Victor Benitez, Another Illegal Alien doing the Jobs that Americans don’t want to Do …DUI Killing of 22-year-old TSU senior, Joycelyn Gardiner


22 year old Joycelyn Gardiner, a Tennessee State University senior and  Tigerbelle track team  member was Jocelyn_Gardinerkilled in a fatal car crash last Saturday. To make matters worse, the driver was intoxicated and ran a red light. This story is bad enough without adding the fact that Gardiner was killed by Victor Benitez, a 24 year old native of Mexico and an illegal alien with numerous prior offences.. Yup, just another case of illegals doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.

One witness told the court that he saw Benitez run a red light and slam into Gardiner’s car.

The crash occurred early Saturday at the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd. and Nolensville Road.

Gardiner died at a hospital several hours after crash.

Officers who responded to the crash said it was obvious Benitez had been drinking. (WSMV)


(Victor Benitez, Why was he allowed to kill)

“Suspected Illegal Involved In Fatal Wreck Had Past Arrests”

When are we ever going to wake up in this country and protect the innocent among us instead of worrying about the rights of criminals and illegals? What part about illegal is such a difficult concept for those in law enforcement and our courts to understand? Let alone this man should not have been on the street, Victor Benitez should never have been in this country.

He was arrested in February of last year for car burglary and theft.

Metro Police arrested him nine months later on public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

On both incidents, Benitez served his time and was released.

The question of his illegal immigrant status did not apparently amount to much, because he was never deported. (WKRN)

So when does the justice system finally care about what Victor Benitez does? After its too late and he kills and innocent life, like Joycelyn Gardiner. May she rest in peace.


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    15 Responses to “Victor Benitez, Another Illegal Alien doing the Jobs that Americans don’t want to Do …DUI Killing of 22-year-old TSU senior, Joycelyn Gardiner”

    1. Michelle in TN on June 22nd, 2007 11:35 pm

      When will victims ever have rights in this country?

    2. on June 22nd, 2007 11:55 pm

      Is this a new one or is this the one of a couple days ago that had been deported FOUR times?

      Victims will have rights as soon as Congress gets the message that they are representatives. It is NOT their vote. It is the vote of those they were elected to represent.

    3. Mrs. Red on June 23rd, 2007 11:00 am

      Unfortunately Michelle, we gave away our victim’s rights when the US Supreme Court decided in the late 60′s that criminals had more rights than we do. Coupled with the idea of political correctness to not “offend” those who could care less about our country it was so long ago that we may not be able to turn back. It’s really astounding how quickly this all happened too….

    4. Scared Monkeys on June 23rd, 2007 12:07 pm

      It is a sad commentary in our country when the term “ILLEGAL” alien means nothing. This man was arrested how many times and not a hint of deportation.

      Protect out borders? HELL … we do nothing with these people when we actually find them

    5. nurturer on June 23rd, 2007 1:06 pm

      The judge has this woman’s blood on his hands.

    6. Kate on June 23rd, 2007 1:27 pm

      IMO, if Congress doesn’t ACT SWIFTLY on securing the Mexican border, this country is in for turmoil, that may result in massive blood shedding. We don’t like seeing the blood shed from our border patrol, splashed across our televisions!

      Interesting observation: Yesterday, as I was traveling to Maine, I stopped in a Burger King along the interstate in Connecticut. Inside the restaurant, I was met by all Spanish speaking emloyees and customers (ages 2-70+). Service was slower than that of a sit-down facility, but we were happy to be out of the slow moving traffic on I-84.

      An English speaking caucasion man dressed in a security guard uniform placed his order behind us. There was a bit of confusion over his order, as he attempted to use a coupon. The guard was very short with the counter employees, as they were with him, but the issue was resolved.

      My point? Folks are sick of walking into businesses and onto construction sites, only to see what appears to be “illegals” EVERYWHERE. No one seems to be listening! Things are going to reach a boiling point soon, and it isn’t going to be pretty!

      Here in Charleston, we had an incident with an illegal “drunken” alien, in which he killed his child while driving. The following is my feeling, as I posted it
      on the Dailymail vent line, a couple of weeks ago!

      “If someone hadn’t turned his head every day when the illegal alien reported to work in the mine, the little boy who was killed in the drunken driving accident might still be alive. Now an innocent little guy is dead, and the taxpayers have to pay to incarcerate this illegal alien for the next 4-10 years.”

    7. Brie on June 23rd, 2007 2:02 pm

      Our businesses aren’t helping either by hiring these people. It’s cheap labor.

    8. Bad Name on June 23rd, 2007 2:21 pm

      Hey Kate, Are you saying that because they were spanish speaking that they must have been illegals?

