t beat Natalee up or help hold her down so others could rape her, but Joran is gay.

      And I’ll say this too…I suspect Joran hates living on that tiny island. That’s why he abuses the system as he does. Joran would much rather live in the USA. Too bad for him.

      People abuse what they don’t respect or cherish.

      Joran hates animals, women, Aruba, his dad and his mommy, cops and having to make good grades in school because his mommy is a teacher and can’t take the embarrassment of an average offspring.

    174. mayan_moons on August 6th, 2007 7:08 pm

      yeah……what a lame ass excuse to keep trotting out. you’ve shown us the best you can do & guess what… ain’t good enough. you’re a joke aruba….we’re all laughing at you!

    175. disgustedmom on August 6th, 2007 7:18 pm

      I’m going to add this and then I have to run….

      I said Joran hates Aruba. What IS Aruba? It represents everything he is not good at. All there is to do is gamble and check out the hot chicks on the beach. Joran is not a successful gambler. And aside from my personal belief that he is gay and not interested in hot chicks, he sure doesn’t pick them up just hanging around shirtless and being all sexy and charming anyway. (His friends even steal his girlfriends away -according to his book). You don’t see Joran out windsurfing or jet skiing or any of those things one plays on the beaches with that might attract some tourist hot chick looking for a jock. He doesn’t even tan well. And he dresses like ASS!

      He has no car. He has no job, hence he has no cash. He is completely dependent on everyone else for anything he wants. He is bored and frustrated with the limitations of a small island that he can’t even get off of for one second without a boat of a plane ride.

      He’s not agile enough for soccer to be good at it, nor is he tempered enough to restrain himself from constant aggression during the game. He’s not good at tennis either. He’s not in good shape drinks too much and probably gets out of breath too easily for that. Plus he’s a bit ADD so a long boring tennis match is going to lose his interest rather quickly. Oh, let’s add gambling again which he is also not good at.

      When Joran says, it would be any boy’s dream to live on an island, he is repeating what was said to him when he complained about living there.

      Joran wanted to go to the USA. He wanted to try out the wide open spaces! Don’t anyone kid themselves thinking Joran is not miserable that he is not able to do that now. Joran is completely miserable. So Joran will continue to do bad things.

      Joran also wants to be popular. He’s a people pleaser because of his dependence on everyone for anything he wants, and he hates it and lashes out in anger when anything he does for anyone doesn’t make them fall at his feet forever. Joran buys friends with his apartment etc. He’s probably even given money to his friends that he stole from his parents. So yeah, he wants to be popular…. but not as a criminal, and that too is eating at him like nobody’s business.

      He’s suffering and I happen to love it!

    176. Patti on August 6th, 2007 7:49 pm

      I Agree… Joran is miserable. He lost his temper
      and that’s why Natalee is gone. He’s a people
      pleaser in the sense that you mention, he wants
      friends, but many times the people that end up
      being his friends are people like him.

      Joran hates his violence and while he will hang
      out with rockers that like to put on violence,
      violence is real for him and deep inside he hates
      it. He doesn’t like his temper. With the boys
      he will act tough but he would rather be something

      When I say the violence is REAL for him, I mean
      REAL. It would take nothing for him to lose his
      temper and kill someone, cut them up and dump
      them all by himself. But those moments of anger
      only last a few minutes and once the damage is
      done, his heart isn’t into it.

      He truly hates himself and his lack of self
      control. He feels the madman who killed Natalee
      is not who he is and feels guilty for the things
      that he did. Sometimes he thinks that he can
      just put it behind him and go on with his life
      but then there are the other times when the anger
      turns itself on him and he feels like he can’t
      live with it, no matter what other people think.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Joran has not been a
      cutter, because he, truly, hates himself, lives
      with uncontrolable emotional pain and he REALLY wants to die.

    177. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 7:57 pm

      If Joran ever touched down on
      American soil again, that’d
      be one dead, D-E-A-D (spelled out)

      That goon-headed Dutch boy would wind up
      dustier than King Tut’s momma’s love bags.

      By murdering Natalee, and mentally torturing
      her dear family for the past two years, IN MY EYES… he might as well have stopped by
      and taken a wiz on the Alamo
      while he was at it.

      This is one American Son who would

      “put it the EF on him”, as they say…

      …as God is my witness,

      I’d light that big Marmaduke lookin’ peckerwood

      up with more wattage than the Times Square

      Christmas Tree. Hey Taco-Peenie, go pumpz that

      one up in your network printer. -j4n

    178. brie on August 6th, 2007 8:16 pm


    179. brie on August 6th, 2007 8:27 pm

      I don’t think Joran hates himself…Joran is a psychopath, he doesn’t show empathy and he doesn’t have a conscience…..he doesn’t have lasting relationships with most because people are only here for his use. He likes the limelight, the more the better…he’s had his way all his life…that’s all that matters…he doesn’t have a heart…that is obvious….never shows compassion because he truly doesn’t know how to care…the’s an ego trip for himself…as Dave Holloway said, “This kid controls the island, he drinks, drives, gambles, does whatever he wants….and why is that…because Daddy has performed so many dirty favors…

    180. brie on August 6th, 2007 8:45 pm

      J4…%$#&%~@*^$….you need to hang low, lower, now bang it on the ground….

