FOSTER CARE/ADOPTION HELL:Judith Leekin Arrested in a House of Horrors:Police Find 9 Adopted Kids Handcuffed & Starved

What possesses people to mistreat and abuse others in such a heinous manner? Why would anyone treat another individual in such a degrading and humiliating way? Maybe for the millions in state funds they received.

Well if its Florida, it must be another case of either mishandled foster care or adoption. Such is yet again the case with 62 year old Judith Leekin, who allegedly duped four different New York City adoption agencies into allowing her to adopt 11 children. All of the individuals ranging in age from 15 to 27 were abused in one form or another. According to investigators, the teens and young adults were handcuffed, tethered together with plastic ties and allowed to soil themselves. They had scars on their wrists and some had burns. The abuse in some cases to place over a 15 year period  as the adoptions took place between 1993 and 1996.

After further investigation and being granted entrance by Leekin, however, authorities were shocked to find eight people being held hostage in one of the home’s bedrooms.

“[The victims] initially denied being handcuffed. They seemed brainwashed or in fear of their lives,” said Vega. “These people have lived there for some time and we think they all came at different times, between 10 and 15 years ago. None of them appeared to have an education past the fourth-grade level.”

The people, who range in age from 15 to 27, told authorities they were kept handcuffed to one another, forced to sleep on tile floors on only a single bed sheet and were prohibited from going to the bathroom. As a result, they were forced to soil themselves. (ABC News )

 HOUSE OF HORRORS: Judith Leekin allegedly kept her adopted children prisoner in her Florida home (above) — at the expense of New York taxpayers.

Judith Leekin is presently being help in the Port St Lucie County jail on $4.3 million bond. Leekin received somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million in state issued funds for the care of these adopted children. Care that was obviously never passed on to those that she was supposed to care for.

Adoption terror

Five teenagers and four developmentally disabled adults were found in Leekin’s home at the time of her arrest in Florida, malnourished and poorly treated, according to Port St. Lucie police.

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Taking Life or Death to the Extreme; Boy Kills Mom over Baseball Game & Car Dealership Owner Kills Two Employees

What is this world coming to? Has life become so irrelevant?

In Atlanta, GA, the owner of a car dealership is accused of killing two employees because they continuously asked for raises. So much for the “open door” policy.

Rolandas Milinavicius has been charged with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of Inga Contreras, 25, and Martynas Simokaitis, 28.

Milinavicius, who was having financial problems, told police he shot the two Thursday after they kept asking for more pay, said police in East Point, which is just outside Atlanta.

“He told us that he was under a lot of stress,” East Point police Capt. Russell Popham said. “Unfortunately, he decided to take his anger out with violence.”

In another even more bizarre story, a son kills his mother after going mental when the NY Mets lost a baseball game. 25 year old Michael Anthony stabbed and struck his mother to death after losing his temper after the NY Mets lost a game on Saturday.

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Castrated & Mutilated Dad was a ‘MONSTER’ … Brigitte Harris (Original Dark Angel) Held in Custody on Murder

WOW … the following most bizarre and disturbing story is being touted as a revenge murder by Brigette Harris after years of torment and sexual abuse. The mutilated body of 55 year old Eric Goodridge, Brigette Harris’ step father, was found in his Queens, NY home dead. Talk about an extreme to what goes around comes around.

According to the attorney of Brigette Harris, she suffered from years of sexual abuse at the hands of her “monster” step father.

A man strangled and castrated in the apartment of his daughter – a young woman whose online identity was the “Original Dark Angel” – was an incestuous “monster” who allegedly sexually abused and raped his child from the time she was 3, her lawyer claimed yesterday.

The explosive claim from Arthur Aidala, the lawyer for Brigitte Harris, 26, came as she remained under 72-hour hold at Bayley Seaton hospital in Staten Island. (NY Post)

As Fox News reported, “On Monday, police were investigating whether Eric Goodridge’s mentally disturbed stepdaughter lured him to her home and attacked him there to avenge a history of sexual abuse”.

One Happy Island? More Divorces in Aruba than Antilles

What happened to “One Happy Island”? It does not seem to be the case when in comes to wedded bliss in Aruba as compared to the rest of the Antilles.

“And it raises the necessary questions”, concluded the by-now former president Luis de Lannoy, who was succeeded last month by Lisbeth Hoefdraad, in the preface of the annual report.   “Compared with all couples in the Antilles together, more couples in Aruba get a divorce.  Would there be something wrong with the conjugal fidelity and the wedded happiness in Aruba”?

Amigoe; July 28, 2007: More divorces in Aruba than Antilles  

WILLEMSTAD – Of all the divorces filed with the Joint Court last year, the majority were from Aruba; 616 versus 418 in Curacao .  

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The Juice Gets Squeezed: Goldman Family Wins Rights to OJ Simpson Book, “If I did It”

OJ Simpson scheme back fires as judge awards book rights of “If I did It” to the family of slain Ron Goldman.

The decision by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge A. Jay Cristol to satisfy a $38 million (euro27.82 million) wrongful death judgement against the former football star ignored complaints from the family of Simpson’s murder ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, who was slain along with her friend Goldman in a brutal 1994 knife attack.

After all this time, it is about time that OJ Simpson has been put in his place and hit where it hurts him the most … his pocket.

On Monday, Fred Goldman, Ronald Goldman’s father, said he intends to release the book as a measure of justice to portray Simpson as “a wife-beater, as a murderer, written in his own words.”

Goldmans Win Simpson Book Rights

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