    9. Wartario on June 23rd, 2007 3:38 pm

      #8 Hell yes, they are illegals.

      English is the language of the USA. Although one is entitled to speak any language they may know while in this country, English should be used in business.

      Regardless of their legal status, they should speak English.

    10. Kate on June 23rd, 2007 3:56 pm

      No, I’m saying that Mexican illegals are coming into our country in droves! No longer is it JUST a southwestern problem. They are scattering to the wind, all OVER the country. Take a look around! The one that I referred to in Charleston was “documented” to be illegal, too late though!!!

    11. kitty on June 23rd, 2007 10:24 pm

      A couple of years ago, my husband & I were in Key West, FL on vacation ~ awakened 3:30 AM by blood curdeling screams & pounding on our door in our hotel ~ a young woman was hysterical ~ make a long story short… a guy was bludgeoning two girls visiting from England over the head with a baseball bat ~ was successful in splitting one of the girls heads open needing ambulatory care ~ the other escaped with some wounds… however, the story didn’t end there… the illegal alien monster, continued on, fleeing the scene ~ mowed down an innocent young girl in a bicycle lane while she was riding home from a bar on Duval St., going home and she died from severe trauma ~ my husband and I were in the ER as we felt so awful for these girls visiting our country (legally) ~ what a nightmare… the monster alien was caught ~ imprisoned and is only serving 15 year term for the death of an innocent girl! We’re still in touch with the young girls from England ~ will never forget the screams, nor will we forget seeing the victim being medilifted to Miami as her collegue was crying in my arms… saying it was his fault she was hit by the car (he rode his moped home waiting for her riding her bike)… such a shame ~ a life taken, like this young beautiful womans was…

      15 years for taking a life… free meals… lodging… get out of prison and probably will have more opportunities than most ~ yes, from Mexico ~ only in the country a couple days… illegally… riding someone’s vehicle… illegally… took an innocent life ~ badly hurt another… this monster was out to kill that night and succeeded ~

      This young woman’s life, taken as well… by this monster.

      I’d like to know, on who’s watch, did 12 million illegal aliens get through… is it more like 20 million? perhaps… Why weren’t our laws in effect… why was/is it being allowed? Our country is being weakened and it’s imploding ~ our laws are no longer in effect ~ we are in trouble, big time ~ wait and see… little by little ~ another life taken ~ please, legislators, wake up ~

      God Bless the Jenny’s and Jocelyn’s… their lives were snuffed out by illegal aliens…Bless the Kate’s and Kathryn’s who experienced a close call with death the night the monster was on the prowl ~ (who had/has more rights than the victim(s)… shame… shame on our Government for looking the other way… shame ~ shame ~ shame!

      My prayers & condolences are to these victims and their families ~ I’m immensely saddened by this.

    12. on June 23rd, 2007 11:27 pm

      Shamnesty is coming back up again this week. The purpose is to threaten non-supporters with the loss of their 4th long weekend if they don’t hurry up and vote the way Reid wants them too.

      Those of you that believe Shamnesty is the wrong plan don’t forget to take action:

      And yes, there will end up being blood shed because at 20 million strong and a little help from senators who dare to call them “undocumented Americans”, these people believe they own America. Without swift and decisive action that cuts off the jobs, closes down the borders that leak like sieves, we are going to be in a lot of trouble.

      Here’s a little view of how these people treat our border patrol as they enter our country illegally:

    13. Lucas on February 9th, 2009 10:50 pm

      The status of latinos in the U.S. is hard to tell at times. Being that eight of the larger states were occupied by “non-anglo” latin peoples long before the ridiculous idea of ‘manifest destiny.’ Many latin families are very close and do not usually mingle socially outside of their ethnicity. Thus, it is possible that they may maintain accents and seem very foreign despite being born in the U.S. Anyhow, negroids are at the bottom of the race pile no matter how you stack it so f it.

    14. tim johhson on February 21st, 2012 6:07 pm

      this whole thing makes me mad oh we cant say any thing were raceous

    15. ruben on March 20th, 2012 2:54 pm

      i think all of u are just a bunch of raises n thats not nice just like dey is alot of illegal like yall say dui sure more american citizens commited worser crimes but yall dont say nothing about dat huh…..dis whole world is freaking corrupted soo quit blaming da imigrants n pointing fingers for things yall be doing 2 n worse at that 2…bunch of ignorants….=)))
      Ignorant eh? You obviously have never read this site, all we do is discuss crimes and missing persons. We have enough rotten people in this country who commit crimes, we certainly do not need illegals coming into America illegally and committing more.

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