      Natalee’s case is singled out and always will be…and you know why…the UNITED STATES, our FBI, would of solved this case a long time ago if it wasn’t for the corruption, cover-up and lack of co-operation from the gov’t and the ALE…so don’t come on here and stink up the place, we’ve had enough of that…Natalee’s case is definitely one for our history books and ARUBA HAS MADE IT SO!!!!

    181. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 8:47 pm
    182. Carpe Noctem on August 6th, 2007 9:05 pm


      I picked up a Noord, Aruba

      Sexual Predator Map

      this week. Check it out ya’ll…

    183. brie on August 6th, 2007 9:31 pm

      Everyone has the right to know when there is a sexual predator in their neighborhood……..

    184. Patti on August 6th, 2007 10:05 pm

      Whoever thinks that psychopaths don’t have feelings is wrong. Their feelings are probably ten times stronger and more moving than the average person whether he be rich or poor. All that attention that you think that he was getting does nothing for him one way or the other. I will agree that he doesn’t have empathy or compassion in the same since that you and I do, but the man is not completely heartless. He is broken and shattered. A psychopath created by years and years of abuse.

      The hurt and the pain that he causes others is a response to the huge amount of rage and pain, and believe me, he feels it… all of it. The pain of rejection for being the odd ball. The pain of rejection for being a misfit. The pain of rejection for his temper and the rage for all the rejection. He doesn’t feel love in the same way as we do because love was always illusive to the things that usually represent love; tenderness, closeness and intimacy.

      He is not an egomaniac – just the opposite – he doesn’t love himself although he is self consumed, because of the overwhelming emotions that he feels and the sense of worthlessness that overshadows everything he does.

      Don’t confuse the way a psychopath ACTS and the way that he feels – they are two TOTALLY different things. Joran is seldom EVER happy and the reason that he hangs with anti-societal types is because he can relate to how someone would blame the world for their problems… but Joran blames himself. He feels unworthy of anything good and when it does come his way because of his place in Aruban society, he feels like he is cheating…. unfulfilled.

      Joran is psychotic.

    185. brie on August 6th, 2007 10:12 pm

      disgustedmom….so why go an try to attract them when they come to Aruba on vacation………it’s a game!!!! It’s the pimp club!!!

    186. Global Voices Online » Aruba: Fighting Crime? on August 7th, 2007 7:31 am

      [...] Scared Monkeys thinks that Aruba’s latest initiative to help combat crime shows “style over substance once again.” Share This [...]

    187. brie on August 7th, 2007 8:25 am

      Joran acts the way he feels….he doesn’t feel at all like an odd-ball…in complete control of everything, rules do not apply to him, he is heartless, capable of anything, he doesn’t have feelings of guilt or remorse, imagine a person without a conscience. Joran will never blame himself for anything…it’s all here for his use…he doesn’t feel unworthy, that would not apply to him. There is no regard for animals, friends, people in general, family members, it just doesn’t exist…..

    188. brie on August 7th, 2007 8:36 am

      Imagine the combination of being a psychopath, using drugs and consuming alcohol……and someone tells you no……………!!!!!!

    189. Carpe Noctem on August 7th, 2007 8:45 am

      Al-Qaeda Top Gun Training Academy !

      I thought you might enjoy this.

    190. brie on August 7th, 2007 8:58 am

      I wonder has anyone heard anything new about the water search. I know they posponed it until August…hopefully sometime soon!

    191. disgustedmom on August 7th, 2007 11:17 am

      Brie, don’t count on there ever being a water search. Aruba doesn’t want to end that ‘possibility’ of Natalee being there because they would then have to focus elsewhere to find her. Aruba is only stalling by saying they are going to allow a water seach and hoping buying enough time will finally make interest in this case go away.

      That whole thing about the huts being broken into and traps stolen etc….they lead us to believe it for sure happened Sunday-Monday night. But did it? Just because it was reported when it was does not equate to it having actually happened at that very time.

      Do fishermen go out every single day? Do they go out on weekends? When was the last time those fishermen were at their hut to notice it was NOT broken into? Maybe they had been away from it for days or weeks before noticing the break in. IF there was a breakin at all.

      And since it was the breakin that started the whole deep water cage burial idea, well, I smell something fishy.

      Can you just imagine someone hauling a big ole cage out and putting it in a boat? That has the strong possibility of attracting WAY too much attention. Only a fisherman putting it in a fishing boat would not draw attention.

      And weren’t there fishermen there at 2:30 AM anyway? Wouldn’t they have seen something? Or was it another set of fishermen’s huts that were broken into? And if that is the case, then wouldn’t it be more likely if they were broken into that that would be the place where Natalee was on the beach IF she were on the beach?

