John Edwards … ” They Want to Shut Me Up” … No Maybe just To Shut Up.


The latest whining coming from the mouth of the Breck Girl, Democratic Presidential candidate wanna-be John Edwards, claims … “They want to shut me up”. No John Edwards, no one wants to shut you up. Maybe they may  just want you to shut up. Many of us are just tired of your hypocrisy of Two Americas. Let alone your less than stellar performances in recent debates.

Funny that Edwards would make a comment about trying to shut others up and monopolizing the stage. Isn’t that exactly what he and Hillary Clinton were discussing following a recent debate?

Edwards says, “We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group.”

Clinton agrees, saying, “We’ve got to cut the number” and “they’re not serious.”

However, John Edwards  the forever Democratic victim thinks that’s its a right wing Donkeys_assconspiracy against him. Edwards may want to take a look see at who has control of the House, Senate and the media, as his following comment borders on ridiculous, “ if we don’t beat them, they’re going to continue to control this country. They’re going to control the media.” This is beyond borderline laughable. Hear the following comments from Edwards. Hey John, how about some nice cheese with that whine?

This stuff’s not an accident. Nobody in this room should think this is an accident. You know, I’m out there speaking up for universal healthcare, ending this war in Iraq, speaking up for the poor. They want to shut me up. That’s what this is about. “Let’s distract from people who don’t have health care coverage. Let’s distract from people who can’t feed their children…. Let’s talk about this silly frivolous nothing stuff so that America won’t pay attention.”

They will never silence me. Never.

If we don’t stand up to these people, if we don’t fight em, if we don’t beat them, they’re going to continue to control this country. They’re going to control the media. They’re going to control what’s being said. They do not want to hear us talking about health care for everybody. (The Politico)

By the way John Edwards, making fun of your attention to hair primping is not silencing you. However, liberals going after advertisers just because they patronize a specific network that does not agree with their moon-bat, political agenda is. The idea that one would create a bogus campaign strictly because of a political agenda rather than an admirable cause is a form of censorship. Especially when there is a political overtone to it as it actually borders on extortion. What ever happened to separation of Private enterprise and State? Should we expect any less from such a stunt from politically motivated

Others discussing the liberal extortion:

Edwards, you have no one to blame for this VIDEO, but yourself. You future of anyone taking you serious was over the minute it was played.

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    8 Responses to “John Edwards … ” They Want to Shut Me Up” … No Maybe just To Shut Up.”

    1. Scared Monkeys on July 28th, 2007 6:47 pm

      John Edwards did not run for re-election for Senate from NC because he could not win it. Why would this clown think he can win the Presidency? Al Gore proved what can happen when you cant win your own home state in an Election.


    2. on July 28th, 2007 8:14 pm

      I prefer Michelle Malkin’s name for JE: Silky Pony. It so suits him.

      Yeah, if we don’t us “them” up, they just might shut us and our moon battery up. Let’s outshout them, take away evil talk radio that proposes the idea that people can and should think for themselves. Let us get “them” into a nice little herd where we (the elite)can control them, telling them when and if they can see a doctor and just who that doctor will be. Yeppers, it takes a village and we are the village rulers.

    3. Confused on July 28th, 2007 10:56 pm

      Edwards is not who I would vote for, or will, but not because of his affluence. I am under the impression he earned his money with no help from gifted, inherited, or illegal monies, applied himself in school and was successful in his vocation. If so, then why should he apologize or be disliked for having accumulated his wealth? Indeed, his life should give hope to the less fortunate and proof that the American Dream is for real and available for all. He has also suffered the loss of a child, so he knows the pain of living. I would think that he would have a true understanding of the less fortunate as a result of his being poor as a child and having morned for a child. Maybe I am missing something. Bush is a different story, being a have in spite of himself:)

    4. Scared Monkeys on July 28th, 2007 11:24 pm

      #3) That’s what a Democrat would thing that blindly follows the hate GWB at all cost path.

      So Edwards is a viable candidate because he suffered a loss? Well gee wiz, so have 10 million other people. You actually think he cares about the people he tries to pander too? Please grow up.

      You Dems so beautifully try to confuse the issue. Its not his affluence that is bad. Its Edwards hypocrisy. Edwards thinks people of greater affluence than he are EVIL and wants to tax them.

      He is one of the people that he claims to be against. That is the point. But you know that already.

      Other than that, Edwards is about the last person that this country needs in a post 9-11 world to be the head of the US. Hell, Hillary Clinton is more man than Edwards is.


    5. Carpe Noctem on July 28th, 2007 11:24 pm

      I don’t want to shut him up, but if we could
      reduce his speeches down to the size of a
      BUMPER STICKER, hey man, now I could really
      dig that!

      He turned me off for good with that doozie.

    6. katablog on July 29th, 2007 1:26 pm

      Yes Confused – it’s the hypocrisy. Silky Pony wants to talk about Two Americans – the haves and the have nots. He says he’s for the have nots and wants to take from the haves to equal the playing field.

      Just why on earth should I work hard for my money so the Silky Pony who pays $400 for a hair cut can distribute my money (I pay $16 for a hair cut) and give it to the people he’s conning into voting for him?

      Why would anyone believe he’s for the poor when he charges $50,000 for a speech to educate people about the poor?

      How did the silky pony make his money? I’ll answer this one for you: by huge tort law suits where Silky Pony got rich, not the victims of what he complained about in the suits.

      It’s the same thing now. Silky Pony wants to get rich off making the poor his campaign. That’s not to say others don’t do it – it’s only to say Silky Pony is a hypocrite.

    7. Concerned on July 31st, 2007 9:25 pm

      I would like o see the balance sheets, including income statements for Bush, Bush’s Family and close friends, Cheney, and Halliburton in order to ascertain if their fortunes have improved under Bush’s presidency and the degree of improvement or loss that has occured. I would also like to examine Prsident Bush’s to ascertain how he has mad his fortune. But in regard to my earlier post, I thought I was being a little tongue in cheek and not completely bashing Bush because of his wealth. Many good deeds have come from people who have inherited their wealth.

    8. Concerned on July 31st, 2007 9:31 pm

      He is not whom I upport for the Presidency, but not because I don’t think he is not a good and decent guy. I am afraid that no matter who I said I supported I would get “verbally whipped” by the opposition, so I will support her in private:)

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