Raymond Harper Brooks Arrested by FBI on Child Pornography Charges


Round them up, one predator at a time … 45 year old computer technician was arrested by FBI agents in Florida and faces one count of possession of child pornography and one count of production of child pornography.


(Raymond Brooks: Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words)

Raymond Harper Brooks was arrested by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation last week after a criminal complaint tied him to a pornographic video on the internet. (Fox News-Tampa)

Tampa Man Charged With Child Porn

Brooks’ arrest is the work of the FBI’s Innocent Images Task Force. It’s a multi-agency effort whose mission is to combat the proliferation of child pornography and child sexual exploitation on the Internet.

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    11 Responses to “Raymond Harper Brooks Arrested by FBI on Child Pornography Charges”

    1. kitty on June 29th, 2007 8:53 pm

      So they’ve got him…

      now, if they only kept monsters like him locked up for LIFE ~ then, I’d celebrate…

      When will our Country begin to VALUE children and PROTECT them from preditors and monsters like this ? ~ That’s what I will ask ~ and would like to know!

      Unfortunately, most, if not all of these monsters are let back into society to do it AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN ~ IT NEEDS TO STOP! A CHILDS LIFE DEPENDS ON US TO MAKE this madness STOP!!! is anyone listening??? Does our Government even CARE???? My observation is NO ~ I care & have been advocating for 18 years and it falls on deaf ears…


    2. Maggie on June 29th, 2007 10:11 pm

      Sad part is most of these predators/pedophiles don’t look like monsters or bad people. They look like normal everyday people that one would never expect. That’s how they get their victims so easy. Another one bites the dust and 10 more to replace him tomorrow. Let’s hope they keep him locked him.

    3. Maggie on June 29th, 2007 10:27 pm

      geezzz # 2 ^ up

    4. Juan on June 30th, 2007 1:51 am

      u write,”when will our country begin to value children and protect them from preditors”

      The US always has by CATCHING him and putting him in jail.

      What does a preditor look like?

    5. Sharise on June 30th, 2007 2:05 am

      These people are the lowest of the low. One of my daughter’s grade school classmates was murdered by a pedophile. He had a previous conviction for child molesting, 4 years, he served one year of it and was out on probation, when he commited this crime against a 10 year old boy. In his file, that’s online, it says he admitted to molesting almost 30 kids. He was sentenced to death, but this past week it was overturned. He’s been on death row for 12 years. Lots of people turned up to look for him. We were told even the one who did it showed up to look. This just devastated this family and shocked the whole community when it happened. Zachary’s Law was started after this so sex offenders had to register. Noone in the area where Zachary lived had a clue about Christopher Stevens past.

      Lock this people up and keep them away from children. They have done enough damage. How do you get out for good behaviour after you have molested almost 30 children prior to this?

      Date of Murder: July 15, 1993

      Victim(s): Zachary Snider W/M/10 (Neighbor of Stevens)

      Method of Murder: strangling, smothering

      Summary: Stevens was convicted of Child Molesting in Marion County in February 1993 and received a 4 year sentence with 3 years suspended and probated. His probation was transferred to Cloverdale, where he returned to live with his father. Apparently, none of his new neighbors were aware of his criminal past. Zachary Snider, age 10, lived in the same subdivision and was often seen in the company of the 20 year old Stevens. Stevens attended and videotaped one of Zachary’s little league baseball games. Zachary’s father eventually warned Stevens to stay away from his son when he learned that Stevens had taken the boy fishing. A month later, Zachary turned up missing one afternoon. He was last seen at a young friend’s home, who was told by Zachary that he was going to Stevens’ home. In the midst of a massive local search for Zachary, Stevens’ brother reported to police that Stevens had confessed to him that he murdered Zachary. He then directed police to a remote location near a bridge, where Zachary’s body and bicycle were recovered. Stevens was arrested and gave a complete confession. He claimed that he had been having sex with Zachary for 2 or 3 months. When Zachary came over to his house, they performed oral sex in Stevens’ room. Zachary threatened to tell his parents about having sex and Stevens decided he did not want to go through what he went through in Marion County. Stevens smothered Zachary with a pillow, then strangled him with an electrical cord around his neck. When Zachary continued to gasp, Stevens got a plastic garbage bag and wrapped it over his head. He then put Zachary and his bicycle in the car, drove to a bridge in a remote area, and threw them both over. He returned the next morning, fearing that police would connect him to the trash bag, removed it from Zachary’s head, and threw it out along the highway on the way home. A similar bag was recovered by police in the area described by Stevens. Stevens later admitted to psychologists that he had molested 25-30 children, and had ejaculated on Zachary when he killed him. The psychologists concluded that he was a benign pedophile and was a serious danger to society.