      The lies of Aruba keep coming back to bite them in the hiney, so come to think of it….where were the huts that were broken into. I have never heard it said. I just assumed it was the ones where Joran said he took Natalee? Anyone know? Because if they were somewhere else, then someone needs to refocus at that location.

    192. Carpe Noctem on August 7th, 2007 12:30 pm

      Brie, don’t count on there ever being a water search. Aruba doesn’t want to end that ‘possibility’ of Natalee being there because they would then have to focus elsewhere to find her. Aruba is only stalling by saying they are going to allow a water seach and hoping buying enough time will finally make interest in this case go away.


      If they do not allow the Holloways to
      search for Natalee with TES and CO. in
      the ocean, and try and shut the case down…

      There will be another WHITE HOT intense round
      of media coverage due to outrage and
      disbelief, that they will not even
      allow a search where they don’t
      have to spend one dime.

      …and I KNOW FOR A FACT I’ll be participating
      in that with full intentions of slaughtering,
      butchering, and slashing every last drop of
      goodness that TURD BALL OF AN ISLAND ever had
      to squeeze out.

      (If they ever had any decency to begin with
      it appears NOT!)

      I will not rest at night until there is nothing good left standing on that island.

      It will basically be Aruba’s Armageddon.

    193. disgustedmom on August 7th, 2007 1:24 pm

      Patti said, “Don’t confuse the way a psychopath ACTS and the way that he feels – they are two TOTALLY different things.”

      I agree, Patti. Joran does feel, only all his feeling is sorry for himself for something someone else did to him up to and including saying NO to him. Everyone is to blame and everyone gets what they deserve….any protests that anyone didn’t deserve what he gave them are seen as another way of saying NO to him.

      RE: the rumor-or not- that Van der straaten told Joran he could go to a mental institution….I don’t think so. Joran knows the difference between right and wrong. So he’s not mentally ill in such a way that he would be put in a mental institution as opposed to being jailed. He is mentally ill, for sure, but if a mentally ill person knows the difference between right and wrong they just go to jail.

      Joran knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew it was wrong to lie and so on. Joran chose to be evil. No mental hospital for you, Joran.

      His anger problems are another thing. He could have gone off his rocker and accidently killed Natalee. That still is not reason to put someone in a mental hospital. It’s just a matter of a lesser charge and jail time.

      Here’s a link to a guy named Ward Weaver (no relation to Guido that I know of even though Ward has German ancestry). Ward killed somebody and this link is his own words about blaming someone else for his ultimately committing murder. Interesting….,

      but more interesting still is that his SON years later killed 2 teenage girls and fooled the cops both local and FBI into believing he was a good guy who would never do such a thing! Son’s name is also Ward Weaver (I think the 3rd). Son even let the cops and the FBI walk around his back yard where he actually had the bodies!

      Oddly enough, one body was found in a shed and the other was buried in a metal barrel under a concrete slab. More interesting is that the father had buried his victim under a concrete slab in his own backyard! Also, the body that was in the shed was balled up in a fetal position and wrapped in white plastic- so similar to the Marriott Basin pic- then placed in a large box.

      Both teens had been kept in a freezer for a while before being placed where they were ultimately found. They were killed 2 months apart meaning the second one was killed while Ward Weaver III was being questioned by the cops and the FBI about the first girl and making himself such a great upstanding guy that they were convinced he was the least possible person who could have been involved! (Oh, dumb Greta)

      Curiously, Ward III was picked up for rape and attempted murder by strangulation, but still the cops and the FBI did NOT believe he had anything to do with the missing teens. Only after a private investigator- who felt strongly that Ward had killed those girls and that they were under the new concrete slab in his back yard- took a posse to picket his yard while he was being held on rape/attempted murder charges did the authorities finally discover by accident the bodies of the girls.

      The cops were busy trying to throw the protestors off the property when someone smelled something (it wasn’t a cop who smelled it, btw) and followed a swarm of flies to the shed where they found millions of dead flies on hundreds of fly catching stips and tons of car air fresheners hanging about. They only decided to dig up the concrete slab after they realized they had pegged this guy wrong and gave the slab a shot for the other girl just in case the PI had a point.

      THat case shows it is important for laymen to keep the pressure on in this case of Natalee Holloway, but I am bothered at times as to far reaching tenacles of reprecusions if one should get too close to the truth. All those who believed Ward had something to do with the 2 teens he killed were deathly afraid of what he might do if he found out they told on him.

      Off topic, but where is Pearl these days?

    194. Patti on August 7th, 2007 4:15 pm

      Jan Jan, in my opinion, would have offered Joran a stay at a mental institution. Don’t forget he was a minor at the time. Besides, if there is anyone that is familiar with Joran’s mental problems, it’s Van der Straaten.

      I’ll write more about Jan Jan, later.

    195. disgustedmom on August 7th, 2007 6:59 pm

      Can’t wait to hear more about Jan, Patti!

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