40 Year Old Teacher, Brenton Wuchae Resigns and Marries 16 Year Old Student


If one ever wonders what’s wrong with our legal system and its protection of minors, one Wrongneeds to look no farther than the case of 40 year old ex-track coach Brenton Wuchae marrying 16 year old high school sophomore, Windy Hager. They could not even come up with enough evidence to charge him? Are we supposed to believe that Wuchae had no contact with this girl prior to the age of 16 or sooner? We are so shocked when people in positions of authority take advantage of younger and naive individuals. Yet, we do nothing as a society to do anything when all  the signs are right in front of us.  Unbelievable.

Brunswick County Schools Superintendent Katie McGee said both the school system and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office investigated Wuchae’s case but did not come up with enough evidence that would merit charging or even firing the coach.

“As a lifelong educator, I am truly shocked and disheartened by what has transpired,” McGee said. (Fox News)

This is why we call them minors and they cannot sign legal and binding contract. One can understand why a teenager would not be able to see the signs but for our legal system not to and not be able to protect our young, this is just wrong.  We are most certain he was extremely encouraging as the 16 year old stated  … “they” usually are.

“He’s very encouraging. He’s always telling us how proud he is,” Hager told the paper. “I’m proud of where I finished but he seems to be even more proud of me. He’s always been encouraging.

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    8 Responses to “40 Year Old Teacher, Brenton Wuchae Resigns and Marries 16 Year Old Student”

    1. flmom47 on June 22nd, 2007 5:25 pm

      I saw this on t.v. this morning. Not only are they saying there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with a crime, her parents signed the consent form for her to marry him! They said they exhausted all avenues..getting family involved, the pastors etc to talk to her. They felt they had no other choice..what about the word NO! Unbelievable.

    2. david r on June 22nd, 2007 6:12 pm

      They’ll be divorced before she is 20. This man has robbed her of her youth. He should have been fired and prosecuted. Watch them try to sue the school district in a couple of years after she splits up with the coach.

    3. Jodi O on June 22nd, 2007 11:16 pm

      This is guy is a child preditor with a gym whistle. Unbelievable. I agree with flmom. NO!! I would move away, sell our family home of 20 years, give up my practice, my husbands career…move away! Save your kid!! She is your kid. She needs you.

    4. Mike Sciotto on June 23rd, 2007 11:06 am

      Brenton Wuchae is a disgrace to the human race and the teaching profession, a profession I have proudly served for 20 years. I also am the parent of a 14-year-old girl. I If some man wanted to do that with my daughter, I’d stop at no boundary to have him removed from the profession and have him restrained from ever seeing my daughter. The adult is the authority figure here, and it is this point where I disagree with Mr. and Mrs. Hager. They are the adults! Being a parent is the biggest responsibility in the world. Own up to it, Mr. and Mrs. Hager!

    5. the mama on June 26th, 2007 3:57 pm

      My 16 year old daughter was sneaking around with an older man. His friends and family helped them hide the affair by lying to me about where she was and who she was with. When she was brought home, she was always with a girl I knew (his sister), and I didn’t meet this guy until my daughter found out she was pregnant. He is 24 years old and she will be 17 in August, just before the baby is due. I could have had this guy arrested, but they say they love each other and want to raise their child together. This young man is a certified nurse’s assistant and has recently been accepted by the Department of Corrections and will be going off for training soon. My choices were to have him arrested, ruin his career, take on the responsibility of helping my daughter raise her baby (with very little child support if he did not go into corrections…which he most certainly would not have if he had been arrested for sex with a minor)…or let them get married and have him take responsibility for his child. I’m sure some narrow-minded posters will blast me, but I took them to Vegas and let them get married. I don’t see how putting him in jail would be helpful to my daughter or my grand-daughter. If he was just some sex pervert and did not want to raise his child, that would be another story entirely. Chris is a very responsible young man and realizes that having sex with a minor has opened a huge can of worms, but he loves her and wants to be a good husband and father. They live with me for the time being, and so far, things are going very well. Statistics say their marraige will not last, but even our family counselor agreed that letting them get married was the best thing I could do for my daughter and grand-daughter.

      Sooo…if a pregnancy were involved, I can understand letting the daughter marry this older man, but that is not stated. If my daughter were not pregnant, I would have had the police take care of “loverboy” and that would have been the end of that. Life works in mysterious ways. As upset as I was in the beginning that my child is having to grow up too fast, I am very excited about becoming a grandmother. Babies are always a blessing.

      Btw, my son-in-law did not work in a position of authority over my daughter and there was no manipulation on his part. I agree that he is the adult and behaved irresponsibly, but my daughter is not completely blameless for her condition. She chose not to continue taking birth control. This is a perfect example of why teens should NOT be having sex. They are not mature enough to examine the consequences of their actions…or lack of actions as the case is here. My daughter chose the “if-it’s-meant-to-be” approach rather than the proactive she should have taken.

      It doesn’t sound like the parents here made the wisest decision, but then again, we don’t have the entire story, do we?

    6. Esmeralda on July 5th, 2007 8:01 pm

      Wow, I completely agree with what you said mama. Every situation is different. The Hager’s signed that consent form for a reason. We just don’t know it yet. I wish them well.

    7. Cmc on July 25th, 2007 2:10 pm

      know this man, i went to school with this man and I am appalled that he would do this. This is sick and I am in shock about it. In NC it is statutory rape and all the parents had to do was file charges. He never had problems with dating and was a great person. Evidently something went wrong in his mind for this to have happened.

      Well, the parents also ought to be shot for allowing her to marry this man. If it had been my daughter, I would have done anything ANYTHING to protect her even if it meant moving across country.

      Brent should be in jail, her parents should be in a mental ward for allowing it and she should have to be in foster care because she has no one responsible enough to care for her.

    8. William on May 21st, 2012 10:09 pm

      This dude was my teacher at Southern Guilford I hated this piece of $hit I told him when i quit if I ever see him again i was gonna beat the $hit out of him and leave him where he falls. And I hope he sees this Dont come back to greensboro m[edit]ker.
      SM: Well. what you don’t want to do is make a threat, then you would be arrested. What should have been done is put this fool in her place with facts even more than what the kid was and to say why are we paying you to be a teacher when you are nothing more than an Obama Kool-aid drinking illiterate.

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