Tunnel Across Border Found In Building Guarded By Mexican Treasury Officials


MEXICO_DRUG_TUNNELIs it any wonder why we are having the issues with illegal immigration when a building guarded by Mexican Treasury Officials is found to have a tunnel under the border in Tijuana?

This is the biggest problem we face as a country, not immigration or terrorism, but that we expect other nations to play by the same ethical and moral rules that we do. So we set up a level of behavior for our soldiers and border agents to follow that essentially makes them ineffective.

And for our soldiers serving overseas, sitting targets. Combine that with a media that is obsessed with any misstep of our troops and delights in the evening body count.

My heart goes out to these border agents and soldiers. They are fighting a battle against unethical people being held to the highest ethical standards in the history of armed forces. And they have harpies ready to pounce on them the minute they screw up. While I am not advocating a lawless military or police services, we also must give these people the tools and leeway to win.

More than 50 tunnels have been discovered under the US-Mexico border. Increased border surveillance following 9-11 is thought to have prompted drug smugglers to go underground to avoid detection.
The latest discovery was made inside an area guarded by Mexican Treasury Department officials. Officials are investigating how the 32-foot long tunnel was able to operate so close to where federal officials were on duty. via KTRE-TV

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    10 Responses to “Tunnel Across Border Found In Building Guarded By Mexican Treasury Officials”

    1. kitty on June 25th, 2007 1:11 pm

      Michael Savage had/has been informing us about this for some time… why it’s allowed? I don’t understand or have answers.

      We are totally vulnerable and our nation is imploding because of this.

      Close the borders now.

    2. Kate on June 25th, 2007 2:04 pm

      The reason this illegal activity is able to go on under the government’s nose is obvious. The treasury official(s) were taking bribes to turn their heads.

      Secretly (or maybe not), Mexico wants to “lose” as many uneducated, illiterate, criminal type citizens as they can. They want to see U.S. tax dollars support their losers, rather than see them committing criminal acts on productive members of Mexican society.

      We could generate a top 100 reasons why the borders need to be CLOSED NOW! But, no one’s listening, so why bother? Just send Congress the 4-word message that Kitty wrote…CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW…or else lose your seat!

    3. Brenda on June 25th, 2007 2:09 pm

      Hi Kitty…my 23 yr old’s nickname too…

      I like Savage too. Really good independent newsmaker he is.

      If you like him, check out FHU.com. The founder actually started talk radio in LA, California like 40 yrs ago. Has since sold the network, but apparently remains active in the talk radio world and has a good show called advice line M-F 10pm-12midnight PST. This host, Mr. Masters, has spoken kindly of Savage, Beck, Hannity, and other conserv talk show hosts. AT first he seems really mean, but if you look deep inside, one has to know he is right if they are good.

      Anyway…all that said…many conserv reporters have been aware of this stuff for a long time, but the socialist left wants it that way and hence the problem.

      We had better be careful because I can see a war down there are the boarder in the near future, and it won’t be nice. May wind up being between land owners and illegals.


    4. Miss-Underestimated on June 25th, 2007 3:33 pm

      This is sickening. Were is homeland security at?

    5. Brie on June 25th, 2007 4:18 pm

      “Fire in the Hole”,,,Dynamite!!

    6. Janet on June 25th, 2007 4:39 pm

      If the “virtual” fence is obviously not preventing illegal Mexican immigrants from crossing the border … is not immediately detecting tunnels … then logic dictates … the citizens of the United States of America are not being protected from terrorists … terrorists who have the capability of making 9/11 look like …
      To avoid being labelled a hypocrite … it is my suggestion that President Bush take down the “actual” fence around the White House and … rely on a “virtual” fence for his protection. Take down the “actual” fences surrounding his residences and … rely on “virtual” fences to do the job of securing the safety of his family.
      This is not a “left wing” or “right wing” issue … this is all about basic common sense … the common sense my nine year old grandson possesses when he shuts and locks his bedroom door to prevent his four year old brother from entering and … destroying his precious Lego creations. My grandson gets it … he realizes … if Mom is not looking … there is no way his younger sibling would respect a “virtual” door … the temptation of what lies beyond that unprotected boundary between the hallway and the bedroom would be just too great.

    7. Reality on June 25th, 2007 7:08 pm

      It’s always racial..just ask Jesse or Al..if your Latino then you have all of Southern California on your side…

      The Islamic Radicals want to to kill us and the Blacks have made us their bitch thanks to the left wing in this counrty…

      Our Fore Fathers would be ashamed at what we have become…whores for the world to screw us at will…

      If your young white and female your easy prey…just ask Natalee, Jessie and Kelsey…also ask Dru and all the other women who have been forced into life ever after because the lawless, God less, few now run the United States…for them it’s all about money and power and screw the white man who works and pays the way for the world.

      We should be ashamed!!!

    8. Richard on June 25th, 2007 7:55 pm

      If this is the standard of the Mexican authorities … imagine the training they give in Aruba. Of course, nobody ever used to worry about things like that. Now … let’s hope that some voices will be speaking up about such things, not only the travel agents and airlines.

    9. kitty on June 26th, 2007 1:39 pm

      Miss Under-estimated ~ There is NO homeland security! I’m with you~ and it is very sickening and to think that terrorists can come right through the border(s)…and who knows, perhaps have…

      Our laws are not being enforced ~ we have LAWS and they mean nothing ~ why have them to begin with?

      This is a National SECURITY issue ~ plain and simple. Very obvious to most of us ~ and it’s not being addressed! How 12 million got into our country is appauling… (it’s more like 20 million) and our health, welfare system is being abused by illegal aliens ~ they cry that they have rights… they have NO rights ~ they are here illegally ~ pay no taxes ~ suck off our system yet have more rights than you or I ~ what is that???

      CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW… that is the FIRST STEP ~ yesterday, wasn’t fast or soon enough ~ this is a SECURITY ISSUE ~ we are vulnerable and being taken advantage of… we are slowly loosing our edge and when you let/allow 12 to 20 million illegal aliens into your country without them using the proper channels ~ shame on our Government and authorities for looking the other way and shame on us for having it allowed… our country is being weakened because of this as a nation ~ we’re outsourcing our industry’s ~ our food is being imported ~ China is building it’s warchest ~ wait and see… we are truly imploding ~

      Close the borders now! I will ask the same question as Miss Under-estimated… where is homeland security ? It is non existant as far as I can see…

      scarey stuff !~

    10. kay zee ess on June 27th, 2007 7:37 pm

      Badges?…..What badges?…..We don’t need no badges…..WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ BADGES!!!!!

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