      (This case later resulted in Zachary’s Law, IC 5-2-12, establishing Sex Offender Registry)

      Conviction: Murder

      Sentencing: March 14, 1995 (Death Sentence)

      Aggravating Circumstances: b (1) Child Molesting, Victim less than 12, On Probation
      Mitigating Circumstances: confession to Police, 20 years old at murder, parents divorced when he was a child, father jailed for molesting his stepsister, mother jailed for drug dealing, mental Health treatment for depression in 1992, average intelligence with good insight, manipulative, shallow, poor impulse control


      Child molester’s death sentence overturned
      Sandra Chapman /Eyewitness News
      Indianapolis – The brutal molestation and strangulation killing of 10-year old Zachary Snider in 1995 led the court of public opinion to create Indiana’s Sex Offender registry.
      Twelve years ago, a state criminal court condemned the killer, Chris Stevens, a convicted child molester, to die. Now, a federal appeals court has ordered his death sentence overturned.

      The death sentence hinged on the disturbing testimony of Dr. Lawrence Lennon, a child psychologist hired by the defense. The doctor was supposed to evaluate Stevens but not issue a report. He did anyway.

      According to the 45-page brief, Dr. Lennon told the defense team, “Don’t worry about it, I’m sandbagging the state. I’m trying to make them think that I’m going to be a good witness. I’m going to be able to turn this all around on them.”

      Instead, it was the defense that was stunned.
      “That’s unequivocally, without any shadow of a doubt a false statement,” Lennon told Eyewitness News.

      The court says the defense that was stunned when Dr. Lennon told the jury that Stevens was aroused by the killing of little Zachary Snider and called him “a great risk to society,” a statement the justices termed a gift to the prosecution.

      “I do not think he should have gotten the death penalty,” Lennon said.
      Most troubling – the justices say the defense team also “concluded that Dr. Lennon was a quack. His favored therapeutic technique – ‘trust and bonding’ – described as ‘putting 18-year olds on his lap and sticking a bottle in their mouth.’”

      “That’s absolute absurdity,” Lennon claims. “It never happened. It was very hurtful to me. If I was a quack, why did they retain me, why did they have me testify twice? It doesn’t make sense.”

      Lennon says he was used by the defense to save Stevens’ life. He admits he didn’t believe Chris Stevens was mentally ill. He says he simply wanted Stevens to own up to what he had done.

      And now he wants the defense attorneys to do the same.

    6. kitty on June 30th, 2007 5:33 pm

      The U.S. has not always protected and valued children from preditors, monsters, pedofiles and such ~ most are difficult to catch.. when they are caught (the preditors, monsters, pedofiles), they are typically re-released into society to register as “sex offenders”.. most do not register in our communities ~

      What does a pedofile look like? They look like most anyone ~ and they could be your best friends husband, a family member, a high profile community member ~ someone in clergy, could be in any organization ~ they live in every community ~ Being that curious, go look in your local police station and ask to see the registered sex offenders ~ that’ll give you some idea what one looks like… (the ones that have been caught anyhow)… most are not and have not been caught)…

      These preditors, monsters, pedofiles, murderers, need to be locked up for life and have the key thrown away…

      Jesus Christ said, that if anyone should cause one of my little ones to sin, it would have been better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

      Jesus is pretty clear on that one.

      And I say, our Government officials will also have to answer to God for perhaps not doing enough to implement new laws and uphold current laws that would protect every child who lives on American soil ~ from preditors and monsters like this guy ~

      Catch and release programs… registering as sex offenders in communities (and most do not) seems to be the current answer ~ it is heinous and criminal to let these monsters back into society.

      Lock em up and throw away the key ~ keep them incarcerated for life. PERIOD.

    7. Brenda on July 2nd, 2007 10:01 am

      There is no going back to for those who fall so far from their humanity they will rape and/or kill an innocent child.

      It’s a fact the more angry a person is inside (for whatever reason…real or imagined) the more violent they are and the more they hate the good or innocence. Sadly much of this violence is directed to the most innocent of all, our children.

      I cannot believe we are looking at the same America today our forefathers worked so hard to establish. The law is geared only towards the criminals rights anymore…not giving the upper hand to those who practice good.

      Here’s an unrelated but good example:

      As a landowner in Virginia, I AM responsible for the criminals who decide to walk across my POSTED land and get hurt. Not even a court ordered no trespass on them would help me. I could be sued because a criminal who knowingly breaks the law gets his/herself injured. Oh My GOD!! My question is why I cannot sue THEM for causing me so much “mental grief” over the intrusion into my back yard? (Oh..if ONLY they’d walked into my house instead. My friend Mr. Colt and I would know JUST what to do!!!)

      I asked about this and here’s the answer I got:

      “You chose to own land and therefore must be made to be responsible for anything that happens on it.” Really? I asked how to protect myself and was told “not to own land”.

      In America this is how I am treated. LESS RIGHTS ON MY OWN LAND THAN THE COMMON CRIMINAL. I cannot tell someone to stay off my land, even with a restraining order, and force them to be responsible for what they do.

      Saying that, why do we wonder about such problems? It’s because no one wants to be responsible for their own actions anymore. So freaking sad!

      It gets worse in this state:

      We have alot of pedophiles in my area for the population we have. Probably because it is very remote and a good place for them to hide. Anyway, I am not allowed to put up fliers around the schools to warn of the sexual preditors in our area or I can be sued!!! YES!!! Sued by pure scum for posting their faces and arrest records which is already public on the State Police Sexual Offender Registry. Can you EVEN believe that!! I was going to do this and was told I had better not.

      So much for protecting the children. Maybe…as with my land…the answer will be “don’t have children”.

      God save us please. NO one else can.


    8. Brenda on July 2nd, 2007 11:02 am


      Ok, it’s even worse than I though. Bobby Cutts family says his $5million dollar bond is “unfair”. Oh, I am so sad for him….especially since we have learned how wonderful his step mommy thinks he is. (Wonder if she’s had tea with Scott Peterson’s mom lately?)

      Also, we know how honest Bobby Cutts is, so I am sure he’s stay put and not try to escape, right?


    9. Lisa on October 12th, 2007 8:38 pm

      It’s been a while since this guy has been arrested, and maybe everyone has forgotten about this case and will never read this, but for anyone who does . . . I happen to know what’s going on. This gu–Raymond Brooks–is about to go away for a long time–minimum 15 years and max life. Of course, we’re hoping for at least 30.

    10. Michelle on October 26th, 2007 3:03 pm

      Lisa, I have been following this story for a variety of reasons. Do you know when his trial is scheduled? Are there any website links to follow this story? Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

    11. Ben on December 31st, 2007 3:23 am

      This was my uncle and I am 17 years old. I will back him up when he says he didnt do it . I will do as much as i can to get him free. Raymond is Innocent and i will do everythign in my power to free him. if anyone has any objections feel free to contact me at acitythatneversleeps@yahoo.com

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